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  1. JS Giguere would have definitely not been happy.
  2. I seriously believe that Ryan Getzlaf will be hoisting a Cup this season....................The Fedorin cup.
  3. Haven't seen it posted here but just wanted to say congrats to Jerome Iginla on his official retirement from the NHL. Class act all the way and one of my all time favorite players. Still with all that Iggy accomplished in his career, he will always be remembered, in my mind, for his fight with Francois Beauchemin in the 06 playoffs. EPIC! Round 2 was not quite as good for Beauch but a good tilt nonetheless. Iginla definitely has a future in the broadcast booth if he so chooses based on past interviews and his recent sincere, often comedic retirement presser. For those who have not seen it.......posted below.
  4. Darn, I was hoping for an argument. What is this board coming to?
  5. And I agree with you. The point of my post was that there was a team on the ice here in Anaheim for about 4-5 years that was quite capable of winning a Cup but came up short. Thus the disappointment from some fans. Look at the recent Stanley Cup winners from DC. They were thought to be, if not Cup favorites, then certainly 2nd choice by many pundits for a number of years. As soon as they are an afterthought to come put of the east, they win it all! So who knows?
  6. I don't think it is 24/7...probably more like 21/5 but I get your point. The thing you might be missing is the fact that it was not the fans that created these expectations but management who told us there was a very realistic Cup window that was wide open for about 5 years. Bob Murray stood in front of me and told us that at countless SSH meetings over the past years. They (management) reinforced that thought by obtaining pieces AND the piece that many thought would get the team over the top when they went out and obtained Ryan Kesler after the loss to LA in the 2nd round. It also doesn't help having the press/media select the Ducks as one of the favorites to win it all for about 4 seasons straight only for the team to come up short of that particular goal. So yes, I agree, the 100 points is great, and it certainly beats being a Carolina Hurricanes fan but it does not exceed what is expected of the boys based on the squad management has assembled. Someday those Pacific banners might look really nice hanging from the rafters but at the moment, IMO, they simply stand as reminders of many opportunities lost. Like I said....someday, that will probably change but not quite yet. Too soon. Ryan Getzlaf is a generational talent with freakish skill and I am quite sure that many, including myself feel it would be a waste for him not to lead this organization to the Promised Land. Unfortunately, it is beginning to appear that that might well be the case. That is frustrating to me. Yes, he won a Cup but that was definitely not his team and just not the same as if he were to lead the Ducks to a championship under his captaincy. I am pretty sure Ryan would tell you the same thing. For the record, I don't consider myself a whiner but am always hopeful my favorite team can make that leap and bring home the grand prize. After all, isn't that what being a sports fan is all about......hope?
  7. So, just off the top of my head.....that would be former Kings, Corvo, Palffy, and Voynov, in trouble for domestic abuse. Then you have Jarret Stoll with his drug arrest and other assorted issues. Is being a douche a requirement to play for L A?
  8. Exactly! Arbitration hearings are never fun for either side but it is part of the business side of the game. On the one hand, you have the player and his agent telling the team why he deserves $XYZ. Then on the other hand you have the team telling you why you don't deserve $XYZ and your stats and upside/potential are more deserving of $QRS. It's a delicate balance of letting the player know you want him while carefully informing him what areas of his game need improvement. Fortunately that is not quite as hard with a young kid like Monty as it would be with an established vet but a challenge nonetheless. Anyway, glad it all worked out and hopefully both parties are happy.
  9. wataduk

    ECHL Team

    Perhaps that 2500 seat rink at the new facility will have a new tenant? I honestly cannot think of any other reason why they would need a 2500 seat arena unless they were planning on having a team or events that could fill those seats.
  10. Haha Adam posted a picture on Twitter of himself as a little lad wearing a Mighty Ducks lid. Not exactly Tavares-esque, who showed off a picture of his bedroom as a kid with the Maple Leaf bed sheets, but pretty cool anyway.
  11. Without #2 in the lineup this season, that number should be closer to 2-3 times.
  12. JS Giguere has to be next. Probably didn't want to put 3 players in the rafters in the same year.
  13. Oh, I agree with you. Just saying it's the same old story with this group. The mighty quest for more offense and that ever allusive scoring left wing.
  14. Hmmmmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, last year.....and the year before that.......and the year before that.....and.........
  15. Can't say the same for the King fans. They were ready to pay for his ticket out of town. From your link: The Kings and Flyers were also susceptible to being scored on when Schenn was on the ice to the tune of his 2.42 on-ice GA60 in 72 total regular season games; no other regular Kings defenseman posted a GA60 above Jake Muzzin’s 2.04. Like the aforementioned Regehr, Schenn has never been a real play-driver in his career, and even though he posted a career-high 53.2 raw 5×5 Corsi-for, his possession rate relative to his teammates was still a -4.7% while in Los Angeles. (To be fair, he logs reliably regular shifts in his own defensive zone.) Though he appeared to seamlessly fit into the Kings’ room, the numbers depict a somewhat disproportionate number of shot attempts and goals against when Schenn was on the ice. Your point is well taken though, just not what I was hoping for in terms of a badly needed depth D man. He is however, a small step above a Bieksa and gives us some grit on the blue line that "Casual Kev" provided. So in essence, he is a better version of Bieksa for less money. He may grow on me....we'll see.
  16. I saw what you did there. Well played.
  17. Lol the same Luke Schenn who wasn't good enough to stick on a thin L A Kings blue line? That Luke Schenn?
  18. That is their problem. Should have moved him last year for pieces when they were not able to extend him. How do you just allow a player like that to walk and get nothing in return? SMH
  19. Congrats to Chris Wagner signing with The Bruins. I think he will fit in much better there than he did with the Isles.
  20. Good plan going after a player whose very name mimics our offensive strategy. Chase De Puck. I see ya workin, Bobby.
  21. Not me. I expect nothing and Bob rarely disappoints.
  22. LMAO I remember that well. You could see Ondrej's expression go from complete jubilation to WTF in like 0.2 seconds as JPL went on for about 30 seconds with her question. Kase had that look that the little girl in the back seat of the Lexus RX gets when the mom turns around and asks if she was excited for her new baby sister.
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