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  1. This isn't serious, is it? Lucic was worse than Perry last season (by a significant amount), is not a long-time member of the Ducks, and is a complete bonehead. At least with Perry, we can enjoy his decent play while reminiscing about the old days to make us forget that he's way overpaid. Lucic will be the forward version of Bieksa.
  2. Realistically, at least another season after this upcoming one. I think that's almost certainly true for Steel, while Jones could potentially make his debut next year, but I think still has a decent amount of development to do. It seems like Jones is Ritchie with speed, even down to the dumb, goonish penalties he takes. I think he's got more upside than that, but that might be what we get if we rush him to the NHL next year.
  3. Similar to Perry never having the knees to be able to get faster, I will never have the money to get the Porsche. It sounds like Murray is criticizing Perry's lack of ability to keep up with the modern game while also trying not to throw one of his star players completely under the bus. I don't think he succeeded at the latter and I think the former is pi$$ing into the wind, so this seems like a dumb thing to say to me.
  4. Does this mean he'll trade for another player like Carl Hagelin who will be fast but be a total bust in the coach's system? Because that will be fun.
  5. I wanted RC fired the moment I heard he was re-hired. I gave him a bit of a reprieve for the Conference Finals run last year, but honestly I don't think he had much to do with that. I also don't think he was a good coach during the regular season. The team got by with good talent and fantastic goaltending while playing an a bad system.
  6. I, too, would like to close my eyes, wish really hard, and have my 12-year-old Corolla turn into a brand new Porsche, but I don't think that's going to happen. It certainly hasn't happened yet...
  7. I'm not sure where you got your number, but Anaheim's average points since the lockout is 97.6.
  8. Oh boy, we're back to this. How long has it been? A couple years? I thought we were on a three-year cycle, but I could be wrong.
  9. Yes, when they have a reason to. Normally that involves a team treating the player like garbage so they'll want to leave or it involves the team being terrible and the player not wanting to stay through a rebuild. And that assumes the player is willing to move. Some just aren't. Either way, I'm not interested. Perry has been an amazing player for this franchise, so I'm not open to treating him poorly. The Ducks are probably also not looking to rebuild, so it's not like he'll be leaving a non-contender. There's not a compelling reason for him to waive.
  10. He has a No Trade Clause. He isn't going to be traded.
  11. When you have a good coach, like Boudreau, replacing him is tough because almost anyone is going to be a downgrade, even if you really do need a new voice in the room. There are at least a dozen upgrades to Carlyle available, and probably more. Carlyle is a bad NHL coach. Heck, Vigneault is right there and he's a no-doubt upgrade. A coaching change is the only option the team has to get better while retaining the core. Otherwise you need to blow things up, because there aren't many options with the contracts the Ducks have on the books. Maybe they can unload some mid-salary guys (Silf, Henrique) and make a run at a guy like Tavares, but that's incredibly unlikely.
  12. The Ducks actually played really, really well in that Oilers series. They outshot the Oilers by a significant margin every single game, and every game was a one-goal game (the Oilers scored late empty net goals in games 1 and 2). Roloson stood on his head and the Oilers got hot on the power play. I actually don't have bad memories of that series at all, but that's probably because I know what came next. The 2008 Stars series sucked, as did the 2009 Detroit series. I remember being so frustrated. But I would probably rank them like so (from worst to least bad): 1. 2014 Kings: That series was a crapfest. They lost the first two at home, including one where they had the lead with 10 seconds left. Then to come storming back only to play terribly in game 7 in Selanne's final NHL game against your bitter rivals - ugh. Awful. 2. This one against the Sharks. The team just had no life, which is inexcusable for playoff hockey. 3 - 5. Every series against Nashville. Although I'd rank them (from worst): 2011, 2015, 2017. 2011's series, where Perry went nuts to get them into the postseason and then just blew it (I remember being right on the goal line in the 400 level to see Shea Freakin' Weber's shot go in with 45 seconds left to tie the game and knew that it was over). Last year sucked because of how dirty Nashville played, but they also got beat by a hot goalie. 6. 2008 Stars: So disappointing after the Cup run. 7. 1999 Detroit: It felt like we'd never win a playoff game again after that series. 8. 2009 Detroit: We got so screwed in that series and it felt like that was a team of destiny. 9. 2013 Detroit: So disappointing after winning the division, but that Detroit team was under-rated and there was still hope for the future. 10. 2015 Chicago: Obviously frustrating because the stakes were so high, but honestly the Ducks played really well in that series and were done in by a couple of long OTs and some really untimely bad goaltending in game 7. That series was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. 11. 2003 New Jersey: Again, frustrating because of the stakes, but those guys played their hearts out and just got beat by one of the best goalies of all time. 12. 1997 Detroit: After winning their first playoff series ever, it was just fun to be there. 13. 2006 Oilers: The Ducks had already far exceeded their expectations and then dominated Edmonton only to get beat by hot goaltending and bad luck. It happens.
  13. Carlyle even said all the right things when he was hired, in his own way. Paraphrasing: "[Again] It's different now. You have to coach different guys different ways and encourage them and not beat them like rented mules." I remember him saying something along those lines that seemed to indicate he understood he couldn't be a total hardcase all the time and still reach the players. I'll bet that lasted for all of a month, but everyone was healthy and playing well, so they gave it a pass. Then when this year came and the team struggled, they turned. Their talent was enough to win a decent amount, but in a playoff series where the coaching matchup is magnified, they realized they had brought a squirt gun to World War III and lost all semblance of adherence to the plan (which was never effective in the first place). I haven't been discouraged about Ducks hockey in a long time, but I am right now. Their key players are getting older, the shine has worn off some of the exciting prospects we thought were coming, and we have a pretty good GM whose blind spot is for a terrible coach who happens to be one of his best friends. I can see the Ducks making the playoffs again next season if everyone is healthy. In fact, I think they should, unless they completely rebel against Carlyle. But I don't see them winning another round of playoff hockey until he's out. And I don't see him getting fired.
  14. I don't think Perry is a Hall of Famer at all, much less a shoe-in. He might get a few votes, but his late career slide has doomed those chances. He had that one MVP year (where most hockey people think Daniel Sedin deserved the Hart), but otherwise was just a steady goal-scorer, not a superstar. Getzlaf deserves serious consideration, but he's on the fringe. He needs to finish his career strong to get any traction for the Hall. I think I would vote for him, but I'd need to look at it a bit more. I tend to favor a more exclusive Hall of Fame, so take that for what it's worth, but at least as it pertains to Perry, I don't think he's getting anywhere close.
  15. Carlyle isn't going to adjust his system, I'm afraid. I feel like he tried a little bit last year and gradually slipped back to his old ways. Old dog, new tricks, we know the deal. Defensemen need to play defense, the 4th line needs to play gritty, grinding hockey, we need to give up the blue line to protect the middle of the ice...I don't think it will change.