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  1. Dallas just looks so bad. Not moving their feet. Not connecting. Can't clear pucks. Bull shiiit call, but still...you gotta kill that penalty...obviously lol....ugh...Stamkos will be in tomorrow and it's gonna take a lot to force a game 6.... and the Stars look exhausted.
  2. It's just...wow...so Dallas is NOT in sync...so much standing around looking, not sure what to do, passes going to places where players just vacated...passes not connecting at all... You know how like when at work or something...and there's someone who gets promoted or put in a position they aren't at all trained for, even if they think so...and for the most part they kinda survive, do a good enough job, making it...and you're feeling pretty proud of them!...but that's only 'cause it's a fairly easy time, nothing too stressful, not crunch time, or the rush or whatever... And then it does become a tough time or stressful time or crunch time or rush or whatever...and they basically completely fall apart and all their flaws just come out to really hurt them....and you're like "oh yeah, yeah, that makes sense." That's Dallas right now lol
  3. PEERRRRRRY!!!!!!!! Also....his son....wow....not sure why but what a weird phrase to hear "Corey Perry's son" ...like an old friend you've known since junior high having a kid...lol anyway....his son...so cute!!
  4. Man, Dallas is looking so bad. Heiskanen has had a pretty bad series so far. Lots of turn overs, bad decisions. The kid is 20. It's understandable. They're rookie mistakes.
  5. Yeeeeeeeeeep. Same. for a while now. Honestly I feel like any player's scouting report that has some sort of qualifier of "that can be coached" we should just assume WON'T be coached or fixed in our system. If we get Raymond. Assume he'll never go to the front of the net like we want him to, not consistently, or affectively. I haven't looked too much on down sides of players, but if Holtz downside is he's one-dimensional...I understand that concern if his shot doesn't pan out. But if he's a hard working player, I have higher faith in him in our system than a player that needs to learn work ethic (not saying there's a specific player here, just in general). I just don't trust our coaches. Any of them right now. (speaking of which, Toronto just hired Paul MacLean as an assistant...just...what?! He was available??? Ugh....we need new assistants.....)
  6. Haha if I'm Ottawa I'm looking for a way to trade up into the middle of round 1 to get Askarov...man, they get a F, D, and G in the first round THIS year...4 years from now we'd be seeing an Ottawa team contending for a cup.
  7. Oh yeah, reading that great post from Spencer I felt more excited about Holtz than Drysdale, Sanderson, Raymond, or Perfetti or Quinn (the players likely who we will be picking from). But I'm excited for any of them! But man, does Ottawa go after Askarov? That would be crazy... Also who do we go for at 27 and 36? More defense? Offense? I would think maybe another F and a D....I do like Jake Neighbors but I don't know much about the others around that area.
  8. I actually was at one of those games haha...the Minnesota game...I remember he played and it was the first game we won of that season! I had no idea who he was...and then was like "ohhh i like him!" There are good stories on both sides of this series...Stamkos playing 2 minutes and getting a goal...almost the game winning goal...and then not playing another shift...fascinating to see how that plays. I'm guessing he sits for Game 4 and is back "in" for Game 5....especially if they win Game 4 lol
  9. haha yeeep. ugh it looked like a fire drill for most of that period... If Dallas can have a good 3rd period, even if not winning, that could go a long way going into game 4
  10. Bpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp...yeah, Tampa is looking damn good haha the good news is this gives the Sharks the 31st pick and not the 30th!
  11. oh my god....this is heartbreaking.... And WOW! The Bobby Ryan part....they don't just subtly talk about the Ducks management...they full on call them out for firing a trainer for trying to find better ways to keep players healthy...wow. It was specifically for the Gulls...so I'm not sure how much it effect the Ducks...but yeah, really curious if there's some connection to all of this for how/why the Ducks had so many injuries and their play suffered... Also I'm sure they all knew of Kesler's diagnose. That definitely can play a part. Here a player gets a chronic disease from PAINKILLERS...could be the same ones they were taking...makes you stop and think for a second...and then you see a trainer get fired for looking for other ways...I'm sure as a player...seeing all this...I dunno, I think it would make you 2nd guess the management's priorities. It would effect you mentally. It'll make it harder to be focused. Ok, I'm making some leaps..it's just...so heartbreaking to see what happened to Kesler...
  12. Yeah, the more I think about it and read about it, the more this makes sense. I could still see the Wings taking Rossi though. I know Stevie Y likes to go off the board...but...when a player falls into your lap...you should probably take it haha
  13. exactly. Ottawa can't miss that opportunity. They would be SET. Honestly you're right...they really should be taking Drysdale at #3 to guarantee they can get a star in each position. And could you imagine if somehow Askarov is available at 28????? Ottawa's dream haha hopefully! I mean...not sure who exactly on the Kings team is known for their "leadership" Kopi at most....but Doughty and Quick have clear attitude issues. Brown is Brown....apparently Brown and Sutter during the playoff runs were at each other's throats...not that Sutter is there anymore. Anyway...not exactly looking at any of those Kings players as great role models and can help with character issues...or great examples of overcoming that.... sigh...he would have been better in Anaheim 😪😪😪😪😪😪
  14. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Ugh. That's gonna hurt I think. We'll see though...time will tell.
  15. I'm really starting to come around on Rossi haha...from the discussion here and reading more and more about him... ...although the more I do, the more I can't imagine him being available by the 6th pick. And while I'd be fine with a Drysdale pick...I'd be less excited about him than Holtz or Perfetti ....or Stutzle or Byfield or Lafreniere haha but that's 'cause ...god do we need a scorer. Honestly, I think we need a player that is self motivated more than anything else (aka Rossi). Just 'cause I don't trust our development program right now... and with whomever is available at 6...we need first the hardest, most self motivated worker....then we need the best scorer. I think my priority list is now more: Lafreniere, Byfield, Rossi, Holtz, Perfetti, Stutzle But I'd be excited about any of them (including Drysdale and Raymond) but I think that's where the priority would be for me. I think there's a CHANCE the Kings go with Stutzle since he has more of what they need than Byfield...then Ottawa takes Byfield...Wings take Rossi...Ottawa comes back with Drysdale...leaving us basically Holtz, Perfetti, or Raymond. I'd still go with Holtz of those 3...'cause we.need.scoring. We've got a great passer in Zegras. Steel can make big steps. And Terry looks like a natural distributor, too....we need a scorer. But like Sex said...he's not called Goal Perfetti for nothing lol but if we can get the best shot in the draft...that could be huge. Ugh! Unless we do something dumb like trade away the 6 or pick...a goalie...or someone off the board...we're gonna get such a great player!!
  16. Man...Tampa was just smooooothering there in the end...but it didn't help that Dallas couldn't get anything clean and kept whiffing on shots and kept basically just doing one-and-done. Just like they were saying after game 1 about Dallas to Tampa..... to Dallas: Tampa aint the same as the teams they faced in the west. Vegas, Colorado, Calgary...that may have been a tied game... Ugh! I find this series so entertaining!! I hope it goes to 7!!
  17. I think that's it....can't count Shattenkirk haha Also, I LOOOOVE how they have the Cup sitting up high looking down the whole series...I think that's so cool
  18. Man it's amazing to watch Tampa "turn it on" like they did in the 3rd...but also so great watching Khudobin play...just great watching top talented people playing well
  19. ooooweee what a STARt for the STARs! Big hits....the series is young
  20. Yeah, yeah...same. Definitely rooting for Dallas. I want Dallas in 7...then Lightning in 7....then Dallas in whatever lol Especially after hearing about their coaches story...honestly, when these playoffs started I couldn't have told you the name of the Stars head coach (and I can name...almost every teams head coach...)...and then I read he HAS COACHED THE MOST GAMES IN NHL HISTORY (when taking into account head coaching AND assistant coaching). I legit thought he was some new, up and coming coach that just got promoted and was getting his first taste in the hot seat...lol...nope! he was the assistant to Cooper in the Lightning which is really interesting. And also he coached the 92 Ottawa Senators lol...soooo...yeah...but apparently the players love him and from what I've been reading, I REALLY like him. If Dallas wins...it's gonna be a big push to keep the mantra "defense wins championships" and also that would be 2 years in a row that interim head coaches won a cup...which would be really interesting to see what that would do for future coaches... If Tampa wins...man what a great redemption story that would be. And would be a great one for teams that have similar upsets and can use Tampa as an example.
  21. A lot of people seem to think this will be a short series with a Tampa win....wouldn't be surprised lol and not too upset by that. I'd rather the Stars win, but Lightning are cool, too. But I don't care who wins if it goes to 7 games!...I'm rooting for a 7-game series...only for the fact that if it does...that would mean they would award the Stanley Cup on my birthday! Never in my whole life did I ever think there would be a meaningful game on my birthday....let alone the potential for a Stanley Cup Finals Game 7!! Soooo...let's go Game 7! *clap clap clapclapclap!*
  22. I hope not..... I mean, he was on pace for another 9 goals this season...who knows what happens next season. But without the lockouts...he could easily have another....75 goals. That would put him at 84 more goals he could have had... that would put him at 790 goals right now.... I think (hope) he'll just continue to play...and basically become a power play specialist...unless it just becomes too out of reach. But if he's feeling even at 50% and he's within 30....I think he pushes through.
  23. Boooolts!!! Marooooon! 2 finals in a row!
  24. I am SO SICK of the tampa players blocking a shot in their D zone and going down to the ice and staying there, holding their head (despite not having their head hit), hoping for a whistle to stop the pressure...then don't get it. And get up slowly...and the moment the puck is near them suddenly back at full speed and everything's fine the rest of the shift. uuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh happened twice in this 3rd period that I noticed...
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