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  1. And until they get a more consistent goalie...I'm not convinced they can do much damage in the playoffs those next 3 seasons. Sure Karlsson wasn't 100% and made incredible damage...but they still don't make it out of the first round if not for the crappy call. SJ thinks they are closer than they really are.
  2. I agree we do, but I'd rather get Caufield than a center or D that's listed to draft later...I think. I think I'd prefer that. Caufield I'm on the fence on anyway...give me some Zegras, Turcotte, Coznes or Dach though!!
  3. Honestly...I'd be happy with any of these guys for our #9: Hughes, Kakko, Byram, Zegras, Turcotte, Cozens, Boldy, Dach, or Caufield.... I think...at least...lol
  4. Looks like Braun traded to Philly for some picks?? a 2019 2nd round and 2020 3rd round it looks like.
  5. Would be very weird if that was a shot at Getz...to me this seems to be a continuation of his disappointment in the defense last season. Those are all veterans...Manson, Lindholm, Fowler...also probably Montour, forgetting he traded him lol possibly some shots at Ritchie, too.
  6. ohhh that's fair...he has. true true
  7. Ahhh ah ah, yes. That makes sense. That's right, that's right...I remember those players! Yeah they did not really work out lol Vermette did make a difference in our 2017 run. I liked the way we used him. But it was just a slightly too old version of him. 2015 Vermette would have been great, you're right!
  8. Yeah, honestly...it's really hard to tell. I mean, like, I look back at 2015 playoffs...and I just...what PLAYER were we missing? We basically lost that series 'cause Freddie lost his confidence after Game 6. And also, man, if we didn't hit that post in that triple OT game... 2014, we need Kesler so maybe Bob could have done more to get him. And we were SO deep in goal that year...Hiller, Freddie, Gibson...and if you look at 2015 as really just us being outplayed by mr. clutch toews...why WOULD anyone make big changes going into 2016?? So when we completely fell through in that year...changes were made...we made it to the WCF in 2017...and man our injuries just got the best of us. Gibson, Bieksa, Kesler, Perry... (say what you want about Bieksa, he was a beast in 2017 playoffs). And we just haven't been the same since. So, while I don't feel like we really did go all-in, to be fair, I also don't know what all-in would have really looked like that would have made an actual difference.
  9. Still think it was too early...Koivu should have been for a few years after Scott's retirement, I think at least. I think Getz could have used a little more mentorship from an experienced captain.
  10. What a fun post!! I like what you're saying. Ottawa...man...I don't know...they are so far away from being anything...right now their best bet is hope to be lucky...otherwise it's gotta be a sloooooow re-build and they can be in Toronto's shoes in another...5 years or so... 😕 We REALLY need that franchise player or that franchise core. We could already have it in the system. Like if Lundestrom or Steel or Jones or Terry or someone really gels with Silfv or Rakell or something along with this #9 pick. Toronto REALLY needs that defense. I can't believe the rumor is they are keeping Gardiner...they need D...but man, they need to get rid of him...he has been...whatever the opposite of clutch is... Sharks look like they might be OK...their big guys are all signed for a few more years with cap space to spare... And oh man! The Kings...we'll see who the pick...whoever it is, Kovalchuk will be gone by the time their #5 pick is ready for his raise, so they'll be in good shape in a couple years...even if they DO trade for marleau for some...crazy reason. I think you're right. Another 2 season the Kings will be near the bottom...but be picking up those picks... 😕 And on the coaches thing...well...St. Louis has now solidified the belief that changing a coach mid-season can turn you into a cup team soooo I think even MORE so than usual will we see coaches fired during the season.
  11. He actually wouldn't be that bad of a poker player! Poker is all about patience and not chasing the river when you have nothing *cough cough* Columbus *cough cough* if anything...BM's biggest issue is not being opportunistic and striking when the opportunity comes up. He doesn't seem to go all in...and honestly...2013 - 2017 was a good time to go all in...not just with Kesler but with another big move.
  12. Man....Cozens would be great! I'm really worried about center depth right now...and we need someone who can maybe be the next getzlaf...Cozens and Dach seem to fit the bill from what little research I've done. If Cozens is available that's a great pick! Zegras doesn't seem to be a bad choice either...but I'd love to see Cozens...I think Getz could really mentor him to become a crazy good center.
  13. Ahhhh that's not too bad...and yeah, a healthy Karlsson is scary....I mean...on a broken ankle he took the Sens to Game 7 of the ECF...which went to OT!! And with a groin issue...he led the entire playoffs in assists until the finals...but even after the 7 GAME FINALS was finished...he was 2 back from the lead in assists....that's...insane...
  14. to be honest...I've always felt that Eakins should have been the head coach for Dallas...seems like a perfect fit... (just like Satan should have been on the Devils, Fowler belongs on the Ducks, Dwight King should have stayed with the Kings, and super confused as to why Nylander isn't with the NYIslanders...)
  15. Aren't the current assistants from the Gulls anyway? I mean, sure, you should let your head coach have some say on the assistants...but at least right now it's the guys Eakins was with the previous year (as opposed to last year...obviously lol)
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