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  1. Yet he has one of the lowest turnover rates in his own zone?
  2. What situation doesn't he play well? Power play? Penalty kill? Protecting a lead? Playing from behind? Drop him on any team in the league he'll play in those situations. Does anyone think that Karlsson, who doesn't always kill penalties will make less than the max because he doesn't do that very well? Letang struggles tying guys up in front of the net. Byfuglien is slow and get turned around on the rush. Phanuef is often out of defnsive position.
  3. Doing it all is Fowler plays in all situations... which he does. Shattenkirk who has nothing on Fowler defensively and might be equal offensively overall will likely command $6.5MM just to be a power play specialist. I think ANaheim would be lucky to get him under $7MM but even at that number he's worth keeping.
  4. I struggle with "deficiencies" as Fowler is widely viewed as a balanced player who can do it all... Yes, he's not a strong defender with his back to the net... but how bad was he when matched up against Lucic in the Edmonton series? I may be wrong because I'm going off memory. but this season didn't Fowler lead the team in defensive zone starts? I'd argue his loose puck hounding skills, zone exits, and and low turnover rank him in the top 5 in the league as far as clearing the zone... that right there limits how much time you'll spend standing in front of the net defending. Seabrook money, probably a little bit more... and worth every penny. He's not going to get physically stronger, but he will likely get more crafty defensively over time.
  5. Doughty signed that contract extension 6 years ago... If a 31 year old Johnny Boychuk nets $6MM x 7 in 2015 I'd think Fowler could (and should) do better...
  6. Dallas is in get better now mode... and I'd hope that the Ducks are in win now mode... to me that trade doesn't address Anaheim's immediate issues.
  7. Somehow Murray's kept the window open longer than expected... with the back end only getting better and Rakell and S33 rounding out, I'd hope that Anaheim lands a immediate top six contributor for Vatanen... the younger the better (i.e. Drouin) but I'd be happy with a guy like Landeskog... then the Ducks would really be the Dirty Ducks...
  8. On another note, Friedman surmises that if Fowler gets signed, Vatanen may go to Dallas for the 3rd overall pick? http://mynhltraderumors.com/nhl-rumors-dallas-stars-anaheim-ducks-cam-fowler/2017/05/25/
  9. Seabrook got a 8 x $6.85 extension two years ago... I think Fowler who is younger gets something closer to 6 x $7...
  10. HOLD ON... the Ducks are playing the winner of the Ottawa / Pittsburgh series! Denial is a good place to be.
  11. Nashville was the opponent... Most if not all small market teams need opponent ticket sales to succeed.
  12. I really didn't like #2 and #3... and Anaheim lost the offensive depth due to injury (Eaves and Rakell) vs poor roster management... MORE IMPORTANTLY: nobody outplayed Getzlaf... maybe out-pointed him, but he was the best forward on the ice at worst 5 out of the 6 games in the series.
  13. Detroit too...
  14. Lindholm might be the very last guy on the entire team that Anaheim trades... Vatanen? I know he's not 100% but he had the teams worse CF% (36.5) against Nashville (1G 4 A) and simply played too small in the playoffs. In contrast, Montour's CF% was 59.0 vs Nashville... and I thought he moved the puck better than Vatanen and picked his spots better overall. Frankly I'd be shocked to see Fowler or Montour moved, mildly shocked if Manson gets traded (doesn't return enough)...
  15. They lost ONCE in the finals.. that team made made the playoffs with mediocre teams 12 of 13 seasons (winning their division once during that span)... Anaheim should be as good or better next year than they are right now... that Sabres team had nothing like the young depth Anaheim has right now on the back end.