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  1. JS Giguere has to be next. Probably didn't want to put 3 players in the rafters in the same year.
  2. Oh, I agree with you. Just saying it's the same old story with this group. The mighty quest for more offense and that ever allusive scoring left wing.
  3. Hmmmmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, last year.....and the year before that.......and the year before that.....and.........
  4. Can't say the same for the King fans. They were ready to pay for his ticket out of town. From your link: The Kings and Flyers were also susceptible to being scored on when Schenn was on the ice to the tune of his 2.42 on-ice GA60 in 72 total regular season games; no other regular Kings defenseman posted a GA60 above Jake Muzzin’s 2.04. Like the aforementioned Regehr, Schenn has never been a real play-driver in his career, and even though he posted a career-high 53.2 raw 5×5 Corsi-for, his possession rate relative to his teammates was still a -4.7% while in Los Angeles. (To be fair, he logs reliably regular shifts in his own defensive zone.) Though he appeared to seamlessly fit into the Kings’ room, the numbers depict a somewhat disproportionate number of shot attempts and goals against when Schenn was on the ice. Your point is well taken though, just not what I was hoping for in terms of a badly needed depth D man. He is however, a small step above a Bieksa and gives us some grit on the blue line that "Casual Kev" provided. So in essence, he is a better version of Bieksa for less money. He may grow on me....we'll see.
  5. I saw what you did there. Well played.
  6. Lol the same Luke Schenn who wasn't good enough to stick on a thin L A Kings blue line? That Luke Schenn?
  7. That is their problem. Should have moved him last year for pieces when they were not able to extend him. How do you just allow a player like that to walk and get nothing in return? SMH
  8. Congrats to Chris Wagner signing with The Bruins. I think he will fit in much better there than he did with the Isles.
  9. Good plan going after a player whose very name mimics our offensive strategy. Chase De Puck. I see ya workin, Bobby.
  10. Not me. I expect nothing and Bob rarely disappoints.
  11. LMAO I remember that well. You could see Ondrej's expression go from complete jubilation to WTF in like 0.2 seconds as JPL went on for about 30 seconds with her question. Kase had that look that the little girl in the back seat of the Lexus RX gets when the mom turns around and asks if she was excited for her new baby sister.
  12. Wait......you agree with me? That doesn't happen very often. Half the time I don't think they even understand the questions but do their best to answer anyway. And why didn't we get a Rasmus? Three Rasmuses drafted and we didn't get a one?
  13. Great work DP. Thanks for posting the stats for the newbies.
  14. I have an idea. Stop that...I get good ideas once in a while. Anyway, Does anyone else notice how awkward some of the interviews are with many of the youngsters drafted from Europe and Russia? Of course, it is not their fault as their English is extremely limited in most cases. It's not like a hockey player is going to give a great interview anyway but perhaps having an interpreter fluent in some of the languages spoken by the draftees...... Swedish, Russian, Finnish etc. might allow the kids to feel more comfortable and an actual decent interview might occur. Decent draft overall for the Ducks. I like the direction it appears they are heading and thank goodness they took a year off from stocking up on young D men.
  15. Prospect camp right around the corner.
  16. Hmmmmm Isac didn't look too happy there.
  17. Off topic but when did Dr Pepper dump "Lil Sweet" from their ad campaign?
  18. Damn, was hoping to see Brady Tkachuk go to a Western team (Arizona). Would have loved to have seen some Tkachuk on Tkachuk action 5 times a year.
  19. Not sure but they certainly have not dominated like they once did, that's for sure.
  20. So when did Canada stop making elite young hockey players?
  21. http://mycloud-sports.ml/nhldraft.php
  22. Way to stay classy, Dallas. Geez.....idiots. Booing Bettman is 1 thing but booing him as he is about to present an award to the President of the Humboldt Broncos is just plain ignorance at it's highest level.
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