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  1. I support them thinking about this kind of thing, but I feel like what will happen is that once a player gets a slashing call, the ref will now not call anything but really egregious slashing on that player to avoid the greater penalty (similar to how we see refs swallow whistles late in games).
  2. If Bieksa wasn't a thing, I would be behind this. I supported the Ducks letting Beauch go for a supposedly better player, but that player turned out to be Bieksa. As it is, though, the Ducks don't have room on the blueline for Beauch. Without Bieksa, I'd put him alongside Larsson.
  3. I don't particularly hate the Rangers, but it's fun to look at the draft list and just laugh at them. They have been really, really bad at drafting over the years. https://www.hockey-reference.com/draft/NHL_2003_entry.html
  4. I go by the theory that you don't need a shutdown line if you're scoring a huge amount of goals. Plus Rucchin and Kesler were both solid in their own end. I know Rucchin was considered the third wheel in between Kariya and Selanne, but he was legitimately good in his own right and played a lot of games for the Ducks. Other than the one season, Pahlsson was strictly a defense guy. I made him my extra forward in case you really need a shutdown center for a particular matchup, but all else equal, I lean toward favoring the offense.
  5. My version of the team: Forwards: Kariya - McDonald - Selanne Ryan - Getzlaf - Perry Kunitz - Rucchin - Silfverberg Cogliano - Kesler - Cullen Extra: Pahlsson Thoughts: The Ducks really don't have any standout wingers once you get past Kunitz and, arguably, Silf. I put Cogliano in there because he's awesome and is fine as a 4th liner. And I cheated and put Cullen on the wing on that line. It was tough to leave Saku Koivu off the team, but he was at the tail end of his career when he was with the Ducks. Defense: Niedermayer - Beauchemin Fowler - Pronger Tverdovsky - Salei Extra: Lindholm Thoughts: The Ducks really haven't had any standouts as pure right defensemen. It was hard to leave Vatanen off the team (it was basically a toss up between him and Lindholm), but these are the guys who have done the most for the Ducks. Give Vatanen a few more years and great seasons and he'll replace Tverdovsky in the lineup. Goalies: Giguere Hebert Thoughts: Choosing between Hebert and Hiller might have been the toughest call. Hiller was undoubtedly better at his best, but Hebert was more consistent. Fair or not, Hiller's vertigo issues his last couple seasons really brought his value down.
  6. You don't buy it? That's quite a conspiracy theory. An MCL injury can usually be played through with limitations while taking the time or having surgery would put him out for months. Given how Perry was skating, it doesn't seem outlandish to me at all. And it certainly seems more likely than the team flat lying.
  7. I can't fathom him playing anywhere but Nashville with his family situation. Otherwise, he would definitely be a 3rd line center upgrade.
  8. I'm not much of one for aesthetics. As long as the uniforms aren't egregiously ugly (see Predators, Nashville), I don't really care much about the uniforms (although I like teams to stick to a color scheme). And the numbers on the back of the jerseys are just numbers. I enjoy it when a particular number becomes indelibly linked to a particular player, like the #8 and Selanne, but I would have felt that way no matter what number Selanne had picked. I just don't get why it bothers people that Lindholm wears 47. It's no different than 8 from any meaningful standpoint. But I guess it's the offseason and there's not really anything else to talk about.
  9. Why does anyone care what numbers players have? It's just a number on a jersey so we can attribute statistics to the correct players. It means literally nothing beyond that. If you like Rakell, get a Rakell jersey. Who cares that the number on it is 67? I really am baffled by this.
  10. If my employer denied me the opportunity to do something meaningful for myself and my country and my profession, I'd do it anyway. And I'd expect them to suspend me or fire me. But that's not an employer I'd want to work for. The NHL CAN do what they're doing, but they're stupid for doing it. I hope players spite the league and go to the Olympics anyway. It's ridiculous that the league denied them from doing so in the first place.
  11. That came out very shortly after the end of the season as part of the exit interview process and GM reports.
  12. I had one of those on nitro at the brewery itself in the Phoenix area. Very good beer. Pilseners are fantastic for the heat, but if you want an IPA, go for a white IPA. Lighter and more floral than a standard IPA, but you get a decent hop profile. My friend and I recently homebrewed a white IPA and it turned out really well. It works for a hot summer day. If you're looking for a solid, easy-to-find offering, Chainbreaker by Deschutes is a great option. If I'm picking up a six pack of something during the hottest days of summer, that's my choice.
  13. You obviously have a lot more knowledge in this area than I do, but here's what I know (and when I say "know" I mean my understanding based on reading in various places, including the NHL website). I very well could be wrong on some of this stuff and would happily take correction from someone who knows more about it. I live in Anaheim. If I cut cable, I wouldn't have access to Fox Sports West/Fox Prime, which show Ducks games locally. I'm looking into some other services that might carry things like that but are cheaper than cable (e.g. Sling TV). But if those aren't an option, I'd have to get NHL Center Ice. I believe NHL Center Ice tracks you based on the area you're logging in from. I think it used to be based on billing address but it no longer is. I do think you can get around that with a VPN that's located somewhere out of the region, but I know that's against the terms of use, and if they catch you, they can terminate your subscription. How they would catch me, I don't know, but I feel like I've read comments here and there about people who have been caught, so it's theoretically possible. Maybe that's wrong and using a VPN would be almost foolproof in allowing me to watch Ducks games in Anaheim on NHL Center Ice. If so, I'd definitely look into that, although with my lack of technical expertise, I'd probably screw it up somehow.
  14. Yeah, Jones probably has a better chance to make the team because of his size and position. Unfortunately, the Ducks are thin at center, not wing. I hate that Rakell is probably going to have to be moved back to center for the team to have the depth it really needs.
  15. Maybe "illegal" is the wrong word, but it's certainly against the terms of use of NHL Center Ice. I don't know if there are any consequences for getting caught other than taking your money and shutting off your subscription, but I don't know that I want to deal with them.