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  1. Looks like Terry was sent down and Aberg recalled. Who's next?
  2. Got my tickets! Section 17 row W. Hoping they are good seats with a nice view !
  3. October is the bestest bday month ever. Said only those with October bdays! Will be in Vegas to celebrate mine too!
  4. Ya, I didn't think they were gonna drop. Guess I was just wishing they would lol. I was looking at the seats in 117. So just might pick them up. Will seen what $f I can scrape up. Lol
  5. Been looking at stub hub, seat geek and ticket master. Am hoping the prices may go down a but. But then again they might not. Trying to get seats on the side where the ducks will shoot twice
  6. Cool thx! Excited to go to a ducks away game. I hit Vegas all the time, maybe too much, but last year couldn't make it to the game. Now that I can go I cant wait for it!
  7. So I'm gonna be in Vegas when the Ducks are there. Any suggestions?I'm looking for tickets now, never been to an away ducks game....#boring
  8. I like that he's still a RFA after this 3 yr is done
  9. I think, he's gonna be the ducks next coach once Carlyle is done. Maybe sooner? Maybe I just hope he is.....
  10. Games on Hulu?!! Gotta look into that. Using Fubo now. Like it for the digital DVR it has for games I miss when working
  11. Fubo tv has an Olympic channel and all the NBC channels. Might be able to still watch them and cut the cord!
  12. So I finally cut the cord!! No more cable bill.... cant find Ducks games on a fire stick, yet, but working on that..do get EVERYTHING else! Now using fuboTV. Free for a week, 20 bucks a month for 2 months, then it goes up to 40. But I do get prime ticket which is what I was looking for. So going from 160 a month cable to 40. I'll take it!
  13. Thanks all! still might get a fire stick and also looking into sling
  14. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/amazon-fire-tv-stick-with-alexa-voice-remote-black/5477500.p?skuId=5477500&extStoreId=&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=84d3bbca-377f-4a68-8531-cada2ef35f52&ksprof_id=16&ksaffcode=pg78262&ksdevice=t&lsft=ref:212,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtJzLBRC7ARIsAGMkOAkc_H0TatSho9YxUBNVUYomIlmYixUQvsMXbSQxOFMSO79oUJMf_pwaAkUkEALw_wcB Ya HDMI plug in to your tv, let's you stream through the tv, when it's jail broken, you can supposedly get anything. Yet with the legality issues, and uncertainties of getting Ducks hockey I'm iffy on getting it
  15. I think since I'm in the market arena I won't get Ducks games or else i would get it☹️? Ditto....and I've thought about but haven't looked into sling tv yet. Hmmmmm Another ditto Hopefully....need to check up on that. Have seen ways to get around MLB blackouts And niemi...it's a money issue. Sorry you hate streams. But not as well off as you gonna keep looking and will post my findings...still have time before October
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