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  1. It's not looking good for Jan 1st....it's also not looking good at all, I feel, right? Apparently talks with agreeing over payment or something with the players has not been going well? Or maybe stalled? I haven't read the articles yet, just seeing the headlines.
  2. that is EXACTLY what it feels like. It's like his strategy to make the playoffs is "well, lets hope people are better players??" I mean, yeah, same. I hope so, too. But I do think if some young guys don't really step up BM is gonna trade them. And for what it's worth, I think if the season didn't get cancelled, we may have already seen some of those young guys traded (as in we would have already seen that they aren't going to step up).
  3. Yeah that would have been nice....I mean, with their retro...you can like, see the outline where they cut out the logo from another jersey and pasted it on lol I will say I do LOVE their black out jersey!!
  4. Not sure where to put this and don't really want to start a new thread lol....but just read this on NHL.com Quote: "I think you're going to see improvement with some of our young guys," general manager Bob Murray said. "And if we get improvement with some of the young guys, which it's time for, and you get some more consistency from the middle-aged guys, I think we can be right there fighting for a playoff spot. There's no reason we can't be." So yeah, he definitely is thinking we are gonna be competing in the playoffs...or has his eyes set on it
  5. Oh man....that Dallas one............ ugh....least favorite by far.
  6. I'm with you on that...I mean I don't like it, but I'm not sure what else they would have done. Like you said, if our current third didn't exist, that probably would have been what they do. I still would have loved to have seen our webbed D or "Ducks" spelled out in the old colors...but I will say the white makes this wild wing jersey better than it was....might have been interesting to replaced the Ducks logo on wild wing with the current webbed-D haha but that would have required re-designing the logo to an extent I don't think they wanted to do...but would have been funny hehe
  7. Yeah, my first reaction to seeing the Kings was "oh neat, they're going with their classic colors" -- but that could be I don't watch/care about basketball or LA....sooo....Lakers have a tough chance of being something I think about haha Now that I've gone through and ranked them for myself...I think the tops are LA, Florida, Minnesota, St. Louis, and Arizona. And surprisingly Anaheim wasn't my least favorite! Dallas. I just can't get over the white box outline on top of the off-white color...it looks like it's a prototype that isn't finished -- like someone cut the Dallas logo out of a magazine and then glued it onto a jersey. Oh, and I don't like Chicago's by default. 'Cause the NHL thought they could literally just NOT show the front...and think no one would notice. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it was more Adidas that didn't want to show the front than the NHL/Chicago. ugh, honestly, that move really bugs me.
  8. Sooooooooooooooo......what do you guys think??? It seems every one -- except Duck fans -- really like what the Ducks did....lol I'm not into it. Would have been more interested in a webbed-D in the old colors or "Ducks" like the year we won the cup in the old colors....but, maybe that would have looked terrible. I mean, we basically already have one in rotation with our old logo with orange which is really cool IMO. So, yeah. LOVE the Wild's logo despite it honoring a different franchise technically lol but there are some cool ones around the league! https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-reveals-adidas-reverse-retro-jerseys/c-319633384 (oh and can't wait to see the Blackhawks one!....lol.....)
  9. Truuuuuue....I was thinking that, too haha
  10. He wouldn't really fit. Was more just using him as an example of "how they heck is he still available???" to say he wont be once the NHL confirms the schedule
  11. that seems unlikely.... *fingers crossed* lol but I get the sense teams are sort of waiting to see what next season will look like before making any sort of *real* move. Like, I think once the NHL says, it's official, Jan 1st (or whatever day) WILL be the first game of the season and we will play this many games and the playoffs will be this format starting BLANK. Then I think we'll see moves start happening. I mean, Hoffman is still a FA...that's a 30-goal scorer...(who doesn't offer much else). I think teams are just waiting to see for some of their moves. Obviously, long term, big name guys would be signed sooner since it's more than just the immediate. ....side note I really don't know what Buffalo is doing haha it seems like they know they have cap so might as well just get a bunch of 1 year contracts and make a push to make the playoffs? not without a goalie lol
  12. It's incredibly admirable for the Coyotes to make this stance and so far I think it's a great statement they are making. Things like this are beginnings to ACTUAL change... ...unless it's all talk and they can't back it up. But I do think they have the genuine intention to do this. Look, this kid aint going to last long in this league if he doesn't shape up his perspective of being overtly racist. He'll get destroyed on and off the ice. He's only 18...his brain is very much still developing and there's an opportunity for him to change. Not changing between 14 and 18 doesn't mean much to me. Not changing between 18 and 25 while a professional hockey league puts some effort into it -- that means a lot more. He wont change unless he wants to...and maybe he fakes it at first. But sometimes even faking it can lead to actual change. I don't believe any one is born racists, so I definitely believe anyone can stop being it. And it usually stems from some sort of hatred towards yourself and looking for something to blame for that pain you feel within. If the Yotes can foster an environment where he'll feel comfortable to be honest with them...they can work with him on diminishing that self-hatred and find constructive ways to channel that anger and properly vent it. It's a balance of being accountable for his actions but also understanding what he hates about himself isn't his fault (spoiler alert: it probably has something to do with his parents). Maybe he doesn't "show remorse" right now, but him showing continued anger sounds like he's probably even more upset with himself than he's giving off. He just hasn't gotten through it to the remorse part...yet. Don't force the kid to apologize. That'll never do anything. He needs to come to it himself. And he absolutely can. And I can't think of a better sport than hockey to accompany that!
  13. I think we'll have a new GM before a new coach (and then after that, who knows) but I think BM will ride out his contract and then "retire" or move to a different position. or just not be a GM and stay VP of operations or whatever. Hell, maybe he'll become the head coach again, I dunno lol Either way, he's here till AT LEAST the end of the ED regardless of how successful the team is.
  14. hmmm...really not sure how much I like that...seems like a misstep in his development to me.... but I dunno! I know Getzlaf broke in as a winger and then pretty quickly went to center. I just get really worried with how we develop players lol Like, if he wants to be center. Is already very good at center. And we need a top center. Why spend ANY time with him somewhere else? Also, Terry should be center. It's still mind blowing that they haven't put him there, to me.
  15. Yeah, I hear ya on all that...it just makes me sad to see it in reality...like...man you're doing an ENTIRE article about the Ducks reset in the off-season...like...do a little more than the bare minimum of research. Like, I get it (sort of) if you're doing an article on all the teams and don't have as much time for each team...but...ugh...yeah. Now I really want them to sign Miller (even though I already did lol) just to make the nhl.com writer look even more dumb lol
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