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  1. Do you guys think EVPIHCGMBM is a seller at the trade deadline? If so, who do you think goes? Not a whole lot of easily moved pieces and the guy I figured would be moved, Cogs, is long gone. Speaking of which, I have not had much time to look in on Star's games. How's Andrew looking?
  2. Uhhhhhhh Errrrrrr Is this a trick question?
  3. I have a feeling that after tonight's game, IHCGMBM will promote one of the assistant coaches to take the reigns for the rest of the season. It won't take him long to realize while standing there amongst the snot rockets and puddles of spit on the floor of the bench that life was much better (and def less gross) in the confines of his cozy luxury suite.
  4. So wait...is HCGMBM on the ice running practice in a sweatsuit and baseball cap? Pics please. Is anybody but me thinking how weird it is going to be for the players having BM behind the bench tapping the fellas on the shoulder? Must see TV.
  5. Not seeing much of a future in sports prognostications in your immediate future.
  6. The good news. Ducks haven't lost a game in 7 days.
  7. Leafs overpaid. Los Angeles gets forward Carl Grundstrom and the rights to unsigned defenseman Sean Durzi in the deal, along with a first-round pick in 2019.
  8. wataduk


    LMFAO Well played, Nieder.
  9. Either today is an Irish holiday I was unaware of or BM has a nasty cold and is hitting the Vicks Nyquil hard.
  10. wataduk


    Oh that is good. If he played in St Louis, he would be the Blues Kloos.
  11. wataduk


    I think Henry Samueli, out of frustration, told Bob Murray that he had no clue. Bm fixed that in 1 phone call to Minnesota.
  12. wataduk


    Lose for Kloos. Right idea......wrong player.
  13. wataduk


    Yeah, good thing that slacker is out of the lineup. You could see the instant positive results of having that cherry picker sit in the press box, munching popcorn while his teammates went out and showed him how it's done. Dude is probably sitting up there thinking......."Lol. I can't play on this team?" On a serious note......I think I am ready to get on the fire Carlyle train. He has clearly lost the team and benching your leading goal scorer when your team is badly struggling to score goals is truly pathetic. I could see sitting Aberg for a game to send a message but 4 straight games?
  14. I posted this about 2 months ago in the midst of the 7 game losing streak. When things are going bad, teams will either fire the coach or trade a popular player in the locker room in order to get the team's attention. The Ducks chose to make the trade and keep the coach for the time being.
  15. Lol I was actually answering, in the shortest way possible, the OP's question of whether or not Kesler was healthy. Not disagreeing with you.
  16. Perry is not going to save this team anyway. Badly in need of a 2nd line center and a pillar on defense.....among other things. We had Perry last year as I recall and this year's version will be out of game condition, another year older, recovering from major knee surgery Perry. Does anyone else here wish Gibson would skip the All Star game? Makes me nervous. Perhaps a mystery lower body injury will occur in the game prior to the break.
  17. Getting harder to root against the Kings these days. You don't want them winning but then again, you also don't want anywhere near a chance at drafting Hughes. What to do...what to do. I think missing the playoffs by 1 point would be the ultimate end result IMO.
  18. Korbi just earned a new follower.
  19. Reaves semi-late hit on Tom Wilson last night was a thing of beauty. Online right now looking for a Reaves jersey.
  20. Lol I don't hate Tkachuk. Matter of fact, I love watching him play (not quite as much when he plays the Ducks). I guess that's a direct result of defending players like Perry and Kesler for the last so many years. Oh man, if I was coaching the Ducks, I would throw out a line with the three of them. How fun would that be?
  21. Thoughts on the Josh Morrissey WWE move on TJ Oshie? DOPS just handed down a fine and no suspension on Josh. SMH Cogs would have got 20 games minimum for that non-hockey style play.
  22. wataduk

    Cogs status

    Cynical but not unwarranted. I certainly think that a guy with ZERO previous history of dirty play, and no serious injury incurred by Kempe, should have put Cogs in consideration for a monetary fine only.
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