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  1. Can't get on Randy for this. He was deflecting the attention to the schedule rather than his players. Not calling out certain players for poor performances but rather placing blame on lack of rest between series and games. I think he learned last time in Anaheim and Toronto that you have to walk a fine line with players or you start losing their respect and confidence which he lost the first time he was here. Is it a stupid excuse? Yes. The ducks put themselves in that situation by having a 7 game series against the oilers. Do I think it's fair the Penguins got the extra day off? No. But if they didn't choke in Game 6 in Edmonton they would have had more rest. I give Randy a lot of credit this first year. As long as he keeps it up, I think the players will follow his system and be very successful.
  2. Although this a huge blow to the preds, it is not the end of the world. We need to continue the course and realize the preds have other guys that can step up. At the end of the day, we need to play as if he was still in the lineup. The Preds defense and Rinne still have the potential of stealing some games if we decide not to play ducks hockey. On a happier note... I am hoping we put Kesler on Forsberg and slow him down. Kesler wont put up with Forsberg's cheap shots during and after the play. I think if Kesler can frustrate Forsberg, Forsberg might end up taking some penalties out of frustration.
  3. I said you can't knock him because he sprawls out or makes unorthodox saves. Especially when we have a ofhee goaliws, including a all of fame goaltender, that had a very successful career with that type of goaltending. It would be great if he turns into a Hasek. But is he at the elite level as hasek? No. He has a lot to learn and Still needs to show consistency.
  4. You bring up interesting points, but Bernier did give up 4 also. It's not like he came into the game and made all these spectacular players, nor did the team play any better after he took over. The first goal was one Bernier should have stopped and he didn't. Not saying Gibson played any better but I don't think Bernier is the answer. I will end it on this...we might not like how often he sprawls out to make a save during a game but there is a HOF goalie who was known to do that and was very successful. His name was Dominik Hasek. He was notorious for "flopping" around in the crease and his unorthodox saves. I don't care how his positioning is, as long as he makes the save. Gibson has a lot to prove in game 7 and i hope he comes out like he did against the kings a couple years ago and proves a lot of people wrong. However, the team can't keep him hanging out to dry like they did in game 6.
  5. They want to separate the two, well lets separate our two best defensive forwards. Ill give up them scoring and rely on the rest of the Ducks to pick up the scoring as long as they keep McDavid and Draisaitl off the score sheet. Furthermore, I am even thinking if we run a 1-3-1 neutral zone trap to start the game, we might be better off. It will allow us to slow down the game to our level.
  6. Plus if Randy is only playing them 8 minutes a game, then what the heck. Plus i am assuming the only time he would take face offs would be in the neutral or offensive zones? Unless Edm plays their fourth line for an offensive zone face-off. I think Nate Thompson could be up for the task. And you give Kesler and Silf one assignment. One follows McDavid and the other follows Draisaitl non stop. Lastly... STAY OUT OF THE #$&*#&*$@ PENALTY BOX. If we do not give up a power play goal, i think we have a very good chance of winning this game.
  7. The way to contain the McDavid line is playing in Edmonton's zone. Simple as that. Even if we don't get goals out of it, as long as we keep him in his own zone and wear him down (which they have done on several occasions) then we can focus on Draisaitl. I am even tempted in taking Jakob off the Kesler line and matching him up with the Draisaitl line. That or have Getzlaf's line match up against the McDavid line and then match up Kesler with the Draisaitl line. Throw Edmonton into an Ooda Loop now. We have the home ice advantage, might as well use it. In a drastic turn too, i'd bring up Thompson to the number 2 line. The guy has shown a lot of heart and when has been on the ice has looked decent. I think he could fill Silf's spot with Silf moving up. Plus he hasnt played a lot of minutes and should have more juice for this game 7. My line match ups would look as follows: Rakell-Getzlaf-Silf Cog-Kesler-Thompson Ritchie-Verm-Perry Kase-Kerdiles-Wagner Yes, I understand that leaves a hole in the fourth line center position, but wagner took some face-offs and it wasnt like Thompson was winning anyways. I know this line up is out of right field but at this point i think its worth a shot. We know have two deadly defensive forwards on two lines which should help contain the two biggest threats on the Edmonton line up.
  8. After thinking about last nights game and this series as a whole, I must say, Game 6 was kind of expected. Let me explain... The ducks have had to claw back the last three games (prior to last night) to actually take control of the series. The last three games were not easy by any means, especially game 5. The amount of energy, drive and desire to get back in this series must have taken a lot out of our team. Especially the ones that are playing injured. Let me get one thing straight.... Was I happy with the team after the comeback in game 5? Absolutely. Should they have celebrated like they did? You know it. But do i think it took a lot of energy out of our team? D#*& straight. Reading some of the tweets by the guys that cover the ducks showed they were out of it the following day. One thing that sticks out to me is that we did not get the luxury of having two days off before game six. We all knew the Oilers were going to come out strong, and on a mission. They did not want to lose this series at home, period. They owed it to their fans to win one game at home. Just like the ducks owe it to themselves and their fans to end this Game 7 BS. Something that i think a lot of people are taking for granted is we have two days off between Game 6 and 7. It seems whenever the ducks have gotten that extra day of rest, it has helped them. Maybe the extra day will help us in more ways than one. Can anyone recall if we had an extra day off between game 6 and 7 in the past? Game 6 is done and over with. Let's focus on fixing the issues from game 6 and coming out strong in game 7 at home.