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  1. I'd love Etem as a 4th liner.
  2. Someone like Eric Stephens might tweet it out at the morning skate, but the Ducks website usually has a game preview with line combinations up around 1 PM.
  3. He was hurt all year. I think it was a knee injury and he had surgery, but I may not be remembering correctly.
  4. Yep, 5 games. And if he gets them now, I can't imagine it's a good thing for the Ducks.
  5. I doubt he'd be skating as much as he is if it were a concussion. I think Fisix's speculation makes the most sense of anything I've seen.
  6. That's his call. It's the playoffs. If he wants to play, he should play. That said, I don't think this is a risk with Cam's industry.
  7. That wasn't really the claim I was trying to make, but I can see how it looks like that. I was trying to say that the Kesler line needed to be better. I don't care whether it's on the offensive or defensive end, but they got outplayed against Calgary despite what the scoreboard said. If they get better by generating more scoring chances, great. If they get better by completely locking down McDavid, great. They just need to outplay the opposition (or at least play them to a draw so that the 1st and 3rd lines can dominate their matchups) and they didn't against Calgary.
  8. I'm pretty sure the player and the organization could work something out for an early retirement settlement.
  9. If you ignore all of the chances Gaudreau's line had, yes. The job got done, but it wasn't pretty and it will be even uglier if that line plays that poorly against Edmonton. As I said, I think it was a blip, since that line played really well most of the regular season. But I don't think that negates the fact that against Calgary Kesler's line was pedestrian and Gaudreau, Monahan, and Ferland put a lot of pucks right into our goalies. The Ducks won the series, and, ultimately, that's all that matters. But when we're projecting their performance to the next series, there are some concerns that get missed if you only look at the final score.
  10. If Lindholm is out, we're hosed. Have we heard anything about what happened to him?
  11. The job of Kesler is to outplay the other team's best offensive player. If that's by shutting him down, great. If that's by playing keep away with the puck, great. If that's by outscoring him, great. If Kesler provides no offense, but McDavid also provides no offense, that's a win for the Ducks and I'll take it. Ultimately, the job got done in the Calgary series, since Gaudreau's line didn't produce at even strength either. But the scoring chances were well in their favor, and Kesler's line got more than a little bit lucky that Monahan and Gaudreau didn't get any even strength goals. We know that line can be better. I think it was a blip rather than a sign of bad things. I'm just skeptical that if the Kesler line plays with fire they can keep from getting burned again. McDavid and Draisaitl are better than Gaudreau and Monahan by a good amount. We need Kesler/Silf/Cogliano to be better. I think they will be.
  12. One was on the power play; we're talking about even strength. One goal in four games at even strength is poor production, and it's not like they were out-shooting or out-chancing Calgary and just getting unlucky. Honestly, that line wasn't very good last series, offensively or defensively. I know Gaudreau didn't do a ton, but a lot of that was his own weird decision-making. Maybe Kesler got in his head, I don't know. But the Gaudreau line was dangerous, and Kesler's didn't create many chances at the other end. They need to be better.
  13. If the Kesler line can be even with the McDavid line in terms of goal production at even strength, Kesler's done his job.
  14. Getzlaf is going to have to continue to be Beastzlaf and the second line is going to have to be much better than they were against Calgary. I'm curious to see whether Carlyle keeps Thompson and Rakell on the third line with Perry and keeps RItchie up with Getz.
  15. Also, Pronger would feel his elbow twitch, just for good measure.