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  1. If nobody on the board hates you, then you are not doing a very good job of expressing your opinion. 😁 BTW does anybody have a link for the USA v Russia game? I speak neither Czech nor Russian and thus far those are the only links I am finding.
  2. Drop Sling and find another streaming service. Also, if you know someone with cable and only care about certain channels, you could possibly work out a deal with them and get the apps for those channels. If you choose to find another stream service...use this link to decide which one works best for you. https://thestreamable.com/matchmaker
  3. No, it's not rigged. It is however, a strange coincidence that both of the largest TV revenue markets got a nice boost in draft position. There are representatives from each team in the room for the ping pong ball festivities. Henry Samueli was our rep this year. What I don't get is...if they already know the order...do the team GM's and executives on stage for the card flipping already know the results as well? Or, are the ping pong ball team reps sworn to secrecy?
  4. Boy, I remember that Getzlaf/Perry draft like it was yesterday. Driving in my car and Lee Hacksaw Hamilton came on the Mighty 690 radio station gushing about those 2 guys. You are absolutely right though...outside of the first 2-3 selections, you need great scouting mixed with good luck.
  5. Which is probably why they hired him in the first place. Toffolli said the practices were pathetic. Kovalchuk, their third leading scorer, was a frequent healthy scratch. Doughty said he couldn't wait for the season to be over. Doesn't exactly sound like a team giving their all.
  6. I think if I read somewhere that if the Ducks had lost 2 more games, they would have picked 2nd. Had they won 2 more games, they would have picked 3rd. Of course nobody knows this in advance but interesting nonetheless. Interesting to look at the 9th selections going back 10-15 years. Even more interesting looking at the players left on the table and selected below the 9th pick. Most notable was in 2010 when Tarasenko went 16 and Kuznetsov went 26, just 3 picks ahead of the Ducks pick at 29, Emerson Etem. Can you imagine Kuznetsov, The Birdman, with the Ducks? That would have been pretty cool. So do your homework, boysss. Pick us a winner.
  7. They got what they deserved after an obvious tank job. No way were they the second worst team in the league.
  8. Not having the Rangers and Blackhawks in the playoffs is indeed a big loss for the league in terms of TV ratings. Hate to disagree with you but generational players in this year's draft will go a long way towards ensuring at least one of the two gets back in the dance sooner rather than later.
  9. His prefer team was ABNJ...Anywhere but New Jersey.
  10. Lol that look and forced smile on Jack's mug was priceless.
  11. Lol yeah, let's go with "slimy."
  12. Jack was being interviewed? Huh, that must have been who Kathryn was talking to. I couldn't see anything else on the screen TBH.
  13. Didn't suck at all. Kings dropping 3 spots after an obvious tank job was better than a box of salted caramels.
  14. Huh Chicago and NYR end up in the top 3. Shocking. Anyone else think it strange that we never get to see the actual selection process? Oh yeah....almost forgot...suck it Kings!
  15. Jack looked thrilled there when NJ was awarded the top pick. Oh and.......suck it Kings!
  16. Do you guys think EVPIHCGMBM is a seller at the trade deadline? If so, who do you think goes? Not a whole lot of easily moved pieces and the guy I figured would be moved, Cogs, is long gone. Speaking of which, I have not had much time to look in on Star's games. How's Andrew looking?
  17. Uhhhhhhh Errrrrrr Is this a trick question?
  18. I have a feeling that after tonight's game, IHCGMBM will promote one of the assistant coaches to take the reigns for the rest of the season. It won't take him long to realize while standing there amongst the snot rockets and puddles of spit on the floor of the bench that life was much better (and def less gross) in the confines of his cozy luxury suite.
  19. So wait...is HCGMBM on the ice running practice in a sweatsuit and baseball cap? Pics please. Is anybody but me thinking how weird it is going to be for the players having BM behind the bench tapping the fellas on the shoulder? Must see TV.
  20. Not seeing much of a future in sports prognostications in your immediate future.
  21. The good news. Ducks haven't lost a game in 7 days.
  22. Leafs overpaid. Los Angeles gets forward Carl Grundstrom and the rights to unsigned defenseman Sean Durzi in the deal, along with a first-round pick in 2019.
  23. wataduk


    LMFAO Well played, Nieder.
  24. Either today is an Irish holiday I was unaware of or BM has a nasty cold and is hitting the Vicks Nyquil hard.
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