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  1. I believe it was #99 who requested that trade to benefit his actress wife who wanted to be closer to So Cal and Hollywood. The trade also served another purpose and that was to help grow the game in the Sun Belt. Mission accomplished on both fronts.
  2. So is NBCSN an acronym for "Nothing But Chicago Sports Network?" I swear this game tonight vs Detroit is the 3rd time this week that they are being shown nationally.
  3. Giordano....remember him? The guy who didn't receive a hearing after taking out Cam Fowler last year because he was supposedly a clean player, has accidentally on purpose now caused damage to Sebastian Aho on a filthy hit. I don't often root for players to get hurt but I am hoping he leaves the game NOT under his own power the next time he faces The Ducks. POS
  4. Of course they did. The Sharks probably don't have the janitor doubling as the head of the creative dept. in his spare time and no doubt someone who....oh...I don't know....has perhaps taken at minimum, a junior college course in photoshop and adobe acrobat? Either that or the Chark hired a professional logo creator because that thing is beautiful. Hopefully the Ducks didn't have to pay much for that mess because I think that half the people on this board could have come up with something better.
  5. Checking calender Nope....it's not April 1st. Seriously.......Anaheim? Probably from the same creative geniuses who brought us the bright orange 3rd jerseys.
  6. Yes, I know the look of which you speak. Apparently the weather is not good over there in MI so you may have not have even been able to land and probably would have missed the game. That would have been the worst, not only getting the look and suffering the inevitable consequences, but then missing the game to boot. Anyway, the heavy snow gets the Wing fans off the hook for tonight but it has been pretty dismal all season long. Not good for a team with a brand new building.
  7. Watching a bit of Red Wings v Boston on MSNBC and man is it empty in the Detroit arena!
  8. Perry week to week. Not bad news.
  9. It goes to show just how good these guys are to even be considered NHL caliber athletes. It also shows you how important it is to SHOW UP on a nightly basis. We'll see if they can keep up this pace for an entire season (doubt it) but they have certainly done themselves proud up til now.
  10. This thing is so frakking rare that he might not even have a ton of information about it. PAGING DUCKSDOC.......PAGING DUCKSDOC!
  11. Been reading more about it. Holy crap that is going to be rough.
  12. Yeah, there's a story on the Duck's home page. Did some research and it looks like a rather long recovery. Wow....get well soon, Patrick
  13. I don't recall saying the Ducks were better than the Kings. I don't even think I mentioned the Ducks. Maybe there was another wataduk on the grassy knoll. I DID say that the Kings are quite possibly a paper tiger and this upcoming road trip might be a better indicator of just where they stand in the Pacific.
  14. As much as I hate to admit Milbury is ever correct about anything, he is more or less correct on this one. Kings got Buff when they were winless. SJ when they were winless. Mont. with only 1 win and on the 2nd game of a back to back. NYI who are average at best. Quality win vs Phil and an OT loss to CGY. All in all, too early to plan the parade but not a bad start although it might be slightly skewed by some weak opponents. This upcoming road trip should give a better indicator about what the silver and black is all about. My guess is that they return with 4 pts out of the 6 games.
  15. Ok, thanks. Guess I didn't look hard enough in the threads. Was looking forward to seeing him tonight on National TV.
  16. They are going to be a tough match-up for pretty much everybody.
  17. I could so see CP10 trying this.
  18. That's 2 for the Heel.....or Eel.
  19. The Real Heel - James Neal.
  20. Just watched the pre-game from Vegas........Goosebumps. Wow! No Shea Theodore in the player introductions. Guessing he is starting the year in the AHL?
  21. With the Ducks depleted lineup, Calgary has a pretty good shot at ending the winless streak in the Honda Center tomorrow night. If they can't take advantage of this situation, then this streak could possibly go on for another 10 years. Your move Flames.
  22. At the moment, Vegas sits alone in 1st place in the Pacific. Of course, the Kings will join them in about 5 minutes but just thought I'd toss that out there.
  23. Looks like I'll be watching the replay of the last 4 minutes of game 5 vs EDM a few thousand times to keep me smiling until some of these guys get back in the lineup.
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