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  1. He seems like a fun, nice guy! His interview seemed genuine and authentic...like, not rehearsed like the others have seemed. He seemed really relaxed. I like that.
  2. I get the sense the Flames are going off the board....otherwise why trade?
  3. yeaaah...I wonder if the Rangers got a sense that the Devils were gonna go after Schneider....and didn't like that haha
  4. Oh yeah, absolutely. personally I maybe would have wanted Byfield instead of Lafreniere.
  5. Schneider at 19...wow. That's a steal, too. He could have gone a little bit higher. No wonder the rangers traded for him
  6. I think it was more a player like Byfield is redundant for the Kings. But like....why does that actually matter? lol who knows!
  7. ohhh I would love to know what htose were...haha....that's gotta be leaked.... I will say, I like how excited Drysdale looked when we picked him
  8. hahaha what??? what a weird transition...."well, a lot of people would say 2020 sucks....but 2020 was pretty good for Jarvis!"
  9. Ok, at least Lundell and the Panthers didn't really get any coverage.... EDIT: oh god, does NBC see us on the same level as the panthers?!....oh god oh god....
  10. Also I'm guessing making "trades on the floor" is a lot more difficult...
  11. Askarov would have gone a lot higher in a less deep draft...
  12. Also, wow, who would have thought....commercial break after the Jets pick....OH, but wait!! Can't go to commercial just yet! Gotta do the analysis on the Jets pick!!! ugh....
  13. Is there statuette of limitations with trading a player after picking them in the draft??
  14. Oh that is kinda funny... 10 year anniversary....10th pick....#10 player's wife
  15. awww....I hope Rossi doesn't get stuck in mediocracy with the Wild....he could change their entire trajectory.
  16. The GO's teaming up against me haha yeah, I'm feeling a little better about it... and you guys are right. He can push the offense... As long as we take a forward next.....I just want a good goal scorer to support Zegras
  17. exactly what I was thinking!! They keep falling....trade up and grab them!
  18. ......what is happening??? lol man crush of the night????
  19. Well, Drysdale....welcome to the Ducks....you got no coverage from NBC. get used to it..... *eye roll*
  20. wow....Im sorry....that's ridiculous....jesus fraking christ nbc
  21. haha I was noticing the exact same thing
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