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  1. it seems like every year at this time the hockey talking heads on radio and tv keep on saying that 4 or maybe 5 teams from the central division will qualify for the playoffs. this only leaves 3 or 4 spots available for the west. this might happen, but what is not factored in is how concentrated the divisional games become in march and april; meaning that all those strong central division teams feast upon each other opening the door for the western teams to qualify. even now, there are 5 teams from the west in qualifying position with 2 or 3 teams from the division likely out of it. this bodes well for the future and hopefully for the ducks to get healthy and make the playoffs.
  2. I think the ducks gave away a lot in pettersson. even he was young and inexperienced, he looked good and as his confidence increased; he improved rapidly. at 6'3' he had the reach to make plays that a smaller dman couldn't. when he gets older and adds 20-30 lbs to his frame, he has the potential to be a physical force and a top defenseman. I hope sprong proves he's worth it. although his talent is apparent, he does need some work to be a consistent positive impact.
  3. after seeing sprong last night, I can see why the ducks traded for him. unfortunately, I could also see why the penguins let him go. he will need some work fitting within the team's offensive AND defensive systems.
  4. perry, you are correct. I have combined a few transactions into one. the ducks traded Obrien for the 16th pick overall , who turned out to be colton gilles. great trade, not so great draft pick.
  5. another interesting GM point. the ducks didn't have a first round pick that year (2008). they then received a first round pick (12th) from tampa for shane OB. they then traded that 12th pick to the la kings for two first rounders, the 17th and 28th. they then traded the 28th pick to phoenix for the 35th and 39th pick. essentially the ducks started the year with no high draft choices due to the pronger trade and then by wheeling and dealing ended up with 3 picks in the top 40. unfortunately those three draft choices weren't a huge help, however the first rounder that year, jake gardiner was helpful in the trade the ducks did with Toronto when they re-acquired beauchemin. that's a lot of GM moves.
  6. I ran into brian burke at a fanfest and asked him how he got a first round pick ( I think from tampa) for shane Obrien. I think pronger got hurt in dec or jan or that year and the ducks called up kent huskins. huskins played great and even outplayed shane who was pretty erratic at that time. as soon as they could, they sent huskins down so as to not hurt Obrien's trade value. shane was young, tough, and appeared to have a lot of upside. tampa was happy to overpay with a first round draft pick and the ducks were happy to insert huskins in the lineup. now that's a good GM and his staff at work.
  7. it's still quite easy to make trades close to the deadline to improve ones team, the issue is trying to make that trade without overpaying. for example right now a few teams are looking for a goaltender (st louis and pitt plus others). Detroit has a decent one in jimmy howard on an expiring contract. the price that the wings supposedly want is way too much. will someone overpay or will the wings cave? this is basically the same issue all GMs have. to improve ones team, one must usually overpay or absorb a bad contract. avoiding these traps is what separates the good GMs from the bad ones.
  8. official scout
  9. one must give BM credit for picking up both Aberg and Dotchin for nothing from the waiver wire. both are relatively young and seem to be able to contribute at this level. there might even be some upside for the both of them as they are in the 24-25 year old range.
  10. mooseduck is our new scout. thanks.
  11. RC has definitely made some adjustments. for example the first forechecker rarely forces the d-man out from behind his own net. also the ducks are playing more man to man defense in their defensive zone in an attempt to keep the play to the outside. both of these changes are similar to the way the ducks played in the past. although the ducks are trying to play faster and more up tempo, they are doing it in ways the team is more comfortable with. the result is less shots against and fewer major defensive breakdowns. this may not be the style BM wanted, but it is the style that has made the team more competitive.
  12. mooseduck an optimist? shocking!.
  13. I didn't like it when BM signed veterans schenn and sustr over the summer. it seemed like the ducks had up to 4 young dmen ( petterson, welinski, Larsson, and megna) who could make the jump to the ducks. all these signings did was take away ice time, slow the young d-mens improvement, and send the wrong message to the ducks minor leaguers. fortunately that mistake has been rectified, but I question why it was made in the first place and what was BM thinking?
  14. ducks recipe for success. 1) have your goaltender outplay your opponent's goalie by a wide margin. 2) put voodoo curse on opposing shooters so that they miss wide open nets, find the posts/crossbar, or hit goaltender with their great scoring opportunities. 3) keep puck in the ducks defensive zone for extended periods to keep our goaltenders sharp and not bored.
  15. too much loyalty to vets and too many no trade/movement clauses are BM's biggest flaws IMHO.