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  1. It's funny how Larsson is the only person noted as injured and he is still invited to go see an Angels game and participate in the cook-off with the team Chef. Bob must be really, really, really high on the guy.
  2. If he's cheaper than Bones then we might throw him an offer. Bones is the tube dream, but might have to settle for Grigs. One huge IF: Bob doesn't like thems Russians.
  3. Humbled to learn of this, do visit us indeed!
  4. We've drafted a boatload of superstar defensemen since 2010, our next Twins in Jones and Steel last year, so now let's steal a Superstar Goalie in the 2nd round!
  5. I'd throw millions at Jumbo Joe if it wasn't such a tube dream. With Kesler injured for a longer time, this solves our 1-2 punch until December and gives us fsadfglabgfoabdfgusdf ridiculous center power after that. Bonino would be really nice too, I have a feeling though that Pittsbooh will hold on to him with all their monies. Perron > Eaves, with Gibson being injured so much, I can't stand another oft-injured player. We're stuck with JG, so we have an option not to get Eaves. And Perron played all 82 games last season. Do we just break players or we are just terribly unlucky? Oshie is very interesting but out of our money range, much like Thornton, and thus this message comes full circle.
  6. We also have the Season Opener, Season Finale, and New Year's Eve against the Yotes. Gift from NHL? Starting at HOME for the first time in 7 years? Wow! Or maybe it's just their way of showing us 'You guys suck and should stick to the teams that suck, same boat - less huff-puff'.
  7. Yeah I thought I was as off as I could be with this one, trusting blindly to Google Translate. Lucky it isn't as bad as I made it out to be
  8. And we open and close the Season against them. Also a New Year's eve game? I feel like a spoiled Pacific Division brat. Is he a defensive or offensive coach? Nominally McLean was PP and it sucked. So can Tippett fix it for us?
  9. Thanks! Cleared cache and it worked like a charm! I really don't mind Germany and stuff, but this was kinda weird I'd be baffled if the title was French-Canadian even. I really am!
  10. I'm only just now reading through how this stuff unfolded, but this specific piece reeks of NHL backdoor shenanigans: Why would you give them a pick if it was gonna happen anyway??? Come on now, this isn't kindergarden. I wouldn't be surprised Fleury is gone at the Draft, after July 1st or the TDL. And half of the players they selected, too. Theo's gonna stick, though. Still, a smaller price to pay to get done with this horrible affair, Bob did good.
  11. He's getting the management time in with Florida! Happy for Chris!!! https://sports.yahoo.com/florida-adds-former-nhl-mvp-chris-pronger-front-141328134--nhl.html
  12. uttorkad åsna dynga gamla Bieksa Seriously Google it.
  13. It's never too late for LOL KINGS LOL
  14. Still in German for me, it seems. Based on IP?
  15. LA, Nashville, Edmonton, Philadelphia...wow they are ugly. NJ maybe too, but maybe it looks better in action on a live torso. Same for SJ. Glad we kept our current design! It's balanced!