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  1. You think? With Rakell's recent numbers? I mean, to be fair, the team hasn't been good, but he's not showing much reason to pay much for. I can't imagine the Kings or Ottawa being content in giving up their #2 or 3 pick for Rakell + a 31st
  2. Ohh I'd be down with that!! Kotkaniemi! I'm sure this would all come down to if they get the 1st pick. ...with all that's been said and done now...I feel montreal getting the #1 pick would be the greatest thing.
  3. Ok, I had a dream we made some sort of crazy trade or something with Montreal that involved the 2nd overall pick (no idea how) but when all was said and done we ended up with Drysdale and some other top prospect from a previous year in the trade. anyway...also in the dream I came to the boards to talk about it and we all seemed to be completely stoked on it!
  4. exactly this. it's a delayed report, so it's all about the trends and not the numbers of the day. Also the longer people are surviving after being infected the more we are seeing the longer lasting effects of it. The impact of being infected and surviving is also still very much not understood.
  5. Wait, so, if the playoffs don't happen....what does that do to the lottery? Do they just take the bottom 8 teams from the qualifier round (which wouldn't include Pittsburgh or Edmonton...but would include Chicago) and do the 2nd draw? Or, since TECHNICALLY they do know it was Qualifier Team E that got the pick...and counting backwards with points percentage it can be determined that Winnipeg would be "team E" so would they just give it to Winnipeg? My guess is they would do the draw...but that's really unfortunate for Winnipeg lol
  6. But would that be YOUR pick? What's your top 6 you'd pick for the Ducks if available?
  7. So what do you guys have as your...top 6 priorities for the Ducks? ie ranking from 1-6 who you'd pick for the Ducks if he's available? 1. Lafreniere 2. Byfield 3. Holtz 4. Drysdale 5. Stutzle 6. Perfetti That's my ranking just from looking at stats and some video...
  8. Wait, did Rossi and Quinn play on the same line?? Honestly...Ottawa with a #3 and #5 pick...I would not be surprised for them to go with Rossi/Quinn. It's one thing to get a good player, another thing to get 2 good players that already have chemistry. Especially if Ottawa is already pretty shored up on D. Sooo...maybe the Kings DO pass on Byfield since they are so stacked at Center...and the Sens go with Rossi/Quinn...and Detroit, needing D, goes with Drysdale.....then maybe MAYBE the Ducks could get Byfield!!
  9. EXACTLY. It's ridiculous. Which is why like, my only real "complaint" about the NHL doing this is that it could use their thousands upon thousands of tests they'll be using to make this work...for people, like you, and many others that aren't being allowed to test 'cause they are being restrictive on who can get a test 'cause of the shortage of tests.
  10. He has IQ?? god...maybe I would take him. We NEED that...desperately it seems. Steel seems to have it but doesn't have the skill to really make use of it...but every shift it seems like our players are looking the wrong way or seemingly have no idea what's going on or have really any vision and makes the strangest decisions. Yes we see it from above so it's easy to see it's wrong, but you see other teams (and earlier duck teams) not making those same mistakes we make now. Sigh, I really think we need someone who is already NHL ready...and I know that's basically impossible at 6. I just don't trust our developing system right now... Lately who has been our best players? Getzlaf, Rico, Silfv, Perry, Kesler, Rakell can be in there, too. But Rakell had one great season and then has been a disappointment lately. Getz/Perry were basically NHL ready at the draft. Rico, Silfv, Kesler all developed elsewhere. And then think of just how many home grown players we are disappointed in. Not 'cause they aren't good, but 'cause they either had a great season they haven't been able to replicate or just never developed into the ceiling we felt they had. Jury is still out on some, absolutely. But it's just not inspiring confidence if you ask me. (on a side note, our goalie development seems to be through the roof, I'll give them that...Hiller, Bryzgalov, Gibson, Freddie)
  11. no clue...no clue... But it was...what...15 players tested positive? if they are quarantined and all pass their tests to join their teams...why wouldn't that be OK? If they are frequently testing everyone who is in the hub cities and they never exit or don't allow others to enter...how could that be an issue? My main issue is testing is still a problem here...all of these tests for resuming hockey I feel could be better spent helping cities zero in on the virus...although I do want there to be a playoffs lol
  12. ABSOLUTELY...this. But when you look at it...if you look at the "qualifying balls" as "one team"...that "team" actually had basically the highest percentage of getting the #1 pick at 24.5% ...that's if you add up all the percentages of the playoff team balls. Ottawa technically had a 25% chance of getting the #1.....and got the #3 spot. But basically that's just to say honestly, Ottawa should be the most piddleed haha But, so like, are any of you guys worried about size??? Is Murray? I for one love me the big, talented, getz/perry type players...Raymond at 5'10"...Perfetti 5'10"...Drysdale as a D at 5'11"...Rossi is 5'9"?! I'm sure these are the exaggerated heights, too...rounding up. Holtz is 6'...but I dunno. I know the "nhl is changing" but if you look at the teams winning the cup...they've got size. And toughness all over.
  13. haha seriously! lol I love that one guy has the Kings NOT taking Byfield...that would be amazing! I think Holtz right now would be my pick...then perfetti....then Rossi...although I don't like how small he is...but I also don't know enough about these players yet. Honestly...sometimes I feel like we need a player who is a bit more developed or can be a self-starter or something...I just don't really trust our developing system right now...
  14. Jasoaks


    exactly this... really, now that I've slept on it...I realized...it's all Taylor Hall's fault 'cause he's on a potential playoff team...so basically Arizona is gonna lose...and then they'll win the phase 2 lottery
  15. Jasoaks


    So there is a video of the ball draw...it's...confusing af lol I guess they put 14 balls in, each with a number 1 - 14. And then they draw 4 creating a combo of numbers. Each team is given a certain amount of 4 number combos (presumably more for the higher percentage teams) and if one of your combos is drawn, then you get the pick. Seems...problematic to me...but I don't know enough about probability and stats to fully explain why...lol If like, an LA combo came out again for the 3rd pick they would just redraw. But why decide to pick #1 first? Why not do #3 first? It's just the same to the odds... and in that case, placeholder team gets the #3 pick and ottawa would get the 1st pick...
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