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  1. I also think it sucks that Boston swept, but apparently not for the same reasons you do.
  2. I would much rather go with Lambert than Eakins. That's not to say it will be a guaranteed success, but I think it's more likely to succeed based on Lambert's history versus Eakins'.
  3. Jim Fox is, and always will be, the worst. But I can't stand trolls of any sort, so being self-aware doesn't make it any better. It makes it worse. If Edwards came by it honestly (just a super homer), he'd still be awful, but at least it would be awful with integrity. Putting on an act to tick people off gains him zero respect from me.
  4. Kesler's done. It was a good career. I wish more of it could have been with the Ducks, but oh well. He gave it everything he had.
  5. Woof...Obviously, I pick the meteor with my first choice. But if I'm forced to choose? I guess I pick the Sharks. Erik Karlsson is cool and he isn't fully saturated with the Shark stink yet. It's more rooting against Marchand than anything else. I also don't want to see any Boston fans any smugger than they already are.
  6. Screw the Bruins and the Sharks. This is about to be an unwatchable Cup Final.
  7. Of course it's not provable. It's something that didn't actually happen. But I am anyone and I am certain that Vegas still wins that game if they don't give up four power play goals on the same power play.
  8. Sure, Vegas could have done other things differently and won the series despite the penalty. Also, the refs could have correctly not called a 5-minute major and Vegas would have won the series. That has nothing to do with my hatred for the Sharks. That said, screw the Sharks.
  9. No one thinks Vegas lost SOLELY based on the 5-minute major penalty. However, without the 5-minute major penalty, Vegas wins that series. Both things can be true. Vegas got jobbed. They should have done better at not letting it affect them, but they still got jobbed.
  10. Well, Mike Yeo is off the board, so that's one bullet dodged. I'm afraid Murray will look around and see that Randy Carlyle is available.
  11. I didn't mind Perry's playful antics, or the non-dangerous get under the skin stuff. But I never liked the cheap shots. And I never, ever like diving. So if that means I can't stand early-career Perry, then so be it. If I defended it then, I was wrong.
  12. It's ridiculous that Eakins could get a major for his "dangerous" cross-check but McAvoy can't get a major for that. As usual, the NHL's rules make no sense.
  13. So what you're saying is Meier is a punk? I don't see how that's an argument in favor of Meier. Although while Perry would have absolutely rolled over on someone's legs, I don't think he takes the easy dive when shoved afterward.
  14. It was tough to see from the highlights, but there looked to be a lot of controversy in that game. The Condors' second goal was scored after Glass thought he had a rebound covered, although it's impossible to tell. The Gulls' tying goal came almost immediately after on a play that was 100% a tripping penalty by the Gulls. A trip on the Condors' player breaking out with the puck freed it up, it was passed to a wide open Carrick who scored. Maybe the referee was allowing a makeup call there, but if I'm a Condors fan, I'm livid. That was really bad.
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