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  1. oh yeah! haha I was totally just thinking players and couldn't think of any
  2. Who did he bring in last season too late???
  3. Is that the rumor? Like...that's what people are saying around the league? or just a guess on your part?
  4. Sweeet! Thanks!! So Perry's points per minute are: 0.043 and Pavelski's is 0.041 soooo pretty close! Perry in the playoffs is 0.041 and Pavelski's is 0.036 ...but Pavelski was on the Sharks soooo ya know...playoff choking etc... But yeah, not bad for a 7th round pick! And really, Pavelski is a "stronger" player right now anyway.
  5. Interesting! points per game is interesting...but...man, I'd love to see what a points per ice time is. Perry with so many penalty minutes, wouldn't be surprised if his points per ice time would be a bit greater. I also agree...Perry would still be a Duck if he had a much cheaper contract right now -- or he didn't drop off as much as he has been.
  6. I think it's kinda telling that we are looking to stock up on minor leaguers right now...it's showing a lot of faith and trust that the new kids will be up and stay up. But we definitely need to make a trade to get another top-4 D...but...I don't think that's gonna happen till after the season starts. He probably wants to see who really steps up, who doesn't. Who seems redundant, who seems necessary...but also, how much potential this team shows and see if it's worth trading assets to shore up our D. BM made it very clear this past off-season when he said he could have traded for Karlsson but didn't -- saying it would cost too much for a rental. A game-changing rental. With no guarantee of a re-signing. In other words, he didn't think that team was cup potential.
  7. They also need a goalie...desperately...Talbot...lol I dunno...that Smith/Talbot signing swap is hilarious... Smith shooting the puck out to McDavid might be terrifying...but...he'll make up for it by not really making good saves lol
  8. That's the only one I kinda get suspicious about haha Like...wasn't Lemieux already housing Crosby before the lottery??? I dunno...that one...definitely a think worth
  9. So, predicting colorado getting the 4th pick means nothing. While they have the best odds of getting the #1, there is still a good chance they get bumped down as there are 14 other teams that could have been picked 1 - 3. You are incorrect about NJ having a big market. In fact, they have one of the smaller markets in the NHL yet they got 2 #1 picks in the past 3 years. We can thank Taylor Hall for that! Bettman and Co are just not smart enough to rig something where NOTHING NOTHING THONTGNTONTGNTONTNOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING ANYWHERE NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOBODY NOTHING NOTHNNING NOTHING NOTHING for it to be leaked or suspicious or whatever by now by ANYONE. That sentence didn't even make sense, but neither do your points lol If there was some GIANT conspiracy (which is what you are insinuating) the amount of effort, money, and intelligence to keep it THIS quiet for THIS long is impossible. Especially in today's day and age. Bettman and Co have been nothing but transparent and consistent from day 1 with what they actually want. They want the sport to grow into the smaller markets and around the world. This is why they very CLEARLY rigged the Vegas ED in Vegas' favor. They even SAID this. This is why they have so many bigger outdoor games and are going around the world. This is why they are trying to create more teams around the country. This is why they bought Arizona. If this thing was rigged...to stay consistent with their goals...Edmonton wouldn't have gotten as many 1st rounders as they got. Arizona would have gotten Matthews. But it's not rigged. Because as much as everyone hates Bettman for all the stupid decisions he makes, he makes them fairly. They are dumb most of the time. And I disagree with a lot. But they aren't being done illegally. Bettman and Co don't actually care who wins. I mean, they care that teams compete and create a competitive league. But ultimately who wins they don't care. They care about boosting sales for teams that are having a difficult time. When it comes to business that makes the most sense. The Hawks and Rangers are 2 of the most successful monetary teams in the league. Looking at it strictly business-wise, you get waaaay more bang for your buck having one of the other smaller markets get those players. They don't get those players, their sales might not even change. These players will move the needle, yeah, but they move the needle A LOT more going to a different team. Sorry, I'm just really anti conspiracy theories. Especially when the basis is from some random person (as in, not someone directly involved with the process) who makes a bunch of predications and some of them come true. Technically only 50% of what you said actually came true. Montreal and Detroit didn't make it into the top 3. Predict at a higher rate for 5 years in a row and then I'll start to think maybe there's something going on.
  10. Exactly! I mean, right now, there's no reason to think one way or the other yet...if we can get that top-4 RHD, that's a big step. I think there's always a chance and you could look at Vegas' odds this time 2 season ago...and the Blues odds in January...Vegas' odds don't tell you anything haha I also remember the beginning of last season us all making a very big point about how we had no business winning those games...that you looked at our advanced stats and it just looked HORRIBLE. How much we were being out shot, but winning, was very bad. But I don't think BM would get desperate if things go wrong out the gate. He's shown he's a very patient man and will give things a chance. If things don't gel right away, he'll say it's an adjustment period. With how much RC got last season, I can't imagine Eakins getting anything less. Unless it's just atrocious. Which would be shocking.
  11. Wait wait wait...so...the Leafs now have Ceci AND Barrie??? Hm...well, their D just got better...man, some teams really got better this off-season... Leafs, Panthers, Devils, Rangers...I'm sure others I can't think of... Dallas I feel like didn't really address their real issue on defense...I don't believe not scoring enough goals has ever really been their problem... Arizona...not many changes but adding one of the best goal scorers in the past 10 years certainly helps!
  12. *raises hand* I mean, I believe it in the way that this is a POTENTIALLY successful team. Gibson/Miller, a solid top D that hopefully remembers how to play hockey this season and shows last season was an anomaly, a good forward bunch with some new blood that has the chance to show they can cut it in the big leagues. All while under a brand new coach. It's just all potential right now. And I believe in the way that once you make the playoffs, ANYTHING can happen, especially when your goalie tandem is Gibson/Miller. Ducks are 80-1 right now in Vegas? Man, put some money on that. That's a great return especially considering the talent the team has. Red Wings/Kings are different stories. So is Ottawa. The Ducks UNDERPERFORMED last season. King, Red Wings, Ottawa...they didn't. Well, I'd say if anything the Kings overperformed
  13. Honestly, right now, this team is a wild card (in the sense of difficult to predict). If our defense remembers how to play hockey and some of the new guys gel and like said above, show they are ready for the NHL...we're making the playoffs. To me, that's just as likely as us all falling flat and the new guys don't really know what to do, the defense is adjusting to a new coach, etc... and we don't make the playoffs. So, I dunno. I think we could really be anywhere from a lottery team to making the playoffs (I guess those are the only 2 options haha)....and once you make the playoffs anything can happen.
  14. But hey! They made the playoffs and even won a series!...totally worth it...........
  15. Still waiting to hear Getz reaction to all of this! He's been suspiciously quiet.... Also, agreed!!
  16. Man...Perry with Benn would be interesting...my guess is Perry is signing 'cause of a talk about what kind of minutes he'll be getting. This signing also shows just how much we were overpaying him...that (AFTER BONUSES) is still $5 mil less...wow...
  17. haha hell I'd add in NYR and NJ to that, too! Those 2 teams have made HUGE upgrades this past month. Also, I wouldn't have minded Stralman on the Ducks...
  18. That's true. But I feel we all knew that was coming, it was just a matter of time. Same with the Kesler trade...we all knew it was coming. I don't feel like like there's something like that this off-season. We aren't in the big trade rumors or the big signing rumors. I agree we have that glaring hole...but that hole isn't really associated with anyone specific. Bob's only real comment on that hole is he doesn't care what hand someone shoots. ...I really hope we aren't looking to get Gardiner...
  19. I'm always expecting a playoff run lol 'cause man, honestly, once the season starts you don't know who's suddenly gonna have a crazy good season or whatever. Anything can happen if you get into the playoffs, especially when you have Gibson/Miller backstopping the team. But until the season starts, I don't think the expectations are very high lol
  20. I mean, I think we all know Bob wont be making any big signing today or in the next few days/weeks...but...man...I was hoping for a trade to get a coveted defenseman...still possible, but I dunno. I mean, I guess we shouldn't expect that either. Think about it, our cup window was open and all he did was get Kesler in the off-season...a great move, but that was when our cup window was clearly open for business. Right now, you compare us to 2014 off-season Ducks...we aren't even close to the same feeling. So...I don't think he sees wasting assets to get a good defenseman right now as the right move. If the team proves to be good in the season or pries open the window and we make a deep run or something...I could see making a bigger splash next off season or at the trade deadline. But right now...it's small moves. And I don't think we should expect anything else this whole summer.
  21. I do agree with that...maybe he saw the writing on the wall that while it looked like they were close to the finals...really, they weren't. Or yeah, it could just be a money thing...and well, the money thing means management is prioritizing someone else. By signing Karlsson and probably signing Thornton...that's them saying to Pavelski: you're not worth more to us than either of those guys...unless you want to sign for something less than you're worth.
  22. I hope this is true! I'd like to see Perry/Cogs together win the Cup (if we don't, of course lol) and we wont face them TOO much...and that's not a bad price, at all!
  23. I think it's really interesting how the better, well-respected, strong leadership (imo of course) Sharks seem to want to leave...Pavelski, Marleau (although apparently he was interested coming back...)...Boyle a few years back. I've been suspicious of this team's leadership issues for a while now...and now, I just don't see Coulture, Hertle, Kane, Burns, Karlsson really stepping up to be the leader the team needs. ...nor Thornton. He's a choking hazard. But I'm guessing Couture or Karlsson become the next cap
  24. Looking like Perry is talking with the Oilers, Hawks, Preds, and Stars...god I hope he doesn't go to any of those team except the Stars lol
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