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  1. I have a capsule ready that I never got to use on Bieksa. Just let me know.
  2. gorbachav5


    I'm pretty sure I saw a quote from Murray on this very site that noted the 11-game threshold for Comtois as being a factor in sending him back.
  3. gorbachav5


    But he also needs 10 games for the season to qualify for the expansion draft. So Comtois qualified for the 10 games, but it wasn't a pro season. Someone who plays 1 game at age 20 has a pro season but doesn't meet the 10 game threshold.
  4. He just did. With MDZ patrolling the blue line, Gibson is sure to spend at least half the season on IR with rubber poisoning.
  5. That's a lot to pay for an AHL coach, isn't it?
  6. gorbachav5


    Here you go: https://thehockeywriters.com/anaheim-ducks-demote-max-comtois/ Money quote:
  7. gorbachav5


    I have heard from multiple places that Comtois will not be eligible for the draft. In fact, I thought Murray himself said that he wouldn't be and that played a part in his going back down to the AHL when he did.
  8. gorbachav5


    I can't imagine Carlyle being asked to stay on. That would be completely ridiculous. But they also just PROMOTED Nonis, the guy who gave David Clarkson like $40 million over 7 years or whatever it was. So I'm not convinced the front office is in great shape for making good decisions.
  9. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Never had many down years? They've ALL been down years since 2009! That was 10 years ago! He makes Kevin Bieksa's last season look like prime Nick Lidstrom. No Phaneuf!
  10. Oh please God no. If we're talking about whether the price is right for Phaneuf, I bid zero dollars, Bob.
  11. With Randy gone and Eakins presumably of amiable demeanor, we need someone to tick off the media.
  12. I like this better than Deslauriers.
  13. That's hideous. I will remember Perry fondly, but I hope the Stars win exactly three games next season (the ones they play against the Kings). Scratch that, they are also allowed to win the games against the Predators.
  14. Yep, it's not worth it. The Ducks don't have an elite scorer any more, so they need to make up for it with depth. They can't waste an entire line on guys who have no scoring ability. There's zero evidence that having Deslaurier in the lineup will deter anyone from anything. So why waste a 4th rd pick AND a roster spot on him? Hopefully he's destined for the Gulls.
  15. No, we don't. The Blues played a tough, forechecking style, but they did that without a goon. It sucked more in every game where we got outscored because we can't put the puck in the net. The Ducks have enough guys who can play a physical style and punish offenders (Manson, Ritchie). They don't need a designated black hole of offense. They have too many of those.
  16. As of now, the answer appears to be yes.
  17. Yeah, there's no way Carolina doesn't match that. Montreal did Carolina's job for them.
  18. They're going for it, but they missed out on the big difference-maker they wanted: Panarin. They've got room and assets to keep trying, but Panarin was the guy they really needed.
  19. Didn't Pavelski play center once upon a time? Maybe Dallas is thinking of moving him back. Or maybe they're not done.
  20. Ugh. No thanks to the Boll clones. Couldn't we switch things up and try scoring with the 4th line for once? Please?
  21. For Tyler Myers? That's about twice as much as he should get.
  22. As much as the Ducks could use a forward talent like Nylander, the only way I see it happening is if they're also taking back Zaitsev while giving up a contract like Fowler's. I forget if Fowler has a NTC, but I'm too lazy to look.
  23. Troy Terry is 21. Corey Perry is 33 coming off of major surgery. Terry is more of a playmaker - he had 9 assists. Perry had 4. Terry played one minute fewer per game than Perry did. Terry makes about $1 million per season. Perry makes $8 million. Troy Terry might not score more goals than Perry this season. But he's very likely to be a better player at a much lower salary. To question you: why do you think Terry wouldn't thrive more in Eakins' up-tempo system? Perry can still be effective, but he's certainly not an "up-tempo" player. Few hockey players maintain their high level of play into their mid-30's. Aging is a real thing, and it hits athletes hard. We've already seen it hit Perry. You can throw outliers like Selanne out there all you want, but those are exceptions. Corey Perry is most likely going to continue to get worse, while Troy Terry is most likely going to continue to improve, at least for the next couple of years.
  24. I don't want Shore anywhere near the lineup. Okay, fine, he can be an extra who slots in on the 4th line and PK unit when we get tired of Rowney. But Shore is bad and doesn't belong. I like Comtois, but his hot start last season feels a little unearned and fluky to me. Not saying he can't come right back out and show that he's the real deal, but barring injury (which is always a factor), I would love to see him play like a beast in the AHL for a bit before giving him the call up.
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