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  1. Those two softies by Rinne were a shocker...
  2. Playoff series should have separate threads... hope it's all cool Ken
  3. Tickled here myself...
  4. Agreed... but Tampa Bay deserved the series.
  5. Charks have gotten the bulk of the breaks this series and it's 2-2. Really should be 3-1 Vegas...
  6. Could the Charks get more breaks in this series?
  7. Agreed... Playoff OT is exactly why they need to get rid of goalie interference review. It's a judgement call even with a second look at the video and it can decide a game.
  8. 5-0
  9. 3-0 Vegas Knights
  10. Perhaps Yawney was not interested in staying? Been seven years with the team... and maybe Yawney wants to get back to being a head coach.
  11. No likey the whiff - o' - spin- o' - rama?
  12. That was the goal of the playoffs... insane how much better MacKinnon is without Duchene
  13. New Jersey too... pulling for Vatanen and Palmieri
  14. This applies to me this year... just wasn't ever feeling Anaheim.