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  1. probably is....too good to be true haha even if it didn't result in him being hired...I do like the idea of BM seeing the writing on the wall with Eakins....but it makes MORE sense that he wouldn't have done this. As it doesn't really make sense for old school Sutter to be the ducks future. Curious how (if at all) this changes the way Eakins coaches or the play on the ice....no more Sutter. Maybe he was having some sort of impact and that's gone now...
  2. ohhh interesting....like...offered it BEFORE Eakins? Or offered it after Eakins was hired...aka would fire Eakins for Sutter?
  3. AND one is on a (somehow!) worse team!! ..... BM shatt the bed there.
  4. the best way to give players a chance is by putting them with a coach who knows how to coach them to be the best they can be. That's not our coaching staff (minus goalie coach). frak, get BB back and then we can see what these players could ACTUALLY do. I know Selanne said what he said...but BB did something that got us to be very strong each season. Eakins didn't have a number 1 pick...he had 4 lol I get your point... I also think it's unlikely Eakins gets fired before the off-season. But we don't need to trade all our players to know they'll probably excel with their new teams. We already see that mostly when our ex-Ducks play with other teams...just look at Ritchie! ....RITCHIE!!
  5. I'm all for giving people a 2nd chance...people can change and should be allowed the opportunity to do so...Eakins is better now than he was in Edmonton...just looking at win %...and has zero #1 picks lol...BUT...even a better Eakins I wouldn't say is NHL caliber...
  6. better get Morrison out of there then.....we wont have a solid D-corps without a solid D-coach. Yeah, exactly. I was hoping Zegras could pull in some direction of enticing Kalyiev to come over....ala Kariya and Selanne. Or Rob and Scotty like you mentioned. Or....i guess Fowler brought Shattenkirk....... or just really hoping someone wants to come play with Z
  7. hmmm that IS a lot...but I could see that happening and being ok with it. Although I can't imagine Eichel being much happier here than over there.....
  8. I'm with you on that. It seems at best a lateral move.....but....a little worse. Heinen is older by a year but has already put up more points in less games....same. Really not sure what this would accomplish.
  9. I agree, I think Perry was more glue than they realized. I thought it was kinda obvious when he was injured and then when he came back during those last 2 seasons...but yeah. Interesting about Vats and I'm sure that played a part, too. ...it's so crazy to think at one point our future blue line looked like Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Depress (before injuries), Montour, Vatanen, Theodore.... sad to think we don't have much to really even show for it......well, actually, i mean you can't blame BM on Depress, Rico was great for us till just now, Theodore is ultimately the price of the ED, and Montour ....well I guess the jury is still out on Tracey and Guhle....
  10. oh wow...way more coaches becoming FA this coming off season....wonder if so many possibly becoming available if BM is just waiting till that off-season to fire Eakins....
  11. I truly think Getz is holding back...just my opinion...but he doesn't look like he's trying and failing. It looks like he's doing exactly what he wants to be doing. He seems very much in control. I think with perry or a different coach or a different team Getz would be putting up better numbers.
  12. Exactly. I think Getz has semi-checked out (like, he's still putting in a solid effort, but there seems to be no urgency to his game, like it seems like he's being told be a mentor, that's your role now. Let the kids play). Rico and Silfv I have no idea what switched got turned off by accident with them. Coaching?? Short training camp?? Lingering covid symptoms? Manson (and our D) haven't been the same since Yawney left (who is now the Kings assistant coach) and Wilford took over. Gibson is solid. And Rakell looks great minus his lack of finish...probability wise he should be scoring soon...any minute...lol To me, this is solved with better coaching. I'm still OK w/ BM (and expect many to disagree with me haha) but that's 'cause he doesn't have a full below-average track record. Eakins and this coaching staff have yet to show any sign of actually being NHL caliber. BM at LEAST has at points in his career. I don't care how many times you fire a coach as a GM...if you make a mistake, just own up to it and fix it. Stop prolonging it and finding other scape goats that probably aren't actually the problem.
  13. Jasoaks


    I dunno...tweet it @AnaheimDucks? lol I'm sure someone there knows something....or at least Im sure on occasion players get curious or management....even if they should't look....and they really should NOT look lol
  14. I wonder if Getz 2nd guessed how much he agreed or welcomed RC the 2nd time and now doesn't want to speak up anymore about these kinds of things. I thought he was a big reason for the return of RC (I could be wrong), and maybe after seeing how it panned out he thinks maybe this game isn't what it used to be...and he needs to take a step back from influencing management and coaching decisions? I dunno, I still get the feeling from him he's just being the father figure playing in his son's little league game. He's there just to support the kids.
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