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  1. Damn not only did they strip Brown of the "C" they didn't leave him a "A"
  2. Kings new black, grey, and white uniforms make them look like they're playing in Pleasantville.
  3. Pull for groin pulls. Lots and lots of groin pulls.
  4. That's a bingo. His head is full of marbles.
  5. Nooooobody likes to see that cough cough...
  6. Bah ha ha ha... Spezza! When did Setoguchi join L.A.?
  7. SO MUCH THIS. I saw similar flashes of talent in both Kyle Palmieri and Peter Holland as their careers progressed so I still think Ritchie could go either way, but he's in no way ready to play the big minutes he'll need to play being paired with Perry and Getzlaf. I'm not writing Richie off but agreed, kid should be on the 4th line...
  8. Another Kings loss... which is really the only thing that's keeping me from losing my mind.
  9. Kings lose at home and drop to 0-2-0.
  10. Inside 6 minutes still 4-2 Flyers. Kings running out of gas and time!
  11. Dustin Brown on the PP2 shows that depth is a real issue for the Kings.
  12. Oh c'mon 5-2 that should count.
  13. Freaking Flyers own-goal. 4-2
  14. Why do my old posts keep appearing in my new posts? How bad is this new messageboard?
  15. He was playing terrible when he was traded AND the rumors were he's the player who showed up to camp the most out of shape no?