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  1. Such a freaking joke.
  2. If it's an embellishment, it's not much of one. They don't miss Carlyle one bit in Toronto.
  3. This is definitely true. I was flabbergasted when we rehired him, as were many others.
  4. I don't think Kempe deserves any extra ire. He was interfered with and didn't take a dive (in my opinion). Doughty definitely deserves the business as well as Tanner Pearson who caught Henrique with a deliberate elbow to the face.
  5. I beg to differ, but okay. Certainly the players have off nights (Getzlaf seems to be in a bit of slump the last few games), but Carlyle's systems and playing time allocations are bad.
  6. To be fair, I'd rather play Boll two minutes a game than Blandisi. The problem there lies with our coach who rides his top lines like rented mules, so that even when the team actually has decent depth (a Blandisi/Roy - Vermette - Wagner line as the 4th line), he would only play it 8 minutes per night. It would be a waste of Blandisi's time and development to get the minutes Carlyle would give him. Ugh. I'd like a new coach.
  7. Based on Parros' comments (or lack thereof in some cases) this reeks of, "I don't want to look biased because he was a former teammate and I don't want to look like I'm taking the iron man streak into account when making my decision. And I can't give him one game because if he lost his streak for a one game suspension, that would be REALLY rough, so I'll give him two." But hey, at least that's an actual thought process rather than just spinning the wheel o' suspensions or letting a monkey throw darts, which is how this normally works.
  8. Oh come on, Parros, this is garbage based on the video evidence and you know it. EVERY route taken is unnecessary, so that word is meaningless in that sentence. He took the route he was taking to get body position on Kempe. Yes, he should have altered his route so as not to make so much contact, which is why the interference call was correct. But the point of the route and his body position was not "to deliver a high hit" and the contact with Kempe's head came because he changed position, not Cogliano. What a joke. At least Mark Giordano got justice. We wouldn't want him unfairly punished for delivering high hits and ruining knees.
  9. Why not both? I think it's meaningful to both the league and Cogliano to show him direct support. And I think that indirectly criticizes the league. But if people want to do a direct attack against the league, do that too. There's no reason the fans can only do one or the other.
  10. I think it would be pretty easy to start a "We want Cogs!" chant and get everyone going with that.
  11. If you're conflating what Brown did with the Nazis, then I don't know that I'm the one who's misconstruing the situation. If Nazis were doing a "Heil Hitler" during the National Anthem, I'd be criticizing them right along with you, because I don't support hate groups. JT Brown is not supporting a hate group. Here's my take on it and then I'll shut up about it, because it's difficult to have a constructive conversation in these types of fora: Brown is peacefully trying to raise awareness about a matter of injustice through his status as a public figure. He's not advocating hate or violence like those groups you cited, and he documented the reasoning behind his actions so no one would misconstrue them. The anthem and flag are symbols. They don't have feelings, so they can't be disrespected. They represent freedom for all people who call the United States their home country, and many have given their lives to ensure that freedom persists. It seems completely appropriate to me then that if those freedoms are being abused for a group of people, that the flag and the anthem are focal points of protest. In short, it's peaceful, it's meaningful, it's in the service of promoting justice, and it's certainly not intended to disrespect any veterans. I have no issues with it.
  12. I appreciate your service. These are the rights you served for - the right to raise awareness and fight against injustice.
  13. Maybe just stick him TO Nick Ritchie. Just let Roy do all the stickhandling and decision making.
  14. I'm fortunate in that I cut cable but my parents still have DirecTV. So I put the FoxSportsGo app on my Firestick (this also works by going to Foxsportsgo.com on a laptop) and use my parents' log-in. If you know someone with cable, you can do this.
  15. Ritchie has, arguably, the biggest body on the team. Yet he rarely scores dirty, front-of-the-net goals, and he rarely uses his body to shield defenders from the puck. I feel like he could be a force if he ever figured out how to use his frame to keep guys from stick-checking the puck away or to post up on the far side of the crease for dirty goals.