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  1. I'm not ready to give up on Manson. If we can't protect him I hope BM moves him for at least something.
  2. In 6 weeks our season is over.
  3. So much this. IMO Rakell is untouchable. He's on a great contract and I really think his scoring will go up. Maybe not to 30+ goals but still. And while less important he's also a joy to watch.
  4. 7 losses in a row. I don't care whether we made it to OT or SO. It's not a win. How Eakins still has a job is beyond me. Then again RC was here for way too long.
  5. I´m not too familiar with this year´s draft class but I don´t think there´s anybody who will be as good as Eichel. That´s why I have no problem with giving up our first rounder even if it´s 1st overall. I´m on the fence for giving up next year´s 1st rounder but I sure don´t want to give up Comtois. He´s the only one who´s scoring right now. Too bad because I´d love to entice buffalo but Eichel won´t be much happier here if we give up the future. Then again if Zegras and Drysdale can make the jump sooner rather than later a core of Gibson, Lindholm, Drysdale, Zegras and Eichel is not too shabby. I´m for the rebuild but IMO Gibson, Drysdale, Zegras, Lindholm, Comtois and Rakell are untouchable. If it´s for a Eichel type player I´m willing to give up Dostal. If he still cares and he wants to make a big move I don´t think BM will do anything pre expansion draft. I´m okay with that. But he should definitely make a splash after the draft. We have a lot of salary coming of the books and given that the salary cap probably won´t rise by much I think a lot of teams won´t be willing to make big moves.
  6. Maybe we can get this article over to BM.
  7. Or they're tired of playing for a coach and GM who both suck.
  8. Well if you're looking for an easy job with job security try becoming GM or head coach of The Ducks. Getting results apparently doesn't matter so you can cruise to a fat paycheck.
  9. We'll probably never know what went down but there's two parties to sign a contract. If BM is upset that Henrique wouldn't waive his NMC he shouldn't have put one in the contract. if Henrique refused he's just exercising his rights. If that's BM's reaction he's an even bigger doofus than I thought. It's stuff like that poisons relationships with players. I was always against a full blown rebuild but I don't see any other way. But BM and Eakins still have to go.
  10. I'd love to see Getzlaf stay a Duck for life but if he wants out I'm all for it. He's earned it. He has done so much for this franchise and he deserves much more than this. I'm pretty confident that if he's given wingers who can put the puck in the net he's still a difference maker. I'd also love to see Getzlaf beast mode in The Playoffs again. Unfortunately it won't be in Anaheim unless Zegras turns out to be the next coming of McJesus. Meanwhile I still want Murray and Eakins fired.
  11. I'd rather they try him at C to be honest.
  12. Putting our scoring leader from last season on waivers isn´t exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks BM for another bonehead move.
  13. An empty arena woud be a strong signal that the fans are fed up but all arenas are empty 🤨 We´ll just have to wait it out and hope BM makes a move after the expansion draft. Let´s hope Gibson doesn´t lose his patience and that this team starts playing a whole lot better. Preferably get some results along the way.
  14. Is there any way to voice our concern over the direction our team is going in? Can somebody put up a banner or something at Honda Center to call for BM´s and DE´s jobs? This team is going nowhere. Bob Murray is doing a horrible job. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He calls out the players while his coach choices have been questionable to say the least. Eakins is in over his head. This team is playing bad hockey plain and simple. If not for our excellent goalies we´d give the wings a run for their money. The problem now is we can´t show our frustration during the games so it seems we don´t care. But I´ve had it with Murray and Eakins.
  15. Let's trade our most dynamic forward (who's snake bitten that's for sure) for a third liner who doesn't exactly light it up and an unproven forward. If he's that good why don't you keep him?
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