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  1. niltes

    bob murray

    the blues and islander games were painful to watch.
  2. they both needed grant to win their wars.
  3. you must be right Jiggy, but I still don't understand this trade. MDZ must of been made someone in the locker room or front office mighty upset with him.
  4. Vancouver is contending for a playoff spot so the canucks must think that del zotto is really terrible as schenn is unlikely to be an upgrade. the converse scenario works for Anaheim. they don't feel they are giving up much and hope they are getting an upgrade. if memory serves me right, both are on expiring contracts. schenn's is worth about $1 million and del zotto's twice that. so at least recently according to contract value, del zotto could be better than schenn and might make a positive contribution. I still don't understand what the canucks accomplished with this trade. .
  5. i'm really confused. I can see why the ducks made this trade, but for the life of me I can't understand why the canucks made this trade.
  6. I was shocked to learn that grant's salary was only $650 k, grant played great last year in any role that he was asked to do. BM must of really liked rowney to sign him over grant.
  7. I've been noticing how much sprongster has improved defensively since first acquired. he's backchecking with effort and a purpose. i'm thinking his all around game made Aberg expendable
  8. niltes

    bob murray

    it seems pretty obvious that this roster will have to be turned over to get younger and faster. the good news is that there are options in the ducks pipeline that will help. the bad news is that the salary cap, NO movement or trade clauses, and loyalty to veterans will slow or inhibit this needed transition. also RC may not be the optimum coach during this period.
  9. he certainly looked like a decent 3rd pairing dman. the reason for this is probably due to the ducks depth at this position in the minors and dotchin eating up ice time slowing the development of the ducks youth.
  10. I went on the penguins website to see how THEY felt about pettersson and the trade. !) they do not like his offense, his shot, his passing, or that he is getting PP time. 2) they really like his defense and his instincts. 3) many conclude that his pairing with jack Johnson has helped JJ a ton as most felt that he was a disaster before pettersson. 4) at the present time he is felt to be their #4 dman with tremendous upside if adds weight and/or improves his offense. 5) some are sad to see spronger go because of his potential, but he was so underused or misused in Pittsburgh that there was not much of a short term loss in trading him. the benefits that pettersson provides both immediately and the future were worth the cost. overall pitt fans are happy with the trade.
  11. niltes


    it seems like every year at this time the hockey talking heads on radio and tv keep on saying that 4 or maybe 5 teams from the central division will qualify for the playoffs. this only leaves 3 or 4 spots available for the west. this might happen, but what is not factored in is how concentrated the divisional games become in march and april; meaning that all those strong central division teams feast upon each other opening the door for the western teams to qualify. even now, there are 5 teams from the west in qualifying position with 2 or 3 teams from the division likely out of it. this bodes well for the future and hopefully for the ducks to get healthy and make the playoffs.
  12. I think the ducks gave away a lot in pettersson. even he was young and inexperienced, he looked good and as his confidence increased; he improved rapidly. at 6'3' he had the reach to make plays that a smaller dman couldn't. when he gets older and adds 20-30 lbs to his frame, he has the potential to be a physical force and a top defenseman. I hope sprong proves he's worth it. although his talent is apparent, he does need some work to be a consistent positive impact.
  13. after seeing sprong last night, I can see why the ducks traded for him. unfortunately, I could also see why the penguins let him go. he will need some work fitting within the team's offensive AND defensive systems.
  14. niltes

    bob murray

    perry, you are correct. I have combined a few transactions into one. the ducks traded Obrien for the 16th pick overall , who turned out to be colton gilles. great trade, not so great draft pick.
  15. niltes

    bob murray

    another interesting GM point. the ducks didn't have a first round pick that year (2008). they then received a first round pick (12th) from tampa for shane OB. they then traded that 12th pick to the la kings for two first rounders, the 17th and 28th. they then traded the 28th pick to phoenix for the 35th and 39th pick. essentially the ducks started the year with no high draft choices due to the pronger trade and then by wheeling and dealing ended up with 3 picks in the top 40. unfortunately those three draft choices weren't a huge help, however the first rounder that year, jake gardiner was helpful in the trade the ducks did with Toronto when they re-acquired beauchemin. that's a lot of GM moves.
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