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  1. And if you're scratching Kase for not scoring, you'd better be scratching Steel (who's put up HALF as many shots as Kase in two more games) for not scoring. Benching Kase for not finishing makes no sense.
  2. Rakell said it. The context was that guys know they're struggling so they're pushing to succeed as individuals rather than continuing to work as a team.
  3. He doesn't deserve to have his name remembered correctly.
  4. Let me preface by saying I like the way Grant plays, and I think the following will be less horrifying if we look at context. Namely, Grant is getting a TON of defensive zone starts and he's been out there against other teams' top lines. That said, he (and his linemates) are getting CRUSHED in possession. It's really bad. They're down below 35% in shot share, scoring chance share, and expected goal share. They're doing a little better in high danger scoring chance share, where they're at 40 - 44%, but it's still cringe-worthy. I think Grant is the best one on that line, so I think some of this is on his linemates. Deslauriers is barely a hockey player, and Rowney is a turnover waiting to happen. As much as I dislike Nate Shore, I think it would make a lot of sense to get Sherwood up and play Sherwood and Shore on Grant's wings. They can't be worse.
  5. The Gudbranson-MDZ pairing was the stuff nightmares are made of. Please hurry back, Hampus.
  6. Gudbranson is awful. Really, really awful. Honestly, it's pretty close between him and Holzer. Our offense had better figure out where the back of the net is, because our defense just got much, much worse.
  7. Are we sure he's healthy? He went out for a while in the Canes game. He came back, but he might be nursing something.
  8. It is possible, but why do we want him? He'd be going to San Diego, hopefully never to don an Anaheim sweater. He's not good.
  9. I think I've read elsewhere that this is a San Diego move, although I'm horrified to think that this might mean Guhle is going to be out for an extended period and Sbisa is the plan for replacing him in the lineup. That's a scary thought.
  10. We don't have anyone who can fill that spot this season, unless you want to completely give up and play MDZ and Holzer every night. We're surviving right now with them both in there, but it's not ideal. I don't think they want to rush Benoit or Mahura. I can't see Larsson losing a ton of value between now and the trade deadline or the draft. If he really has no place in Anaheim, he can be traded then and we can graduate one of the kids. Larsson isn't going to be a top pairing guy, but I think he's shown enough that I could see him being a 3rd pairing guy good enough to play on the second pairing. I also could see him learning to play the right side. Eakins clearly doesn't care that much about handedness, which I'm all in favor of. Or teach Mahura or Benoit to play the right side. We'll survive with left-handed shots over there.
  11. You can't give up on Larsson at this point. He's also been dragging around the pylon known as Korbinian Holzer most of the season. Let's pair Larsson with a real NHL defenseman before we call him a bust.
  12. Eh, sports and sports fandom is childish - in a good way. There's no need to be serious about this. We yell nonsense words at dudes in pajamas chasing a piece of rubber around on the ice. If some of those dudes' pajamas have a cartoon duck mask on them instead of a grim looking Native American or a leaf, I don't see why that's out of place.
  13. Bah humbug, scrooge. That logo was awesome and it got me a hockey team to root for. The webbed D is fine, but boring. I will always have affinity for the old logo and colors (although some of those alternate jerseys back in those days took it too far even for me - like the Wild Wing crashing through the front of the jersey).
  14. Your third sentence follows your first one, but the second one seems out of place there. Screw James Neal and everything he stands for.
  15. Can that be reviewed? I forget what the new rules are about what can be checked. It definitely looked like it was played above the shoulder.
  16. gorbachav5


    He sang fantastically, but I completely agree with this take. He put his own flourish on it and it took the crowd out of it because they couldn't join in.
  17. They happen, albeit rarely (Colorado-Nashville-Ottawa a couple years ago in the Duchene deal). But it's too rare to actually hope for. A deal like that would make a whole lot of sense.
  18. Honestly, I'm just looking for a team that's playing consistently better hockey. I am okay with some lapses as long as we see potential from the kids and a return to effectiveness from the veterans. If they're possessing the puck more and breaking out from the defensive zone better and not running around on defense like proverbial headless chickens, I'll be happy, even if they're losing more than they're winning. I always hope for the playoffs, and this year's no exception, but my expectations for this team are pretty low. I'll be happy with progress.
  19. I think it makes a lot of sense to put Terry on Henrique's line, since Terry is more of a distributor/playmaker and Henrique isn't. Either Jones or Comtois should work well on that line. However, Kase and Getzlaf both like to hold onto the puck. I don't think those two have worked well together in the past. We'll see how it goes. If Sprong could play one iota of defense, he could score 30 goals on Getzlaf's wing.
  20. Byfuglien is great when he's on the ice. I'm not sure we're a fit with what Winnipeg is going to want in return, since they'll want another RD and we're short on those. Maybe it could work because we're one of the few teams that can afford his cap hit. For the right price, I'd take Byfuglien.
  21. Eakins confirmed in Eric Stephens' piece for The Athletic that Kase will be available on Thursday. He speculated that both Steel and Kase would be activated on Thursday and they'd send Lundestrom down to San Diego.
  22. I don't know the rule, so I'm talking out of my butt here, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone put on the preseason IR only to be activated before the first game. I thought preseason IR was only for long-term injuries. But again, I'm just going off of memory. I also don't know what the reason behind that would be, other than to be a troll. As long as the guys he's sending down are waiver-eligible, he can do a paper transaction to send them down, then recall them before game 1 and even save himself a bit of cash.
  23. I like Comtois's potential, but he looked rough out there in the preseason. I thought he stood to benefit the most from a couple of months on the top line in San Diego. That's still an option, of course, but I'm surprised. Maybe this means Jones is heading down to work on his finishing skills.
  24. My guesses as to who will be cut from the forwards, in order of certainty, are: Sherwood, Comtois, and Lundestrom (if Steel is healthy, if not, Lundestrom stays and Jones probably goes down). It's a shame we have both Shore and Deslauriers on this team and we can't have four lines that are trying to score. But oh well. Personally, I'd love to see Jones on Getzlaf's wing. I'm curious to see where they put Terry. He's more of a distributor than a finisher, so I don't really like him with Getzlaf, but I don't think he fits anywhere else, either.
  25. Except we're going to need someone on the right side. Petrovic would replace Del Zotto or Holzer in the lineup, not Larsson or Guhle.
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