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  1. If they happen to win, then we can beat them. But I will never root for them to win.
  2. They already are. Looking at Twitter, they are going nuts. After the Cogs suspension, they almost had to suspend Doughty or look horribly biased. Kind of good payback for all the Kings fans (and Jim Fox) demanding the Cogs suspension.
  3. Never, ever root for the Kings.
  4. Truth be told, glad the Ducks didn’t make a splash today. Don’t see any rental making a difference this year, so why mortgage assets. Would still like to see Carlyle go however.
  5. Seriously? Fowler is going nowhere, and if the Ducks dangled him, there would be 30 teams lining up to get him.
  6. You don’t have to be equivalent of the Nazis to be a hate group. If that were the standard, there would be very few hate groups. Go back and look at my posts in this thread. I never said they were the same or equivalent . In fact, I said just they were not.
  7. Since you don’t think it is debatable that the Black Panthers were a hate group, then I won’t debate it. I am old enough to remember their antics firsthand. They were a hate group in my mind, and apparently in the mind of the other poster. I stand by my comment that you were wrong to tell the other poster they have no idea what they are talking about.
  8. They should do a pregame ceremony before the Kings game Friday honoring Cogs. Invite Jim Fox onto the ice for the ceremony.
  9. Not arguing that point. I personally will always see a raised fist and associate the Black Panthers. My point was that a poster said the raised fist was a symbol of a hate group in the 70s, and then Fisix told that poster they really, really didn’t know what they were talking about, when in fact, the raised fist was a symbol of the Black Panthers in the 70s, which many people consider a hate group.
  10. While I would not say it is an exact equivalent, you should really do some research before you tell someone they have really, really no idea what they are talking about. The raised fist was a symbol of the Black Panther Party. I personally think they were a hate group. Others may disagree. But it is certainly debatable. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Panther_Party
  11. Also, if he hadn’t protested, how many of us here would have any clue who he was before the Ducks claimed him? I know I don’t know many borderline fourth liners on Eastern Conference teams. I can’t believe he didn’t do this in part to get publicity.
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