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  1. Like Kase and Rakell? Who has he ruined in a horrible way? I don't like RC much these days, but this schtick is getting old.
  2. Love this.. Perfect opp for them to play 35 games and make rookie mistakes w/o worrying about making the playoffs
  3. username checks out
  4. you're late on this
  5. you're the first then. congrats
  6. what, we can't hear you.
  7. https://www.hascarlylebeenfired.com/?fbclid=IwAR1aWxCcepCLHWOz0y6E4_2FlVbIIToraT1Dj1Uamt5gdirl-SgQwSakTG8
  8. Roenick and Milbury were saying yesterday its the kiss of death
  9. ok, I'm going to say they use to be. I remember the days when the post game interview were at the national sports grill, and I was told that the players rotated during the season.
  10. that's all good, but rarely is this stuff part of a trade criteria.
  11. The after game interviews are set in advance for sure. The players are rotated. So Cogs was probably already set before the game even started and I doubt Frenchy knew anything about the trade. I was thinking more in game between periods when I posted. Frenchy usually sets those up based on who has done well.
  12. She's not going anywhere... He has a 50% chance of being on the road
  13. I think Silf will be playing with Getz and Rakell tonight. He's played with Getz a little bit lately.
  14. this is quite a reach in several ways... 1) Don't know exactly when the trade was finalized. It could have easily been that morning. Many trades are finalized after games and announced right then. The "team" does not send out a player to be interviewed. Frenchy sets those up. I doubt he knew anything. 2) Players are on the road 50% of the time. It sucks that there is a month to go, but this opportunity most likely would not be there in a month. Teams and criteria change on a daily basis. A lot of this trade was the STARS NEED for a vet presence in the locker room. Ducks wanted to get younger and reduce payroll. Boom, it gets done Cogs for sure left out Murrays name on purpose IMO. First thing I noticed also when they posted Cogs first announcement. I doubt Cogs is happy about the way the streak ended and handled. I personally think after all the referee crap we go through, the Ducks have a policy of no comment, as they don't want to pay the costly fines. Disclaimer: I have a good friend that is a baseball player agent. We've spent dozens of hours talking about what goes on behind the scenes. He signed Kinsler to his first $22mil deal. I have also been to the Baseball Winter meetings twice. I've listened to several GM's discuss trades there. They can be very complicated talks, or they can be agreed to on a whim. The GM's constantly check in with each other and each has a small group he's made friends with that they call constantly. That's why you see certain teams trade with each other alot. My take on this trade is that it was reported that they had been talking about a week about a few players. Dallas Coach went off on TV about his players, deal gets done to light the asses of all the players on both teams, and the Ducks get younger and less $$.