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  1. I'd MUCH rather have Miller on a low dollar short-term deal. Niemi should bounce back somewhat from his Dallas stint, but there's a chance that he's been ruined by the last two seasons, while Miller has still been solid on terrible Vancouver teams.
  2. proposal

    Miller is the ideal backup, and if he can be had for $1 million plus bonuses, I'm good with that.
  3. I have no idea what you mean here. Lending players is not a thing in the NHL, except the informal kind like the Coyotes do where they trade pending UFAs and then re-sign them in the offseason. But those are not in writing.
  4. Many have. But not all. Just as I'm sure there are Packers fans who haven't gotten over Favre's departure.
  5. I mean, I can not like the guy for how he left, but Kariya was EVERYTHING to the franchise until Selanne showed up (and everything afterwards until his departure). And he was more important than Giguere during that 02-03 season, even if Giguere was the guy who had a better playoffs.
  6. When it comes to retiring numbers, my general philosophy is that less is more. Basically, only Hall of Fame players or players who were synonymous with the franchise should have their numbers retired. Kariya meets the first criteria, although the way he departed and has stayed away are still factors. I expect that the HOF induction will overcome the latter, though, and the Ducks will look to retire his jersey soon. Giguere just doesn't quite make it for me. He was a great Duck, but he wasn't a historically significant hockey player. Had he played his entire career with the Ducks, or close to it, then maybe you consider retiring the number. I tend to prefer small Hall of Fames and few numbers retired. I think those things should mean a lot, and they get diluted when you let too many into the club.,
  7. Totally different scenarios. The Ducks traded Selanne away.
  8. Subjectively speaking, I'm still not Paul's biggest fan. I don't actively think about it, but the way he left still rankles a bit when it comes up. Objectively speaking, I didn't think his career was quite long enough to warrant HOF induction, but he's borderline. Good for him that the league elected him, and it is great that he gets to go in with Teemu. Although I'm still not supportive of his number being retired, this makes it more likely that it will be, and I won't raise a fuss. It seems that a lot of Duck fans want it.
  9. By a loanout, do you mean a situation where Vegas trades him to us this summer and then they re-sign him when he becomes a UFA next summer? Because that's the only way something like that could work. It isn't any sort of official loan where the Ducks have an obligation to send him back or Perron has an obligation to re-sign. There aren't any loans in the NHL. When a guy is traded, he's traded.
  10. Probably, although a decent 3C would go a long way toward improving the offense. Rakell - Getzlaf - Eaves Cogliano - Kesler - Silfverberg Ritchie/Kase - Bonino - Perry I like those forward lines to be in the top half of the league in scoring.
  11. I agree with all of that. Mostly I'm noting that I doubt the Ducks will go after a top 6 forward the remainder of the offseason after signing Eaves.
  12. The scoring issues up front have already been addressed, as it were, with Eaves. If the Ducks can't afford Bonino (and you're probably right that they can't), they can't afford another wing without trading Vatanen or Fowler. And with the injuries they have on the blueline, plus the departure of Stoner, Theodore, and Despres, they don't have the depth on the back end that they did a few weeks ago. I don't see them trading any more defense at this point, unless they're looking to get another back in return.
  13. They'll all be signed on two-way or AHL deals and won't affect the NHL cap. I wouldn't be surprised if Etem is let go entirely.
  14. Yep. But that's been true for several years and it hasn't affected the team yet. Holzer is pretty fungible; if someone claims him, you go find another Holzer. But I doubt he would get claimed. Yeah, $900k is a bit much, but only by $100k or so. Right now, the team's defense is: Lindholm - Montour Fowler - Manson Bieksa - Vatanen Holzer Larsson will be needed at the beginning of the season and can be sent down to the AHL if necessary. The Ducks will probably also need Megna at the beginning of the season if Lindholm isn't ready. If Larsson plays out of his mind and the Ducks keep him up, you either run with 8 d-men on the active roster or send Holzer down and live with the consequences if he gets claimed. It's no big deal either way.
  15. Great as a 7th/8th d-man.