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  1. The other teams are playing too, though. There isn't as much emotional investment, I guess, but they'll still have time to build a rhythm.
  2. Baseball and hockey are both wonderful sports.
  3. The country is handling this very poorly. Everyone should be tested, and they should have made testing available a lot sooner. And even now, when it's supposedly free and widely available, it's still difficult, as I can attest personally.
  4. It must be nice to be able to get tested if you want. I called my health care provider letting them know that while I don't have symptoms, I'd just learned that a co-worker tested positive, and, for the sake of my family, I'd like to get tested. They didn't really have a mechanism for that and said they'd have to submit a request to my primary care physician, who would then need to call me back and interview to see if I qualified. I didn't get a call back for four days and, because I was asymptomatic, I didn't qualify for a test. By then, what's the point anyway? I've already been home to see the family. I think there are non-insurance places I could go to get tested, but it's ridiculous that a giant health care provider like Kaiser would be this stupid about it. I'm TRYING to be proactive and help with contact tracing and I'm actively obstructed and denied by the people who should be invested in knowing this kind of thing.
  5. I watched the first part of that Perfetti video, and while I am not quite as down on him as dts, I saw many of the same things he did. I think the only place I would disagree is that he's a defensive liability. Perfetti seemed to be in good defensive position and was good at taking pucks away, but the lack of that explosive first step limited his effectiveness in making some plays. But yeah, if you're going to lack the explosiveness in skating, you better have power. He has some, but he's also not a physical beast like Getzlaf, who was being described as a large, physical player when he was drafted, so it's not like Getzlaf grew into it. I appreciate that he didn't just pick Perfetti's greatest hits, but I wasn't blown away. It's odd that none of the forwards this year seem to be speedsters. They're all fine skaters, but none who will blow you away with their skating. As for Holtz, the weapon he has is the one we need most, and his deficiencies probably hurt us the least. As long as the EFFORT is there on defense, I can live with a guy who isn't Marian Hossa in his own zone. I'm fine with smaller guys, particularly if they're fast, but I'll take the size if I can get it, and Holtz is bigger than the other 5 - 10 prospects. It's not cut-and-dried, but I think I'd prefer Holtz as well.
  6. You could watch (or read) 30 different scouts and get 30 different opinions. I don't follow the amateur ranks closely, but the few things I've seen have Perfetti ranked just above Holtz.
  7. I'm of two minds about this. First, the cynical part of me: They don't care about player safety. They care about money. But players care about money, too, so they're willing to deal with a decent amount of risk. They probably shouldn't be playing, all things considered. These aren't exactly necessary services here. The sports fan part of me is happy because I miss sports. And a lot of the players want to return to play. For the most part, the players themselves should be fine unless something freaky happens. These guys are finely tuned athletes with great immune systems. So I don't know. I'm going to do what no one seems to be able to do these days and ride the fence. I'm not going to pick a side in this one and get outraged.
  8. Stutzle is the consensus 3, isn't he? Why wouldn't Ottawa grab him? I think it's pretty unlikely he's there at 6, but if he is, the Ducks should absolutely take him. Count me among those who think Drysdale is gone by 6. Ottawa needs help everywhere and there's no reason not to take a potential top pairing RHD when this draft is incredibly light on quality defense prospects. They could potentially get solid forwards with their 700 picks in later rounds; the pickings are a lot slimmer with d-men. My only hope was that Ottawa or Detroit could reach a bit and take Askarov as a top goalie prospect, but after doing a bit of research, Ottawa already has a pretty good one in the pipeline, and goalie seems like a luxury for Detroit at this stage in their rebuild. It's possible that happens, but not very likely. If Stutzle or Drysdale fall to the Ducks, you take either one without much thought. It's the next tier of guys that I have no idea on: Perfetti, Rossi, Holtz, or Raymond. Holtz is probably the guy with the skill they most need, and he's got more size than the other three, but I'm not completely sold. I think Holtz is the guy you take if he's there; if not, I have no idea.
  9. While the team does need a shooter, the pass-first guys are my favorites.
  10. I hope you're right, although with the Ducks' luck, they'll win the lottery for the #3 pick. Lafraniere or Byfield would be incredible, but after that I don't see a big difference between picking 3rd or picking 5th or 6th. I'd take it, of course, but a top-2 pick would do a lot to inject some high end talent into the roster.
  11. That would be amazing.
  12. I think Backes is pretty toasty. He looked fine against the Senators because they're the Senators, but he can't skate or hold onto pucks. And you know how I feel about Deslauriers. Rowney is good on the PK, but is a disaster 5-on-5. Rowney and Deslauriers are coming back next year, but I'd replace Backes with Lundestrom and try to get at least one better winger out there with him.
  13. I always want them to win, so this doesn't really concern me. The ping pong balls will fall where they may. I don't believe in "playing themselves out of it." They're winning partially because of luck, but also because they are probably better than the bottom five teams and some of it is luck evening out from earlier games. I thought they played pretty darn well against Toronto and deserved the win there. I think 6th - 10th worst team in the league is about right for them, so if they get lottery odds in that range, it won't bother me.
  14. They were so lucky against Ottawa last night. They probably should have lost that game 7 - 5. The Ducks scored pretty much every time they had possession of the puck for more than 5 seconds in the offensive zone because Ottawa is awful at defense, but otherwise, the Senators dominated that game.
  15. I was completely kidding. I'm sure Shore was fine. As fine as the worst hockey player in history can be, anyway.
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