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  1. Yeah, exactly! Just think about the amount of 5th, 6th, and 7th rounders that DON'T turn into an NHL player...lol
  2. Isn't that what happened in the summer of 2016??? I've always believed these coaches live/die at the hands of Getzlaf.
  3. Yes. EDIT: whoops! meant to say No.
  4. Yeah, Getz/Perry suddenly dropped in the 2003 draft, too...sooo...teams can really over think it.
  5. Columbus sweeps Tampa Bay in the first round...you heard it here first!
  6. And that is closer to winning the cup, too. That I get. I don't see how that would be Montreal or Columbus. I also don't know what team that WOULD be.
  7. I don't know Perry...but...I can't imagine him wanting to leave Anaheim. ESPECIALLY for Montreal or Columbus...it's one thing for these types of players to move to a team closer to winning the cup...but...I do believe we're closer than either of those teams lol...like you don't hear of future hall of famers deciding to waive the NMC they negotiated for so they can leave a team so the TEAM can have better cap options to go to a team that is at LEAST not any closer to winning a cup. You hear of these star players leaving a team that's in a deep rebuild to go to a team that is on the upside. Perry holds all the cards. It would be INSULTING for Bob to ask Perry to waive his NMC so the team can do better and so Perry can do worse. But I'm just speaking of the teams you mention...it would be another thing if he went to like...Toronto or something (not that that would ever happen...just an example) I just don't see how Columbus or Montreal has any level of interest for Perry.
  8. I would include solid goaltending into defense though...you need a strong goalie, but the defensive system and the execution of that (i would think) is built around your goalie.
  9. You are correct...but these problems were also problems back when we won the division a bunch of times in a row. They just didn't appear to matter 'cause the system was fine. A bad system is not only bad, but it completely exposes already existing problems and magnifies them to no end.
  10. Yeah..no clue...mysterious comment there...I think it may have been about the no longer with us Montour lol
  11. Yeah, that's actually more the year I was thinking about haha...Pronger is gone, Scotty is gone, Teemu is easing out...and then we started forming around Getz/Perry and really committing to it. I definitely could see something like this next season. But right now we're around the 2008 area...not really sure who, besides Gibson, we'd really be forming around.
  12. This term "rebuild" he threw out there...I just...I just don't see how we can even begin to say we are in that at all. And how we can say we even enter it any time soon. With Getz, Perry, and Kesler here I just don't see how we can rebuild anything. By the time they're out...we'll have some solid lines already. We can reform around them and build up players like we did in 2008 when Teemu/Pronger/Scotty started to ease out...but a rebuild? I dunno...I don't think we are a rebuild team. I think we will be competitive again next season. It's like San Jose...they had that collapse in the playoffs in 2014...missed the playoffs the next season...and then were back in it and made the FINALS the next season. I feel we are closer to that right now. Columbus is a few months away from a rebuild. Toronto went through a rebuild. Buffalo did. Edmonton did/is/may never get out of it.
  13. Yeah I second that. You need goaltending to come up big in the playoffs and they just don't have it. They're a deceptive top seed. Was also just looking at the east and I wouldn't be surprised to see a Tampa Bay/Columbus first round...and that would be the most interesting one to watch if you ask me! The far and away best team in the league, clear "favorite" versus the team that has EVERYTHING to prove...and desperately, more than any other team in the league, needs a playoff series victory. And needs to prove it NOW. This post season. Man that would be fascinating to see.
  14. Based off of Bob's comments this morning, I'm getting worried he's looking at defense right now in that high pick...when we need more than Lundestrom to pick up the center drive of our team when Getz, kesler, and rico are out. I get the sense that Rico and Getz are going to be leaving around the same time. Nothing against Rico, I just think Getzlaf is going to have some longevity. And Kesler might be out next season, so who knows there. So we need centers! Rowney/Grant have been fine...but if we can upgrade them to Lundestrom and this 2019 high draft pick...that would be great!! Getz, Rico, Lundestrom, and this pick could be deadly in a couple seasons down the middle! But I wouldn't be against Kakko at all! I want those Left shots!...also worried his comment about not caring about who shoots left or right is just preparing us for him not taking Kakko if we get the chance...
  15. Completely agree which is why I'm very curious about who Bob was thinking about when he made that comment. I'm wondering if it's more on D...I think he was unsatisfied with how Montour didn't take leadership accountability? Maybe Manson and Lindholm and Fowler, too? It's a weird comment to make without a follow up.
  16. hmmm I don't agree with him on this. "just play the game" well...you play the game differently if your entire line is right handed. Then get players with strong back hands. Otherwise you can't play with as much speed as you want. Look, I'm not going to sit here and say I know ANYTHING about the nuances of hockey plays...but from my observation...when you have an all-right line...you either have to shoot with your backhand, pass with your backhand, get the pass and readjust aka not one-time the shot, or do an EXTRA pass you wouldn't have had to do if the first pass was to a lefty. I do agree with the playing off-side thing...but...I dunno. again, I actually DON'T know...just an observation I've made. (also, you're doing us a great service by doing this! you don't need to read/respond to what I'm responding with...keep it up! )
  17. Wait...long ago like due to an injury? or long ago as in 10 years ago when he was 18 and should have never been brought into the line up???? If it' the latter...which I feel is true...man what does that do to Cam hearing Bob say this? He basically just said Cam can never reach his potential...that's a bit of a giving up attitude towards the player. That's not gonna help Cam hearing that and now it being said to everyone publicly! Unless he takes that as a drive to do better in the off-season and find his potential... that is a great point! That makes a lot of sense...you look at the teams with the solid goaltending...mostly drafted those into their team. Yeah...although makes me worried he's saying that as this draft looms lol But he didn't direct it negatively towards any other players? Like Kesler or Getz or Montour or Perry or something?
  18. That's the bigger question here...who do we take out of our line-up to make room for Kase, Comtois, Lunderstrom, and Steel? The first 2 are certainly coming I would think...Lunderstrom looked great before he got sent away. Steel maybe isn't ready yet. Also, Grant would need to be re-signed. And what if Eaves gets healthy??? We'd have to resign Megna, too but we have Mahura on D! Yeah, there's a lot to be excited for next season! And if we get one of those top 3 or 4 picks...we're in even crazier good shape. There's no pressure on the team anymore and I think that has freed them up to have more fun and that is turning into playing better. A lot of bright spots! I find it really interesting that the beginning and end of the season we have been clicking...yet those are the spots we had the most younger players in the line up. Albeit the beginning of the season we were being terribly outshot and we aren't anymore. So that is definitely something!
  19. Losing him in a trade would be great to free up that right a little bit. Without Sprong we have Perry, Slif, Rakell, Kase, and Terry...Rakell has played LW at times, but with the rise of Terry...Sprong is becoming less and less needed. Unless, like you said, he works out his 2-way game.
  20. I don't think 91 gets us in the playoffs...I'm all for the try real hard for the first 55 minutes of the game...get a good 1 goal lead...and then sort of stop skating in the final 5...allow 2. and move on... it's the oooold chicago game strategy. I saw them trying to do that on Sunday...but alas Colorado just really couldn't score. But this way they do put forth a good effort and entertaining game for a while. And...let's be honest...55 minute game effort? Still more effort than most of the games this season
  21. Got it. Yeah, it might have been better to hold off and be patient instead of trading away Pettersson...Sprong right now seems like he just creates more of a logjam...but that's hard to predict back when we did the trade. I agree the Vats/Rico trade was a better one. And the Monty for Guhle/1st rd pick is just hard to judge right now. I do think, as someone else pointed somewhere else, that Monty might have been on his way out anyway and Bob might have seen that there was no way he'd be re-signing after the bridge contract was up. Bob WAS saying from the start he wanted a defenseman more than a forward which always sounded odd to me lol but now that I see what we are icing on D next season (if we don't sign anyone)...I see why. We have a logjam on right wing, our center depth is kinda logjammed -- but not necessarily stacked lol, and our left wing is weak...so we still kinda do need a forward for the left...and some D...and if the prospects step up, freeing up that right side to get some D help and/or left wing help could be solid!
  22. How was Monty? I saw he scored a game tying goal a few nights ago
  23. ??? Not sure you read my post...or you didn't understand it... ...when you trade away 3 defenseman that are all playing in your top 6...well...that's half of your NHL D...now our bottom 6 is rounded out by Mahura...doesn't leave much after. That's not very deep. Do you disagree? Do you think our D depth looks awesome next season? I wasn't too worried about our D at the start of this season. We can always sign some of our UFAs there....but....in my post I was talking if we don't...but again...you may not have read it/understood it. You know...actions have consequences right? Like...let's say someone has 10 apples and 2 oranges..."woah! that's a lot of apples! need some oranges" and they decide to trade away 8 apples to get 8 oranges...now they have 2 apples and 10 oranges! ...like...it's not weird to now say "woah! now you have too many oranges!" even though the problem before was not having enough oranges...this isn't exactly what is going on with us, but I was just using this as an example to show how actions have consequences and as time moves on needs can change and it's not out of the ordinary to have a different opinion than what you had earlier 'cause something changed. Another more practical example...I really like how Jones has been looking. I wonder with his emergence if we still need that top 6 LW? Terry is looking very good, too. Kase coming back is awesome. Lundestrom is very promising. Comtois looks like he might be ready. And we have that high pick to get another top forward possibly...and the later one to get some D depth...earlier in the season the jury was still out on playing some of these players/how they would do. So...again...as time moves on so can our needs.
  24. Man...I don't know what to do about our forwards next season...it seems we have...a lot of potential options lol it's a good problem to have! If we DON'T re-sign any skater in the off-season...OR really any UFA skater at all...this is what we have... Center: Getz, Rico, Lundestrom, Kesler, Rowney, Steel, Sherwood... LWs: Jones, Comtois, Shore, Ritchie RWs: Perry, Slif, Rakell, Kase, Sprong, Terry, Eaves And that's withOUT whomever we get with our high draft pick which could be NHL ready...to me, this really shows how next season we look kinda good...but in the soon to be future, we'll need some more centers for sure... And then on D we have: Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Guhle, Larrson, Mahura...which also doesn't really leave much depth...obviously we can always re-sign some people. I feel like we should be able to use some of these promising excess forwards we'll have to get a good defenseman! And hopefully use our 2nd first round pick to get a good D prospect...maybe I dunno...I don't know what's good anymore lol the immediate future looks kinda bright while the not-so-distant future looks like it could be dim. But we can always do things now to help the not-so-distant future
  25. Did you guys see that Toffoli stick break breakaway!? After he slammed that same stick in frustration against the glass in the penalty box?? lolololol so amazing