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  1. I'm up for a miracle run to the SCF. This upcoming Canada trip will make or break this season - we either win the trip and try to hold on to the playoffs, or we lose it mostly and Bob sells the team.
  2. It's a trash dump tbh! Just like the parent club! DALLAS FOR NEXT DOOKS COACH.
  3. I feel like Britney Spears and 2000 Ducks' all over again. Weird.
  4. If there ever was a way to make this season even more bonkers and surreal - Bob nailed it on the head. I am really surprised. Was expecting him to keep Randy in for the Scotty #27 reunion, but the losses just kept mounting and he couldn't hold out any longer...
  5. Bob's been a bone in the throat quite some time. He's the guy that got us Randy back, and all the Beauchemin shenanigans.
  6. Bad idea. They be sooo fasth, he won't catch up to any of them. Oh, Kase and Cogs, where art thou...
  7. Really this is a disgrace - ice Johnson every game until they show they can hang in games and win them. Platitudes here and there, but the skaters don't deserve Gibson.
  8. Toronta is more sensitive, too. However, we've been suffering this for so long now, I feel like we are the US-Toronto nowadays until RC gets axed.
  9. When you speak of the Heatleys and Wisznewskis you make me ponder about this whole "we don't trade for players with an attitude like E.Kane" thing. Apparently, GMBM is ever fond of the odd rusted mercenary.
  10. 1+1=2 in 6 games played so far, he beat up Bruce's silly Mini-ssota (Feb 1st)
  11. Shoulda taken Travis Green after BB. RC was good for one broken curse: the playoff game sevens which Bruce just could not overcome. After that one, RC became useless.
  12. What if they're really playing poor intendedly in the hopes of canning the management? Say, the players planned a revolt and the Samuelis see that and now they're backing Murray up?
  13. And so the Golden Age of California dominance comes to an end. Nu-uh, San Jose, you didn't make the cut. Too many missed jabs.
  14. What I mean is this "NHL Catch All" thread is for the previous season. I provided a link for the current season.
  15. Necro thread alert!