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  1. Smoke and mirrors start...
  2. Everyone's second favorite team, the Boston Bruins complete a perfect California road trip, losing to the Ducks and then beating Los Angeles and San Jose in regulation.
  3. I think the team will surprise you.
  4. Anaheim just needs to get through the end of the year at around .500 Team is still competitive minus Getzlaf, Kesler, Eaves, and Fowler speaks wonders to the depth.
  5. LOL HABS!
  6. vs Bruins... and back-up goalie... Raise the "L"
  7. He seems to do that a lot... look badly hurt then return...
  8. I agree that "game changer" is a little much... "competitive forward" or "impact player"
  9. I wouldn't say he's been horrible. You're unfairly judging him based on his success of finding defensive and goal tending gems in later rounds (or being shrewd and drafting Lindholm earlier than projected). Nick Ritchie (a project player) is about the only highly ranked forward that Murray's ever had the opportunity to pick... everything else has been late in the hit or miss areas (20-30).
  10. Never should have canned Maloney
  11. As of 10/26: The Buffalo Sabres (50) and Anaheim Ducks (49) have the most man-games lost in the NHL.
  12. I equate him to Corey Perry