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  1. You don’t have to be equivalent of the Nazis to be a hate group. If that were the standard, there would be very few hate groups. Go back and look at my posts in this thread. I never said they were the same or equivalent . In fact, I said just they were not.
  2. Since you don’t think it is debatable that the Black Panthers were a hate group, then I won’t debate it. I am old enough to remember their antics firsthand. They were a hate group in my mind, and apparently in the mind of the other poster. I stand by my comment that you were wrong to tell the other poster they have no idea what they are talking about.
  3. They should do a pregame ceremony before the Kings game Friday honoring Cogs. Invite Jim Fox onto the ice for the ceremony.
  4. Not arguing that point. I personally will always see a raised fist and associate the Black Panthers. My point was that a poster said the raised fist was a symbol of a hate group in the 70s, and then Fisix told that poster they really, really didn’t know what they were talking about, when in fact, the raised fist was a symbol of the Black Panthers in the 70s, which many people consider a hate group.
  5. While I would not say it is an exact equivalent, you should really do some research before you tell someone they have really, really no idea what they are talking about. The raised fist was a symbol of the Black Panther Party. I personally think they were a hate group. Others may disagree. But it is certainly debatable.
  6. As I just posted, I disagree.
  7. Also, if he hadn’t protested, how many of us here would have any clue who he was before the Ducks claimed him? I know I don’t know many borderline fourth liners on Eastern Conference teams. I can’t believe he didn’t do this in part to get publicity.
  8. No, I am holding him accountable for his actions. The very first thing he did was to protest the anthem, knowing it would cause a lot of attention. He could have easily just released the statement and started to do productive things without protesting during the anthem, but that would not of gotten him the big spotlight he wanted. I question his initial motives.
  9. The entire anthem protest was started as a BLM thing. The very first line of his statement indicates he is protesting police brutality. He choose to associate with them, and thus, I will group him in with that group.
  10. I hesitated to use the Nazi example, fearing you would think I am comparing JT to the Nazis. I am not. I was using them as an easy example of a group practically everyone would be against to show how protesting can be legal but still have consequences. In short, you approve of JT’s message, so you support him. I do not. I think BLM is a hate group. Police have died because of their antics. Also, I don’t think protesting on the job is appropriate. I do not pay money to attend a hockey game to watch somebody protest. I do agree it is difficult to have constructive conversations on these types of forums. Nuances can easily be lost. I am glad to see people can discuss it in this thread without resorting to personal attacks, which puts us miles ahead of most of the internet. I appreciate your point of view, I just disagree with it.
  11. Why do people constantly conflate these issues? The rights I served to protect are in the First Amendment. The right to protest without Congress (I.e., the government) punishing him. He has those rights. That does not mean his protest can’t have consequences. Anyone who is not the government can react to his protest. That means the NHL could do something, the Lightning could have cut him, a team like the Ducks could refuse to claim him off waivers, and I can be disappointed if they do claim him. My service also protected the rights of Nazis and white supremacists to protest. It doesn’t mean I can’t condem them as well. The fist raise during the anthem has a long history, associated with Black Power, going back to the 60s. How would you feel if a member of the Ducks gave the Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute during the anthem? I am guessing you wouldn’t be defending that person I am glad he only did the fist raise once, and seems to be doing something constructive now. But please don’t try and tell me that just because he has the right to do something doesn’t mean I can’t judge him by his actions.
  12. This. Fist in the air has meaning. He choose to use that symbol.
  13. As someone pointed out on Twitter, Parros owns the “Violent Gentlemen” hockey clothing brand. The Ducks should immediately stop selling it in the Team Store.
  14. Anyone know the appeal process? Can Cogs continue to play during any appeal?
  15. Hopefully the Ducks never invite Parros to the Honda Center again. This is an absurd decision. No history in 10 years, and they end the streak for this? Disgusting.