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  1. I'll be dead in 90 years.
  2. Come on. No one said that ever.
  3. The return is keeping Vats and Manson and getting cap space for Stoner.
  4. The Montreal Canadiens have acquired Jonathan Drouin and a 2018 sixth-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Mikhail Sergachev and a conditional 2018 second-round selection.
  5. Our defense is better, but the end of game constant failures was on Freddy IMO.
  6. I heavily doubt they would ever want to take Bieksa. Too old and too much $$ and not that good. They have the leverage though, and I could see us giving up as high as a 3rd to get this done, because it is worth it to give up a third to keep all the forwards.
  7. This is simply not true. He was pulled five times. Your comment is very Forsberg-ish with the embellishment I had both Freddy and Gibby on my fantasy team this year and watched about 55 TOR games and 80 ANA games. Both are very good, and both have their own issues. Anderson had a nice run from about Game 15 to 35 during the season. Before and after that, he was wildly inconsistent and in many games, blew a lead and then the game in the last 10 minutes and OT. Gibson was far more consistent.
  8. Murray is going to get it done here. I think Bieksa will waive and he'll give up a 5th/6th to LV not to pick him. And then trade Vats and possibly something for a top 6 forward. And we lose Vermette.
  9. Fisher might be out also. That's their only two decent C's.
  10. Pretty sure Forsberg plays wing.
  11. Only place I found them was on the Ducks facebook page on the "Videos" link.
  12. 16 - Wild Wing 15 - Guy Hebert 14 - Kent Huskins 13 - Jason. I think it's Marshall, but video just says Jason. 12 - Bryan Allen 11 - Salei Family 10 - Jeff Friesen 9 - Kai Quinonez and Paul Kariya 8 - Teemu Selanne 7 - Steve Rucchin
  13. Because of your screen name. You have respect for Kariya, but not Kesler. And now you are using Johansen quotes to fight back. Have you no respect for the Ducks?
  14. will do gotchabani #lovethatyogurt
  15. When people post, they should really try to spell the name correctly. LOL