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  1. This is the kind of stuf that should get people banned. Not ever under any circumstances should one want the preds to win The Cup Seriously though, no preds, no flames and just because it's funny no leafs. I have a soft spot for the Avs and y'all gonna hate this the Bruins But with The Ducks' best interests in mind I'd rather have them go out early this year.
  2. Rantanen as in Colorado's Mikko Rantanen? Because he's signed through 2025.
  3. You either end the regular season and recalculate points to 65 games or you shorten The Playoffs. Only 8 teams instead of 16 and best of 5 series or something. We're not competing so I don't care who gets in
  4. A lot of ifs in this post but let's say if the leafs don't win The Cup this year, they're gonna have to change some things up. I'm guessing barrie walks for starters. Ceci and Dermott need to be re-signed / let go. They will be without a bottom 6. If we could get them to bite on Manson would you do it for Nylander? I know we need a C but Nylander is an exciting young player who can make plays and he has a pretty good contract. No idea what this would mean for the expansion draft but if we could make that work would the leafs do it? They get a physical top 4 D man on a good contract and additional cap space to help them fill out their bottom 6.
  5. He's a freak of nature. The way he plays must be tasking on his body but he shows no signs of slowing down. Barring a serious injury I see no reason why he won't break it.
  6. That's tough but it won't hurt our chances of getting a higher pick. I'm not rooting against our own team but The Playoffs are long gone. Might as well experiment a bunch and see where it takes us.
  7. The canes are really going all in. Trocheck, Vatanen and Skjei.
  8. They don't have any draft picks after last year so I'm curious.
  9. I already made that joke last summer during the draft but having a Suzuki in Honda Center would be killer.
  10. I didn't actually. I didn't know he was sent down. But it would have been an excellent joke
  11. With Ritchie gone I'd rather hold on to Manson. He's not going through the best years of his career but seeing him go after myers was money. Probably the highlight of the season. It says a lot about our season.
  12. I can't believe Lou is working on a trade to bring Parise to the isles. A lot of retention must be involved otherwise it's crazy. He already gave up a lot for Pageau IMO.
  13. Not sad to see Ritchie go. And he gets to play with this brother so good for him. Disappointed we couldn't get a 3rd for Grant. Hope to see him back in July. I don't disapprove of BM's trades but I'm still not too happy with the hiring of Eakins. I'd say keep him around for the draft (something he's good at) and cut him loose then but that ain't gonna happen.
  14. I like this deal. Always liked Kase but he's damaged goods. Wish him all the best. If he stays healthy Boston is a great place for him. As for us, I have little faith in BM but he's an excellent drafter and recognizes a good D prospect when he sees one.
  15. And Pastrnak would make a GREAT addition to the Ducks Offence Corps. It's just nog gonna happen.
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