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  1. I interpreted it to mean he wasn't playing on the first line of his own team, which is a huge insult to his linemates.
  2. I missed Hyman on the IR, my bad. Most teams will still carry 14 forwards, but I guess that's negotiable, especially with their AHL affiliate literally across town.
  3. They have 10 forwards signed for next year, but will need at least one extra on the active roster. I also probably should have said four defensemen, since they'll need an extra one of those on the active roster as well. They'll find a taker for Nylander, but whoever it is should drive a hard bargain knowing that without trading him, Toronto is over a barrel. If Nylander is still on the roster, their defensive depth is going to suck and their forward depth (past Nylander) isn't going to be much better.
  4. I think Muzzin and Barrie are going to command $11 - $12 million together, which would leave them, say, $4.5 million (with a small cap bump) to sign three bottom six forwards, three defensemen, and a backup goalie. I agree that they'll try to trade Nylander, but unless they trade him to Ottawa, they're bringing some salary back in that deal. I think a Nylander trade for a defenseman is the only way they solve this and still have any depth worth speaking of. Otherwise, you're looking at minimum deals for all seven of those guys, and even that's pushing it. I think Toronto is in trouble if they can't find a reasonable deal for Nylander.
  5. Paying Zach Bogosian to play, especially after hip surgery, is probably worse than paying Patrick Eaves not to play. No thanks.
  6. This is a business. Kase isn't going to pout and cry and play terribly because he was mentioned in a trade rumor.
  7. I don't understand this take. Of course Bob should be upset that private discussions were leaked to the media. It's unethical. I also don't understand how Bob was "played." Carolina is obviously okay with torpedoing a business relationship in order to gain leverage, but this didn't really hurt the Ducks at all. They were still at the mercy of Faulk waiving his NTC and signing an extension.
  8. This would have been 700 times better than trading an actual hockey thing for Deslauriers. But there isn't room for him.
  9. gorbachav5

    HHOF Inductees

    There has to be a reason I'm not seeing for Gionta. He certainly isn't qualified based on his NHL career. Since it's the HOCKEY Hall of Fame, maybe he's getting in for his college career (where his team won the NCAA title) and his two Olympic appearances. That still seems a little flimsy to me, so I have to think I'm missing something else.
  10. I was nicely surprised to see us ranked that high. There is good forward depth for the first time in a long time. Of course, we needed this like five years ago when Getzlaf and Perry were in their primes. What we really need now are legitimate first liners. And now our defensive depth is mediocre with a few decent third pairing options and no one really suited for second pairing duty. This should be an interesting season if the kids get to play. I'd love to see one or two of them become good second line NHLers.
  11. I don't care for college basketball much at all, but March Madness is awesome. The one-and-done tournament format makes for great drama, plus there are a ton of David-beats-Goliath story lines that you can't get in professional sports. Hockey playoffs would not pull more than a handful of eyeballs from March Madness. I'm a huge hockey fan, and if it's the opening Thursday or Friday night of the NCAA tournament as well as the opening night of the hockey playoffs, I'm probably watching college basketball, unless the Ducks are playing. March Madness is captivating.
  12. I don't know if this was an intentional or unintentional dig at the Oilers, but either way, well done.
  13. Don't do that to me. If we sign Phaneuf, I might not watch a game all season.
  14. I guess that what I'm saying is - I don't care if they're significant contributors or not. Unless there is some glaring flaw in their game that would leave them unable to handle the NHL at all, I'd rather they take their lumps at the NHL level. None of those three (Steel, Jones, Terry) looked obviously overmatched in the NHL. They were inconsistent, but that can only be solved by spending time at the NHL level and learning how to smooth out their games. Again, maybe there's a specific part of their game that the coaching staff thinks needs to be ironed out in San Diego, but barring that, there's no way any of those guys should be in the AHL instead of Carrick.
  15. There are thousands of reasons to believe this, namely that it virtually never happens. There's a reason Kunitz was an outlier. I don't see a reason to throw a young player with actual potential into the AHL, when he'll be better off getting development at the NHL level, because of a few weeks of training camp. There has been nothing to tell us at this point that Carrick is a good hockey player, and nothing to tell us he can be. I'd be stoked for Carrick to prove me and decades of NHL history wrong. But he should do it at the expense of players who we know are marginal (Deslauriers, Rowney, Shore, etc.) not at the expense of players who will benefit from getting playing time at the NHL level, even if they struggle.
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