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  1. Montour wasn't #26 last year was he?
  2. Jason Krog-esque.
  3. To be fair he played a little over one season in Colorado coming over at the trade deadline in the 1999-2000 season and winning the cup with the Av's in 2000-2001. And it's Ray Bourque... at the time the 2nd best defenseman ever to play the game. But yeah, I get it...
  4. Where was this Jiri Sekac hiding?
  5. I'm probably selling his ceiling a bit short in my rush to work a Sexton reference into the thread. Warming up for the season! Martin St. Louis didn't bloom until he was 25. Not saying Roy is St. Louis, but...
  6. 24 years old and on the small side... good speed... though Anaheim is deep on the wing and Roy's behind a few guys in terms of upside. His ceiling might be Dan Sexton.
  7. Demers voided the trade to Vancouver because of tax reasons...
  8. I've actually softened to retiring his number... I just think it needs to be done after Kariya's I'd be open to retiring #24 as well or keeping it a unofficial off limits number.
  9. Kings start off the preseason with a 3-4 OT loss vs the Canucks.
  10. If that's the case, the guy he'll fit in with is Gibson.
  11. I'm still of the strong opinion the only fix to the off-sides review is the ELIMINATION of off-sides review. It's the hockey equal of MLB's balls and strikes and it's not broken. If you want to mitigate against insane mistakes, then have a off ice official make the determination as all goals are reviewed anyway. The BEST use of review past goals IMHO would be high sticking penalties. All high sticks should be reviewed for embellishment. If a player embellishes a non-contact high stick (sells the call) he shall receive a double minor penalty the same way that a high stick that draws blood.
  12. Vegas Knights tickets are $$$$
  14. Nashville is 6 months younger, Dallas is 5 months, and St. Louis is 3 months... those differences are negligible.
  15. I have a Niedermeyer 27 jersey as well... though I don't care for the number in the slightest.