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  1. Link to Sam Steel and the Regina Pats in the Memorial Cup. Live right now. http://www.hockeydabeast413.xyz/memorialcup2018.html
  2. Well, it was a nice run. Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning on their Stanley Cup victory. Ok, time to shift into draft mode.
  3. Uh oh, England touched the Campbell Bowl.
  4. Of course not. Not with the current management regime in place.
  5. Nice. Are you going to get the bbq glove or the shot glasses? In all seriousness, 311 is probably the best view in the arena. That and row A in the 400's. A bit pricey for moi in terms of season tickets but have had the opportunity to sit there on a number of occasions and loved it every time.
  6. I don't know......It's now a 2 out of 3 and the Caps have road ice advantage.
  7. That is a tad pessimistic. You get a collectible pin too. Oh and you get points which can be redeemed for cool prizes. I used the points I collected over the course of 3 years to get a Duck's bbq glove. It's really cool and it only cost me $14,000.
  8. Yeah, we all took great joy in correcting him when he said he has tried 7 times to make it to the Cup. The whole room here, almost in unison yelled EIGHT!!!!
  9. Can we finally put to bed this silly notion that a loud crowd makes the difference between winning and losing. Winny won in Nash and Nash won in Winny. It makes for a fun atmosphere but in the end doesn't mean squadoosh.
  10. Dream on. There are 2 things in life that we can all be sure of. No, not those two. I have 2 that are even more certain. 1) Randy Carlyle wasting offensive talent in a shutdown role and agonizing over making sure that line is matched up properly. 2) Randy Carlyle not playing his 4th line more than 5 minutes a night. On a side note......what happened to the Ducks young defensive depth that was supposed to run the league for the next 8-10 years? Simon Despres was a great fit for the team....gone Sami Vatanen traded for a much needed center due to injuries. Shea Theodore lost to the expansion draft. Justin Schultz
  11. At this point it is pretty much an "ABPP situation." Anyone But Penguins or Predators.
  12. Ahhhh ok, I see your point. Yeah, I agree, it is frustrating from a Duck fan stand point. As I said in another post however, we looked slow vs San Jose....can you imagine if this year's version of the Ducks had gone against Vegas in the playoffs? Shudder. We could have been the only team in history to have been swept twice in the same playoff year.
  13. So, tell the truth....did you pick them to be in the conference finals at the beginning of the year? Truthfully, I took the over of 72 points (the Las Vegas gambling line) for the season and made a few $$ in the process. I never thought at the beginning of the year however, that they would win the division and knock off two pretty good teams in the playoffs. It just seemed plausible that with the "chip on shoulder" mentality, they could be somewhat competitive. Sure they got some pretty good players but did anyone think that Neal and Perron were going to be Knights after the trade deadline? Did anyone think Fleury would turn back the clock 10 years and become a Conn Smythe candidate? Did you predict Karlsson would have over 40 goals? And of course you figured Luca Sbisa would be playing big minutes in the playoffs. Luca Sbisa for crying out loud! If so, please let me know of any future predictions because I am going to Vegas next week for the conference finals and would love to plunk down some wagers based on your prognosis. I do agree with you though. They are fun to watch. The video of that 3rd period last night should be saved and shown to every team in the league as to how to shut down a team when you have a lead. It was pure poetry in motion.
  14. So, do the Charks need to get faster in the offseason too? They made the Ducks seem like slugs in the 1st round. Moving forward, if Las Vegas is the benchwater mark for what NHL teams need to become in order to succeed, then a lot of teams are going to be in some serious trouble. That 3rd period was an absolute clinic by The Knights.
  15. I do not believe that the intent of Hoxxey's post was to claim the licking think in and of itself is a reason for the sport's overall poor TV ratings and popularity. It was more of a claim stating that the prevailing backwards, slow to change and adapt policies the league has demonstrated over the years, serves to keep it in the rut it is in in terms of popularity in comparison to the 3 major sports.
  16. Does Brad have kids? Because if he does....it would be quite true for his kid to say to another kid...."my pop can lick your pop."
  17. And these guys said the Ducks were a dirty team? Pot meet kettle.
  18. Okay, that girl with the green top in the stands at the Vegas blue line is really starting to get annoying.
  19. It took the league about 2 days to put a stop to Sean Avery for facing and screening Martin Brodeur in the crease a few years back. I think they call it "The Avery Rule."God forbid somebody stare at a goalie but go right ahead and put your saliva all over another man's face and it is no problem. SMH
  20. Another reason this sport is considered a joke by many sport's fans. It would take the NBA, MLB, NFL....heck even the MSL, about 5 minutes to put a stop to this ridiculous behavior. But in the hockey world, the talking heads seem to think it's funny. I don't think Callahan or any of the other lickees find it very funny.
  21. Wilson sure seems to be playing on the edge. How many accidental/on purpose head shots is that now for him this post season? Side note: I just realized that every one of the 8 remaining teams has at least 1 former Duck on their roster.
  22. Wild Bill with the winner!
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