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  1. That would be amazing.
  2. I think Backes is pretty toasty. He looked fine against the Senators because they're the Senators, but he can't skate or hold onto pucks. And you know how I feel about Deslauriers. Rowney is good on the PK, but is a disaster 5-on-5. Rowney and Deslauriers are coming back next year, but I'd replace Backes with Lundestrom and try to get at least one better winger out there with him.
  3. I always want them to win, so this doesn't really concern me. The ping pong balls will fall where they may. I don't believe in "playing themselves out of it." They're winning partially because of luck, but also because they are probably better than the bottom five teams and some of it is luck evening out from earlier games. I thought they played pretty darn well against Toronto and deserved the win there. I think 6th - 10th worst team in the league is about right for them, so if they get lottery odds in that range, it won't bother me.
  4. They were so lucky against Ottawa last night. They probably should have lost that game 7 - 5. The Ducks scored pretty much every time they had possession of the puck for more than 5 seconds in the offensive zone because Ottawa is awful at defense, but otherwise, the Senators dominated that game.
  5. I was completely kidding. I'm sure Shore was fine. As fine as the worst hockey player in history can be, anyway.
  6. I assume it was Devin Shore.
  7. Taylor Hall is on Arizona now. They're about to win the lottery.
  8. If we're not going to trade quantity for quality, this team is going to need Zegras to turn into Gretzky and their 1st round pick this year to be a star as well. They don't have the top end talent in the organization. Honestly, I don't know that any team has what we're looking for and is willing to trade for it. But I don't see a realistic path to contention with what we have. I don't see first line talent anywhere in the organization outside of maybe Zegras. The internal path might be the clearest one, but it's not heading anywhere in particular that we want to go.
  9. I'm not depending on those things because I don't think this team is competing for the playoffs for next season. As for creating a logjam, I think the Ducks need to ship out quantity and hope to get quality in return. Jones hasn't looked great. Terry has been inconsistent. Rakell has struggled, although he has the greatest upside of the bunch. Decide who you like best and factor in who will bring in the best return and make your choice: Lundestrom/Steel Rakell/Comtois/Jones Terry/Milano Package one of each group with a pick and get a good RHD PP QB or a legitimately good 2nd line scoring winger. Or maybe throw in one of our LHD prospects and get both. Or do that in separate trades. The Ducks already have a logjam, but the logs we have aren't making a mansion any time soon. At best we're building a bungalow. Fat chance of this happening, but the best bet for the team competing soon is to find a team or two looking to shed salary and trading a bunch of kids for their well-paid, but still good players.
  10. That forward group is a recipe for another season like this one. A couple of the kids might improve, but it's basically the same team only with a washed up Backes instead elite #1C Derek Grantzlaf. If we're cool with that, then no need to make a trade. If the goal is to get better for the long-term as well as the short-term, I'd rather trade for a winger who can score, someone who can play alongside Zegras in the future and put his nice passes into the net. Unless Henrique is involved in the trade, then a center makes sense. I don't see an issue playing Henrique at center until Zegras is ready. Irwin is a free agent, I believe. Even if not, he's a 7th d-man at best. I could see Mahura in the lineup instead of Larsson. Play Gudbranson alongside Mahura and move Djoos up next to Fowler. Fowler has a lot of experience playing with a lefty on his right side.
  11. Honestly, isn't this enough to fire him on its own? You can handwave away something like this for four or five years, but we're 12 years in. I've heard Russia has some good players (I don't know, seeing as how we never have any, although the ones who play against us do pretty well). Ignoring an entire, productive hockey market is poor strategy at best and cultural prejudice at worst (I don't have any evidence of the latter, but it's hard not to wonder). I knew Murray would never draft Kaliyev - ethnically Russian with all of the work ethic and "enigmatic" labels? That's basically like asking Murray to draft his own version of kryptonite. If the Bruins got the President's trophy but lost in the first round (please God, make this happen), I believe they would get the 23rd pick.
  12. Well, if Jack Johnson's performance is any indication, playing defense on your backhand side is the worst idea anyone has ever had. In which case, we need a RHD.
  13. This is an interesting topic. I think there are a couple of main options, but before I get to those, there is one thing I think the Ducks need to do regardless: see if any of these guys can play the right side. Yes, ideally you'd have a RHD over there, but the innovation of having a RHD on every pair is fairly recent. For most of the NHL's history, LHD have been more prevalent, and teams didn't worry about it. Heck, on the Ducks' Cup-winning team, Pronger and Niedermayer (both LHDs) played together plenty, and Beauchemin played the right side for both Niedermayer and Fowler. It's not ideal, but it can be done. I don't see any harm in giving these guys each a few games on the right side to see how they do. Maybe someone will be versatile enough to pull it off. But if the Ducks want to go with three LHDs only (or four, if you include a backup), I'd like to see Guhle or Mahura given legitimate shots to win the job since they have power play and offensive play-driving capabilities. I would see if you could trade the other one for a RHD, or maybe package him in a deal for forward help. I could see Larsson sticking around as either the LHD playing the right side (since he's a stay-at-home type anyway), or as the 7th defenseman. And he'll be expansion bait (not that he'll be picked). Djoos is a wild card. Maybe he can play the right side, or maybe he blows everyone away as a hidden gem over the next month. He's got Simon Despres vibes (hopefully without the concussion issues). But he's going to get expensive a lot quicker, so I don't see him as more than a stop-gap. The other option is to try to trade Fowler or Lindholm. We would be really betting on the kids at that point, and none of them are anywhere close to sure things to replicate what either of those two brings to the table, but both (Lindholm in particular) could bring back a nice package. If it's this offseason, maybe you do it for picks and prospects, or if it's next season/offseason, maybe you get more NHL-ready players. But it would help clear the logjam and add some needed assets into the system. Personally, I throw the kids all out there and make it a good, old-fashioned try out. See who looks good.
  14. I had to endure a year of Devin Shore. That's trauma I may never recover from. Also, Milano is the bizarro version of Cogliano - no defensive instincts or abilities whatsoever, but can finish on the offensive end. It's like someone split a child into an offensive half and defensive half and we got Milano and Cogliano.
  15. As it turns out, most of us were wrong, as was the guy who's paid to put a hockey team together and should know more about hockey than we do.
  16. Well, good, Bob. I'm glad that's the result of Marcus Pettersson. Holy cow, does he have to go.
  17. That's exactly whom I was thinking of.
  18. Agozzino is 29 and hasn't played more than 20 games in any season in the NHL. Surely we have guys on our own AHL team that we could reward with playing time before this guy.
  19. No, I save my whipping for the guys Murray imports for no apparent reason and usually signs to pointless contracts/extensions. I like to give homegrown guys the benefit of the doubt. I know they really don't matter, but Deslauriers and Rowney are the two that come to mind.
  20. This. There's no reason to bring him back this season. Make sure it heals.
  21. He was a walking (skating?) reminder that one of my favorite players in Ducks history was shipped out for nothing. I know Shore doesn't deserve all the scorn I heaped on him, but he was no Cogliano. Good riddance.
  22. Yeah, I'm okay with Ritchie being gone, but Danton Heinen doesn't really interest me. I would have rather had a prospect and a pick.
  23. No need for a return. Maybe if Columbus could cover the postage on the thank you note we're sending them.
  24. "Been arguably our second best D-man this season" is the virtual definition of damning with faint praise. He's not good, despite a half season sample where he's been fine for a middle pairing d-man. I think he'd make a pretty good third pairing guy, so if we can move him down to those minutes, I'm all about it, despite his salary.
  25. On the plus side, Heinen put up 47 points two years ago. He's steadily declined since, which is worrisome, but maybe he can find it again? Oh, who am I kidding, he's not finding any scoring touch in Anaheim.
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