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  1. What's your budget? Kids? Take a 25 mile drive to The South Bay and spend a day at the Terrenea Resort in Palos Verdes. Bring your golf clubs (very cool par 3 course) if you have them or just spend the day on the grounds. Incredible views, pools and dining. Not cheap but not overly expensive if you play it right. Contact me if you plan to go. I can help you out with some tips. https://www.destinationhotels.com/terranea The Ducks should be in the new facility by then so a possibility would be to take in a practice. Even if you decide to skip the practice, I would head over regardless just to check out the place. It is supposed to be incredible.
  2. Marchand goes full moron on Lars Eller and gets not so much as a review? Someone really needs to teach that rat some manners. Teach him with................extreme prejudice.
  3. Newsflash: Auston Matthews kinda likes opening nights
  4. IMO it was not a matter of if but a matter of when. Unfortunately, it came much sooner than I had hoped. Although ahead of his time in terms of speed and skill, I remember feeling the same way about Pavel Bure back in the day.
  5. Giving you a like just for using the word "hogwash" in a post.
  6. http://www.myfeed4u.com/watch/2709386/1/Anaheim-Ducks-vs-San-Jose-Sharks.html
  7. I more or less agree with you but I just can't help but root for the local So Cal kids.
  8. Your toilet habits or the fact that much of the west has improved significantly while the Ducks have basically stood pat?
  9. Oh, phew....that. I thought you were going to say it was something serious like, they were raising the beer prices at the Honda Center Coulda done without the graphic detail of your locale when you got the news.
  10. Lol Mystery solved. I now know the answer. I think I'll just continue down the I-15 on my merry way to LV and Zzyxx Road will have to remain the road not taken for wataduk. Thanks
  11. Meh, most on this board never noticed your geographical oopsie. I'm still trying to figure out where Zzyxx Road leads to and if I should ever get off the highway on the way to Vegas to find out.
  12. WOW! Holy double Norris, Batman!
  13. That would be a metaphoric table, right?
  14. Hard, if not impossible to disagree with that.
  15. Good for him, I hope he makes the team. He'd definitely add some quicks to the aging King squad.
  16. I should clarify. Not sure if it was understood but I meant we waited by the player's enter/exit door going into the Honda Center adjacent the player parking lot. When I re-read the post, it kinda sounded like we were going after the players in their cars as they were driving into and out of the parking lot. Anyway, hope that helps.
  17. They practice at either The Rinks Anaheim Ice (open to the public) or Honda Center (usually not open to the public). My guess is if you contact public relations and let them know you are flying out from Sweden or hit up any of the Twitter accounts of the Swedes on the team and let them know you are flying out here to watch them play, they may be able to pull some strings to get you into a closed practice at HC. You might even try color commentator, Dan Wood or beat writer, Kyle Shohara. Both are extremely engaging with the fans on their Twitter accounts. One thing I like about the L A Kings (believe me, there is not many), is their practices are almost always open to the public as are the practices of the visiting teams that are in town. Hopefully when the Ducks open the new training facility, the team will use it for a majority of their practices and they are open to the public. As far as pictures and autographs, I know we used to wait by the entrance/exit to the player parking lot at Honda Center before and after games and had pretty good luck there. Never tried it for a practice so perhaps someone on the message board has better insight into that. How long are you staying? I'm sure you will have an absolute blast in So Cal. Link below for The Rinks Anaheim Ice. http://anaheimice.therinks.com/
  18. Okay, there is an awful lot to chew on here but cutting to the chase, lets just say, "the Ducks 4th line is not equal to the Chark 4th line." Then again, how would I know....we hardly ever saw our 4th line on the ice to make that determination but I'll bet our 4th line was not as good as the Chark 4th line. Actually, if you think about it, that Chark 4th line killed us in the playoffs last year and one might even say that they were one of the big differences in the series. So I'm gonna say Duck's 4th line <<<< Chark 4th line Undisciplined defense was another difference in playoffs 2018 but that's another story for another day. I'm guessing it has already been pointed out that Marleau is no longer on the team but in case you hadn't heard it.......Marleau is no longer in San Jose. Also you forgot one very important comparison. Carlyle <<<<<<< DeBoer Look, the Ducks are not necessarily a slow team, but they do however, play that slow, grinding, dump it in style (ahem....cough... Carlyle) that gives the impression that they are slow. Notwithstanding Perry ( who probably couldn't win a race against himself) and possibly Ritchie (who I don't feel skates too bad for a man his size) the Ducks have decent team speed. In games last year and in previous years when they are rolling four lines and pressing the pace, they have been able to keep up with pretty much whoever they were playing and in fact, dictated the pace on some nights. How many times did you watch them play last year and say...... "dang, they are on fire tonight!" Why they don't play like that more often.....only Randy knows for sure, but I'm guessing, in his mind, this particular squad needs to manufacture a goal or 2 and hang on for dear life in order to compete. All in all a very good post, Gorby and I'm glad to see something like that to ponder in this seemingly endless, loooonnnnnnnggggggggggg off season. I just heard on NHL radio that it is 7 weeks til puck drop on the new season. Aaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh.........that's too long. Okay, back to my cave. Is it October yet?
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the cap move according to revenue? Revenue was up over 8% last year (thank you LV), thus the biggest cap bump in 5 years (4.5 mil). I see your point though about the Golden Goose (expansion) creating a need for a re-set down the road.
  20. Kinda sad story of the recent arrest of actor and former MD goalie, Goldberg. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/08/06/mighty-ducks-star-shaun-weiss-arrested-for-public-intoxication.html Okay you three, I know he is not a real "former Duck," I just didn't know where else to stick the post.
  21. You mean the salary cap or your next comedy album?
  22. Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either unless Bob knows something about the future of the salary cap that we don't. Maybe 6 mil for a #1 goalie is a steal in 4 years. Who knows the mind and thoughts of one, "Robert Murray?"
  23. Seeing that Kari Lehtonen was a nearly $6 million cap hit for the Stars for the past 5 years kinda makes me feel that Gibson's contract is an absolute steal. Just for the sake of conversation but kind of interesting that Freddy Andersen is signed for 3 more years at $5 mil a season in Toronto. Wasn't he once in our organization? I realize Gibby is younger but I'm just throwing some raw meat into the lion's den.
  24. Here's what you do. Subscribe to cable TV and make sure your provider carries Prime Ticket and FSW. You will see Gibson steal about 15 games a season. You kidding me? How many games did he stand on his head last year and make over 40 saves a game while the team in front of him looked like their heads and bodies were in Lala Land? I actually felt sorry for the guy last year. Refresh my memory......how many times was Gibby the #1 star last season?
  25. JS was known to have worn some rather large pads at certain points in his career.
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