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  1. I can only hope he continues to produce and impress, even if he's just working his butt off for the contract year. It'll suck if they don't extend him, but like Zther said, he likely can get more money elsewhere. So it'll be down to whether he wants to take a home discount and stay around here, and be with a good team. Or if he wants to make more money playing elsewhere. Either case I wish him luck.
  2. Makes sense, we always knew he had a hard shot. But it used to be pretty wild, high & wide. Good to see him work on his accuracy and release. Dude is a stud now that he can hit the net, because he has the rest of his game pretty well fine tuned.
  3. Love Beleskey, always out giving his all. He's one player you won't see coasting or standing around away from the plays. He's always in middle of the plays, sometimes on bottom of a pile. I like that he brings speed to the top line, because either you slot in Heatley or Maroon, the top line remains a fairly big but slow line. Add in Beleskey, all of a sudden you got someone that forechecks, chases after the puck, lays body on people to create room for the twins, and best of all he's fine tuned his shots to not always be high & wide anymore. He did well with the twins last year prior to getting injured, he's proving to do well with the twins again this season given the chance. I disagree that he's not a top 6 forward. If anything, he's more of a top 6 winger than any of the current healthy wingers on the roster outside of Perry. One could argue he's playing well only because of the twins. Well, if people remember, last year BB tried just about everybody with the twins. People had flashes of brilliance with the twins, but nothing stuck...except for Beleskey until he got injured. I like Maroon with the twins, but the truth is he has been known to disappear from time to time, just as last playoffs he was demoted from the top line during the series vs the Kings. If Maroon can fine tune consistency, I think he deserves a spot up there. But until then, I think Maroon can help out Kesler's line. Kesler is being kind of wasted right now because none of his wingers can seem to finish his passes during 5 on 5. He needs a capable winger, and I actually think Maroon or Heatley would do well to add scoring touch to Kesler's line.
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