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  1. Jets look like they are for real. Wish they would just stop the game right now. I started Kuemper on my fantasy team. Only 1 goal given up and a King's loss would be a win win for me.
  2. Moose, unfortunately, 2 games will not be enough for what is ailing him. He is basically, by his own admission, going to need the entire off season. I said it before in a different thread that I cringe at the thought of Kesler dragging his body through any type of extended playoff run.
  3. Any of you guys catch what happened in Chicago with Devante Smith Pelly? Sickening....completely sickening. http://www.startribune.com/black-nhl-player-devante-smith-pelly-taunted-by-chicago-fans/474409823/
  4. Lol hopefully the poor guy doesn't go all Ray Finkle after he retires. His mom will be saying "It's all that Letestu's fault. If he would have got that puck out of the zone like he was supposed to, Cam would have won that game."
  5. Doughty is a warrior. Would love him on the Ducks.
  6. Ritchie has had 25 consecutive bad games....what's your point?
  7. I don't care what else happens this year but could we please demote Ritchie and bring up Kevin Roy to play with Rico and Kase? How much fun to watch would that be? Watching this team right now reminds me of the old expression......Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  8. Having a quick player with the ability to dart in and out of holes, wasn't afraid to go to the net despite his size and the ability to control the puck while drawing the D to him on the power play does not seem to fit in with the Duck's plans. Seriously though, it was probably just a roster move due to some of the injured players coming back although I can think of more than 1 player whose place I would like to see him take right about now.
  9. That was kind of what I was leading to except you put it a bit more bluntly.
  10. A loss on Thursday to 0 for their last 7 Chicago, won't make me throw in the towel quite yet but I will certainly be reaching for it. Oh....almost forgot......GO TEAM USA ladies vs Canada tonight.
  11. Pretty sure GMBM was just frustrated and blowing off some steam after yet another road loss to a team that they should beat fairly easily. That attitude seems to be en vogue this year with similar outbursts coming from GM's from teams like the NY Rangers who are only 3 pts out of a playoff spot.
  12. Holzer last season really was not that bad as a 5-6 option. I think the problem this year is his lack of game appearances which cannot help a D man stay sharp enough to be considered reliable. Would definitely rather see him in the lineup as opposed to 2 fellows whose names I will not mention.
  13. I cannot imagine Kesler, with the physical game that he plays, going through the grind of a long grueling playoff run this year. That is one reason I am a tad pessimistic (but always hopeful ) about this season.
  14. Darn, there goes the value of my Gaborik in a Kings uni signed 8 x 10. Anybody want to buy it? Cheap.
  15. Nash is what Richie wants to be so you are not alone in your thinking.
  16. Lucic is completely useless. Good luck finding a team to take him and his albatross contract in a deadline trade.
  17. Un freaking believable. Obvious he led with the knee. Lol Quick with another fight tonight. Somebody needs to take that clown out.
  18. Hazy said last night that he thought it would take 95 points to grab a playoff spot this year. I have to think it will actually be closer to 98 points. Gonna be a battle to get there for sure. Not having a healthy Kesler is definitely going to make it a whole lot tougher.
  19. Exciting game in L A. Kings out-shooting the Oil 4-2 with not much time left in the 1st period.
  20. Holy crap Folin just got his face rearranged in that fight.
  21. The league would have said Giordano does not have a history of suspensions or fines and once again, claimed it was....accidental and just a matter of Hall's head being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Parros would have then given Taylor 2 games for trying to take out Giordano's knees with a cheap shot.
  22. 10 games....Pfffttttt, Cogs would have received a lifetime ban.
  23. Can't decide who I want to win the COL v SJ game. I guess either way is fine as long as it is not a 3 pt game.
  24. Just watched the replay of the Ducks v OTT and I now know why RC was so upset with the Henrique high sticking penalty late in the game. There was obvious embellishment on the play that went undetected. I mean the guy gets grazed on the shield but grabs at his face and flings himself to the ice like he got hit by a train. Very Forsberg-esque.
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