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  1. Yup, Bernier had a solid season with a good defensive squad in Anaheim. The sad thing is that Bernier is a competent goalie but he can't do much if his defense is junk.
  2. +1 Thanks for the info. We hardly sec players like Megna develop within the Ducks org. He could become a solid 6th defenseman in Anaheim in the mold of Manson or Ruslan Salei.
  3. I want LV to take Vatanen. I like Vatanen but he's undersized and prone to getting pushed around either in the corners or the crease. At some point, I see Vatanen's contract turning into poison because he hasn't really proven himself as a top four d-man even though he's getting paid like one. I like Vatanen's heart which makes me sad that he's at risk of getting picked and losing him for nothing. Murray should go with the defensive tandem of Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, and Montour. I know Montour is still young but I think he will progress next season and we'll have Bieksa and we'll have plenty of prospects trying to make it to the NHL like Larsson, Theodore, and Welinski. At this point go with younger players that are cheaper and have bigger size than Vatanen.
  4. Extremely happy with Kunitz and I was very upset with Murray when he pulled that trigger on Kunitz but I was really hoping Whitney would round out our top 4 when Pronger left.
  5. Totally agree. Yeah, I hate to admit it but you're right. That side to side speed is just wickedly good though.
  6. Does Gibson need a new one? I thought he just needed to work out more so that he doesn't over stretch it. If Gibson trains on his positioning, he'll swim a lot less in the crease and dominate the NHL. Problem is, that Gibby depends too much on that athleticism of his.
  7. Very tragic how it all played out for Depres. The NHL needs to take headshots more seriously in order to prevent this type of situation again. I'm sure Murray wanted to keep Depres but it would've prevented Depres from getting more in compensation.
  8. Wasn't there a report that Perry was injured the entire year? If that's true, then with the current off-season he should have more than enough time to rest and heal whatever injury he has.
  9. I hope so too, problem is that there is no team that can protect Vatanen after the trade. I hope we hear about a trade coming soon because Anaheim is just going to lose a lot more if we trade a prospect like Theo over a player like Vatanen. I see more potential in Theo even though he had a bad playoff experience. Montour is really coming to his own and would love to see him develop even further.
  10. I don't think I can trust that rumor anymore. Last time it sounded the same, 6 teams interested but nothing got done. One of the teams was TB and they traded the only asset that Anaheim had any interest in. Plus the offers that have been suggested are players that would be exposed also. If I had to choose between Eaves and Thompson, it's Eaves all the way. Thompson is replaceable and since the last playoffs you can see Wagner ready to take some of those 4th line minutes from Thompson.
  11. My first theory is that Murray is leaving Vatanen exposed on purpose so that Vegas take him and use that money to sign Fowler and possibly give us tagging room to sign another prospect or UFA (Eaves)? Several NHL sources are reporting that Eaves and Murray are negotiating but nothing can be signed until after the expansion draft.
  12. Vatanen has the most value and would fetch the most, so placing him on the trading block isn't that out of the realm of reality. Murray probably wants to go with Fowler, Lindholm, and Montour/Vatanen as the core defensive group. We are losing a forward to Vegas and we need to shore up out top six and the only way for that to happen is through subtracting from the back-end.
  13. I think we see either Montour, Theodore, or Vatanen traded for a top six forward. The Kesler/Cogliano/Silfverberg line needs to be to be our 3rd line. We have some good prospects that won't be ready for another 2-4 years. Ducks will lose Silf, Cogs, or Manson to the expansion draft. So Murray will need to be aggressive this off-season.
  14. One bad season and you want to trade Perry? I know the guy is struggling right now but unless he's unhappy in Anaheim, it's best that we keep him when he comes back with a vengeance.
  15. Oh, I am loving this bit of news. This is a mediocre roster and it got mediocre results, don't know why anyone thought they were going to make it to the playoffs.