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  1. Ya. Buyout would be bad. Trade or keep him for two more seasons. It sucks to trade him he’s been a big part or the team for so long
  2. Just saw this....sorry if it’s already somewhere else. Didn’t see any other posts. Perry and The Ducks on the same page, maybe a trade or buyout https://sports.yahoo.com/report-corey-perry-and-the-anaheim-ducks-parting-ways-002743169.html
  3. Congrats to both. Always been a big Teemu fan. Kariya on the other hand, maybe it's just me and my negative encounter. Fan fest 94-95 or 95-96 season.... you pay 15 or 20 bucks to get 2 players to sign an item you have. I was about 14 yrs old, Kariya is sitting down. OMG I'm so happy now. Paid and waiting in line and he's signing, I get my turn, standing in front of him had over my hat for him to sign An employee walks up to him tells him something and he hands back my hat, unsigned and leaves. I got Randy Ladoucer's autograph on the hat and a card of his I had, but I was hurt, ya I cried....Now looking back, ya it could have been urgent, family matter, maybe he thought he signed it, idk. I know. It's been over 20 years let it go. But still kinda sits wrong with me today.. ok I'm done. Congrats to both
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