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  1. Hm...I see...it's all very confusing
  2. So, ok! From my understanding of this and the conditional rules...best case scenario for ducks fan would be... St. Louis, Colorado, Columbus, and Toronto making the conference finals. This would put both San Jose and St. Louis's picks in 20-31 thus meaning we get to choose which teams pick we get...and this puts San Jose at their lowest point (21) that would work within our rules. So, it doesn't matter if Vegas or San Jose wins the first round...just as long neither make it into the conference finals. I think I have that right... Also, obviously, worst case scenario BOTH St. Louis and San Jose make the conference finals...
  3. Alright! Sooo...now that the Blues won...their pick will be for sure after 20, right? So now it doesn't matter what the Sharks or Blues do anymore? Well, no, nevermind, we want the Blues NOW to lose, right? Sharks = always wanting them to lose.
  4. OH! ha! Well I guess it's not so uncommon. Still pretty short though lol
  5. 5'7"!? Wow! That's crazy. Has there ever been a legitimate player in the league at that height?! And he's probably shorter 'cause you know they always fudge it a bit for the shorter players.
  6. Jasoaks

    playoff game...

    I'd say it's still worse being San Jose fans...at least Tampa has won a cup!
  7. Except the Ducks defense...they played that "one-amazing-line" Colorado team while they were fighting for a playoff spot and kept them all to zero points. Now 3 lines of players like that is one thing...but one. That can be stopped. I agree with Thom with the sense that speed still isn't the be all and end all of hockey right now. Caps showed that if you ask me. It was super-fast team vs. not-so fast team...and the super-fast team was almost helpless. And while we did have a bad season this past season and a bad playoffs before that...before THAT we had an incredible game in Vegas where we shut them out. It was a sight to behold. And to me showed we could have slowed them down, too and I still stand by the (impossible to prove lol) opinion that if we faced the Knights in round 1 we would have won the series.
  8. Soooo when all is said and done...we want San Jose to lose....and St. Louis to win...that way the Blues pick is NOT in 11-19....but closer to 20-23 or whatever. But if the Blues lose, thus getting a 11-19 pick, then we get whatever San Jose's pick...and if the Sharks lose, we'll get a higher pick than if they win. Also, if the Blues do win, thus getting a pick 20-31...we basically get to choose whether we want Blues or Sharks pick...so if the Sharks lose, that will just be a higher pick in general. Is that right?
  9. Jasoaks

    playoff game...

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Columbus get swept in the next round (likely by Toronto...) Just seeing how they played in Game 4...they had a lot of passion and drive and all of that...similar to that of an elimination game for the finals. And it's great that they did! It was impressive and amazing to see! But they also looked so satisfied after...and they should feel good...but man...that's not even half way to the final goal. I feel they feel so happy and accomplished after that first round....combined with so much rest...I think they are going to come out flat in the next round and wont have the same spark or drive. That first game in the next round could be deadly to them if they don't come out sharp. They had so much momentum moving into the playoffs and now it's STOPPED. For at least a week. Also, they lack a lot of maturity...I mean Duchene going for the empty netter in a 6-3 elimination game in the final 30 seconds is just kind of a dick move...and the way Panerin tried to high-five Kucherov in the handshake line...that's really not reading the room. I know there's nothing "technically" wrong with any of that...but to me it shows lack of respect and maturity and lacking those things in the playoffs can hurt you. (was it Duchene that Roy chastised for his goal celebration in that blowout game where Colorado lost, but he scored a milestone goal? Or was that MacKinnon?) It was Duchene! Yeah...not surprised lol
  10. I don't understand...people keep saying that...but also I thought someone said the opposite, too...that if SJ or St. L move on past the 2nd round we lose it...
  11. Jasoaks

    playoff game...

    Yeah, I can get behind that...man...what heartbreak that must be for the fans and the players...wow...especially after going up 3-0 in the FIRST period of game 1!
  12. Jasoaks

    playoff game...

    It totally has that feeling to it!
  13. Jasoaks

    playoff game...

    Yeah, the Duchene empty netter was a bit...unnecessary...but wow, what a feat! And I'm gonna be an ass 'cause I hardly ever make any predictions right...but totally called it!
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