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  1. That trade kinda sucks for Bernier. I thought he did a pretty good job of playing backup to Varly this season in COL.
  2. That is 2 goals on him tonight.
  3. I have a friend who owns a $20 ticket at 250-1. Not because he actually thought the Knights were going to win but more of a novelty thing.....that and a few rounds of cocktails in the casino. He goes to Vegas every year towards the end of Sept. and usually buys tickets on 8-10 teams. Lucky Duck has both the Caps and the Knights so he is sitting pretty. I put down a few simoleons on 6 different teams myself, including our very own Ducks but lost my last hope when Winny got eliminated. Interesting story here. https://wapo.st/2xv38hp
  4. Under the rules of the 2000 expansion draft which applied to MINN and CBJ, the Ducks would probably have still lost Theodore. If not Theodore than certainly Manson. You can thank GMBM for handing out NTC and NMC like candy for that. That makes no sense whatsoever and plays right into my point which seems to evade you. Gerard Gallant has given this group the motivation and confidence that few other coaches may have given this group. They call themselves misfits. YES, they have a chip on their shoulders. As a matter of fact, they probably have a giant chip on their shoulders. With that in mind, Gerard did a sales job on these guys that is epic, the likes of which we will probably never see again in pro sports. It's not senseless. You and others keep mentioning a rigged draft. Well yes, they got some advantages that past expansion teams did not get but without the proper leadership in place, those advantages are probably never realized. I quite simply do not believe that an RC system would produce similar results in LV. Right coach, right group, right time. It comes down to the system, the belief, the confidence from the #1 player to the #20 player, and a revenge factor that makes this team tick along with a coach who can instill those beliefs in the men on the ice. RC is not known for that.......that is my point. I'm still waiting for you or anyone else to show me a tweet or a post from September claiming the Knights were so stacked that they would be playing for the Stanley Cup this year or next. How about a betting slip? I'm guessing you jumped all over those 500-1 odds for the Knights to win a Cup at the beginning of the season?
  5. I'm so torn between my desire to see Ovi lift the cup and my desire for Tom Wilson to never lift the Cup.
  6. Haha You might not believe it but I am actually pulling for Ovi and The Caps.
  7. So much for these 2 teams having a feeling out process. Both these teams are just going for it. Love it!
  8. Are you kidding me? On whose team is Reaves is a 2nd liner? How about Carrier? How about Nosek? Bellmare wouldn't be on the 2nd line of any team I'm aware of. Same with Carpenter. Remind me...what line was Karlsson on in Columbus? How about that defense? McNabb....pulease. Would you want Sbisa on the Ducks? Derek Engelland is like a million years old. Their best d man is a guy who the Duck fans were all to happy to give up on after last season and especially since it meant the dispersal of Stoner's contract and the Knights not taking Vatanen. My reference to Carlyle has nothing to do with my like or dislike for him as a coach but more to do with an honest question. DO YOU THINK RC COULD COACH THIS VEGAS ROSTER TO A SCF APPEARANCE? My point? Give Gerard Gallant an ounce of credit for pulling off an amazing season with a less than amazing roster!
  9. Don't waste your time....some people are going to be bitter no matter what. I have yet to find one person who can answer the question in the affirmative as to if they truly believed this Vegas roster was going to compete for a Stanley Cup this year, next year or even the year after that. If you say you did.....that's complete bullDehydrated Donkey Dung
  10. Yeah cuz we all predicted that Luca Sbisa and Ryan Eaves would combine for the Knight's biggest goal of the year and be a major part of a potential Stanley Cup winner. Two guys who their former teams would have paid you take off their hands prior to the current season. And we all of course knew that Marc Andre Fleury, who lost his job not once, but twice to Matt Murray in Pittsburgh, was going to be the odds on favorite to win the Conn Smythe trophy this year. You know, the same Marc Andre Fleury who was being blamed for playoff losses in previous seasons prior to the arrival of Matt Murray. Right team, right time, right coach and a perfect storm set up what is a historic playoff run that will never be seen again. NOT the league screwing up. Do any of you really believe that the Vegas roster, prior to the start of the season was the best roster in the league on paper? Of course not. Far from it. Miles apart. Worlds apart. Galaxies apart. Universes apart!!! Ask yourselves this question.....do any of you feel that Randy Carlyle would have this same Vegas roster in the SCF? Not just no but an emphatic HELL NO!
  11. Sounds like a great time. Poker legend, Daniel Negreanu is a long suffering, lifelong Las Vegas Knights fan.
  12. Now all the Ducks need to do is find somebody who can actually finish to play alongside Steel. Getzlaf already has dibs on Ricky Raks. That leaves.....uhhhh......mmmmm....huh......I got nothing. Is there a Steel/Kase dynamic duo in our future? Stay tuned boys and girls.
  13. Link to Sam Steel and the Regina Pats in the Memorial Cup. Live right now. http://www.hockeydabeast413.xyz/memorialcup2018.html
  14. Well, it was a nice run. Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning on their Stanley Cup victory. Ok, time to shift into draft mode.
  15. Uh oh, England touched the Campbell Bowl.
  16. Of course not. Not with the current management regime in place.
  17. Nice. Are you going to get the bbq glove or the shot glasses? In all seriousness, 311 is probably the best view in the arena. That and row A in the 400's. A bit pricey for moi in terms of season tickets but have had the opportunity to sit there on a number of occasions and loved it every time.
  18. I don't know......It's now a 2 out of 3 and the Caps have road ice advantage.
  19. That is a tad pessimistic. You get a collectible pin too. Oh and you get points which can be redeemed for cool prizes. I used the points I collected over the course of 3 years to get a Duck's bbq glove. It's really cool and it only cost me $14,000.
  20. Yeah, we all took great joy in correcting him when he said he has tried 7 times to make it to the Cup. The whole room here, almost in unison yelled EIGHT!!!!
  21. Can we finally put to bed this silly notion that a loud crowd makes the difference between winning and losing. Winny won in Nash and Nash won in Winny. It makes for a fun atmosphere but in the end doesn't mean squadoosh.
  22. Dream on. There are 2 things in life that we can all be sure of. No, not those two. I have 2 that are even more certain. 1) Randy Carlyle wasting offensive talent in a shutdown role and agonizing over making sure that line is matched up properly. 2) Randy Carlyle not playing his 4th line more than 5 minutes a night. On a side note......what happened to the Ducks young defensive depth that was supposed to run the league for the next 8-10 years? Simon Despres was a great fit for the team....gone Sami Vatanen traded for a much needed center due to injuries. Shea Theodore lost to the expansion draft. Justin Schultz
  23. At this point it is pretty much an "ABPP situation." Anyone But Penguins or Predators.
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