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  1. It's incredibly admirable for the Coyotes to make this stance and so far I think it's a great statement they are making. Things like this are beginnings to ACTUAL change...

    ...unless it's all talk and they can't back it up. But I do think they have the genuine intention to do this. Look, this kid aint going to last long in this league if he doesn't shape up his perspective of being overtly racist. He'll get destroyed on and off the ice.

    He's only 18...his brain is very much still developing and there's an opportunity for him to change. Not changing between 14 and 18 doesn't mean much to me. Not changing between 18 and 25 while a professional hockey league puts some effort into it -- that means a lot more. He wont change unless he wants to...and maybe he fakes it at first. But sometimes even faking it can lead to actual change.

    I don't believe any one is born racists, so I definitely believe anyone can stop being it. And it usually stems from some sort of hatred towards yourself and looking for something to blame for that pain you feel within. If the Yotes can foster an environment where he'll feel comfortable to be honest with them...they can work with him on diminishing that self-hatred and find constructive ways to channel that anger and properly vent it. It's a balance of being accountable for his actions but also understanding what he hates about himself isn't his fault (spoiler alert: it probably has something to do with his parents).

    Maybe he doesn't "show remorse" right now, but him showing continued anger sounds like he's probably even more upset with himself than he's giving off. He just hasn't gotten through it to the remorse part...yet. Don't force the kid to apologize. That'll never do anything. He needs to come to it himself. And he absolutely can.

    And I can't think of a better sport than hockey to accompany that! :)

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  2. 11 minutes ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    If Murray is under a mandate to make a playoff push from ownership then I blame ownership for being short-sided. Either way, I think that we are going to be in for a couple more seasons of missing the playoffs regardless, so any attempt to juice this team to a first round exit next season is just delaying the inevitable. Which is a rebuild lol. I think you either need give Murray the leeway to do a rebuild or fire him and bring in someone else to do it. Until the last couple of seasons, I think Murray was a suitable GM but he's never had to re-build a team and judging by his comments, he doesn't really want to.

    Murray has two more years left on his deal and if the expansion draft weren't coming up, I think he'd be gone if the Ducks don't make the playoffs this season. Plus, I don't think that the Samueli's are going to want to pay for two GM's or two coaches. Things would have to really go off the rails for that to happen, IMO. In two years, I'm betting on the Ducks having a new GM and coach.

    I think we'll have a new GM before a new coach (and then after that, who knows) but I think BM will ride out his contract and then "retire" or move to a different position. or just not be a GM and stay VP of operations or whatever. Hell, maybe he'll become the head coach again, I dunno lol

    Either way, he's here till AT LEAST the end of the ED regardless of how successful the team is.

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  3. 45 minutes ago, BombaysTripleDeke said:

    During the hot stove talk with Hayward I’m pretty sure Murray said that they will start Zegras at the wing mostly to break him into the league. Whether he gets Rakell’d or Terry’d is a different story. 

    hmmm...really not sure how much I like that...seems like a misstep in his development to me.... but I dunno! I know Getzlaf broke in as a winger and then pretty quickly went to center. I just get really worried with how we develop players lol Like, if he wants to be center. Is already very good at center. And we need a top center. Why spend ANY time with him somewhere else?

    Also, Terry should be center. It's still mind blowing that they haven't put him there, to me.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, gorbachav5 said:

    Like most things with the NHL, I don't think they can be bothered to care about Anaheim, so I'm not reading anything real into that.  They say later in the article that Stolarz is likely to spend another season in the AHL.  The only reason the Ducks wouldn't re-sign Miller is because of money.  He's the best fit out there, but I suppose the Ducks might be looking to go dirt cheap with their backup, which makes sense in some regard, but is also not a great way to take care of one of their most valuable assets in John Gibson.  And if the Ducks are looking to go dirt cheap, they'd probably just use Stolarz.

    There's always a chance, of course, that the Ducks could be looking to sign one of the available backups, but I can't imagine they'd be that much cheaper or better than Miller, and Miller seems like he wants to come back.  So I'm not reading much into that piece other than the NHL doesn't care about Anaheim, which we already knew.

    Yeah, I hear ya on all that...it just makes me sad to see it in reality...like...man you're doing an ENTIRE article about the Ducks reset in the off-season...like...do a little more than the bare minimum of research. Like, I get it (sort of) if you're doing an article on all the teams and don't have as much time for each team...but...ugh...yeah.

    Now I really want them to sign Miller (even though I already did lol) just to make the nhl.com writer look even more dumb lol

  5. I mean it's the absolute lowest you can pay a guy so it truly is essentially NO risk. Hopefully for the Leafs his lack of good leadership and his inability to show up in big games doesn't rub off on them...

    Also, I just read that "Anaheim reset" article on NHL.com....and...it said if Miller doesn't retire he's unlikely to sign with the Ducks?? Is that true?? I kept hearing it was either Anaheim or nobody....

  6. I see Thornton is now a Leaf.....that's interesting. The only real positive here I'd say is the Leafs have now entered the category of "teams an old veteran wants to join to get their first cup before they retire." Congrats, Leafs! At that price, too, it's such a low risk. So that's cool for them.

    But I don't believe Jumbo has good leadership skills and am curious to see how he does where he isn't THE leader or face or "heart" of the team. He's still got a lot to offer I'd say on the ice. But he also isn't very clutch and chokes a lot...so... *shrug* again at that price, it really isn't going to hurt them. But I also don't feel like this solves ANY problem for the Leafs.

    I feel like Dubas just likes taking the idea of a player...a player he gets excited to see on the ice...and doesn't really think about the quality of said player or like...if it actually addresses any issue.

    Thornton addresses the issue of...need center depth. And maybe the players will get excited and want to help him win a cup...but he doesn't address anything else or help anything else. But super curious to see how he does with less pressure as a player on him. Will be interesting to see.

    Meh, he probably doesn't do much lol hopefully for the leafs he just doesn't get in the way.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Sexlaf15 said:

    Probably, but there’s some good players available, just have to be creative to get them. I just get antsy this time of year because Murray says something about playoffs then does zero to actually help the team. I love the Shattenkirk signing, but If be genuinely thinks that’s enough, I’m concerned about this franchise. 

    With no clue when the season is actually going to start...the start is no where in sight. I don't think teams want to make many trades at this point, unless it's inevitable cap ones, till there's an official start of next season. Once we have that official date, I'd expect to start seeing the trades pick up...

    Until then.......there wont be much going on...... :( 

  8. 6 hours ago, Sexlaf15 said:

    Terry is very good in transition, drives offense, plays good defense. I’m not low on Steel, just high on Terry. He makes very smart, good plays with the puck. He draws penalties with his stick handling and skating, he was driving offense. Terry just seems more likely to be more dynamic than Steel,  but they were both trending up last year and were going to need that from both of them. 

    Sounds like a great center! :P 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Spencer_12 said:

    but he’s always a player you can move at the deadline any given year.

    Now THAT'S a GM strategy I could get behind....sign the guy to a 1-year deal....then at the trade deadline...move him for a 3rd rounder or something. Re-sign in the off season. Repeat. :P 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Sexlaf15 said:

    I think the only big ? Is Manson. If he can return to form, Lindholm and Fowler are pretty steady. That’s huge. Having Shattenkirk, Manson, Fowler, Lindholm is a decent Top 4

    Manson is the x-factor, true. I really wish I knew what happened to him...it was so sudden. like *snap* suddenly not very good. If Manson returns to from, really, we'd be looking at a very strong D. Not just passable. But strong.

  11. 1 minute ago, Sexlaf15 said:

    I think we’re a much better team going into this season than last, but still need 







    to step up, I think if 3-4 of these guys can toss a step, I like the team a whole lot more, lot bets to hedge though 

    I'd add our entire D into that list, too. And our assistants....

  12. 1 minute ago, gorbachav5 said:

    They are a handsome group.  Oh, is that not what you meant?

    They'll be good, but goalie is still a bit of a question mark (Matt Murray is way too inconsistent for me), and you never know how some of the prospects will pan out.  They're also Ottawa, with an owner who belongs in an asylum somewhere.  How many times did we get ready to crown Edmonton after all of those high picks?  Ottawa looks like its building much better depth, but it's still early. 

    In honesty, I'm kind of rooting for them.  As much as I hate Melnyk, I feel bad for their fans.  They've been through some rough patches.

    Oh that's definitely what i meant! haha :P

    Same, about feeling bad for their fans. Since they were one goal away from a stanley cup appearance, they looked like the most poorly run team in the league. Now they've seemingly addressed all their issues. I'm not as much of a question mark on Murray. I think change of scenery-type trades can make a difference. But he may continue to be inconsistent, for sure.

    I also never felt like Edmonton was ever the team worthy of a crown. They hardly addressed their real issues in goal, depth, or on D. Same with Toronto. Same with San Jose. Just never really fully addressing their actual issues. Ottawa i feel they have been. Although, when your issues are "everything" ...it's tough not to  :P 

    I think Ottawa and New Jersey are gonna be really exciting to watch. Well, if NJ would fix their goaltending....oh and I guess they need some D too haha

  13. 27 minutes ago, Sexlaf15 said:

    But signing Barrie, Vatanen, Duclair, maybe Wennberg 

    or acquiring Deangelo would make me feel better 

    I get the sesne something like this would be happening....otherwise why make this seemingly useless trade the day before UFAs become available? it's gotta be for a signing...and for someone to play with Fowler (hopefully).

  14. Wow....a #3 overall going for a 2021 5th-rounder....that's...insane. I liked him, too!! Is this move of things to come? Does this free up money we COULD use to trade Manson for Nylander? Or Lindholm for Nylander? Seems like an odd move to me. And a sad one at that. Sorry to see you go! Especially for a 5th rounder...

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  15. 17 minutes ago, gotchabari said:

    We need to remember that Drysdale and Moore are both 18.  I see lots of chatter about trading and slotting in, but we need to align that with the contract expirations of Lindy and Manson happening in 2022.

    Drysdale may be able to come in faster than Moore, but we don't want to Fowler them, either.  

    Exxxaaaccctttllllly. We need Drysdale to develop well...I don't know how to do that. And I'm still not confident the ducks management also knows how to do that lol

  16. 7 minutes ago, dukitup said:

    His long time GF is now working for ESPN on the East Coast. Murray really needs to have a chat with him to see where his head is at. Maybe playing closer to her is more important than signing an extension with Anaheim. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Lindholm traded instead of Manson if a top 4D is moved. 

    Yeah, I kinda get a sense this is more likely, too. Lindholm should get us some goooood return, though. At this point....what do we need? You could argue we need everything except goaltending still? Do we still need a "goal-scorer" finisher? Or should we be content with seeing how our prospects work out right now?

    Is Nylander still a worthy player to go after?

  17. It looks like Zegras and Colangelo were teammates at some point? Maybe even....friends? For a pick that's had so many goals recently, but people think it might have been just from being on a "good" team...that's not a terrible sign for us that Zegras and him know each other. Could have some of that "chemistry" we need. Perrault has the better shot, but it might not be terrible to put all 3 of them on a line at some point...even though they are both RWs. Could still work with Zegras being a L shot!

  18. I don't understand when these people say "ohhh what a find!" for teams to take a player that fell lol like...no one had to search for that. Also, aren't like...most if not all players drafted on some sort of radar for most teams? So many players go undrafted I'd have to imagine that within the first 4-5 rounds each player selected is scouted pretty well and most GMs have a good read on. It's not like the Ducks went to some unscouted player they found playing in a pick-up game at TheRinks lol (aka a fantasy I should probably stop hoping for at this point in my life.... :P )

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