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  1. Same here. I am pretty sure at any point in a players scouting report that needs a qualifier of "that can be coached" "that can be developed" "that can improve with proper training" we have to assume whatever that skill is will NOT be met. Unless the player is considered a self-motivator and a already having a hard working ethic. Getzlaf DID improve his face-offs. And he did (while still not great) improve his skating. Didn't Bobby Ryan put on a bunch of muscle when that was a criticism but it was the wrong kind of muscle? Ugh. I still like (while I know it can't be a reality for many reasons) blowing up our prospect pool to try and put together a bad-ass essentially all-star team lol
  2. I think it's unlikely Rossi will be...I do think the Wings take him. I would also pick Rossi over Drysdale no question. It's really looking like the Sens wants Askarov...they are even saying they'd consider trading the 5th pick...makes me think they know he's not the guy to go for at 5, but they probably will if they don't trade away that 5. Thing is, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Devils take him at 7. Or Sabres at 8. Exactly. This is why we need to take a forward now. ....unless we make a Laine trade.........then I'd feel better about getting Drysdale haha
  3. Man, and I thought I was just making a fun joke bringing that up a week or 2 ago lol So, if Ottawa does that....do we take Drysdale over the other great forwards? Drysdale will be great, I'm sure. And arguably will be the BPA if Ottawa takes Askarov. But we REAAALLLY need a goal scoring forward...just like Ottawa REEAAALLLY needs a goalie in the system.
  4. Apparently Rossi models his game off of Datsyuk..... I'd be shocked if he's available for us........ at this point I think it goes... Rangers - Lafreniere, Kings - Stutzle, Sens - Byfield, Wings - Rossi, Sens - Drysdale... (or flip the Wings/Sens 5th) Ducks - Holtz/Raymond/Perfetti/Sanderson ...maybe the Sens take Sanderson for his size??
  5. The biggest issue is the NBC coverage of the Olympics starting end of July. So the entire season and playoffs would need to be finished by then -- with starting somewhere between January - March...to get 82 games AND a playoffs by end of July is gonna be really really TIGHT. I think we're looking at more like 60
  6. Manson + 36th for Toronto's 15th + Nylander? haha yeah, I thought that might be an overpay for the 15th. I do wonder if we'd use Manson to get higher in the draft though...
  7. haha, i was surprised they didn't pipe that in....seemed like a real missed opportunity But congrats Tampa! From historic upset to Stanley Cup Champions...it's a great story! Stamkos being in one shift...Hedman and Point playing insane... And of course...Dallas just forgetting that you need to shoot the puck if you want to score... Tampa was a beast though. And absolutely deserves it!! I found it really interesting that Bowness was hugging each player on Tampa...he truly looks like he has a real strong relationship with his players....but then it was like the coldest most brushed off hand shake to Cooper...probably had a better hand shake at the benches, but it was just a weird thing to see after he had such intense hugs with the players. I'm sad hockey is over though and I find it really selfish of Tampa to not let there be a Game 7 on my birthday....I wont forgive them for that haha
  8. I don't want to hear any hockey player ever complain about the fans shouting "shoooot" any more....this is what happens when you don't. I think Dallas has forgotten what to do....
  9. They just keep passing........Tampa gets all of their sticks in the way 'cause Dallas just keeps passing and not shooting...so much possession...about the same as Tampa actually....hardly any shots or even shot attempts...
  10. Dallas....the dump and chase....without the chase lol
  11. Go Stars!! Drag this out till Wednesday!!
  12. I want to talk Perry a little more haha I've always felt that for us Perry was the X-factor. Every series we seemed to live or die per Perry's production. If he was producing; we won the series. If he wasn't; we lost. His role is definitely different in Dallas -- and obviously he has hardly produced for them so he's not the x-factor, but he is definitely having an impact in regards to physical presence and penalties haha but net-front presence, too. On the ice for a lot of big goals, even if not getting a point out of it. Now he has 3 goals in 2 games. And the first one was a bit of a messy goal, but he went to the front of the net. But what was so nice to see last night was that these 2 goals were more of the finesse side of Perry. While not "pretty" -- it was the Perry skill we've seen so much. Skating into a hole and catching the puck, shooting it under the arm, top corner! And his patience and lack of over-reacting or choking on that OT goal. That's experience right there. He's got such killer instincts (those don't go away even when the legs/hands do). And that passion and drive. He's wearing the wrong uniform, but it's still great to see he still has it in him. Anyway, just wanted to have a Perry appreciation post
  13. PERRRY!!!! twice!! coming up clutch!! Ugh, just so nice to see....honestly, this is the first time we've got to see what a finals perry is like when he's not still figuring out his game...he's figuring out his game in a different way haha but nice to see him producing!
  14. Yeah Perry should have just had the penalty...there was no embellishment...I don't think his teammates would have been upset...it was either that or let Point go in for an odd-man rush lol But, man, I don't have faith in Dallas right now...I can't watch the game tonight...first game I've missed in a loooooong time...I hope they don't win it tonight lol
  15. Dallas just looks so bad. Not moving their feet. Not connecting. Can't clear pucks. Bull shiiit call, but still...you gotta kill that penalty...obviously lol....ugh...Stamkos will be in tomorrow and it's gonna take a lot to force a game 6.... and the Stars look exhausted.
  16. It's just...wow...so Dallas is NOT in sync...so much standing around looking, not sure what to do, passes going to places where players just vacated...passes not connecting at all... You know how like when at work or something...and there's someone who gets promoted or put in a position they aren't at all trained for, even if they think so...and for the most part they kinda survive, do a good enough job, making it...and you're feeling pretty proud of them!...but that's only 'cause it's a fairly easy time, nothing too stressful, not crunch time, or the rush or whatever... And then it does become a tough time or stressful time or crunch time or rush or whatever...and they basically completely fall apart and all their flaws just come out to really hurt them....and you're like "oh yeah, yeah, that makes sense." That's Dallas right now lol
  17. PEERRRRRRY!!!!!!!! Also....his son....wow....not sure why but what a weird phrase to hear "Corey Perry's son" ...like an old friend you've known since junior high having a kid...lol anyway....his son...so cute!!
  18. Man, Dallas is looking so bad. Heiskanen has had a pretty bad series so far. Lots of turn overs, bad decisions. The kid is 20. It's understandable. They're rookie mistakes.
  19. Yeeeeeeeeeep. Same. for a while now. Honestly I feel like any player's scouting report that has some sort of qualifier of "that can be coached" we should just assume WON'T be coached or fixed in our system. If we get Raymond. Assume he'll never go to the front of the net like we want him to, not consistently, or affectively. I haven't looked too much on down sides of players, but if Holtz downside is he's one-dimensional...I understand that concern if his shot doesn't pan out. But if he's a hard working player, I have higher faith in him in our system than a player that needs to learn work ethic (not saying there's a specific player here, just in general). I just don't trust our coaches. Any of them right now. (speaking of which, Toronto just hired Paul MacLean as an assistant...just...what?! He was available??? Ugh....we need new assistants.....)
  20. Haha if I'm Ottawa I'm looking for a way to trade up into the middle of round 1 to get Askarov...man, they get a F, D, and G in the first round THIS year...4 years from now we'd be seeing an Ottawa team contending for a cup.
  21. Oh yeah, reading that great post from Spencer I felt more excited about Holtz than Drysdale, Sanderson, Raymond, or Perfetti or Quinn (the players likely who we will be picking from). But I'm excited for any of them! But man, does Ottawa go after Askarov? That would be crazy... Also who do we go for at 27 and 36? More defense? Offense? I would think maybe another F and a D....I do like Jake Neighbors but I don't know much about the others around that area.
  22. I actually was at one of those games haha...the Minnesota game...I remember he played and it was the first game we won of that season! I had no idea who he was...and then was like "ohhh i like him!" There are good stories on both sides of this series...Stamkos playing 2 minutes and getting a goal...almost the game winning goal...and then not playing another shift...fascinating to see how that plays. I'm guessing he sits for Game 4 and is back "in" for Game 5....especially if they win Game 4 lol
  23. haha yeeep. ugh it looked like a fire drill for most of that period... If Dallas can have a good 3rd period, even if not winning, that could go a long way going into game 4
  24. Bpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp...yeah, Tampa is looking damn good haha the good news is this gives the Sharks the 31st pick and not the 30th!
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