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  1. Yeah, makes sense, and I'm totally fine with that. This isn't the off-season to do much with. What FA D should he be going after?? 'Cause right now this team is too much of a wild card for how they'll perform to trade away assets in the off-season for an impact player of any kind. Murray standing pat right now and looking at FAs here and there is fine by me. This isn't like 2014 where we needed to get a guy like Kesler. If we're a lottery team again next season, good to not have traded away assets. If we are performing at some sort of crazy, sustainable level in October...well...then let's see what we can do!
  2. it could look awesome!! only another 24 years to go!
  3. Not gonna lie...LOVING that Sabres 50th anniversary logo
  4. He seems to have been a flop in NY...and why not go with Tampa...they are a lot "stronger" of a team than us right now. Can't say I blame him.
  5. then he wouldn't have had 4.... but I do agree with you. He really should have stayed...that trade to Pittsburgh was just...brutal...arguably we could have had another one around the 2013-2017 area with him. 4-time Stanley Cup Champion Chris Kunitz. Solid, solid, solid player. Had a lot of grit and forecheck to him...Kase sort of reminds me of him, in a less gritty way, but in the passionate way. 1 Stanley Cups, 1 Olympic Gold...think he makes it to first-ballot HOF?
  6. And add in the goalie swap...where the Oilers really made the mistake here...Talbot could still bounce back and be solid in Calgary... So, I'd say overall...both teams lost lol
  7. oh yeah! haha I was totally just thinking players and couldn't think of any
  8. Who did he bring in last season too late???
  9. Is that the rumor? Like...that's what people are saying around the league? or just a guess on your part?
  10. Sweeet! Thanks!! So Perry's points per minute are: 0.043 and Pavelski's is 0.041 soooo pretty close! Perry in the playoffs is 0.041 and Pavelski's is 0.036 ...but Pavelski was on the Sharks soooo ya know...playoff choking etc... But yeah, not bad for a 7th round pick! And really, Pavelski is a "stronger" player right now anyway.
  11. Interesting! points per game is interesting...but...man, I'd love to see what a points per ice time is. Perry with so many penalty minutes, wouldn't be surprised if his points per ice time would be a bit greater. I also agree...Perry would still be a Duck if he had a much cheaper contract right now -- or he didn't drop off as much as he has been.
  12. I think it's kinda telling that we are looking to stock up on minor leaguers right now...it's showing a lot of faith and trust that the new kids will be up and stay up. But we definitely need to make a trade to get another top-4 D...but...I don't think that's gonna happen till after the season starts. He probably wants to see who really steps up, who doesn't. Who seems redundant, who seems necessary...but also, how much potential this team shows and see if it's worth trading assets to shore up our D. BM made it very clear this past off-season when he said he could have traded for Karlsson but didn't -- saying it would cost too much for a rental. A game-changing rental. With no guarantee of a re-signing. In other words, he didn't think that team was cup potential.
  13. They also need a goalie...desperately...Talbot...lol I dunno...that Smith/Talbot signing swap is hilarious... Smith shooting the puck out to McDavid might be terrifying...but...he'll make up for it by not really making good saves lol
  14. That's the only one I kinda get suspicious about haha Like...wasn't Lemieux already housing Crosby before the lottery??? I dunno...that one...definitely a think worth
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