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  1. Aksun

    playoff game...

    Two teams with a common problem: no real goaltender for years. Philly too, imagine the damage Giroux and Co. would deal over the past years if they had anything close to an Andersen. That said...LOL CALGARY. No seriously. I'm sorry and bepuzzled at Tampa, but totally don't care about stupid Flames and their madman Gio.
  2. See: Cogliano, Andrew. If you're on the Ducks', you're boned. Must be league's payback for the Jiggy Conn Smythe way back when. Or the league just hates the Ducks. Or both.
  3. No it isn't. I wish we were watching the Ducks demolish the Failms again just about right now. Let's draft someone who will blossom into a star.
  4. Aksun

    playoff game...

    San Chose is the Florida Panthers of California.
  5. I was joking obviously, who wants a Nonis. That's right - nobody, or some trash like the Oilers.
  6. Aksun

    playoff game...

    LOLumbus is up 1:0 into Game 4. It continues.
  7. Aksun

    Coach Shuffle - 2019

    All thems coaches signing for $6.5 - $5 are totally like a 2nd line Center Kesler superstar people.
  8. Aksun

    playoff game...

    The hockey team that is the Calgary Flames burns brighter than Notre Dame de Paris. Pun very well intended.
  9. Aksun

    playoff game...

    Very high number of suspensions this year in the PO's. NHL is very protective of it's stars and the on-ice product now, it seems.
  10. He's from Stockholm, Sweden, Bob is lining up the trade as we speak.
  11. Aksun

    playoff game...

    Coming in hot into the playoffs sometimes make all the difference - Columbus was fighting for their lives during the last 2 games of the season, while Tampa was cruising in 'Feed the Russian Superstar' mode for a whole month. Some bad habits were picked up, maybe - suspensions, injuries were to follow in Tampa.
  12. Just watch Bob pick a Lindholm.
  13. Gulls won the last game 4-3 and are up in the Playoffs aling with Colorado, Tucson is out.
  14. Aksun

    playoff game...

    Well Columbus won 5-1 but all it takes is Tampa to get hot - then they can dominate and carry the play, they sure got the talent.
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