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  1. If by a couple you mean 2 it's okay but anything more than that would be very unpleasant to disastrous (the longer it goes on) to a small team like ours. We need the Playoffs revenue. We don't want our fans to turn to the kings or sharks or another sport. Then again are those really fans. Either way there'd be a lot of empty seats. And should BM get it in his noggin one day to attract a big UFA it definitely will help to have some success. See the oilers. We don't have to contend every year but making The Playoffs would be great.
  2. Perhaps they're thinking that last year was an anomaly (which I hope too) and that if everyone plays up to their potential we can compete for a Playoff spot. Maybe they want to have a good look at the "new" team before making trades. There's a few question marks on the roster who may or may not turn out to be quite decent. I'm thinking Guhle, Jakanpaa (or what's his name?), Steel (can he stay with the big team?),... If those guys perform maybe management doesn't feel the need to make a trade. I still think we need a top 4 D man (Risto) but if the front office think we already have him in one of the aforementioned players we'll stand pat.
  3. If Eakins is fine with it why not I guess? His experience might come in handy.
  4. So much this. I can see us finishing anywhere from 6th to 16th. We're do gonna need breakout seasons from at least 2 to 3 younglings. I'm looking at you Troy Terry & Max Jones But I really hope we don't miss The Playoffs. Not good for a team like ours.
  5. If he turns out to be the next Chris Kunitz I'll be superpleased but I think he's a career AHL'er. A very good one at that. Great signing for The Gulls.
  6. I can understand on some level that you want to wait to see what you have in the aforementioned guys but meanwhile you miss out on potential UFA/RFA's. If those players don't pan out like you hoped you have to take what's available. Enter bargain bin Bob. We've seen it happen too many times before. I do hope at least one of Guhle of Mahura can stay on with the big team. I have nog high hopes for Larsson at the moment. But we do need some reinforcements on D. As for the forwards, another guy whom I wouldn't mind is Marcus Johansson. He's a winger but can play center. Good skater, not too old and he's Swedish But then we'd have to make room.
  7. I don't know why but ever since the leafs got all that young talent I took great joy in watching them lose although I have really nothing against them. But I think dubas did a really fine job now with the Johnson and Kapanen contracts and bringing in barrie. That defense is still not rock solid but with barrie, muzzin and reilly it isn't bad either. If they can lock up Marner now I guess their summer is good. If the money is okay that is. But if they sign Marner I'm already curious for next year what they're gonna do with barrie. Some teams did great. Although the avs lose Barrie I think they've gotten better. So did nashville I think. Dallas for sure. Even calgary if talbot plays like he did in edmonton. Chicago made some good moves and if Kessel finds his groove the coyotes will be better. Florida sure got better although they paid a lot. Rangersfans must be thrilled with Trouba, Panarin & Kakko. Same for the devils. Still early to decide on the leafs but the bruins and lighting didn't do anything of great importance me thinks which might be a win for the leafs in itself. If I were a wild, jackets or oilers fan I wouldn't be thrilled. And as a Ducksfan... let's give it a couple of days
  8. Indeed. I also think it's a risk but if it pays of I think he's worth it. He was good at the World Championship. Anyway I don't see BM doing it.
  9. If those dallas moves pay off you better watch them. Love what they've done. I have doubts about Perry but he's still an NHL player. Especially for 1,5 mil. He doesn't have to score 30 goals to be of importance. Pavelski and sekera also have some good hockey left in them. They already surprised us in this year's playoffs. If that roster stays healthy they're gonna cause trouble for a lot of teams.
  10. They have almost 42 mil locked up in 5 players (Couture, Kane, Karlsson, Burns & Vlasic). They have to re-sign meier and labanc and while their top 3 on defense is scary good you need 6 guys on the back end. If I had to choose between thornton and pavelski I'd go pavelski all the way but something had to give, be it dollars or term. Barring a huge dropoff in his production he seems to have a couple of good years left in him. Good playoff performer too. But it's a business I guess. Thornton will accept a "cheap" one year deal. Pavelski wouldn't. If I were a sharks fan I wouldn't be pleased to see him go.
  11. It is puzzling. Might be for San Diego who knows. Somebody might have to help me out here but am I correct in thinking that it's likely we're gonna start the season with the following forwards: Getzlaf, Henrique, Silfverberg, Rakell, Grant, Rowney, Shore, Ritchie, Sprong, Deslauriers & Terry. That's 11 forwards. Kesler, Eaves & Kase on LTIR but Kase should be back for sure. That makes 12 not counting Steel, Jones, Comtois, Sherwood,... The players who should get a chance. Depth is important and you have to take injuries into account but something doesn't add up. I'm guessing Shore, Sprong (who was scoring goals at Silfverberg pace) or Ritchie are on the way out. Maybe Henrique if it's a BIG trade but I guess we all know that's not gonna happen.
  12. I don't think he doesn't want to re-sign but it's a matter of $s. No way the sharks can give him a 7 million deal. He could take a home discount but it only goes that far. No way he's gonna leave 3-4 mil on the table.
  13. Not the best start in a crucial offseason for BM. Nothing against Deslauriers but moving Perry to make room for the youngsters only to bring in another winger makes little sense to me. Sure he's a bit older and I get he wants to surround the young ones with some veterans but Getzlaf, Silfverberg, Henrique & Fowler (and maybe Kesler one day) should be enough IMO. Let's see what he does next.
  14. I wonder, would BM throw money at Gardiner? UFA, still fairly young, can put up points and was drafted here. I guess some team will overpay for his services. Would you guys be for/against it? Another name that comes to mind is kyle turris. I'm fairly certain matty dooch ends up in nashville. The thought of making deals with nashville gives me shivers but I can see them letting him go fairly cheap if they get Duchene. He has an injury history but if he regains his form that's a #2 center. Then again 6 mil is a lot of money for a risk.
  15. The Kesler trade got me really excited. Ryan Miller was a nice addition. I have no problems with our owners. They've been spending. As for BM it's crunchtime. We have cap space, there are quite a few players to be (rumored) available and a few teams in cap trouble. It doesn't have to be Marner (although it'd be great 😄 ) but I wouldn't mind him going after Risto or Wennberg for example. The latter one is a risk but one worth taking I believe.
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