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  1. I dunno...did Babs actually get accused for being physically abusive? or just mentally? like his firing wasn't based off of that, so I'm guessing he would still be hired...I know there are a few retired players really speaking out about how bad he was for the mental side of players...but it's not like every veteran is coming out and saying that. i wonder if he just got worse as he went on his career...if he was like that in Anaheim or not. a team with Veterans might be the better team for him....like....the Stars....or Sharks... also, yes! BB seemed to have been very liked by all ....minus the whole lack of playoff results though lol
  2. I agree. I think we had higher hopes for NR...and also was in desperate need of a big tough LW to play with 2 future HOFers in Getz/Perry. ...he did not pan out haha And it is strange to have just thrown Wild Bill out for a defenseman we didn't even use in the playoffs for ONE game...maybe Karlsson didn't want in Anaheim...but then he gets traded to CBJ so who had the last laugh???? ....i guess Karlsson did considering he then was left exposed and went to Vegas for a 40-goal season lol But to be fair, I very distinctly remember being upset by the trade at the time...as a lot of fans were. Cool to have Wiz back...i guess...but none of us wanted to lose Wild Bill.
  3. Man...it sucks that Murray was such a bad GM that we had just TOO many great defensemen in our system...terrible GM. Joking aside...it sucks that Murray had to be punished for building up a plethora of great pieces for the team with the way the NHL had the ED.
  4. well that's not happening lol but I really don't think there is an expectation from management for that either. But I am all for Eakins moving out. I haven't really been too into him so far this season and wasn't really into the hiring of him anyway.
  5. I agree with that. It was the right call at the time. But it was BM's issues with managing the team that got us into that mess. But...to be fair...he was also responsible for the embarrassment of riches we had to begin with sooooo....it is his fault we had too many good players.
  6. ohhh frak. yeah that's a good point. True. Without those we could have protected Manson and not given up Theo. Sigh.
  7. I mean...McGinn and Perron I believe were on the team at the same time??...also, would you rather not have had Kesler? You bring up Bonino (who went to Vancouver, not Pittsburgh) so you would have rather had Bones in 2015 instead of Kesler? You would have wanted to keep Beleskey??? Keeping Beleskey would have resulted in us tied up in some bull contract and probably wouldn't have had even the players we like still. You would rather have Vatanen over Rico?? Already giving up on Brayden Tracey?...who we got for Montour. How about that Theodore that was full of errors in the playoffs that we let go so we could keep Manson who just had one of the leagues best +/- ?? I mean I'm sure I could go on but that's all i could think of off the top of my head... I have no defense on the Karlsson trade...that was dumb. Same with the Kunitz one.
  8. Also I bet taxes played a part. Florida has much lower taxes than California. He went after less money, but after taxes it might have been equal...plus...I mean...he still gets the "sun" and the "small hockey market" and then a MUCH higher chance at winning the cup.
  9. im worried San Jose is gonna pick up Babcock...that would be a helluvan acquisition....and i think put them over the edge to be a top-team again. but i could also see him going to Chicago or Calgary or Minnesota... as much as I would love to have him here...it doesn't make much sense since we just hired a new coach. i doubt it'll happen...but it would make me very happy lol
  10. adios BM 'cause he brought babcock back? oor..... have him do a great coaching change and then fire him?
  11. Paul Maclean over to Columbus for special teams...that's a great pick-up....would love to have him back......
  12. people seemed to be stoked about Keefe coming in. i think Babcock is a great coach. not sure what happened in toronto or if maybe he just doesn't have the voice for so many superstars? that team has a lot of young superstars...and anyone here ever dealt with the a bunch of young hotshots who think they are god's gift to the world and think they know whats best...hard to really get through to, i would assume lol Babcock had veterans in anaheim and a very mature, veteran-heavy team in Detroit. i would still take him though...even after what i just said lol i don't think our young guys feel they are superstars would listen to him. especially if Getz was on board.
  13. the bieksa signing im guessing is completely based off of Kesler's recommendation. when you've got a player like Kesler vouching and asking for a guy to come over...that was more to keep #17 happy than anything else. and while for the most part i disliked Bieksa...he was killing it in the 2017 playoffs. before the injuries 😕
  14. ok, i stand corrected...the wild bill trade i stand by as the one move of BM that i just can't understand...even before we had hindsight, that trade was baffling. i really hope Zegras can turn into something special...i think that can help. Steel and Lundestrom i think can, too. but as i'm starting to notice with goalies...when you have a player that is a master and a superstar and one of the best ever at the position...it's hard as a franchise to truly replace it quickly. you look at teams who had roy, brodeur, and hasek....and when they lost them...they didn't have a true viable goalie till....well...geez, possibly STILL don't! losing getz i could see having a similar impact...
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