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  1. Vatanen has the most value and would fetch the most, so placing him on the trading block isn't that out of the realm of reality. Murray probably wants to go with Fowler, Lindholm, and Montour/Vatanen as the core defensive group. We are losing a forward to Vegas and we need to shore up out top six and the only way for that to happen is through subtracting from the back-end.
  2. I think we see either Montour, Theodore, or Vatanen traded for a top six forward. The Kesler/Cogliano/Silfverberg line needs to be to be our 3rd line. We have some good prospects that won't be ready for another 2-4 years. Ducks will lose Silf, Cogs, or Manson to the expansion draft. So Murray will need to be aggressive this off-season.
  3. One bad season and you want to trade Perry? I know the guy is struggling right now but unless he's unhappy in Anaheim, it's best that we keep him when he comes back with a vengeance.
  4. Oh, I am loving this bit of news. This is a mediocre roster and it got mediocre results, don't know why anyone thought they were going to make it to the playoffs.
  5. I'm not too upset about losing Beleskey and Maroon in that way. I know both players are good when surrounded by talent and ghostly when they don't perform. Maroon has always been that way, if he can't beat you with his skill, he will goon it up. I agree, he was a big floater and when he couldn't play hockey he took stupid penalties by trying to be overly physical.
  6. Oh wow, that sucks. The worst I saw was drunks acting like drunks. The fact that you saw a racial undertone to it though is not good. If she does have a history of incidents like these then she needs to be banned.
  7. I like it, might as well also. I hate that Montour is in the lineup while players like Holzer are dressed. I don't know if it's something Montour is doing that is piddleing RC off or Holzer just happen to be related to RC.
  8. Every coach in the NHL right now is shortening their bench. McDavid, Klefbom, and Draisatl played 23 minutes plus. How a coach shortens the bench is up to his discretion and right now RC wants that 4th line for energy and not get caught out on the ice for too long and on at least 2 occasions they were caught out on the ice for too long so RC limited their ice. RC gives everyone a role and right now the 4th line's role is to provide energy to the rest of the lines and if they can't do their job then RC will stop sending the fourth line over the boards. If you ask me Wagner and Thompson are doing a decent job of that but they need that extra forward to make that line functional, Murray never provided that to RC and Shaw is just not good enough for that fourth line role either. At this point, RC might as well dress a 7th defenseman in case a defenseman gets injured like Vatanen.
  9. I'm very upset with this. He was a throwaway for Danny Syvret in that Flyer trade. He worked his way up through the AHL and became a serviceable Left Winger with Getzlaf and Perry. I also really hated the sting of trading Maroon to open a spot for McGinn and Pirri only to lose them in the off-season. But just like when Maroon played with Getzlaf and Perry, Maroon is playing with McDavid and Draisaitl who are giving Maroon the space he needs to be effective. Now I'm not saying he isn't good without them but I think it makes Maroon's job a lot easier if he has the shutdown line focusing on McDavid and Draisaitl.
  10. I liked Maroon but I hated how he came to training camp way out of shape and with little to no mental focus in his game. I hated the fact that Murray retained salary on that trade but ultimately needed to make a statement to the team. I'm glad that Maroon is doing good with Edmonton but let's be honest, the only reason Maroon is doing decent is because of McDavid's production bump. Think of George Parros when he had that outstanding season which he scored 5 goals and 5 assists due to Bobby Ryan. Ultimately, Maroon at his highest level is what the Ducks needed right now.
  11. Source In a nutshell, Yzerman told Pronger that it took him four years before he would get a chance at a GM job. Pronger understands that he needs to do his time as an assistant before getting the big job. Great players usually make better managers than coaches. I wouldn't mind having a great player in our front office because players can be swayed to come here if their idol happens to be working in the front office.
  12. I have my gripes with GMBM as much as the next guy but I think people are not giving him enough credit where credit is due. BM's crown jewel is he got us Bonino for Huskins and Moen. Then Bonino got us Kesler which is one hell of a trade. Overall I think BM has done a much better job than many other GMs. I still think Murray should've waited for another good coach to get fired before he dismissed BB, but that is hindsight at this point.
  13. I'm glad that BB is finding success in Minny once again. I think the real test for him will be how he takes this team to the next level in the playoffs.
  14. Remember that a player's salary goes down as time progresses (pro-rated) so by the trade deadline even though Thompson is making $1.6 Million a year his remaining salary could be around $600k. Right now due to LTIR, Anaheim has about $895K in relief not in deficit that they can use to call up players or sign/trade for a new player. The trade deadline isn't the end of the season but a freeze on what players you can acquire or trade away. Teams still have to remain under the salary cap until the last day of the season. Once the playoffs start that's when teams can activate any player on LTIR and theoretically go over the cap. Players don't get paid during the playoffs. 2-way contracts from ELC's won't count towards the salary cap if they are playing in the minors. Salary only counts if the player is on the 23 player roster. During Bobby Ryan's rookie year Murray constantly sent him down to the ECHL for off days so that his cap hit didn't count against the Ducks which ended up giving Murray more room by the deadline.
  15. Great news! This is a great contract.