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  1. Don't boo Matty. He was a good servant on your team for a good few years. He didn't cost you very much in terms of $$$# I wish him every success in Boston, not anywhere near my favourite team but I and many in Coventry will be rooting for him.
  2. Good luck Matty. Bruins are far from being my favourite team but your UK fans will still follow your fortunes. On the contracts. How certain are you that Ducks offered $16M with 6 in season 1. Is this fact or just rumour? Is it just $3M? What is the tax situation over there like compared with California? Could it be he also gets to hold onto a bigger proportion of his money?
  3. Blame the coach for Matty's outstanding season. Up until this season he was played 5 minutes a night as a 4th line grinder/fighter. Suddenly he is on the 2nd line with a big upgrade in linemates and he pots 30 goals. So if he gets a big contract then he is going to stay on a top line with quality linemates getting 18 minutes a game and he will keep on scoring. You can't really compare this season with his previous ones.
  4. I am so pleased with this thread. Never been off page one since it was started. Still fingers crossed that Matty re-signs for you.
  5. Let's hope it is true.
  6. Well done Matty on a great season. I hope you are still in a Ducks' jersey come next season.
  7. OT winner in game 5! Bitter sweet for me.
  8. So 5 goals on the bounce in 5 games against the Flames. Can you afford to let him walk?
  9. More joy from this side of the pond for Matty's success. A thread title was never more true!
  10. No 21 goes in! Go Matty
  11. Well he is back tonight. Go Matty!
  12. Seems to me that you have played Matty on the 4th line for years. He has filled in a role for you. A grinder not afraid to drop the gloves getting 3 to 5 minutes per game and having a few minutes in the penalty box. This year, because of circumstances, you have had to give him a place on the top 2 lines and he has repaid you in spades. Agreed that playing with better players has improved his output. He has shown you what he can do. Question is, are you willing to pay him enough to keep him in your jersey or do you want him playing for a rival and scoring against you?
  13. You beat me to it. I have just popped in to ask the same thing.
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