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  1. That's crazy. He's good no doubt about it but 9 mil after one good shortened season is insane IMO.
  2. I´m gonna jump in. Calling them bottom 6 forwards is a bit harsh. And only 1 has accomplished anything with the team? It´s been a while but there was a time we were Stanley Cup contenders. Silfverberg was money in The Playoffs. He´s been great for us. They´re overpaid now but when healthy I´m sure there´s a role for them on this team.
  3. His stock was higher last season. As was anyone else's. If BM wanted to move anyone he should have done it prior to last season. Not counting Zegras and Drysdale because they were just getting their feet wet and with the exception of Comtois everybody's value took a hit after that dreadful season. BM messed up last off season and is doing even worse now. If the Eichel deal doesn't go through (which I still hope doesn't) I can also see BM announcing a deal for Connor McDavid also fell through at the last moment because edmonton wouldn't bite on our offer of Jacob Larsson, a conditional 7th rounder (the condition being the oilers winning The Cup, Larsson playing in 83 regular season games and picking up the Norris & Conn Smythe along the way), 2 Disneylandtickets, and a coupon for a hotdog at 50% at an Angels game. Because of these unfortunate proceedings BM will make a trade for Carter Rowney and Devin Shore and sign Jason Chimera to a PTO. He'll call it a succesful offseason saying we added speed and experience.
  4. Not only that but what about our owners? Either: - A: they don't give a damn - B: they are the most gullible people and believe everything BM tells them - C : They got caught doing something shady and BM has proof They could at least make BM going public with his bold strategy of doing nothing that we the fans know what the hell is going on.
  5. Well there goes my plan of acquiring Dvorak. I wonder if BM has blisters on his behind from all that sitting around.
  6. That's what bugs me most. We'll probably be bad but we're never bad enough to end up with the top pick. There will always be teams who succeed in being worse than us. The sabres, kraken, the devils, the coyotes... come to mind.
  7. I don't know why but I don't want to give up Groulx. This is a kid who's good on both ends. I believe he had some sick FO stats in the QMJHL. Not saying he's a future Selke winner but if there's a defensively responsibly center in our near future I think he's the guy. Still early to tell what we have in McTavish but I think having Zegras, McTavish & Groulx down the middle in a couple of years might be something to drool over.
  8. I haven't read any in depth pieces on the Eichel situation but what I have seen mentioned a couple of times is that buffalo's team doctor is some kind of neck injury guru who apparently knows his stuff. Suppose we trade for Eichel and we let him have the surgery he wants. I'm not too confident in our medical staff to be honest. Keeping players healthy hasn't exactly been our forte. BM has refused for years to rebuild. We were simply 'retooling'. Over the course of our not so succesful retool we have acquired to some solid pieces for the future. Now that we are so far in the rebuild (let's just call it that) I don't want to see that messed up. Who's going to make us better? Eichel or a package of let's say Dostal, McTavish, Perreault, 2022 1st rounder and Rakell. A healthy Eichel is a game changer but adding him to this team will do nothing for us next season since he'll miss a significant portion of it and I seriously doubt we'd be competing the year after. I'd rather take my chances on our package. If those guys reach their full potential we're talking a starting goalie, a good 2nd line center, a top 6 winger with a killer shot, a probably top 10 pick in a deep draft and Rakell who IMO is one of the only exciting players this team has. What I do like about having healthy Eichel is that his presence might make it easier to attract other UFA's. Then again if our prospects reach their potential that too might be enticing.
  9. Couldn´t agree more. For those who are saying we should go outside the organisation you have a point but it´s not that easy if you´re Anaheim. Kesler wanted to be here because we were contenders. But as long as we´re not that... There´s also nice weather and beaches in florida and lower taxes. Don´t forget Justin Faulk didn´t want to come here and that we overpaid for Shattenkirk. Attracting UFA´s is hard for us.
  10. I agree on Eichel and not moving players if other teams underpay but he could have at least added some picks by taking on bad contracts. As for Spielberg, The Post was a great movie and Ready Player One was a blast (both from 2017). BM is no Spielberg.
  11. Part of me wishes Getzy had thrown BM under the bus but he's not in a position to do that. But you're right. I wish the owners had flat out fired BM or at least called him out for doing nothing. All we can hope for right now is that our young guys have taken huge steps and that - should the Eichel ship have sailed - BM makes a move for Dvorak, Drouin and I'm still dreaming of Laine. Should the (injured) Eichel ship sail to Anaheim I hope it's indeed for a pile of garbage and that BM doesn't offer up the future. It's a different story if Eiche is healthy but that seems unlikely.
  12. I´m starting to think that there won´t be a trade anytime soon. The longer this goes on the more value he loses. Especially for contenders (Vegas). The best way to still get value for him is to have him play and prove that he´s worth it. But then of course the surgery comes into play again.
  13. Whatever happens with Eichel, I hope it happens soon because the market is dead and I don´t like it. What I really want to know is what´s going on in BM´s mind. Is he in on Eichel or is he wasting an entire offseason? And if he´s in does he have the chops to pull it of? If he doesn´t and we end up with the exact same team we ended the season with he should be fired into the sun.
  14. I don't know whether he's ready but I like the confidence in the kid. https://www.nhl.com/news/trevor-zegras-confident-he-can-handle-role-as-anaheim-top-center/c-325984436?tid=277548856
  15. If that's the case they should fire him to the moon. He might as well hand over the reins now. We're already sitting on a lot of capspace and there's deals to be made. Eichel, Dvorak, Domi, Drouin, Donato,... I'm not a fan of most but as stated above we still have the exact same roster. That's unforgivable.
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