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  1. That's exactly why I want to. AND I'm a bit old school in that I'd like for them to have a left shot on the line. None of them seem to want to shoot backhand...and that usually means they have to delay a split second or a second to reposition before shooting or need to make one more extra pass. Which usually has resulted in time for the goalie to get situated, or defenders to get in the way, or someone to come back and back check. But ultimately, I agree with you. You're right. Splitting up the JHT line would be bad. They have looked so good! And the more I think about it, Jones on the top line doesn't really add much. It wasn't about splitting up JHT...it was about getting Getz/Perry more support. But, yeah I wont complain if JHT stay together I hope Rakell gets hot!
  2. Completely agree! As far as the Monty/Megna pairing...I agree, too. But I've always loved the Monty/Mahura pairing. When we saw that in Mahura's first game I thought it was great. You're gonna get rookie mistakes from them -- and even from Monty as he is still young and figuring out his game. But these pairings have been great.
  3. Maybe this has been brought up somewhere else but I couldnt' find it... What do you guys think of playing Jones on the top line with Getz/Perry? I've REALLY liked what I've seen of him so far...and feel he might a good compliment to them. Has he played with them since being recalled? I haven't been paying close enough attention to see if that happened once or twice in the past few games. Would Bob do that? Does Bob care about mixing up lines for chemistry?
  4. They don't have to suck. We have a very talented D. I think last night they showed signs of getting back to being where they can be. I'm more worried about our center depth. Kesler really isn't that strong anymore. Getz is great. Rico is fine. Grant is ok. Kesler is weak.
  5. Anything IS possible when you make the playoffs...and if the Ducks play the same way they did last night...albeit the Caps looked a bit tired... I dunno...I'm torn. Very high draft pick would be so nice...but...I do enjoy being in the playoffs...and the playoffs are much different than the regular season. Hot goalie, streaky scorers...suddenly you're in the conference finals and then the energy from being so close just keeps you going and playing harder than ever before.
  6. That makes sense...but also is so sad to hear...considering the potential we had. I really hope it's not too late for our top 4 D...even Fowler. I want to believe under a coach that knows how to handle players like Fowler that he can rewire the way he plays. How do you feel BB did with them? I didn't really pay much attention to how different Fowler was under BB versus RC. I was just focused on how the team was doing lol
  7. Do you think in hindsight the move to keep our top-4 d intact and keep Silf was the wrong thing to do? It's so hard to say who Shea would have turned into if he stayed with our organization. I remember seeing some good things, but then some just horrible defensive plays. He seemed like another Fowler...but...weaker on the puck. I also think Bob is definitely reevaluating how he will handle the ED. I'm sure he's definitely re-thinking how he does it. And I bet he'll be trying to put our team in a better position come the ED than we were in last time.
  8. My biggest worry right there... I'm a bit worried that Boyle could take us on a run ala Hammond and the Sens a few seasons ago...I really like what I've seen with Boyle so far. Smart positioning. Good lateral movement. Keeps his body up right when moving up and down. Seems effortless But...unless we think we can make a cup run or a deep playoff run...we're much better off not making the playoffs at all.
  9. Miller I'd say is a for sure at this point...it makes ZERO sense to keep him the rest of the season. Silf...if negotiations seem to not be going anywhere...yeah, he's next. And then the off-season...One of those top 4 d guys are probably gone. I liked Jones on Wednesday! Yeah, him teaming up with some of our other young talent like Terry will be really interesting to see.
  10. ...do you secretly work for the Ducks organization and need the fans to help give you input? ..!! Rob....Robert...Bob....BOB MURRAY! YOU'RE BOB MURRAY!! ...don't worry, Bob. Your secret is safe with me.
  11. The good news is we ONLY lose one of them. So, if we were to have to worry about Comtois/Jones/Terry/Larrsson/Lunderstrom/Steel...we'll still have all of them but 1. And chances are we'll be protecting the ones that are the better player...so we wont be losing our best from that group either.
  12. I think in addition to the sales aspect of things...there is the worry of players not stepping up and needing to know why/be in the trenches to see what is going on to see wha tto do before the trade deadline -- if anything. I think it all played a factor. I think Bob may have felt there was some missing communication from the locker room to him. It probably happened now due to season ticket sales possibly going down...but also just the rest of the season ticket sales...as opposed to it happening in the off-season or after the trade deadline or whatever.
  13. ...lower back/hands/left leg/right leg/torso/groin/feet/toes/knees...i mean what part of his body ISN'T in pain after how many shots he has faced...
  14. Don't worry! All that means is that a Giguere like run to the finals is even closer! Gibson is ready!
  15. Yeah, exactly. That's mind boggling...man...if we thought the players were confused before...oh boy!