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  1. This is actually crazy. Everyone was so pumped when Vats turned out to be great, because we really didn't have anyone but him to be a top-4 right-handed D-man. Now we have several of them and until Beauch was signed, we had only Fowler - Lindholm - Larsson as lefties and if the latter does not come here from Sweden or stays in the AHL, and one of Lindy or Fowl goes down, and Lindholm looks to be out maybe until late October, we basically have nothing on the left side, just rookies (4 of them, Megna included). Our RD is still actually thinner, but has more NHL-ready stuff in Manson - Vatanen - Bieksa - Holzer with two great rookies in Montour and Welinski. So, 7LD, 6RD, but the righties have more people we can actually play. Vatanen out gives Monty legitimate playing time until January-February, and this Beauchemin signing solidifies our left side and gives us another locker room staple. Good job, Bob! I am happy with this. Really, with Lindholm potentially injured and not being rushed to start the season, all we have is Fowler and Larsson.
  2. It's August. The tail-end of the best two months each year to talk about all things hockey. And while everyone is talking about how Edmonton now has a 21-million 1-2 center punch around their neck now, I would like to sing praises to Bob. Because he did good. Look at the attached picture, it is beautiful: we have the top-six locked up for the foreseeable future, Silf most likely getting resigned, Eaves can be dumped or even bought out if oft-injured. The top-two d-men are also locked up for good. Though some might argue if Vatanen is a top-three member, I have hopes for him rebounding and he can be re-signed yet (even traded this year, the next two the NTC is modified). Goalies are signed for at least two years as well - nothing crazy, if Gibson is glass we can move on, and we're not on board with Miller until his Jagr years. I say, Well Done, Bob! Top-six F, Top-three D, and two solid G locked up for 2 seasons at least. All we have to do is replace the spare parts. Maybe get a solid 3C and 4D (MANSON). The rest can be filled with his favorite bargain bin deals and rookies. And we have some really good rookies. This team (C) is well-managed
  3. No, I did not know that, I was completely sure that he was that ripe young "Next One" taking the league by storm...how silly of me. Now I feel shame. Still overpaid. Way to caphell yourself, Oil.
  4. This is very sad news indeed. Bryan was a revelation for the Ducks franchise, he changed us in so many ways. And not in the least, up in the link that Fowl posted, "He taugt Getzlaf how to be a pro". I mean - the Getzlaf. Our everything and anything since 2007, the beast that just ravaged half the playoffs with his awesome play. GMBryM will forever be remembered as a Ducks great as well, so many teams he touched...may He Rest In Peace.
  5. Still puzzled at his decision to play in the Europe and KHL. Must've been a lot of money and he's a known gambler.
  6. That you for this! Wow...Only NYR and STL blew it big time with that epic draft...Hugh who?
  7. Multiple people saying it will not need surgery, just needs time to heal - like, 3 full months of steady rest.
  8. It's GMBM's mission to pick up every guy from that draft. He's obsessed with it.
  9. Yes, the Ducks and some other teams do not generally follow this rule, but the general consensus over the years that top-six forwards take the 10s, d-men take the 20s, goalies take the 30s, with the 00s being a mix of F and D, but always a respected and or quality player, sometimes G, but almost always as "1". So, a typical goalie lineup may look like: 1, 31, 30, 35 Forwards: 7, 10, 15, 18 Defensemen: 3, 4, 24, 27 Lower numbers are considered to be reserved for better players, in general. Rookies are mostly considered 40+ However, almost anything, including personal preference can be a factor: for example, the 90s-born players, and it is currently their generation in the league, may all wear the year of their birth. Or our very own Raks and Lindholm with their 67 47 crap they have going for whatever reason only they know. Also: have a really nice trip!!!
  10. McOilKid and his $12.5? Pffft, what a cheapo. Cheap, cheap NHL superstars. Damned football so freaking stupid.
  11. But...But...but....Disneyland? Train Station? Disneyland??? Eh NHL. More All Star Games to McJesus.
  12. I clicked the links! I studied it a bit - on paper peonage is very different to slavery, but in the US context it was essentially the same thing. So, if peons agreed willfully to serve out their debt, what was their alternative if they refused to work for the debt-owner? What if a said peon decided "I'll go to France and open a bakery then repay my debt!". In that regard, NHL players did not owe anything to the team before they signed, so they had a choice not to sign in the first place. And, I believe, that's why the monthly payments are there - because it's not slavery it's a contract. You stop honoring your contract - we stop paying you money. Shouldn't it be that simple? You're not necessarily fired, but you get some deduction of $$$ because you skipped work? I think it's out of the realm of slavery and more into general Labor law. The Joker in the deck in all this is the NHL's codex, constitution or whatever, their universal anti-union wrench.
  13. The people in upthere-s in the NHL clearly hate the Ducks. It's either this or we refuse all offers all the time.
  14. Just wait and see them select #6 and #7, so we will have 3-4-5-6-7 of Bieksa-Fowler-Holzer-Rakell-Lindholm Oh wait. Cogliano is 7. Duh.
  15. The stupid fashion trend these days is shoes with no socks. This includes most footwear, including sneakers. Not short socks, not neck-cut socks, but just plain no socks. Ugh, fashion. Y u so dumb. EDIT: Really happy that Silf got married! Here's hoping to he doesn't slump like Perry after he got married