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  1. Good to hear!!
  2. What do you guys think of Sprong so far? I haven't been able to watch too many of his games so far...just seeing highlights...but he seems to often go for the low percentage shots. I mean, he has 2 goals that are from basically the goal line. His game-tying goal last night looked as if he had Manson going towards the net for the pass, but instead he went for a very unlikely shot. Also, in one game I watched I noticed he tried to do a lot of stick handling through players when passes were an option and he lost possession. It's also possible he was using Manson as the decoy and hoping he could catch the goalie cheating a little bit. So, it could have been a very smart play, too. But i haven't been watching the games really, nor noticing him that much, so I don't see the other things he does that don't make it to the highlights. Are we pretty happy with him so far? I mean I know we were last night haha
  3. It's truly just one of the most painful things..I still, as we all are, get soooooo so so upset remembering this and also just seeing how fraking close he'd be. It's still an ironman streak. He still hasn't missed a game for injury. It's still the 3rd longest anyone has ever gone without an injury/lack of contract/being benched... DOPS my ass...more like D-POS
  4. agreed...and I, too, am an Ovi fan. Honestly...all I want is Ovi to score goals haha but that one shouldn't have happened at all! Yeah, in the moment I'm sure they feel that way...but honestly, either way you're having people complain...so you might as well make the right call and have THAT be the complaint. We need better refs...there are some good ones out there...but it's far and few between.
  5. Not sure if anyone is watching this Caps/Canes game...but Ovechkin's 2nd goal...WOW what a missed call by the ref... The Cane player in the shooting lane, challenging Ovechkin, gets pushed completely out of the way by a Caps player...and then Ovechkin just takes advantage of that new, open space and skates right up and scores. I mean...that was pretty bad.
  6. So...our D looks significantly worse this year than last...could Bieksa have been doing more than we thought? And Beauch? Maybe something about their presence made the younger guys play differently? ...possibly play better 'cause they had no choice? lol ...
  7. Ah yes...some Leafs AHL meat... But on a more serious note...this seems cool. I mean, a RW for a D makes sense. This doesn't really clear out the log jam for our RW, but it doesn't make it any worse.
  8. It's important to make sure he is extended to see erectile dysfunction through...it's the usual ED extension you see a lot of GMs get
  9. Yeah, absolutely. Gibson wasn't bad at all. The team in front of him was. But I'm just saying...if the team that played against Toronto or Tampa Bay or Nashville (the first time) shows up...we have a good chance at winning that series. Why they are so inconsistent is beyond me lol
  10. I dunno...i feel like being 7-2-1 in the past 10 and our shots against has improved -- we are still being out shot a lot, but it's not as often the blow out that we were seeing at the beginning of the season game in and game out -- says we are clearly making improvements and progress in figuring things out. I'm not saying we are there and have nothing to figure out. But to say we have the same problems from the start of the season and nothing is getting better just doesn't seem fair. EDIT: I realized that saying "very much improved" was probably too far haha
  11. I don't know if that's a fair comparison... It's more like he's looking the other way and doesn't see the iceberg...and is thinking "we seem to not be going the direction I'm looking...but I'm sure they will figure it out. And if we hit something, we'll just go from there."
  12. I agree. You make the playoffs anything can happen. Yeah, Gibson didn't get hot and wasn't stellar in that series. Him and the Ducks didn't look like Jekyll in that series...they looked like Hyde...aka between their two personalities, the really bad one came out. If the really good one came out, that could have been a win. Statistically unlikely...but, that's the crazy thing about the playoffs...you might as well throw stats out the window. Anything can happen. We have the players where an "unlikely run" can happen.
  13. hahahaha that's so good
  14. Finally!...just took multiple incidents... https://www.nhl.com/news/calgary-flames-mark-giordano-to-have-hearing-for-actions-in-game-against-minnesota-wild/c-302701304?tid=277549076
  15. Ugh, Kings down 4-2...I'm really starting to get worried about them getting that #1 pick...