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  1. ZTHER

    trade for D

    That 2010 draft only yielded 3 decent defensemen, and Anaheim now has 2 of the 3 (and almost had Justin Faulk)
  2. LOL KINGS! McLennen can't believe he can't beat the Oilers!
  3. Nick Ritchie too nice?
  4. I've read his high side projection is a better Barzal.
  5. He's been as high as #3. I think Anaheim scored a steal.
  6. They could have used Perry's money to sign a top RW in free agency that year. Top RW's that year in UFA were Nathan Horton, David Clarkson, and Jarome Iginla. In hindsight, Anaheim probably dodged a bullet.
  7. Gulls need to step it up...
  8. Tilting Condors in the 2OT though Gulls getting some chances.
  9. Condors winning the possession game but Gulls with the better scoring opportunities in OT.
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