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  1. 6'2....wow...tall. interesting draft...... I asked this earlier but no one responded, but I'll ask again 'cause I'm not sure what the rules are haha how soon are players you drafted able to be traded?
  2. Exactly! That's what I was realizing as I was reading mroe about it last night...even though I was down on not taking a forward at 6 at first.
  3. Oh woah...we took a russian!?....probably for trade bait I would imagine.....
  4. WOW Smilanic went in the 3rd round?! Man how did he drop so much?
  5. haha I feel like the Rangers really missed an opporutnity here.....lol or like Detroit
  6. damn....Murray from Pens to Sens....for Gruden and 2020 2nd rounder??? Wow....that sounds like a pretty solid deal for the Sens..... And damn!! the Preds just sent Bonino to Minnesota and their 37th pick for....Kunin? and some late picks? huh
  7. Anyone know if they are broadcasting the draft today??? ....has it even started yet?
  8. Oh interesting.....and terrifying haha although, if the Sens did take Drysdale...and we traded to move down and basically got Sanderson...that wouldn't have been horrible, either. Getting another pick and all. Although, if Perrault has one of the best shots that's essentially the same (if not a little bit worse) than Holtz...that's a pretty good deal. A forward with an almost similar game being available at 27 makes way more sense to take and take Drysdale at 6. A D like Drysdale aint going to be available at 27. For the 36th pick....someone like Gunler or Wallinder would be cool! Or maybe even Colangelo!
  9. This gets me excited for Perrault....and less excited about Drysdale haha but I'm sure I'll be more excited sleeping on it Just if the Drysdale pick is a move with hopes that Steel or Terry step up to being a finisher??? that's just not going to happen. They need to stop trying to force Terry onto the wing...he's such a natural center. And Steel IS a distributor more so than shooter. Unless those 2 completely change the way they play...I don't see either pushing towards going into those difficult areas like Holtz has been claimed to do. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic about our development and having a player that can finish or make things out of nothing like Holtz/Rossi without having to really "develop" something...that sounds more promising than a top-pairing D man. This isn't meant to put Drysdale down at all. Drysdale will be awesome! I hope he turns into the player that we all thought/hoped Fowler was going to develop into. He already looks more physical looking at the highlights haha
  10. oh wow! what a nice move...signing like that...that's awesome. that's class
  11. Glad Bourque didn't go to the sharks lol thank you for winning the cup Tampa!!
  12. Daaaamn...Greig and Tkachuk on the same team....oh boy....
  13. Just glad San Jose is getting none of these players haha
  14. Yeah, his shot looks good...and he's got some speed! maybe Getz can hammer in him that he needs to put the effort in
  15. goooood pick for the Blues. I liked him.
  16. that's incredible GMing....that's lucky. That would be a steal at like 22....that's...very good GMing haha
  17. .....why trade....down to get him? lol
  18. ok lets see how the flames trade this pick away...
  19. Yeah, yeah....we'll see....pass first guy....could be a guy to keep feeding Ovechkin goals haha
  20. If he stays healthy.....man....this guy looks GGOOOOOOOOOOD
  21. Now I REAALLLY think the Flames are looking at a player off the board haha
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