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  1. Gah. And I wanted him to be an assistant on the Ducks should we win the Cup and THE WALRUS decides he's good for a Head role once again.
  2. Even though I was passively supporting RC with my "let's see what he can do in the playoffs first" mantra all year, I feel very bad for Bruce. He we was given a turd Mumpesota roster and they fizzled out after overachieving for a spell. He deserves more. Like an Anaheim Ducks roster. But that ship has sailed, I guess. Oh, tomatohead, we gonna miss you a little that's for sure.
  3. Is he an offensive or defensive dude?
  4. This smells Sakic and NHL shenanigans to pry the kid away from us and make him a Colorado legend.
  5. It's on the Duck's homepage so it's hard to see since nobody goes to NHL websites since the mlbam takeover, but please READ THIS: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/the-interesting-history-of-four-overtime-games-in-one-night/c-288908918 After reading it myself, I now feel like I am a fan of storied franchise with an epic playoff history. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and outside. Hey, where did GMBM play then? Selanne, Kariya, Giguere, The Niedermayers, Der Prongermayer, Getz, Pears, MacLean, Carlyle, Murray... we done did good! GO DUCKS GO!!!
  6. Well at least Ritchie got his money's worth...
  7. Very much depends on the coach. Personalities will remain personalities, like the crying kids in Doughboy and Quick, but which style of play will the new coach instill? Will it be a more offensive like Laviolette or Boudreau, or more defensive like the Sutter and Carlyle? Very interesting of how the Kings will change and what happens to Bishop and their goaltending. They, sadly, still have great assets and are a solid team.
  8. I get the timeout error message when trying to load today, but i could log in and save one bracket yesterday. Must be the pure load.
  9. You don't punch a player who is not willing to fight, Ritchie, that is an obvious thing. 1 game should have been enough, though. Reputational 2nd game tacked on and it is sad.
  10. I believe it is related to the standings not being final. Since we don't know for sure who our opponent is, we can't agree on dates with them. Once the matchup is set in stone, then they will try to schedule as fast as they can.
  11. I'm just as well expecting them to start Gibson in the 1st round now...after all the success that Bernier had...too bad.
  12. When the season began I was in the minority giving Carlyle the benefit of the doubt. My position then was "We changed the coach for the sake of the playoffs, so let's hold off judgement until we actually see the team coached by Randy in the playoffs." So did anything change since then? No. We're playing a bit better and got a mostly healthy roster compared to missing key players in October in Raks and Hamps. Other than that, in my opinion, RC can only be judged based on his playoff performance. You know, not getting a team to a Game 7 for once. Winning those 4-1 and 4-2 series, outcoaching the opposing bench boss and yada yada. Inevitable injuries to key players notwithstanding, yes, RC has a different roster with a massively weak 4th line and a slumping Perry. But BB had his roster issues too, so let's not split hairs. We brought in RC specifically because of the Game 7 Dehydrated Donkey Dung, let's judge him based on that, not on his style, not on his regular season, but solely on his postseason performance. RC was never expected to miss the playoffs with the kind of roster this team has - if he did both the GM and the coach should have been fired. I'm sure he's giddy as we all are to prove everyone he's still got it if the team is capable. Ho lost that Boston series when coaching Toronto and never made it since, let's see what he can do with our group of scrubs.
  13. I'm just shocked that we're in the playoffs, not to mention a divisional win and a 100-point season, considering all the September-October drama...
  14. I'm with Gorby. Sure, business is business and there may be no reason to send the players to Korea on paper, but players are players and Olympic honor is what it is. I know I had my fun finding Getzlaf and Perry on the Olympic Gold medalists board next to the torch in Sochi. Took a picture of myself with their names, too, for whatever reason. I'm upset by this NHL decision and go stubborn Ovi go!
  15. Aaand they win 6-4!!! Now where was all that offense when it counted.