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  1. Past 5 years for the Kings. More recently I have added the Preds to the list.
  2. Lol love that game. Can't think how many nights I would be playing it and before I knew it, it would be like 4 in the morning.
  3. I'm getting to the point where I get more glee from watching teams I dislike get beat than watching the Ducks win. Suck it Preds Is it October yet?
  4. I believe the Preds were exempt from the 2000 expansion draft so I think the Knights being exempt is just part of NHL protocol. Although I agree that with the lax rules they were given, The Knights being exempt should have been thought out a tad better.
  5. Two more one-sided games tonight. Thus far it has been a rather uninteresting 1st round of the playoffs. Of all the games I have watched so far, a couple of the COL v Nash games and games 2 and 4 of the Ducks v Sharks have been the most entertaining. Other than that I give this post season a giant MEH. Playoffs just aren't the same without the Blackhawks and Red Wings around for me to dislike.
  6. Maybe the duma$$ GM's stop giving NC and NT contracts? I personally took from that article the fact that it was the league GM's fault for being stupid and the VGK being smart. I wrote this in another post.....nobody and I mean NOBODY envisioned this early success was going to happen. Not even the Knight's management themselves believed it. There were from the start looking to field a team that could be somewhat competitive but were also planning on getting rid of the contracts of guys like Neal, Perron, etc at the trade deadline in order to build for the future. Obviously they didn't move many pieces as the plan suddenly changed with the surprising success. Their whole plan was to be good and compete for a Cup in 3-5 years....not this year. To say that some of these guys on this team have vastly overachieved is an understatement and something I attribute to many of these guys playing with giant chips on their shoulders. Las Vegas does not traditionally like losing money to gamblers but my guess is they may have lost a few $$ on local bettors taking the over on the line of 70 pts for the season set by the casinos prior to the start of the year. Not even the experts who set the gambling lines had any clue! Raise your hand if you looked at the Vegas roster at the beginning of the year and thought....."oh yeah, 1st place in the Pacific and a sweep in the 1st round of the playoffs." Put your hand down....YOU DID NOT!
  7. It gets worse. They have 10 1st round picks in the next three drafts.
  8. Interesting read on VGK. https://bit.ly/2K14faH
  9. 1-8 in last 9 games. Lol Kopi just said that's how playoff games are......all close. Uhhhhhhh I beg to differ.
  10. Watching Washington take the lead vs CBJ. These guys are doing it all wrong. Where's the outnumbered attacks? This isn't hockey.
  11. The SSH took a loyalty pledge to not resell tickets in exchange for some type of discount on their seats. Seems to have worked. I didn't see too many King jerseys at the games in LV. At least on TV it didn't appear so.
  12. They did something similar to what Tampa Bay did a few years ago to keep Blackhawk fans out during the SCF. You need to have a Nevada zip code to buy tickets for the playoffs.
  13. Kinda funny how Las Vegas did all that they could to keep visiting fans out of their arena for the playoffs yet that was a fairly loud reaction I heard in the Staples Center last night when the Knights scored. Friends who went to the game said there were BEAT LA chants going all night.
  14. It's not just overreaction to being down in the playoffs either. They have been calling for him to be fired for most of this year. I just don't get it.
  15. Lol King's fans want him fired yesterday or sooner. I'd take John Stevens in a New York City minute.
  16. Yeah, because Carlyle would either healthy scratch him or have him on the 4th line playing 4 minutes a night.
  17. What's that.....2 penalties now on former King, McNabb?
  18. At least the Caps bothered to show up.
  19. Philly and Pitt has good potential as well especially if the Flyers get blown out again. Fingers crossed
  20. I always have to smile whenever Mike Milbury tries to tell me about moral fortitude.
  21. Not that I give a rat's patooie about Doughty missing a game but that explanation from the DPS has me more confused than ever about what a suspendable hit is.
  22. Double espresso latte successfully passed through nose. Thank you
  23. Hearing a fine is probable. That basically says...."yeah, ya did it but it wasn't on Sid Crosby so no worries. Try not to do it again or we will have to be quite terse with you."
  24. Oh good, Philly started to get nasty
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