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  1. it's super weird there was no Ducks to represent...and I don't know why the league would do that (as the actual point of having every team represented is not a participation trophy, but an attempt to get more viewership and money from the event). you would think with Slif opting out legally they would have asked for another Duck...i mean, it basically meant an entire fanbase wasn't going to watch and had very little chance of watching. not that i did much any way....ever since they've been taken out of the Olympics I have no interest in supporting the ASG in any way
  2. too early to fire Eakins...sure. too early to fire the assistants? not at all lol
  3. part of that is a stanley cup run/championship...the experience you get playing so many "must win" games in a row and winning them and seeing what it takes to win them...that changes your team. I felt the same watching Boston play. just...another universe like you said.
  4. Jasoaks

    bob murray

    im not either -- but im also not sold on him anyway....i just want to see what can happen if we lose our assistants first.....
  5. saaaaaaaammmmee! what!? when Laviolette is available?! although when he was fired from Florida...while not a similar situation....they were still over .500 too....so....strange...
  6. spot on. 100% as well as the defensive coach....we need to get rid of Morrison and Wilford. immediately. it's already a season and a half too late. man we could have used Paul McLean....i do wonder if Bob isn't interested in doing anyting to help the immediate as he doesn't see this as the team that needs the punch? i dunno....while that is financially pretty smart...it really can hurt development....im very worried about our development right now.
  7. Yeah this whole "well what were you expecting this season?" point is legit and has validity. But...we HAVE good players that LOOK bad. It's one thing to have rookies and young guys making rookie and young player mistakes....mistakes that cost a win or whatever. But it's another to have veteran players who HAVE looked amazing looking so bad. I dunno...the way they are losing and they way they look is different than just "oh, they're inexperienced." This team should be stronger defensively than they are. There's a problem there. This team should be having a difficult time scoring goals, but they should not be having SUCH a hard time stopping them and killing penalties. If we have the lead...we should be able to close out those games. Something is wrong. Something where just getting more experience for the young kids isn't going to fix it. I am not on Eakins train, I never was from the moment RC got fired. I was always on the keep RC and fire the assistants FIRST then see what happens. I don't feel confident in Eakins. Or the assistants at all. But I'm still on the fire the assistants FIRST and see what happens. I know Eakins wont get fired 'cause it's the "well what were you expecting????" attitude....but....really don't think he's got much going on. I WANT to be proved wrong. I want to like him. I want to see that he gained experience and his time in Edmonton was just a product of the management and the roster. I don't feel that right now.
  8. the best thing to happen is the Ducks play a fair game in and game out. but i will say it's good for the Ducks to figure out how to deal with adversity...as long as they ACTUALLY figure out how to deal with it lol having said that, I believe the call was correct in the scenario that happened. First off -- it SHOULD have been blown dead before the goal was scored -- and no video review necessary. But the rules of the video review -- and these are the rules the situation room HAS to follow otherwise there is actual chaos -- prevents them from reviewing the initial play that was off-sides. For example, if the Ducks were off-sides in the offensive zone, and it wasn't called. Then the puck got turned over and there was a break away the other way and they scored...you can't review the Ducks being off-sides to overturn the goal. That's an extreme example of what's happening here. Gerbe touched the puck while off-sides, THEN Lindholm pushed the puck towards the blueline. The ONLY play in question here is the play that PUT the puck into the zone. THAT play, in a vacuum, is not offsides.
  9. after that Rinne goal being scored...he should have allowed the next 2 shots in so he could have had the game-winning goal
  10. while it's fun to think we were the catalyst...we weren't. It was something building up and really their loss to us wasn't horrible. They came back from being down 2 in the 3rd and got us into OT with a Gibson sprawling save to get us to the shootout. I think they still fire him, even if they won that game. Which, I agree. Very premature. He seemed like a fantastic coach. I wouldn't mind having him. And I also agree Babcock wouldn't be the worst hire for a team like them. He seems to have a better voice for veterans. I would have thought them, or San Jose, or Dallas would benefit from a Babcock hire. But it is a BIT expensive.
  11. that would be like Bryan Murray not trying to get Perry after getting Getzlaf...
  12. I thought there was a statute of limitations there...since his last one was back in 2011...but maybe not. they said in the video him having a history of it played a part. I feel the DoPS...(more like D o POS amirite?!) seems to just spin a wheel to figure out days of suspension... man...it sucks that Ellis got taken out of such a cool game so early...it really does. but also you can just see the embarrassment and shame on Perry's face from the moment he was in the penalty box to being told to leave the game....the whole thing just really sucks 😕
  13. I was reading this great article on him.... and he had a quote "If the play's there, I'll make it." I love that attitude. He isn't looking at the game as should he shoot or pass...it's all about whatever the moment calls for. He can see it. Also, this article REALLY makes me sad we didn't pick up Kaliyev...they seem to really enjoy playing with each other...have good chemistry. that's a weird oversight on BM...you'd think with getting someone like Zegras you'd be researching to see if he already has chemistry with someone...
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