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  1. I'm just glad we are only wearing them this year. They're bad. The shoulders don't look like they belong, and as others have pointed out it just looks like a Sharks concept. For the bazillionth time: Make. A. Traditional. Hockey. Sweater. With. The. Original. Logo.
  2. Yeah I remember two season ago when we were playing Edmonton, Bob Murray was quoted in an article about Henry loving the orange and us going to a new jersey for the 18-19 season. Then icethetics put out a rumor that it'd be a black third with the original logo. Disappointed we didn't debut it at the draft.
  3. Weren't we supposed to be going to orange jerseys this year? I'm confused.
  4. Point being that Wilson has skating that Ritchie doesn't, ergo that same coaching/style will not apply.
  5. I think you misinterpreted what I said - I said "rare early contributions," as in it's going to be a few years before those guys are NHL ready, not that they can't be great players eventually.
  6. I may not be remembering correctly, but whoever was on the #PerryIsStillGood bandwagon really annoyed me. Pears has been an integral part of this team's history, but anyone who thinks he's capable of producing at/near his old self is delusional.
  7. Can't see us cutting bait from Randy with one year to go.
  8. It's tougher for me to get excited about the NHL draft when we pick in the 20s or lower, just given the rare early contributions from those guys historically. But hey, howabout that new uniform leak?
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