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  1. I'd go even further than that. Duck Mask Logo : Wild Wing Jersey :: Teemu Selanne : Jeff Friesen
  2. The Duck mask is nostalgic. There are plenty of color and design options left without resorting to this cartoonish piece of garbage. Everyone I've seen who's reviewed these or ranked them and everyone I've talked to personally who's a Duck fan has agreed with me - they're awful.
  3. If they had done something with the old Duck mask logo, it would have been great. They could have swapped eggplant and jade in some way and they would have sold a ton. That mask logo was cartoon-y, but it was the right amount of cartoon-y. This jersey is garbage. It was a joke then and it hasn't aged well. How many people are going to wear this unironically? It's a farce. There are a few Duck fans who can embrace the kitschy silliness, but no one else will buy this except as an expensive gag.
  4. - Guy waking up from a coma after 10 months and going through his Twitter feed
  5. Well, this just fits right in with the rest of 2020. The dingleberry on top of the poop sundae, if you will.
  6. Is it fixed, though? The way the Coyotes handled it was poor, in that if they were going to draft the kid, they needed to have reached out (or be ready immediately to reach out) to Isaiah Meyer-Crothers with all sorts of communication about their reasoning and their commitment to rehabilitating Miller. The statements afterward were nice and, if acted upon, could lead to good things. But they could also very easily be construed as post hoc justification. The Coyotes should have done much better by Isaiah. Mitchell Miller is pretty clearly a troubled young man. Some people have thrown around the term "sociopath," which might be the case, but I have no idea. Whether he's a sociopath or not, he needs help to become someone who can interact positively with people who are different from him. There are relatively few organizations that have the resources and ability to play both sides of this fence. The Coyotes could have done a lot (and still can, I suppose) for Isaiah and his family, in addition to spending resources to be intentionally inclusive of the black and developmentally disabled communities. At the same time, they could continue to provide Miller with counselling and they could require his participation in outreach events to those communities. As a professional sports organization, the Coyotes have the funds and the motivation for a project like this. Now, Miller is presumably on his own. Again, that's no harsher than he deserves, since the actions he took, and continued to take, were reprehensible. However, I wonder if the Coyotes did society a disservice by washing their hands of this kid. Other, less well-funded organizations will either kick him to the curb or turn a blind eye to his indiscretions. Either way, Miller won't be motivated to improve himself. The Coyotes could have provided that motivational structure. Maybe the Coyotes have spent some time with Miller and determined he's not interested in that kind of help, so it's better for them to distance themselves now. Otherwise, this seems like the Coyotes pulling the ripcord on a poorly executed decision just to make themselves look better. Without being in the room, I have no idea what motivated this. This SEEMS like justice, but it might also be an abdication of social responsibility in the name of saving face all dressed up as justice. I just hope Miller improves himself and grows from this.
  7. I will say that this statement from Xavier Gutierrez of the Coyotes says all the right things. We'll see if the Coyotes' actions back up the things they say here. If they do, and if Miller's actions support this statement, then we will have a bit more justice in this country.
  8. Sorry, I responded quickly earlier, but I need to address this whole thing because I feel it's worth it. I stand by my comments above - it's a complicated issue, but I don't necessarily have a problem with Mitchell being drafted IF the Coyotes' organization is committed to helping him work through his prejudices and become a positive contributor to society. If the Coyotes organization doesn't care and is simply interested in getting a decent hockey player who fell in the draft, then they are implicitly condoning Mitchell's prior behavior. I don't know that anything was "unsealed," but there are people talking about his behavior because it's important to talk about. The victim, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, and his family have been outspoken, so it's possible the publicity came from them. Mitchell acted hatefully and in an ugly, hurtful manner, and he never addressed the person whom he hurt to express remorse or indicate in any way that he wants to make amends. The family of that young man is understandably frustrated. I don't think that condemning racist bullying is in any way "misguided." "Woke PR" is a term that people use when they want to hide behind the 1st Amendment as an excuse for being jerks to other human beings. Mitchell made mistakes, and he paid for them according to what the courts determined was appropriate. But the goal is for him to become a better person, and, if what the family of Isaiah Meyer-Crothers is saying is true about the lack of a personal apology, the evidence is somewhat sparse that Mitchell has made those strides. There are consequences beyond court-mandated punishment for being a racist bully, and while I absolutely think that making pariahs of bad actors is going too far in the other direction, I'm glad that this sort of behavior is loudly condemned and not swept under the rug. If Mitchell is going to be in the public eye, the burden is on him to prove that he is learning and growing. I hope the Coyotes help him on that path; if they don't, they're partly responsible in our society failing people like Isaiah Meyer-Crothers.
  9. No, but the fact that he didn't tells me a lot. You shouldn't need a court to tell you to apologize to someone you hurt and humiliated.
  10. I don't know that this is the right forum for this sort of discussion, but I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, what the kid did is reprehensible, and I would have no problem if the punishment for his actions included his essentially being blackballed from the NHL. Hateful actions, once discovered and exposed, have consequences. And based on the article, it doesn't seem like Miller showed any real remorse. Everything he did could easily be seen as self-serving in an attempt to have a professional hockey career. I wouldn't have shed a tear if no NHL team gave him the time of day. On the other hand, people like Miller need help. Blackballing him might be what he deserves, but it also doesn't provide any impetus for change. Once he realizes his dream is gone, the bitterness and anger he feels could lead to worse problems down the road. I know it feels dirty to "reward" someone who has acted this way by drafting him, but hopefully the Coyotes organization will commit to working on the issues Miller has, and be focused as much on turning him into a good citizen as a good hockey player. My worry, though, is that he is simply part of the organization now and will be subject to the same types of diversity initiatives that all the other players are, most of which are probably rote and just done to check a box so that the Coyotes can promote how progressive they are. Hopefully that's nothing more than the cynic in me, and the Coyotes, who have Latin American owners and executives, will do some real counselling with Miller.
  11. I've made peace with the fact that Murray's no longer a good GM (some might argue he never was). I don't like it, but I've accepted it. A rebuild is not happening, at least not in the way rebuilds usually happen. So I might as well root for the team to be as interesting as possible. Perhaps that involves a trade. I'm pretty sure it involves Zegras being on the big club, even though I know that might be detrimental in the long term. I've also completely lost faith in the Murray regime being able to develop players, so I don't know that keeping Zegras down will really help either. My speculation is that Murray has a mandate to improve. I think he and Eakins both have two years left on their respective deals, so my hope is this: if the team fails to make the postseason, Murray gets shown the door, along with Dallas. If the team does make the postseason, well, then we get to watch at least a little bit of playoff hockey ahead of schedule. The worst case scenario is that the team sucks and Murray gets to keep his job. Which is certainly plausible, but I'm hopeful.
  12. There's always room if he's playing up to his potential. Jones and Comtois can still be sent down. Personally, I'd put Zegras at center and put Henrique on his wing. Henrique can help him get acclimated at the NHL level, and it puts both at a more natural position. Milano - Getzlaf - Rakell Henrique - Zegras - Silf Heinen/Comtois/Jones - Steel - Terry 4th line But who knows? If Murray is keeping his promise to Shattenkirk and actually going for the playoffs, that lineup isn't going to cut it and we should see a trade. We'll see.
  13. I don't think that makes sense in the long run, but if it's simply to get him in the lineup sooner, I'm okay with that. Moving Rakell to the wing was the right move, although Rakell is much more of a shooter than a playmaker. Keeping a playmaker like Zegras on the wing seems like a waste to me. I'd rather see Henrique move over.
  14. Why would Zegras go to the wing? Has there been anything from the organization about doing that? Because that would be dumb.
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