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  1. I haven't seen any interviews about this. Doesn't that sound weird though? I just don't see how a coach and GM could agree that sitting a player down and having him watch several games will improve his defensive positional awareness. There's a part of me that thinks he malingered after the doctors cleared him to play. But again I am only spitballing names.
  2. My personal list of suspects that Murray referred to: Chad Johnson Jake Dotchin Daniel Sprong Ben Street I really think the main perps are Sprong and Johnson. Sprong was a healthy scratch in several games and we never got any kind of explanation as to why. Johnson was brought in to step in while Gibby and Miller were injured and sure Johnson wasn't the best option but he shouldn't have placed below Boyle in the depth chart. Ritchie didn't make the list because injuries do tend to happen to players that skipped training camp. Also, Ritchie plays a physical style that leads me to believe he's more susceptible to injuries.
  3. I've seen flashes of that skill but I ultimately agree that Ritchie's work ethic demonstrates bottom six so far. I'm still on the fence with Comtois. He did a great job at home vs the Kings B team. When Comtois played against the main squad he only recorded a few shots and didn't show too much to create chances.
  4. It's hard to imagine that Comtois has solidified a position in the team. Comtois is currently in the gray area, he's too good for the QMJHL and has nothing to learn there. If he keeps this up I think Richie is going to slowly punch his ticket out of Anaheim because his skill set and potential is top 6 which means that Anaheim would be wasting him on the bottom 6. Then you have Silf who is doing a decent job at Left Wing that I wouldn't doubt if Murray re-signs him before the deadline if Silf really gels with Getz.
  5. Per CBS Sports The last sentence in the article just summarized Richie's importance to Anaheim, "There have been no reports suggesting that signing Ritchie, the only unsigned player left on Anaheim before training camp, is a major priority for the team." I think this is Murray's way of saying he's got options and he doesn't mind Ritchie waiting it out. Also, Murray and Carlyle probably want him to meet a certain weight or conditioning requirement before training camp and won't formally offer him a new contract until he comes in meeting that requirement.
  6. Announcers just said what I was about to say: He was surrounded by better players. He'll need to continue to be surrounded by talented players.
  7. Foudy was taken by the CBJ. I was hoping he would fall to 23.
  8. I've read some of their articles but wasn't that impressed. AC has some knowledgeable writers but for some reason, they go into panic mode too quickly. Maybe because that's what gets traffic to their website or the writers genuinely believe Anaheim needs to trade every player that doesn't produce a point per game.
  9. I forgot where I read that in Trotz's contract he had options for two more years at $1.8M per year. Babcock and Quinnville inflated the market when they got over $6M per year so Trotz was probably looking north of $3M and neither side could agree. I don't know Carlyle's salary but I can bet its nowhere near $3M.
  10. Time to turn it around and get Murray to trade Richie for Domi.
  11. Kanauhtli


    You're right about the new style but that isn't the current Carlyle. This season Anaheim hardly dressed a goon the entire season. Our fighting majors dropped significantly this season, last season we were at the top of the league with 46 and this season we had 30 (3rd Place). Guess who was 7th in the league with 8 fights less? Stanley Cup Champs, Washington. If we are the hard-nosed goons then the capitals are not that far behind us. Our strategy is based on the roster we currently have and that isn't RC's fault. The entire season was injury plagued and the closest we had to a fourth line was Grant/Chimera/Brown. A line that had very little chemistry and was a liability at the defensive end. Murray has changed this roster drastically over the last decade and we are transitioning into a fast-paced counter-attacking team. RC has emphasized the quick transitions in the neutral zone this season but we still don't have depth at the bottom which means our top 3 lines have to pick up the slack and that makes our top 2 lines spend more energy than they should. I don't think RC or the system sucks. Our depth sucked and it sucked hard in the playoffs. I didn't see a team that stopped playing for the coach if anything I saw them turn it up at the end of the season to finish 2nd in the division when this team could've easily finished as a wild-card team.
  12. Kanauhtli


    I agree with RC. I remember watching the Ducks 2007 Championship DVD that had RC and Burke both saying along the lines if you don't like playing here tell us and we'll move you. Even Selanne said that everyone had a role and they had to accept it in order for the team to work together. I think coaches like RC are getting pushed out because the new class coming in refuses to listen to any negative habits in their game.
  13. Kanauhtli


    I doubt Kesler will miss the entire season. I could see half the season but not the whole season. Kesler is motivated to continue playing and he wants to win the cup. I don't know how true it is but there were reports that Kesler even lost some weight to gain speed.
  14. Really glad that Beleskey got his contract. Murray knew Bells was going to decline and if not under the right support he wouldn't last long. The good players always know how to play well regardless of who is surrounding them. I'm sure Beleskey will be bought out in June and then sign with a European team. Unless Murray wants to make him a reclamation project but I remember Bells siding with most of the team in hating RC.
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