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  1. I don't care....the slacker should have played in 64 games! Schedule be damned. If you want to win, you can't let a little thing like the the team only played in 62 games get in your way for success.
  2. So playing on the Duck's 4th line he'll get 4 minutes a night to utilize that skill.
  3. 35? I wish he was 35....try 37. Has anyone else noticed that we are a tad long in the tooth at the center position?
  4. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of getting Kane as a rental if he can be brought in without sacrificing much from the prospect/draft pick cupboard. The guy has talent and is playing for a contract so would no doubt bust his butt for 2 months in order to get a nice payday.
  5. Probably has goodwill left over from the Knights nabbing Fleury.
  6. Our power play is atrocious so why not just try to sign Jagr as a PP specialist and call it a day?
  7. Power play with 2 minutes left........why did Germany not just keep it on the perimeter and run the clock down until OAR pulled the goalie?
  8. This is all well and good and it happened to the Kings so no big deal but the NHL situation room and player safety is a complete joke. I thought the idea of reviews was to get it right. Well, from where I sit....mission unaccomplished.
  9. I have procured from sources the actual transmission from Toronto to the Kings after that review.
  10. Soooooo literally shoving Gibson and puck into the net last year in a shootout is a good goal but Brown nudges the pad of Talbot and goal disallowed. I just got one question......what kind of dope are they smoking in that situation room in Toronto and where can I get some?
  11. I would listen to offers for anyone not wearing #4,47,15 or 67.
  12. I honestly do not use that as a nickname for Mr Gibson but merely did so in that particular post as an attempt at humor but you do have to admit the guy gets hurt on a fairly regular basis through his short NHL career. Management is fully aware of the same which is why signing a veteran backup like Ryan Miller was so important for the organization. Yes Gibson seems to get hurt more than most goalies in the league, but the fact is, goalies just seem to get injured far more frequently than they did in past eras. My feeling on that is the butterfly style has contributed greatly to this. We recently saw Gibson in that extended shootout go to the 2 pad stack twice and while some may have thought that he was showing off, I felt is was more of a groin preservation move.
  13. He performed well for the Kings last year. Who knows if he is even in playing shape right now. I'd take a chance on him for cheap. Then again.....I'd take a shot with Jagr on the 4th line and as a power play specialist.
  14. If there are 3 teams tied in points for the final wildcard spot and 2 of the teams (A,B) have identical ROW at 35. The other team (C) has 34. Since the spot is not settled yet, would all 3 teams go to the next tie-breaker step or only the 2 teams (A,B) tied in ROW thus eliminating team C?
  15. It also temporarily wipes out that games in hand thingy with the Charks.
  16. Watching the college game between Univ Of Denver with Troy Terry vs St Cloud State. 1-1 with 3 mins left.
  17. Looks like a 3 pt game coming up in L.A.
  18. 4-1 Preds over Charks in the 3rd. Newsflash..........................Preds are stacked!
  19. Yogi Berra has been recalled from SD. Our paper tiger is out again apparently.
  20. Yeah, I thought losing Thornton would be a bit of a challenge for them but they seem to have hardly missed him at all. The Kings flat out scare me especially with the addition of Phaneuf. Getting Carter back in time for the playoff push is going to feel like a blockbuster deadline trade acquisition for them.
  21. I don't really mind the Charks beating the Blues. It leaves the Ducks only 1 pt behind the Blues for a wild card berth with both both teams having played the same amount of games. Blues are one of the few teams in contention for a playoff spot that do not have games in hand on the Ducks.
  22. That had to be the ultimate Jim Foxism of all time. "Its not like the Jets are controlling the pace but they are just playing at the pace that they like to play." Uhhhh Jim, I'm no genius but doesn't that sort of mean that the Jets are controlling the pace then?
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