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  1. anyone watching the stars game??? hows he looking??
  2. Yes, 100% yes! Completely agree! Him and Ghulie have impressed me a lot this season. Shore I think has quietly been one of our more solid forwards. Yeah, same. I'm sure something is going on though for why he keeps not being with the NHL....attitude maybe??
  3. haha well, playing Gibby over Miller is an obvious one to me. Put your best goalie against the best player in the world. He's from Pittsburgh. Ritchie scored the game winning goal in the previous game...to scratch him after that would be bad management. That sends a really bad message. To scratch him tonight would be similar; he made a great pass to Kase. Ritchie isn't going to be scratched. Holzer over DelZ...well, you've got me on this one lol I've been very happy with DelZ! On a side note, i've also been very impressed by Shore so far. Shore and Guhlie have been my positive surprises so far!
  4. oh, you know that does make a lot of sense. Makes me think we're missing kesler more than we truly realized. I agree that last season 10x worse....do you think our forward group is capable of that? Is it just more a matter of time/experience/getting use to each other that just needs to be worked out? Manson did seem out of sorts...specifically that 2nd pens goal...now, I'm not trying to really blame Manson for Crosby being Crosby...but I didn't feel like Manson was being Manson...anyway, back to forwards...Ritchie buries that one chance he had...and Silf/Rakell appear a little more relevant...this could have been a win. I'm not too concerned with 67/33 actually...but they have mostly seemed quiet so far.
  5. I dunno guys...should we be concerned about Manson? I know it's just been 4 games...but looking back to last season, too...and to a lesser extent, Lindholm, too? I dunno...I know last season wasn't very good for anyone's stats...but I guess, a few seasons ago these guys just looked like they were gonna be monsters and they seem to have just declined.
  6. I can't imagine Doughty really wants to stay on that team...I mean, they'll be a better team (possibly MUCH better) in 2 or 3 years with Turcotte and whomever they get this coming draft and when the Kovalchuk contract expires. And if Campbell turns into the goalie he looks like he can be. But I don't know if Doughty wants to wait till then.
  7. Yeah!! Neal looks like he has been rejuvenated! I'm sure he'll come back down to earth, but man it must be nice to be rid of that Lucic contract... It's one of the better signings the Sharks have made recently...letting Pavelski go probably hurts...but bringing back a loooong standing captain in Patty...it's a step in the right direction for the leadership of that team (where it really looked like they were just lacking). Down 0-4-0...they need leadership just as much as wins.
  8. my question exactly! is it because it wasn't the actually contact that put the puck in?
  9. geez...that's dumb. I mean, I love the play, but...like is it not even reviewable??
  10. Did anyone see the game live??? That game-tying goal from Tkachuk was pretty sick...but wasn't it a high-stick above the crossbar?? The highlights didn't show any review...would have thought there would have been!
  11. haha yeah...and Mike Smith looked preeettty bad in that game.
  12. man, this toronto team looks dangerous...i didn't watch the game, but saw highlights and just looking at them on paper...they need to get the cup this year...and i think they know it, too. Them and Tampa Bay I think are the teams to beat in the East. If Freddie can stay healthy and consistent...I'd look at Toronto making it to the finals. On the West coast...ugh, I don't know. No one looks like they are really stacked haha ....each team I think has glaring holes...I want to say Colorado...but they really lack depth and not too sure about their goaltending situation...I guess St. Louis...since they are so similar to the cup-winning team...but Binnington was looking pretty weak in the finals (minus game 7, where he looked fantastic) so not sure how he will do with a full season. Honestly, Dallas actually could surprise people. Especially if Perry is healthy and can contribute. They still need help on defense though...although they do have one great defender. I guess Nashville is OK. I guess talking it through I'd look at St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, and Vegas as the top teams in the West? I dunno lol San Jose?? ...i dunno...
  13. THAT would be amazing! man we haven't had that in like 4 years...and two of those players aren't on the team this season lol
  14. RIGHT?! Also, the ref is literally IN FRONT of him...so his whole "got tackled from behind" case is...well...preeetttty weak...i don't believe he would have gotten in trouble with the slash...it's definitely the shove. He didn't get ejected for the slash. The ref maybe takes 2 strides as he catches up to Kane who is chirping and seemingly about ready to fight someone...which is also not exactly a "Im just skating around minding my own business." I really have such little respect for a majority of the players on that team -- most seem to lack a lot of class or leadership or maturity (nothing new, if you look back at posts i've been making about them for a few years now lol)...Coulture as the captain I don't think helps any of it. Marleau and Pavelski were some of the last few real classy players on that team... ...i've got nothing against Burns or Karlsson. But I'm sure the locker room there is calling bull on the refs, too...mostly 'cause I don't think Logan is much of a leader and will allow it to get out of hand despite the clear evidence on Evander.
  15. oh crazy, that IS a weird schedule... Also, when do we get Zegras again?? He's been in college this whole time, right??
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