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  1. Carlyle should be fired on priciple alone if the Kongs beat the Senators tonight...
  2. While I agree I think RC is safe for a while, if you believe the advanced stats and metrics, this team could fall off a cliff at any moment... perhaps hastening a change.
  3. They've so defensively sound with Kopitar and Doughty they could have Kyle Clifford play net and still compete. As it stands... the Kings have won every game where they've scored 3+ goals. They're simply getting too old and too slow up front.
  4. Campbell out with a torn meniscus.
  5. Mediocrity? They're the worst team in the league right now... they're LOL
  6. Didn't realize the Kings have the worst record in the game.
  7. Well done.
  8. In Seattle he'd get to participate in building the team - I could see that being a draw... just don't think an expansion franchise would be willing to pay him the big bucks.
  9. LOL KINGS! On a side note, just spent 2 hours arguing with Bernstein and a handful of Kings fans on Twitter about the Kings age and team speed.
  10. LOL KINGS. No Freddie, no problem. 4-1 TML
  11. They should punish him by making him play in Ottawa
  12. Post-concussion issues and that's just speculation. Last report of Crawford physically being on the ice was in February (and then he was shut down for the season). There’s been no report of Crawford being given a clean bill of health from doctors and no report that Crawford will be OK to play for the Blackhawks this coming season. Might be done...
  13. I'm sure it played into it a bit, but back then players were not making the jump to the NHL nearly as fast as they are today (that lockout changed the fiscal dynamics of the game which led to younger players making the jump earlier). That draft class was a monster no matter how you look at it...