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  1. A couple of suggestions that just maybe, might put THIS team back on the winning tracks: !. Power Play: keep Getzlaf and Fowler on the bench. Getzlaf has made himself the human turnover machine, 99% of the time he has the puck, he either loses it, passes it to no one or to the opponents' sticks. Getzlaf may be the team leader, but he is also the team's biggest screw up. On the PP, everyone looks for Getzlaf instead of looking for the open man. He is more of a distraction to the PP. Fowler is a complete indecisive mess on the PP. If he doesn't find Getzlaf, he comes unglued and loses the puck. There's also the self invented "Fowler Theory": never, ever, pass or shoot the puck unless there is a defender standing in front of you. The tv announcers have said many times: "The second PP unit is playing much better than the #1 unit. 2. Send Gibson to the eye doctor. This guy needs glasses. How does he miss so many shots when there is no one in front him, especially on his blocker side? Why is it so difficult for him to find the puck when it's right in front of him? Perhaps all of those shots to his head have affected his vision, As tv analyst Brian Hayward has said many times: He has never seen a goalie take so many shots to the head as Gibson does.
  2. If THIS team was the basketball team that owner Henry S. so dearly wanted, would he tolerate the underachieving mess THIS team has been for the last several years? With Gibson there is no hope.
  3. Both GMBM and Coach RC were all-star defensemen during their playing days in the last century, and that's where they still are to this day.
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