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  1. VGK just scored 2 quick goals to take the lead late in the 3rd period over the Flames. Edit: empty netter....Vegas wins with 3 goals in last 2 minutes.
  2. I believe it was #99 who requested that trade to benefit his actress wife who wanted to be closer to So Cal and Hollywood. The trade also served another purpose and that was to help grow the game in the Sun Belt. Mission accomplished on both fronts.
  3. Raks should have got some serious consideration for MVP with 3 points in the championship game but they decided to give it to another dude with nice hair who had 1 less point.
  4. So is NBCSN an acronym for "Nothing But Chicago Sports Network?" I swear this game tonight vs Detroit is the 3rd time this week that they are being shown nationally.
  5. I actually just found out about the suspension while watching the game today and am beyond piddleed off. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? 2 games for a completely clean, annual Lady Byng type player? How did that useless POS Macdirtbag from the Kings get nothing for almost taking Kase's head off earlier this year? Where is Bob Murray.....he has no opinion on this? I can't even type right now. I need a friggin Valium.
  6. Possibly because Cooper healthy scratched him for 3 games after doing so. That may have influenced him away from further incidents. Either way, he seems to have a handle on everything now and hopefully he can focus on hockey here and bring something to the ice in the way of some grit with an offensive upside.
  7. Giordano....remember him? The guy who didn't receive a hearing after taking out Cam Fowler last year because he was supposedly a clean player, has accidentally on purpose now caused damage to Sebastian Aho on a filthy hit. I don't often root for players to get hurt but I am hoping he leaves the game NOT under his own power the next time he faces The Ducks. POS
  8. Wow, Mrs Brown sure appears to be one giant yayhoo with a giant ax to grind.. Maybe wasn't such a great idea bringing JT here if she is part of the deal.
  9. Tremendous guy in the community and Anaheim will be lucky to have him. Did not care for fist fist raising antics but his subsequent message that he did not wish to be a distraction and would further his cause by doing so creatively off the ice and putting his money where his mouth is, makes him OK in my book. He was never a great fit in TB, where the speed, skill and talent runs fairly deep but he should be a much better fit in the Wild Wild Western conference. Can't wait to see what he's got vs The Kings coming up this week.
  10. Of course they did. The Sharks probably don't have the janitor doubling as the head of the creative dept. in his spare time and no doubt someone who....oh...I don't know....has perhaps taken at minimum, a junior college course in photoshop and adobe acrobat? Either that or the Chark hired a professional logo creator because that thing is beautiful. Hopefully the Ducks didn't have to pay much for that mess because I think that half the people on this board could have come up with something better.
  11. Checking calender Nope....it's not April 1st. Seriously.......Anaheim? Probably from the same creative geniuses who brought us the bright orange 3rd jerseys.
  12. Lol nice segue. Didn't Gibson represent the west 2 season ago in the first new 3 on 3 format? I recall a save he made in a key moment where he stretched his groin to the extent that it hurt me sitting on my living room couch.
  13. Yes, I know the look of which you speak. Apparently the weather is not good over there in MI so you may have not have even been able to land and probably would have missed the game. That would have been the worst, not only getting the look and suffering the inevitable consequences, but then missing the game to boot. Anyway, the heavy snow gets the Wing fans off the hook for tonight but it has been pretty dismal all season long. Not good for a team with a brand new building.
  14. Watching a bit of Red Wings v Boston on MSNBC and man is it empty in the Detroit arena!
  15. Perry week to week. Not bad news.
  16. Let us not underestimate the economical impact for fake mustache manufacturers stemming from the Parros acquisition.
  17. ahem....cough....ahem......Kesler, Pronger Giguere, Stevie Thomas? Niedermayer, Beauch and Pahlsson weren't bad acquisitions. scratches his head ...................uhhhh....didn't they acquire some guy named "Selanne" through trade a few years back? That one will be hard to top. I'm sure there others, don't make me think.....it's too late. The book is yet to be written on Henrique and if the Ducks do not ink him to a new contract, it may never be written at all.
  18. Lol oh, thought that maybe they sold them all at a garage sale for $4 each. Wishful thinking I guess.
  19. What.....the Kings silver and black unis are not in the top 20? Shocking!
  20. My favorite. MAKE THIS THE 3RD AGAIN! Would have loved to have seen the original logo on one of the shoulders though. Anything is better than those hideous bright orange ones. They still wearing those? As far as the OP's question......loved the original dark away jerseys but not too crazy about the original home sweaters.
  21. It goes to show just how good these guys are to even be considered NHL caliber athletes. It also shows you how important it is to SHOW UP on a nightly basis. We'll see if they can keep up this pace for an entire season (doubt it) but they have certainly done themselves proud up til now.
  22. This thing is so frakking rare that he might not even have a ton of information about it. PAGING DUCKSDOC.......PAGING DUCKSDOC!
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