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  1. don't remember the link, but for the Ducks to send him down, they had to put him on waivers first.
  2. I read that he had to pass through waivers. Ducks had no choice.
  3. last year, 4th liners rarely played more than 10 minutes.
  4. 2-2. They must have opened up practice.
  5. Really faulty logic. The Ducks need scoring as bad as anyone. They make trades because it fits a need that is greater than the gap left behind. We have a lot of decent your F's. Canes have a lot of decent D men. That's how trades are made for the most part in the NHL. You keep saying this, but it's likely the player the Canes want in return, than the Ducks choosing which player to give up. And he's still not 100%. I trade him for Faulk in a heart beat and Kase is my favorite player on the team.
  6. good catch there. Same difference though. Whitney had 50 goals in 11 years.
  7. Faulk has 67 goals in the last 5 years. Kase might be my favorite Duck, but we have plenty of young players to replace him. This isn't Kunitz trade. Kunitz didn't have concussion issues and Wiz had 53 goals in 11 years.
  8. Link to where someone on the Ducks said they don't want him please? Only thing I've seen is that Carolina wants him.
  9. FYP. LOL at everyone bitching about bad deals here all the time and then today comes and they want to see more bad deals
  10. Today is NHL stupid day of the year. It's a good thing we rarely participate.
  11. I'll have an egg-on-my-face sammich to go please.
  12. It's possible he could be. His stats declined big time even before he got hurt.
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