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  1. John Gibson + Sam Steel + Adam Henrique + 2021 1st + 2021 4th for Jack Eichel + Carter Hutton + 2021 2nd Not a chance in heck (maybe if the Ducks retained some salary on Henrique), but what do you think? Also, with Gibson's body language, the Ducks are dumb if they don't at least explore the market for him. Edit: Holy moly, that Jeff Skinner contract is horrifying.
  2. Buffalo is a good fit, Detroit will need a goalie. I would have said Chicago before this year, but they're getting some decent goaltending now. Edmonton always needs goaltending but I don't know that they want to make that trade or if Edmonton has the assets we're looking for.
  3. To be honest, I'm fine trading Gibson. Dostal looks pretty good down in the AHL, and there are always goalies available. The problem is that the Ducks won't get nearly full value from him because trading goalies has always been weird. You can always trade for a forward and push your 12th best forward out of the lineup. You can't trade for a goalie and push everyone else down. So you need the perfect trading partner and I don't know that it exists. Maybe the Kings would be a good fit, but they might be happy with Petersen and either way there's no way that the Ducks are giving them Gibson.
  4. He might not have a steep drop off because of age, but he's not going to be good for us. He's been a good 2C for Edmonton, but he's going to get paid like a 1C because McDavid uses RNH to distract defensemen while he toys around with the mere mortals who dare try to stop him. Sometimes he even lets RNH play with the puck before taking it back and scoring.
  5. He's too young. Unless they revise the agreement between the NHL and Juniors, he'd have to stick with the Ducks or go back. I think he needs to be 20 by the first of the year, and his birthday is in April.
  6. I'm with you on RNH. I don't see the appeal. He's a good two-way center, but he didn't start becoming a point producer until McDavid showed up and started using him as a pinball bumper to score goals. We'd be looking at paying a guy at least $7 - $8 million to be responsible defensively while putting up 45 - 50 points. It would be fine if that were at the end of his contract, but that's going to be the beginning. He'd be a massive disappointment on the Ducks. I'm with Bombay. There's no reason to break the bank for mediocre talent next offseason. Dump salary through the expansion draft, get a new GM and coach in here, convince Getzlaf to stay and mentor the kids, keep Rakell, Fowler, Lindholm, and all the youngsters, dump everyone else, be really bad in 21-22 ahead of a great draft, win the lottery, draft Brad Lambert, sign Barkov, and win Cups for the next 10 years. Done. Look, this is stupid, but because I need to hope, here's an idiotic and completely unrealistic roster in 22-23: Zegras - Barkov - Perrault Comtois - Lambert - Rakell Steel - Lundestrom - Silfverberg Jones - Getzlaf - Terry Lindholm - Drysdale Fowler - Hakanpaa Mahura - Thrun Gibson - Dostal
  7. I think Murray and Eakins are both under contract through next season, which is why our nightmare has no signs of ending. I hope that the Samuelis simply can't afford to eat a year and a half of contracts during a pandemic and that they'll be willing to do the right thing once fans are allowed back in and they don't have quite as much dead money to eat. But we could be looking at yet another season of the Murray/Eakins tragedy.
  8. I'm completely fine with this. The only reason to deal with Seattle is to sweeten the pot so they take a player with more $ and term on their contract (like Henrique or Grant). But there isn't any reason to give them assets to protect anyone. There are very few on this team worth protecting. And now I'm queasy again thinking of Shea Theodore and Kevin Bieksa.
  9. I'm ever hopeful. Every game I go into hoping for a win and every season I go into hoping for the playoffs. But it's hard to have much hope right now. Realism is slapping me in the face as I see Heinen and Terry sit for Grant and Deslauriers night after night. And as I see Murray fail to address the team's issues.
  10. Character veterans can be picked up relatively cheaply through free agency and trade, though. That's why you see teams like Ottawa bring in Gudbranson and Coburn. Detroit brought in Marc Staal. Those guys are there to help the kids develop. I know I was somewhat optimistic before the season started that this team could compete in a couple years, but I'm not nearly as optimistic now, mainly because management is not showing any competence. And ownership isn't showing any sign that they care. I think at this point we're looking at 2023-24 before this team is realistically going to be in contention, and even that might be pushing it a year.
  11. Yeah, for all the vaunted defensemen we have, our defense has been bad. The forwards and, especially, coaching deserves some of the blame, but a good defense corps should be able to provide better value than that. I do think Hampus is a key piece, but everyone else should be available.
  12. This is why Eakins needs to go. The Ducks' rebuild hinges on the ability to develop the youth in the system. Eakins has done a terrible job of it.
  13. Eh, I think great is overstating things. They've been fine, but the last few years hasn't been kind to them in that regard. Well, I take that back. Look how well Shea Theodore and Marcus Pettersson are playing.
  14. I still don't understand why Djoos was waived.
  15. Okay, but how do you know which players are bad when they've been developed and are being coached by a someone who doesn't know what they're doing? If you've got a great electrician but you're using him to do your plumbing, does he deserve to be fired for being a bad plumber? No, you fire the guy who doesn't know how to utilize talent. You risk watching the electrician become very useful for someone who knows how to use them properly. If they're not willing to fire Eakins, I get it. It's a tough request in this weird season. But he is the most obvious problem. There are definitely some players who can go, but we'd be selling low and possibly be getting rid of a useful player who's been developed terribly.
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