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  1. the preds logo is just....disgusting. which is fitting. I don't hate the Ducks webbed-foot as much as others -- as it's certainly better than just saying "Ducks" across the chest lol...but still meh. I do like the Wild logo though! to me, I would add in CBJ that just really needs to re-work their logo.
  2. that's....fortunate and unfortunate at the same time lol Welp, nice to see the Eakins replacement is looking good!
  3. thats so great to hear!! who has been coaching this? has this been Eakins with the new assistants? or is this the Gulls staff?
  4. I don't think your scenario, even hypothetical, makes any sense. The health agencies wouldn't be pushing out a vaccine if their advice was don't take it. They just wouldn't have pushed it out and we wouldn't have a vaccine. That's like a chef cooking you dinner and saying "here it is! i made it!...oh but don't eat it! it'll kill you! I poisoned it!" Also, if their advice is don't wear a mask 'cause it like severely hurts you, then I don't exactly see how someone wearing a mask would hurt me. The only way that scenario works if like....their advice was to not wear masks 'cause the mask shoots out poison into the air. Otherwise, yeah, that's fine if someone else wanted to wear a mask even if the advice was to not wear one. The whole issue is people can be unknowingly hurting other people. That's why you wear a mask. You can't just switch that around and say what if wearing a mask DID hurt other people and think it shows the other side. That's just not reality, even hypothetically. None of these rules really have anything to do with making sure you're taking care of yourself...it's all about trying to protect everyone else around you. And also protecting themselves from lawsuits. And doing what they need to do to make sure they make money. That's why I'm onboard with gotcha....just have it be a universal rule for being in the arena. I know people will take it off to eat/drink...but that's better than trying to properly police who is who and who has what test or whatever. I'd much rather have people out and about living the lives they want and having people wear a mask seems to create the best way for that scenario to exist.
  5. yep yep yep yep....completely agree. I just wish I could always have that amount of space and non-crowds at disneyland is all lol I'm with you on the mask-theater with the league. It was a joke. But, correct me if I'm wrong, all staff, coaches, and players were tested essentially daily, right? If that's happening, I dunno, the coaches wearing masks thing would seem pointless.
  6. I mean, that is my definition of indoor lol but I was there last week and they wouldn't let people in unless they had an approved mask...and yeah I saw that, too, indoors, but cast members would come up and politely ask them to put it back up....I dunno. I agree it's tough to enforce. Especially when others aren't 'cause they are eating. I basically saw none of that in restaurants. Just stores/queues. Also when I went in May it was SUPER enforced even if you were outside and not at a designated dining area. They would get on you if you were walking down the street and drinking from a water bottle. But that was right when they reopened. 25% capacity...6 feet markers apart in the queue...sigh...it was so nice.
  7. I went to Knotts a bunch last year and they were being more strict...and the few times lately it's been essentially non-existant. Disneyland on the other hand......they are being very on top of it for anything indoor.
  8. Connor McDavid: "the time is now for the Oilers" lol nothing funnier than a 24 year-old hockey phenom thinking the terrible team he's on needs to win NOW. especially when the current team has some of the worst goaltending, D, and scoring depth in the NHL.... Makes me think he's starting to think/feel on a subconscious level he needs to get out.... dude has another 5 years on his contract lol
  9. ohhh so, any unused cap money....goes to....them? just to like....pocket? or goes somewhere to benefit the people involved with the team?
  10. wait....unused cap space...I never thought about this so don't know the answer...but does that GO somewhere if not used? Or is it all just theoretical money till it's used on a player? I'm just trying to understand the motivation behind not wanting to spend to the cap. And why we don't want to do anything with our $14mil we have right now....
  11. Was seeing that Z most recently has the best odds of winning the Calder next year. Would LOVE to see it. Although it's gonna be a competitive season for rookies! Caufield, Seider, Raymond, Drysdale even...maybe even Byfield? Rossi might be back in the mix...Byram...I guess Spencer Knight is still a rookie.
  12. I think I was less excited last year haha and in comparison probably most excited start of 2006? While not as exciting as some past seasons I like finding things to be excited about and focus on those. At least right now it's essentially Schrodinger's Duck. The things that are different and new could go either way. And just to see which way they go will be at least interesting lol
  13. man I got so excited when this off-season started with new assistant coaches.... I'm excited to see how Z and Drysdale improve and whatever other prospects come up and show what they've got. And I'm very curious to see how much, if at all, off last season was for Rico and Silfv and Rakell and others. What a potentially healthy Lindholm and Manson could be (fingers crossed) with the new assistants. And how Comtois continues to grow. I'd still be excited for Eichel (with proper assets staying here, obviously). I think he'll be fine after the surgery and he'll like living in SoCal and playing with someone like Z. I don't think BM thinks this is a playoff team at all. But I do think he thinks he's built a young team he wants to see grow and also is REALLY waiting to do anything till Eichel is resolved.
  14. well it might actually be the opposite next season....
  15. haha oh man....i could see that....it makes me feel so sick.... But they used to OWN Arizona...I can't imagine they want Arizona to fail lol it benefits them and Bettman's philosophy of growing the game to keep teams in smaller markets and have them be successful. As does going to the olympics (complete side rant but I'm very convinced we dind't go to the South Korea olympics 'cause they were worried about the conflict with North Korea and something happening) In the NHL's eyes, we at least have a good prospect pool and there's currently no risk of moving as we've won a cup within the past 20 years and have been a competitive team for a good chunk of the salary cap era. you're missing the part where the Pens also win the cup lol
  16. it's in the NHL's best interest Arizona gets it....they DESPERATELY need a generational player... I'd say we're 2nd on the list. Buffalo doesn't. the NHL does not want Buffalo to get it. They cant afford ANOTHER star player to get the "Buffalo treatment" But it was DEFINITELY in the NHL's best interest Arizona would win the 2016 draft.... 😕 wonder if Arizona could package a bunch of these picks and Keller and get Matthews haha I heard that if Toronto doesn't make a deep run, one of their young 3 will be on the move.
  17. id laugh if we get it....ill cry if buffalo gets it lol
  18. completely agree! and now Arizona has.....EIGHT picks in the first 2 rounds.....oh man if they get the #1 pick (which I dearly hope they don't and we do)....this is gonna be the draft of the Coyotes. ...hopefully they have a place to play lol
  19. haha i mean, it was fun at times and had some interesting moments. But I just felt like it really could have been better, had a lot of missed opportunities that wouldn't have hurt them in any way if they just went a little bit one way or another but would have gone a long way to improve story and emotion without losing any of the goofyness or charm they were after. Also, I couldn't get past them all closing their eyes for one of their plays...that...that just makes no sense lol -- even in the mighty ducks universe
  20. so like...Arizona knows they don't get better odds at the #1 pick by going 0-82-0, right?? they just need to be last place. Man they're gonna be worse than the Mighty Ducks on Disney+....and I don't mean the team, I mean the TV show!
  21. sounds like he got hired as an assistant coach for team USA for the 2022 olympics!! Nice!! congrats Ryan!!
  22. while I want to keep saying the longer they wait, the less leverage Buffalo has with Eichel....this new info of him getting a surgery and playing again in December does buy Buffalo A LOT more time. At this point, he's probably not being moved till next year. But I still think they need to move him (if he still wants out) before July 1st 2022 otherwise they will have lost SO MUCH leverage with his NMC.
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