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  1. That's on the team, not on Stephens. The Ducks have always been very tight-lipped about information. If Stephens doesn't know it, it's because the team didn't release the information. My guess is that we'll find something out today.
  2. Although it looks like Kase is the only one who has a shot to play tonight. I'd love to end the homestand with a win and get some key guys back for the trip.
  3. There was a time when I wanted the Ducks to go after Brooks Laich. That time was 2010.
  4. How is this even a question? Habs all the way. Now if it were Kings vs. Red Wings, then there might be a dilemma.
  5. That was really, really ugly. I hope the kid is okay. And Roy should be suspended for the season.
  6. You're probably right about Landeskog and Duchene regarding their skills and fit with the Ducks, but I would love to have a speedster in the lineup. I think putting him on a line with Rakell and Kase would be a great change of pace from Getzlaf/Perry. That line isn't going to be confused for a defensive juggernaut, but they should score enough or create matchup issues that help the other lines score that it won't matter. Mostly I just don't think the Avs are all that interested in trading Landeskog, so I'm not considering it as a possibility. As high as their asking price is for Duchene, their price for Landy will be through the roof. And Landeskog doesn't have quite the scoring upside that Duchene has, which is what I'm looking for, although others might want someone more well balanced.
  7. Duchene for two years makes sense, even if it's for decent assets. We need another scorer. I don't think we have to re-sign him to make that deal worth it. The Ducks Cup window is now. In two years, the hope is that Steel is ready to get into the lineup full time anyway. Even if Kesler remains a #2 center, what does that mean? He'll play the second most center minutes every night. So yes, in that regard, he'll stay a number 2 center. But his minutes will undoubtedly be reduced a bit, which is a very good thing for his continued health and effectiveness. Same with Getzlaf. Instead of Getzlaf and Kesler both at 21 minutes a night, they'll both be at 19 with Duchene at 15 -16 (I imagine Duchene will play on the wing at times, such as on the power play or at the end of games). But now you've got an actual second scoring line that could potentially scare teams. Kesler's line can focus on checking (which is what I meant by 3rd line - right now he's being asked to check the other team's best players AND to score), Getz and Duchene on scoring. I'm also all for anything that moves Rakell back to the wing. I don't think he's bad as a center, but he was really, really good as a winger. I think all of this is pretty pointless, though, since the assets we'd love to get the Avs are probably not ones they want. They already have a PMD that's a right shot, plus they have Johnson as righty as well. Vatanen is redundant for them. I don't know why they'd take Ritchie - more likely they ask for Jones or Steel or another D prospect in that package, which is okay, but not ideal. And they'll probably want a pick, but ours is (hopefully) going to be pretty low in the first round. I think Vats + Ritchie + high pick is absolutely worth it for two years of Duchene, I just don't think anything like that will materialize.
  8. Ritchie's a fine player, and has a chance to be a decent #2 winger, but he has too many holes in his game to ever be more than a guy who needs a great center to produce. He has no vision, and while he has okay hands from a shooting perspective, I've never seen him stickhandle around anyone. He's a big body with a good shot. I don't think Ritchie's a bust by any means, but Duchene is clearly better and would give the Ducks someone else teams need to gameplan around. Meanwhile, they have Max Jones in the minors who I think has a good shot to be a better player than Ritchie in the long run.
  9. I know that showing respect to veteran players is important, but if Montour gets sent down over Beauchemin and Holzer, I'm not going to be happy.
  10. Or if you want: Rakell - Getzlaf - Eaves Kase - Duchene - Perry
  11. Vats and Ritchie make a combined $6.5 million in cap hit. Matt Duchene makes $6 million. We would actually save money on that deal. Also, Duchene is a center. And Kesler, while a #2 center now, really should transition to a #3 center in the near future. Eaves - Getzlaf - Perry Rakell - Duchene - Kase Cogliano - Kesler - Silfverberg 4th line guys That lineup makes the Ducks deeper offensively than they've been in a long time. That deal makes a lot of sense.
  12. 1. My preference would be to balance things out. I think Montour would benefit tremendously by having a guy as solid as Lindholm with him, and we saw that pairing in the playoffs. Fowler and Manson haven't set the world on fire, but that pairing just makes sense. You've got the slick-skating Fowler with the bruiser Manson to handle bigger bodies. And then you put Vatanen on the third pairing with Beauch/Bieksa/Megna. 2. I don't know, but I'm really worried about Montour. Maybe I shouldn't be. He hasn't been great to start the season (although he's trying to carry what remains of Francois Beauchemin - whom I love dearly but is no longer a capable d-man), but he's been okay. Highest Corsi among defenders, although he's probably been sheltered some. However, he's waiver eligible and none of the others are. I sincerely hope we don't see him sent down as a matter of convenience. There's nothing left for him to do in the AHL. We can't send Bieksa down, and as much as we've jerked Beauch around with contract stuff throughout the years, I just don't see us waiving him either. We HAVE waived Holzer before, and he went unclaimed. I would have no problem doing that again. If he gets picked up, so be it; as much as I like his ability to step in and out of the lineup, he's still not very good. We have others in the AHL who can match his play. At that point you've still got eight d-men. I think Megna gets claimed if he gets sent down, and while that's not the end of the world, it's still a poor use of a decent bottom of the lineup asset. A trade for offense would be the best option. But barring that, I would waive Holzer and send him down to the AHL. Then I would rotate Megna, Beauch, and Bieksa into the lineup on a rotating basis, along with using one of them to give someone a breather every now and again. Yes, that means keeping 8 d-men on the roster, but I think that's better than losing Megna for nothing. I wouldn't be torn up, though, if we waive Megna and he gets claimed. His ceiling is a solid bottom pairing guy.
  13. Lindholm and Vatanen are both skating but aren't taking full contact yet from what I've heard. Miller is close. My guess is that he's ready to go for the upcoming road trip.
  14. Montreal's blue line is kind of full at the moment. What they need is offense, which is also what we need, so I don't know if we're a good fit. But I'd send them Ritchie and one of our D prospects.
  15. I would love to get Galchenyuk on the cheap.