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  1. I thought it was Brayden Schenn.
  2. Silfverberg is a class act all the way. I'm very glad we kept him. I hope we make The Playoffs someday when he's still good.
  3. Getz is the face of this franchise. He only leaves if he decides he wants to. Otherwise he retires here. He's putting up decent numbers. Imagine he had wingers who could score. Getzy's not done yet. I sincerely hope he's still around when Zegras comes up. BTW the seattle draft doesn't matter since his conctract is over by then.
  4. I wouldn't mind having Vatanen back. Lindholm, Manson, Fowler, Vatanen, Gudbransson, Guhle & Mahura seems pretty good to me. Some good puck movers, Manson & Guds bring a physical element and should Vatanen come back we may have an upgrade on our PP (if his shoulder holds up).
  5. We could definitely use Hall eventhough he's not a center. But our 1st should be untouchable. I'd consider it if it's a sign and trade but imagine giving up our 1st and Kase and Hall walks after this season. That'd be brutal. It's not like we're contending for The Cup this season. I wonder what's going on with Turris. He had a good WC and a pretty solid start in nashville. His contract is horrendous but with some serious retention I'd consider it. His value is at an all time low, he's not old and the talent is there. A change of scenery and a chance to play is probably all he needs. It would give us more center depth, a chance to move Henrique to wing and some more wiggle room for Steel who might use some more time in San Diego.
  6. Unless we go on to win The Cup this season our 1st rounder should be untouchable.
  7. 3 point night for Perry. That's what, 9 points so far? He missed a big part of training camp. New environment and a new team that had a pretty rough start btw. I think given the circumstances that's pretty good production. They're paying him 1-2 mil? If he keeps that up no way he calls it quits after this season. And even if his production is low he still brings grit and experience. He's not expected to be a top 6 winger anymore.
  8. Do we have a timetable on Lindholm? Blowing 2-0 leads is one thing. Blowing a 4-0 lead is pretty embarrassing. I miss our top 2 D men.
  9. This. But it's also crazy they're on a 5 game losing streak and that their goal differential is -8. That's something to be ashamed of with that kind of offense (even taking into account Marner is out). I guess Babcock must have lost the room otherwise firing him is a huge boneheaded move by dubas. Very curious to see how it pans out.
  10. Excellent post and especially the bolded part is what bothers me. It became painfully obvious when both Faulk and Shattenkirk said no this summer. BM has made some boneheaded moves but he did try to land us an offensive D man. When they both don't want to be here he can only do so much. I think in order to land free agents we're gonna have to be more competitive. See Kesler, who wanted to come because he felt he had a chance to win. The next few years our reinforcements will have to come from within or via trade. I think it's very unlikely we'll be able to land a big UFA right now unless we overpay. Probably not the route to go after a season without Playoffs. Let's hope it stays just one season but we have to be somewhat realistic. This season can still go either way. Let's hope we have a #1 C in Zegras and that he can start contributing in the very near future.
  11. While 2011 (at least I think it was 2011) and last year among others were huge disappointments I think we've been fairly competitive since our Cup win. Some tough losses against later winners (detroit, la, chicago) is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially the one against detroit still hurts. We gave chicago and nashville a good run for their money in 2015 & 2016. Too bad we ran into one injury too many against nashville because I really think we could have beaten them that year.
  12. At the time Draisaitl singed his contract I thought he was slightly overpaid. I don't know what I was thinking.
  13. Another Kase injury incoming? I've said it before and I'll say it again. He should have been moved. If he's not completely ruined I hope BM still pulls the trigger. Get whatever you can for him or he's the next Despres/Eaves.
  14. Sure those injuries hurt us and we have a lot of younglings. I accept that and I understand they're going to have some rough games/stretches. I don't even mind them losing but it's the way you lose. In that regard the losses against minnesota and detroit hurt big time. My joke comment was more about the PP, not the team. I should have made that more clear and for that I apologize. But our PP is in fact a joke. I stand by that. Even when we were healthy and winning games we weren't scoring on our PP.
  15. Well in BM's defense I thought he had found a pretty good partner for Fowler in Despres. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy. Thinking about it, injurywise, I don't think there's a team out there over the last 3-4 years who has had more bad luck (if that's what it is) than us.
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