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  1. Been reading more about it. Holy crap that is going to be rough.
  2. Yeah, there's a story on the Duck's home page. Did some research and it looks like a rather long recovery. Wow....get well soon, Patrick
  3. I don't recall saying the Ducks were better than the Kings. I don't even think I mentioned the Ducks. Maybe there was another wataduk on the grassy knoll. I DID say that the Kings are quite possibly a paper tiger and this upcoming road trip might be a better indicator of just where they stand in the Pacific.
  4. As much as I hate to admit Milbury is ever correct about anything, he is more or less correct on this one. Kings got Buff when they were winless. SJ when they were winless. Mont. with only 1 win and on the 2nd game of a back to back. NYI who are average at best. Quality win vs Phil and an OT loss to CGY. All in all, too early to plan the parade but not a bad start although it might be slightly skewed by some weak opponents. This upcoming road trip should give a better indicator about what the silver and black is all about. My guess is that they return with 4 pts out of the 6 games.
  5. 20 yr old overager playing his 1st year in the Q with absolutely no future in the game, takes out a kid whose future was shining brightly. POS! 15 game suspension.....really? How about throwing his useless butt out of the league? In any other setting, that would be assault. The punk should be brought up on charges. At minimum, a lawsuit needs to be filed. Sorry for venting but just furious right now.
  6. Ok, thanks. Guess I didn't look hard enough in the threads. Was looking forward to seeing him tonight on National TV.
  7. They are going to be a tough match-up for pretty much everybody.
  8. I could so see CP10 trying this.
  9. That's 2 for the Heel.....or Eel.
  10. The Real Heel - James Neal.
  11. Just watched the pre-game from Vegas........Goosebumps. Wow! No Shea Theodore in the player introductions. Guessing he is starting the year in the AHL?
  12. With the Ducks depleted lineup, Calgary has a pretty good shot at ending the winless streak in the Honda Center tomorrow night. If they can't take advantage of this situation, then this streak could possibly go on for another 10 years. Your move Flames.
  13. At the moment, Vegas sits alone in 1st place in the Pacific. Of course, the Kings will join them in about 5 minutes but just thought I'd toss that out there.
  14. Looks like I'll be watching the replay of the last 4 minutes of game 5 vs EDM a few thousand times to keep me smiling until some of these guys get back in the lineup.
  15. Yeah, that's disappointing. One of these days, hopefully, there will be a legitimate star player from Cali. It looked promising for a while with the, so called, Gretzky kids coming along and looking like some were going to really bust through and make a name for So Cal hockey. That kind of fizzled. So who would the best or most successful player from here be then? Technically, Zucker of the Wild was born in Calif but he played most of his minor hockey in Las Vegas. Then of course you have Brooks Orpik, but same story as he didn't live here all that long.
  16. Dang. So Cal kids just can't seem to catch a break. How many is that now that drafted, got a snip and then cast off? Kings had a guy in camp (Shane Harper) who played on that Calif Wave team that won Nationals about 10 years ago. He played in the preseason game Vs The Ducks last week. Pretty sure he got cut. I believe he was the last of the 6-7 Wave players that got drafted or were invited to tryouts, to have a shot in the NHL.
  17. If you want someone to be your best friend, buy a dog....... but I wouldn't ever shell out $100 for a ticket to watch my dog play hockey.
  18. Seriously. The L A Kings organization not only welcomed Rob Blake back onto the team as a player but have now made him the GM. Nobody was more despised by King fans for quite a few years than was Rob Blake.
  19. Sitting here trying to soak it all in and the 1 image that keeps coming to mind is the flip pass-goal in game 6 OT @ Phoenix.
  20. That is incredible. Both going in at the same time. Hopefully this helps to get Paul back into the Duck's organization where he belongs. Congrats to both. Wow, misty here.
  21. Wow, four players drafted played in the Jr Kings minor hockey program. Oilers 1st pick, "Kailer Yamamoto," played 16AAA for the Kings 3 years ago. Smallish kid who plays in the style of a Tyler Johnson...speed, shot, vision. I watched him play a few times over at the Toyota Sports Center. I was searching but could not find any former Jr Ducks who were drafted this year. I know the Jr Kings have had for quite a few years, a decent track record of kids coming from their program not the least of which was "Bobby Ryan." Was wondering how many Jr Ducks kids have had the honor of hearing their names called on draft day this year or in years past. Maybe somebody here has that info.
  22. On that I will agree. That was a bone of contention with me during RC's last stint with the Ducks. The overuse of Perry and Getzlaf wore them out to the point where they had not much left in the tank for the playoffs. This year he will ride Kesler and Getzlaf until he breaks them.
  23. Yeah, thanks to acquisitions like McGinn and Perron not to mention Perry chipping in 34 goals last year. What's he got this year......9? Like I said earlier....the bottom 6 on this roster is full of plumbers and painters and I don't think Scotty Bowman in his prime would have them any higher in the standings then they are now. As far as being counter punchers go.....I mostly agree with you but that goes with what I have been saying........they do not have the skilled - quick players top to bottom to play it any other way. Another major problem from this group is on many nights they just don't put out the effort OR they are simply not as quick as the other teams. Is that Randy's fault? This is extremely noticeable when they are going for loose pucks along the walls. It comes down to one thing.....MOVE YOUR FEET! That seems to be the mantra from every player I see interviewed as well as the talking heads. "We need to move our feet.....we need to play more in their zone...blah blah blah." In other words.....they know they need to do it.......they just aren't! As stated and I will say it again......I am NOT an RC fan but have to face the truth. This roster is not as good as what BB had last year and the coach has to assemble a game plan that will suit the team he has and the players need to execute that plan.
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