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  1. They can't re-sign barrie and muzzin unless they're gonna play for scraps. The big 4 plus Andersen and Reilly take up 50,5 mil. That's 50 mil for 6 players. That leaves a little less than 35 mil for 17 players. Whatever trick Dubas pulled with that LTIR money is also out of the question because both horton and clarkson are off the books next season. I applaud Dubas for keeping his big 4 together and especially for the Johnson and Kapanen deals but it's not sustainable. One (probably Nylander) will have to go. If they win The Cup over the next 2-3 years it's all good but imagine if they don't. That Matthews contract is horrible. Marner's isn't much better.
  2. I don't see how this is a fail by BM. He tried to make a trade and maybe had one in place. If for some reason out of his control it doesn't go through (Faulk's NTC) you can't really blame him. Same with Shattenkirk. He tried to sign him. Even offered him more than tampa bay but if the player doesn't want to be here that's the end of it. I'm glad BM sees we're missing something and is trying to address it without overpaying.
  3. That whole Marner situation is [insert word(s) of choice]. Can't believe he turned down 11 mil. I thought he was a hometown boy. Apparently not. If I were in the GM's office in toronto I'd let him walk. They have the top end talent anyway to compete for The Cup and with that 11 mil they can bring in another impact forward and defenseman. Then again dubas did it to himself with that ridiculous Matthews contract.
  4. I think if Eakins can come up with a system that catches on we may be competitive. Not Cup contenders but definitely in the mix for the Playoffs. Kase is a great player but he hasn't scored an awful lot of points for us. He was on track for a good season but missed most of it. If he can stay healthy he's an asset but if he can't... I've read a couple of those interviews on our website. All the guys seem to be saying the same thing: "I believe we can surprise a lot of people." I love that mindset. There's a few ifs but I believe the same thing. Go Ducks!
  5. All those players you mention were not to the rangers what Getzlaf is to our Ducks. Us trading Getzlaf would be like Pittsburgh trading Crosby. Trading Rakell would be dumb because he's on one of the best deals in the league. Maybe I'm being too positive but I really believe if BM pulls the trigger on a top 4 D man without giving up the farm and if Eakins can make a difference we'll be competing for a Playoff spot and maybe will make life hard on any team should we make it. If Zegras turns out to be what we think/hope he is our team will be competitive in the not too distant future. IMO we don't need a rebuild.
  6. The canes could sign Gardiner for 4 mil. They won't be able to sign Faulk for that kind of money. Didn't they also acquire that Priske guy? I guess they have a bit of a logjam and decided to keep the cheaper guys. I'm not opposed to it if he comes with an extension (no more than 6 mil and no NMC clause please). I really like Kase and if he can stay healthy I'll regret it but his injury history is concern to me. I'd trade him if the right deal comes along. Whether that is Faulk is the question of course.
  7. Apparently they surfaced on a twitter account that's already been deleted. Don't think anybody knew the guy who started it either. So not very real.
  8. Rebuilding is easier if you're the rangers. If they suck, fans will keep coming. If The Ducks do it fans will stay away and so will the money. We can't afford it. On top of that players like Trouba and Panarin want to sign in NY. That helps when you're rebuilding. They don't want to sign in Anaheim.
  9. I love me some Kase. He's a joy to watch and he can be a difference maker but his injury history is really concerning. If BM trades him and Kase stays healthy we'll be on the losing end of a lot of trades (including the rumored Faulk one). Everybody will be mad at BM (rightfully so). But if BM keeps Kase and he becomes the next Patrick Eaves we'll regret it too. Tough spot.
  10. If the right pieces go the other way and the extension is decent (no more than 6 mil) I'm all for it.
  11. For some reason our new Finnish player (Jakanpaa?) isn't listed. And I hope Mahura can be a regular in the line-up. If Phaneuf is one year/1 mil deal I wouldn't mind it too much. He brings toughness. Something we lack. Unfortunately that's all he brings. I don't think it'll happen.
  12. Good on BM for trying. If they don't want to come you can't make them.
  13. Agreed with most that's already been said. He'll probably prefer staying on the east coast and if he does consider coming out West it'll take a bit of an overpayment. I'm not against taking a chance at overpaying him for one year. If it doesn't work out, he walks at the deadline or next year. If it does work out, it probably wasn't an overpayment and maybe he wants to stay. But please BM no 3 year contract with a NMC. Believing all the rumors Ristolainen is available. But I don't think we want to part with the pieces buffalo would want. Shattenkirk is available but as stated above it's a longshot. Over on HF boards I read Chase Priskie, some caps prospect, won't sign and will become a UFA august 15. He's RHD who probably wants an opportunity. We can offer him that . I'm not a fan of schultzlike behavior but if it can get us a promising RHD why not? IMO BM should push for one of the abovementioned 3.
  14. Kunitz was a great Duck. Little guy but with a big heart. It was a sad day for us when he left but I'm glad for him he found chemistry with Crosby. Without cheating I can't think of anyone actually. Is Drew Miller still active in the NHL?
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