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  1. I just hope the kids don't get ruined by the losing atmosphere that's following this team around. Unlike the Devin Shore era, I am excited to see what Max Jones can do.
  2. A cursory look would probably answer this, but maybe Dallas has rules about forwards wearing single digit numbers?
  3. The past...like last season? When he was our third highest scorer? I'll take a slug who puts up 50 points. Unless you think the "new NHL" just started this season.
  4. I don't know much about his tactics or systems, but I do know the Gulls have had significant problems in getting outplayed for long stretches, even when they're winning. I think Eakins would be an upgrade over Carlyle, but I also think most members of this board would be an upgrade over Carlyle, so that's not saying much. I'm not convinced Eakins is a long-term solution. But I suspect that the Ducks are going to give him a shot after this season.
  5. Yes, we'll get worse when our third highest scorer is back in the lineup. This is similar thinking to Murray who seems to believe that having the puck less will bring positive results.
  6. Until this season, the production was very similar, with Cogliano actually the better producer. And some of Cogliano's reduced production can be chalked up to reduced minutes. And Cogliano was a valuable penalty killer and though he may not have scored much, he maintained decent possession numbers. I think this is a slight downgrade, or at best a lateral move. I guess the cap savings are fine, but that's mitigated by removing a fan favorite and great locker room guy. It ultimately depends on what the cap savings are used for, but the Ducks are at best no better today than they were yesterday.
  7. They're third in the division and fourth in the conference (by points percentage, which is what matters).
  8. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  9. And I'm glad we picked up another guy who gets the snot kicked out of him in possession. Let's have the puck even less! I'm sure that's the answer.
  10. Boo. In addition to an umpteen game losing streak, the organization jettisons one of my favorite players. Well, I guess that solves the problem of the organization needing to grow a spine and celebrate Cogliano's consecutive games streak. What a crappy weekend to be a Ducks fan.
  11. Unfortunately, one of those things he's forgotten is how to coach.
  12. He kept up just fine when he was skating non-stop, but he doesn't have the ability to change directions quickly. This has been true all season, not just one game. And it's evident in his point totals. He can work fine as a guy who's allowing the opposition to have the puck a lot but still has the instincts and toughness to keep goals out of the net, but doesn't have the ability to turn the puck over and quickly move to offense. Or, when he's there, to sustain any sort of offensive pressure. He's a decent third line center at this point.
  13. No, he's not. I'm certainly not a skating expert, but it looks like he has no ability to quickly change directions and get a good first step going in the other direction. And this makes total sense for a guy coming off of major hip surgery. I don't notice any change in his effort level, but he's lost the quickness that allowed him both to forecheck well and to win pucks in the defensive zone. I have a feeling we're not getting that Kesler back.
  14. What's with all the hate for Eaves? I still feel bad for the guy. I don't see that tweet as a slight on the Ducks at all. You've got to be really sensitive to read that as a slight for the Ducks. And it's not his fault the Ducks gave him a contract. By all accounts, he's worked his butt off to get back on the ice. He's had some terrible luck and he's injury prone, but I don't see that as the fault of Eaves. I think it's 50/50 whether we see him ever suit up for the Ducks again, but I bear him no ill will, and would love to see him get back on the ice for the Ducks.
  15. Comtois has been good, although he's also receiving a lot of criticism for diving. He was actually penalized for embellishment last game. I know why players do it, and Comtois claims he's receiving more punishment than is being called, but I HATE diving. I hate it. It's the antithesis of sports. I hope he cuts it out when he gets back to Anaheim.