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  1. Hopefully he can live life pain free after the operation. Life comes before hockey but I'm still hoping for a miraculous comeback. The odds are definitely stacked against him but as DTS said, he's Ryan Kesler.
  2. Why doesn't Vegas deserve a deep run? Sure they're a new team but every team's gotta start somewhere. If they go deep they probably earned it. The expansion rules might have been better for them then for other teams in years past but that's not on them. And it's not that they got extra points to start the season. I thought last year was a fluke but if they don't break down in that game 7 they would have made another good run. Good on them and good for the sport of hockey in a new town.
  3. Of course both the blues and sharks make it to the Finals. It's that kind of season. I'm pulling for Blues vs. Bruins.
  4. Not too sure about that. All of the top seeds apart from Boston have been eliminated. A lot will depend on jones but if he plays well I can see them go all the way.
  5. I'd also hand this one to the sharks. I even think this might be their year if you see who's already been eliminated. Not to take anything away from the remaining teams but looking at their roster and home ice they should be able to come out of the West. Then again you never now with martin jones aka 'getting 03 Jiggy with it' or 50 shades of dan cloutier'.
  6. Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler are getting there in age but we have a solid core in place. If Getz can stay healthy he's still very much a #1 Center. A new (good) coach will go a long way.
  7. Man leafs fans will go crazy after this one. Isn't that a third game 7 loss against the Bruins in like 5 years? Can't wait till they announce the Marner contract. I want offers sheets!! And I have nothing against Tavares but I do find it kinda funny he's out and the Isles are going through. These Playoffs are sick. It's really anyone's game. No more favorites.
  8. I'm totally with you on this one. If our Ducks don't win it I root for whoever plays against the preds. So sweet. And the flames getting eliminated is a nice bonus. This season sucked for sure but finally something to be excited about.
  9. You're right. There's not much depth but that top line is sick. If you can contain them no problem but if you can't... Was ottawa much more than a top line in 2007? In the end they didn't go all the way but they got close. Joe Sakic will have a lot of work this summer. Lots of RFA's and UFA's but apart from Rantanen none will get a big payday. If Sakic can make a few good signings I can see the Avs make some noise in The Playoffs next year. But you're right in saying it can just as easily be the other way around. An injury or downyear from one of their top guys and they're probably in the bottom.
  10. No matter how bad this team is, if we make it to The Playoffs we always stand a chance against winnipeg and calgary. We may get blown out by every other team in the West but those two teams fear us
  11. If BM moves Rakell he can move himself afterwards.
  12. Is it really? Don't get me wrong I love it when Getzlaf turns on the beastmode and powers his way along the boards but what makes him great in my book is how he sees the game. Getzlaf has tremendous vision and on top of that he has the ability to make those sick passes. IMO that's his biggest strength. When Getzlaf is on the top of his game you won't find many better passers than him, minus the stupid drop passes of course I don't know if he wouldn't have been as good if he were smaller (and probably faster and more agile). But again I love the fact that he's big and strong. It makes him so fun to watch. To stay on topic, reading about the prospects makes me believe Kirby Dach is a Ryan Getzlaf type player. I've never seen him play but I often read big frame, great passer, pass first mentality,... Too bad we won't get our hands on him.
  13. Thanks for that garden gnome comment. Really can't stand that leprechaun.
  14. I don't think the jackets will go all the way. I simply meant that their next opponent, be it toronto or boston, might have their work cut out for them. You mentioned it'll be important if they can stay healthy. In sweeping the 1st round they didn't play more than they had to. Meanwhile if toronto and boston beat eachother up a bit more I think it's safe to say the jackets will be more healthy and rested (and more rusty of course). Also their PP was clicking. Meanwhile toronto's pk is pretty bad. Whoever makes it out of the 1st round, it'll be an interesting series against the jackets.
  15. Congrats on the Gulls for taking game 1. Must have been a wild one.
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