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  1. Bobby Ryan out again (finger). http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2017/02/19/hand-injury-sidelines-senators-bobby-ryan-indefinitely/
  2. Both picked at the end of the 1st round (29th and 30th) I won't be sold on Steel until he starts playing against better competition.
  3. That play wasn't at all funny but I can't stop laughing...
  4. I'm warming a bit to your vision... however those don't go up before #42... Dan Sexton scored the second most goals by a rookie in the month of December 2009. LEGEND
  5. The own-goal on the delayed penalty is the reason why teams should be rewarded with a power play if they score on the delayed penalty... This would be the first rule I'd change if I were the God of Hockey
  6. Nylander is also protection exempt making him extra attractive... talk is it might take two players for Anaheim to land him... say Theodore AND Montour.
  7. Agreed... Dallas will be sellers.
  8. Past Druin... William Nylander would be on my wish list... http://mynhltraderumors.com/nhl-rumors-william-nylander-toronto-maple-leafs-philadelphia-flyers/2017/01/27/ Anaheim has Montour, Theodore, Larsson, even Vatanen to dangle...
  9. Hold on... Ducks games are only blacked out in Canada when they play local Canadian teams no? When are the games blacked out in Halifax? What's your local market there (Montreal?)
  10. No, you try and resign Fowler every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays. He is FAR more valuable to the team than Manson and it's not even close. Fowler looks to be taking the nest step in his development. Fowler is just 25 years old, actually a month younger than Manson, and skill wise... Fowler's current floor is probably better than Manson's projected ceiling...
  11. Duchene name has been coming up... Anaheim absolutely needs scoring and he could play the wing with Rakell or with Perry and Getzlaf. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/top-five-trade-destinations-for-matt-duchene
  12. Not sure I understand what you're saying here... agree NOT to take Bieksa? So trade Cam Fowler and pay off Las Vegas so we can keep Bieksa? It's probably a little late to purposely tank at this point.
  13. Yes please... though the Bruin in me can't stand the move by Neely/Sweeney who IMHO are the next hockey executive coming of Joe Sakic.
  14. Trade Quick...! Budaj is having a statistical season that's almost as good as Quick's best...
  15. Missed this update Ken. We are actually rolling out I.P. Board across our network of sites... which I think is the backbone of this system (or at least used to be). If I see any settings I'll let you know.