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  1. I'm pretty confident the oilers will stay ahead of us. It's the rangers and sabres who "concern" me. Let's just hope the ping pong balls go our way.
  2. I think we see the effects more of firing RC than of 'hiring' BM as coach. I think playing for Carlyle sucked the fun out of the game. I wouldn't be surprised the team is just having fun which makes them play better.
  3. The recent results of the sabres and rangers are really horrible. I can see us caching them. The Oilers, blackhawks and avs are out of reach I think. The nucks have a few games in hand. I gotta say I enjoy to see the team winning. At the end of the day you can play to finish last and end up picking 5th or something. Just play the game and get some confidence back. We'll see what happens april 9. I have confidence in BM's drafting.
  4. Don't count on new jersey not tanking. It wouldn't surprise me to see them finish below the kings. Whatever happens happens. I'm all for finishing the season on a high. Let the kids feel how it's like to win some games and create a positive atmosphere. Who knows karma might reward us and we end up with a top 3 pick either way.
  5. I really hope they can pull it of but it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't. The Playoffs can be weird sometimes. I'd love to see a maple leafs-islanders series with the Islanders winning. Nothing against Toronto or Tavares but it would be funny.
  6. I'll give it a go one of these days I promise
  7. This is shocking to read. Shows again that often we as fans have no clue about what's going on and that the players deserve our utmost respect. I feel so bad for him because we know what he can do when he's healthy. Kesler is an example to all the young guys on the team. What a warrior. I sincerely hope that he can take another (or more) steps over the summer and that he can play pain free. Go Kesler!!
  8. Henrique is really solid and definitely good enough to play on a 2nd line. What I'd love to see is healthy Kesler with Henrique and Silfverberg on the wings.
  9. Bollocks huge movie fan here but I've never seen Animal House
  10. This is too funny. When the team had to win they had no clue and now that they have to lose (if we want to play that game) they start winning. I gotta say winning still gives me a better feeling that losing. Tanking might have gotten us a better pick but the chances of us picking in the top 2 weren't going to be huge anyway with ottawa, la, detroit and new jersey behind us. Let's just try to win some more games, get the spirit up and hope karma rewards us with a top 2 pick.
  11. Quite the inspirational post but winning 16 in a row ain't exactly easy. And even then it'll be a miracle they make The Playoffs with 91 points. It won't get done. And the Germans were nowhere near Pearl Harbor It was the Japanese.
  12. They might get there. If there ever was a player to build a team around it's McDavid. They have him locked up for many years to come at a reasonable cap hit. Draisaitl ain't no slouch either but I'd consider trading him for a package. If they only could rid themselves of that lucic contract
  13. This feels so very wrong. I was furious this morning when I saw those scores (8-1 against montreal? not that the score matters) but I want us to do the same. Knowing our luck we go full tank only to pick outside the top 5. This season is/has been incredibly frustrating. Can't wait till it's over. Just did that simulation thingy. First draw I had edmonton at #1 and chicago at #2. The horror! Ducks at 6th. 2nd and 3rd time Ducks also at 6th. Fourth time's the charm because we won it then.
  14. I hate to say it but nashville is a very good team. Most guys are individually good and they play like a team. I'm pretty sure if you switch out Manson for ekholm or Fowler for ellis our guys would do good on that team too. On the other hand if we had ellis on our team this season he'd join the suck. Yes we need scoring but we also need someone who can clear the crease and be a bit more physical. Whether Guhle is that guy remains to be seen but Montour was definitely not that guy. We need a scoring forward but we have an abundance of forwards. Only problem is they're not scoring. We're not trading Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Silfverberg & Henrique. We miss Kase, Rakell is a ghost and the kids are still kids. What I hope is that we bring in a very good coach next season who can get this team to play to its potential because no matter the horror this season, our team can't be that bad. If everybody cranks it up a notch (which they can) and some of the kids (Jones, Comtois) take the next step next season might be pretty fun.
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