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  1. I'm glad that BB is finding success in Minny once again. I think the real test for him will be how he takes this team to the next level in the playoffs.
  2. Remember that a player's salary goes down as time progresses (pro-rated) so by the trade deadline even though Thompson is making $1.6 Million a year his remaining salary could be around $600k. Right now due to LTIR, Anaheim has about $895K in relief not in deficit that they can use to call up players or sign/trade for a new player. The trade deadline isn't the end of the season but a freeze on what players you can acquire or trade away. Teams still have to remain under the salary cap until the last day of the season. Once the playoffs start that's when teams can activate any player on LTIR and theoretically go over the cap. Players don't get paid during the playoffs. 2-way contracts from ELC's won't count towards the salary cap if they are playing in the minors. Salary only counts if the player is on the 23 player roster. During Bobby Ryan's rookie year Murray constantly sent him down to the ECHL for off days so that his cap hit didn't count against the Ducks which ended up giving Murray more room by the deadline.
  3. Great news! This is a great contract.
  4. I like that Murray is not budging on Lindholm. Anaheim is a small market team and we need to make sure that RFA players we sign are the type that want to play here for a certain price. I acknowledge that Murray mismanaged contracts but ultimately he was able to get Vatanen an important RFA signed. There's only three teams with enough cap space and draft picks to do a crazy RFA ($7Mill and up) offer that Murray would be hesitant to match on Lindholm. As Duxrool mentioned, we might be over valuing Lindholm and if we are then maybe Murray does have the correct value in his head while we panic. If Larsson begins to show promise like Lindholm did when he started out, it could make Lindholm expendable. Let's not forget that we still have several defensemen in the AHL ready to jump to the NHL.
  5. I agree but they won't be pretty games that's for sure. We'll probably see the Ducks struggle in the beginning of the road trip and then slowly work themselves up but it also depends on how well RC manages the lines because I don't see too much offense coming from our bottom six.
  6. I wonder if this trade from Chiarelli is trying to show that Edmonton better take the next step or else more moves start to happen.
  7. Oh I see what you're saying now. In that case you are right that bridge deals could hurt us down the line if Raks improves and turns into a top 6 forward.
  8. Right now Anaheim has Rakell's RFA rights while Beleskey was an UFA when he left. So if Rakell leaves it's through a trade.
  9. Anaheim can't call him up Moose, Laganiere signed an AHL contract which means he can only play in the AHL. Anaheim would have to sign Laganiere to an NHL contract.
  10. I didn't think about those issue coming into the season. If anything I was looking forward to RC's conditioning camp because Teemu, Perry, Beauchemin, and Getzlaf have stated that it's RC's conditioning that took them to the next level. Hell I would even argue that when RC was fired Fowler lost some of his confidence and didn't get it back until much later when he rounded himself out into a 2-way defender. My main concerns are balancing out the speed and grit that we seem to have. There's going to be too much grit in one line and too much speed in another. Will RC change up lines like BB did to balance out scoring or will he stick to what he sees as an effective formula between Getz-Perry and Kesler-Silfverberg. Are we really going to roll 8 defensemen in our roster? Which prospects will stay up? Which will contribute because I see some that could potentially steal spots? As far as how they will play at worlds vs all-star, I think it will be a more intense but not by much. International hockey has bigger rinks which allows players to not fight as tough for that position and instead try to maneuver around them.
  11. I remember a year when Getzlaf played in the Winter Olympics with a broken ankle. Ducks placed Getz on IR a week afterwards so that he could heal. Most players don't go all out on the physicality because there's so much more space for them to move around unlike in the NHL. If we lose both Getzlaf and Kesler to injuries I think it would be devastating because those are players you can't replace with one or even two players in our system.
  12. Oh this is going to get ugly by August for Lindholm. I can see Murray desperately trying to sign him to a bridge deal just to make him sign.
  13. Dylan McIlrath? If it is him, I see his upside like Stoner: Good third pairing d-man that can get out skated by faster and more skilled forwards if left exposed.
  14. Wasn't it a rule from the Kings when we were granted the expansion that we couldn't have Saturday home game? I remember there were a ton of ridiculous regulations against us that were placed by LA ownership.
  15. Whoa that kid looks built.