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  1. Yeah, that's disappointing. One of these days, hopefully, there will be a legitimate star player from Cali. It looked promising for a while with the, so called, Gretzky kids coming along and looking like some were going to really bust through and make a name for So Cal hockey. That kind of fizzled. So who would the best or most successful player from here be then? Technically, Zucker of the Wild was born in Calif but he played most of his minor hockey in Las Vegas. Then of course you have Brooks Orpik, but same story as he didn't live here all that long.
  2. Dang. So Cal kids just can't seem to catch a break. How many is that now that drafted, got a snip and then cast off? Kings had a guy in camp (Shane Harper) who played on that Calif Wave team that won Nationals about 10 years ago. He played in the preseason game Vs The Ducks last week. Pretty sure he got cut. I believe he was the last of the 6-7 Wave players that got drafted or were invited to tryouts, to have a shot in the NHL.
  3. If you want someone to be your best friend, buy a dog....... but I wouldn't ever shell out $100 for a ticket to watch my dog play hockey.
  4. Seriously. The L A Kings organization not only welcomed Rob Blake back onto the team as a player but have now made him the GM. Nobody was more despised by King fans for quite a few years than was Rob Blake.
  5. Sitting here trying to soak it all in and the 1 image that keeps coming to mind is the flip pass-goal in game 6 OT @ Phoenix.
  6. That is incredible. Both going in at the same time. Hopefully this helps to get Paul back into the Duck's organization where he belongs. Congrats to both. Wow, misty here.
  7. It is going to be interesting in two summers to see what kind of interest Maroon gets both from the Oilers and the rest of the league. For whatever reason, he has found magic playing with McDavid and is on pace for 34 goals this year. Assuming he plays the full year with #97 in 17-18, he is probably looking at another 30 goal season. One would think that a 30 goal scorer should definitely be making well over his current $1.5 mil but to what extent will his success be attributed to playing alongside the 2nd coming of Wayne Gretzky? My guess is that he will definitely have major value signing with the Oilers but would he be worth $5 mil a year to them? More or less the going rate for a UFA 30 goal scorer who is closing in on 30 yrs of age. Would any other team put him in a similar salary range knowing that his success comes primarily from playing with #97? Mixed into this equation is that The Oil is going to need to back up the Brinks truck to pay Connor and Nurse right around the same time that Patrick goes UFA. Anyway, food for thought.
  8. Picked him up for my fantasy team when I heard earlier today that he was going to be playing with #97. The Bog Dog rewarded me with 3 goals, a +3, 5 SOG and a fighting major for good measure. A bit light in the hit dept. though - a measly 1. Come on Patrick....pick it up.
  9. And the non biased color commentary from Ray Fox...errrrrrrr......Ferraro
  10. Cool, the USA got a nice trophy and Canada got a lovely hors d'oeuvres dish.
  11. You might want to turn the mics off during the trophy skate
  12. Haha Pat stole the puck after the game tonight and went to throw it in the trash can. Stewie was having none of that.
  13. If I give you a Duck keychain, will that help?
  14. This little one took the trade quite hard. Pat saw this and promised her an Oiler jersey on his twitter.
  15. Goal tonight playing on a line with Draisaitl and Hall.
  16. Yeah and almost killed Simmonds too while sticking up for Hall. Paddy threw him to the ice and Wayne hit his noodle pretty hard and then had the full weight of Patrick landing on him adding injury to injury.
  17. Well, Emerson can't say that he is not getting an opportunity in Van. He is playing on a line with the Sedin Twins. If he can't gather points playing with those guys, he'd better enroll in plumbing school. Follow up: He looks eerily familiar. He jumps into holes and gets to the net at the right time......the puck arrives on his stick .......and denied.
  18. Someone will take him. BM managed to move Wiz last summer. He can certainly move Stoner.
  19. Exactly! They need to dump about 6-7 mil if they want any hope at all of retaining our young D core, Raks as well as possibly Anderson. I'm wondering why BM didn't work harder to move Stoner unless he liked what he saw from him last year in the playoffs where I thought he looked pretty good. My guess is that BM wanted to keep Stoner around for the post season and will be working the phones hard once the summer trade season begins. Kinda surprised that they didn't do more to shed Thompson who at the moment is almost obsolete on this team and 1.6 mil cap hit through next year.
  20. For prospect and mid round pick. Shoulda kept that beard, Patrick. Cold up there.
  21. 2 goals for Emerson last night. Rooting for the guy.
  22. Traded to Vancouver. Glad for the kid. NY was not a good fit and hopefully he gets the chance to develop in a system that is not in contention for a Stanley Cup.
  23. We kinda do but they are currently our 3rd line. Pretty sad when our 3rd line is outplaying and outscoring our supposed 2nd line. I recently jokingly made a crack about Silfverberg having blackmail pictures of BB otherwise why in the world would Bruce continue to give this guy top minutes. It's time to shake things up, Brucie.
  24. That is ridiculous! If you think you got game, then sign for similar money for a shorter term, Then when you prove that 2014-2015 was not a fluke, you can basically call your shot in 3 years. Thanks for the memories and don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out , Bels!
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