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  1. FYP. LOL at everyone bitching about bad deals here all the time and then today comes and they want to see more bad deals
  2. Today is NHL stupid day of the year. It's a good thing we rarely participate.
  3. I'll have an egg-on-my-face sammich to go please.
  4. It's possible he could be. His stats declined big time even before he got hurt.
  5. Sorry, but Caps last year won 6 their last 7, last year in the playoffs vs TB and LV when they dramatically stepped up their defensive game.
  6. 1) no, but if they pick the Avs again, they do that pick over. That happened last year when Buffalo was picked twice in a row 2) the 4-ball combos are all randomly determined and assigned to a team based on their odds. Everyone has a copy of the combos before they start the machine. Each ball is numbered from 1-14. This creates 1,001 combinations. One combo is randomly selected to not be assigned to any team. 3) 13. no
  7. NHL really frowns on tanking. #1 OTT has a 50% chance of getting #4 #4 ANA has a 60% chance of getting #5 or #6.
  8. http://www.tankathon.com/nhl/pick_odds
  9. any team that does not make the playoffs has a lottery spot.
  10. "Montour fans on the play." Yet another 2-1 he's responsible for on Phil goal #4
  11. more from my friend, MINN STH... so watching Fenton's comments after these deals, they seem to be contradicting and he doesn't have a clear plan that reflects what he's doing. after acquiring Rask he says he puts a premium on centers and then turns around and moves two guys who can play center for wingers, which he put a premium on. said yesterday they are too old and slow yet he hasn't moved anyone over the age of 27 (other than Hendricks for a 7th which was his best deal to date!) and has had two deals rumored in place for Zucker (ARI before season and CGY yesterday) who is the fastest player on the team...and again relatively young. says this is not a rebuild and these moves are for now, despite clearly moving backwards with these deals. sure Donato and especially Fiala might be great, but they clearly aren't there yet. the Staal contract meshes with not being a rebuild but if you want the definition of old and slow, Staal would be it (obviously has other redeeming qualities). another good, cheap deal but if there is another no trade on it they again aren't going to be able to move him easily when they inevitably are not in a good playoff position the next two years. worst of all he said Rask is a goal scorer with upside and the guy seems to fall in love with his opinions on players so Fiala is obviously cursed now.
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