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  1. If nobody on the board hates you, then you are not doing a very good job of expressing your opinion. 😁 BTW does anybody have a link for the USA v Russia game? I speak neither Czech nor Russian and thus far those are the only links I am finding.
  2. I posted this about 2 months ago in the midst of the 7 game losing streak. When things are going bad, teams will either fire the coach or trade a popular player in the locker room in order to get the team's attention. The Ducks chose to make the trade and keep the coach for the time being.
  3. Lol I was actually answering, in the shortest way possible, the OP's question of whether or not Kesler was healthy. Not disagreeing with you.
  4. Getting harder to root against the Kings these days. You don't want them winning but then again, you also don't want anywhere near a chance at drafting Hughes. What to do...what to do. I think missing the playoffs by 1 point would be the ultimate end result IMO.
  5. Lol good job fighting the good fight, Zman. DB is a jackass. I recall hearing him a few weeks ago saying he thought the Pacific would be The Sharks, Flames and Kings. Now, I don't mind that he left out the Ducks cuz I do not have a strong feeling on them this year, but The Kings? Isn't this the same team that got swept last year? Is Kovalchuk really going to be the piece that gets them over the top? C'mon!
  6. What do you expect from the team that rewarded Peter Budaj and Darcy Kuemper with a one way ticket out of town after filling in admirably for the oft injured Jonathon Quick. If I were Jack Campbell, I wouldn't be home shopping quite yet.
  7. Kings just fired John Stevens. Didn't they win last night? Uhhh John, if you are not too busy, there is a team down the road who could use you right about now.
  8. Jack Campbell appears to be the real deal. If I were J Quick, I'd be healing as quickly as possible. Then again, When Quick does come back, the Kings will probably move Campbell to another team because that's just what the Kings do.
  9. 1-8 in last 9 games. Lol Kopi just said that's how playoff games are......all close. Uhhhhhhh I beg to differ.
  10. It's not just overreaction to being down in the playoffs either. They have been calling for him to be fired for most of this year. I just don't get it.
  11. Lol King's fans want him fired yesterday or sooner. I'd take John Stevens in a New York City minute.
  12. Yeah, because Carlyle would either healthy scratch him or have him on the 4th line playing 4 minutes a night.
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