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  1. You can't throw risk out of the equation, though. That's inherent in the value of any draft pick. Do you go with the safe, low-ceiling player? Or the potential star who has a higher chance of failure? Or someone in between those extremes? Russian players have a bit higher element of risk because of the Russian league. So for a guy like Murray, who is clearly risk averse, the Russian player might drop in value due to that risk. Sure, he could be great. Or he could stay in Russia and be great there and the Ducks wasted a draft pick.
  2. This. You can be a hardcase coach and have a successful hockey strategy. It's when you're a hardcase AND your system sucks that players tune you out.
  3. I saw that, but last I saw Hoffman is (of course) denying it completely. Has it been confirmed that it's true other than Karlsson's wife's accusations?
  4. I honestly don't know how it works, but I know that when Pk Subban waived his NTC to go to the Preds, the clause did NOT persist after the trade. Nashville can trade him without his permission.
  5. DSP was clearly asked by a DC area reporter and he gave his honest answer. I applaud him for that. He wasn't offering this opinion unsolicited and he didn't "fall for the bait." He was asked a question and answered it. You can disagree with his opinion on visiting the White House, but his reasoning behind it is factual. The main problem I have is the jinx factor. It seems sketchy to talk about what you're going to do when you win if you haven't won anything yet.
  6. Vegas was very clearly given an advantage over every other expansion team ever. I don't think anyone's denying that. But Vegas also paid through the gills to get that advantage, and the owners happily took their money to give it to them. I hate them as well, but mostly because they remind me every time they win what a smart team can do with a cohesive team-building strategy and a coach who knows what he's doing. They anger me because they're fun to watch, and there's no reason the Ducks can't also be fun to watch with a coach who doesn't suck the life out of hockey games.
  7. I really enjoyed the movie, but the book is even better, especially if you're at all familiar with the financial industry.
  8. The book is very good, and I would think if you're a sports fan and you like good writing, you can get into it. I'd recommend every Michael Lewis book I've read ("The Big Short", "Moneyball", "The Blind Side", "Liar's Poker"). However, I will say that I've also seen the movies made out of three of those books, and the movies do a fair job of representing the books. I still think it's worth it to read, but that's just my two cents.
  9. It's a play off of "Moneyball," the Michael Lewis book about how Billy Beane, the Oakland A's GM, found a severely undervalued skill in MLB (getting on base via walk) and tried to exploit it to the benefit of the team while maintaining a relatively low payroll. The book is basically about one GM bucking all of the old school, well-ingrained methods of scouting and evaluating baseball players and using data to determine who will succeed. Without knowing the inner workings of the Vegas front office, this is a pretty analogous situation. It takes a lot of standard tropes about how to build a hockey team and how to play and turns those on their heads by using a limited amount of resources to succeed by doing things differently.
  10. What about the cost of a pylon, though?
  11. They've gotten this far by having a coach who knows how to use the talent he's given in the most effective way possible. I would love to have one of those.
  12. Our coach was gifted 4 competent lines, including a great first line, and a much better defense than Vegas and blew it. If you think Vegas has more talent on their roster than the Ducks, I don't know what to tell you.
  13. I'm definitely rooting for the Lightning, but I wouldn't be upset to see Ovechkin get a Cup. He deserves one.
  14. I would love to see the Jets win this one. I think the Jets are a lot of fun and I'm still bitter about Vegas. However, if Vegas wins, maybe it will be one more piece of evidence that our coach has to go.
  15. No, I didn't, but that ticks me off even more. There's no way they should be winning with this roster. Despite the league giving them a ton of advantages, they still only had mediocre talent. But they win because they took certain kinds of players and play in a fantastically built system. There's no reason the Ducks couldn't do something like that other than their coach insists on sticking to a style of play from 1998. It's frustrating.