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  1. We can only hope! Always a fun thing!
  2. And now the Toronto Sports Media will explode in his face like a well-shaken champagne bottle. Seriously, Toronto is top 3 within it's division and is in a playoff position. Certianly after decades of suckage they would appreciate the success, no? So soft.
  3. We'll be counting, today is 831.
  4. Also: while browsing the team website for some sexy Cogliano info, i noticed the Standings section which is actually not that bad. While Vegas looks like it is running away with the Division (so much for our worthless 5 year streak), Oil, Sedins and that strange team from the desert seem to be falling off. That leaves Sharts - Kinks - Flameouts and us to duke it out for 2 spots behind the Golden Showers. And the key thing is, it's just a 3-point deficit at the current junction. Of course, they all have games in hand, and Fish have two, but this only highlights the importance of this Homestand and solid intra-divisional play. If we can tie ourselves with the Kings, and then we have a game with the Sharks...well you can see where this train of thought is steamrolling.
  5. Bob is as much a favoritist GM as RC is a favoritist coach. Unless Randy totally botches the entire operation, we don't get to the playoffs or lose miserably in the first round, we get no Bylsma.
  6. We bled them dry so much over the years, they deserve some talent for term.
  7. My best guess is the "outcast" mentality is working for them. They're a ragtag group o fine roster rejects with a chip on their shoulder. And, while the 92 and 93 expansion teams had the same mentality, these guys also have skill, because the NHL tailored the rules so that teams will have to give up skilled players one way or another.
  8. Zther and Myuyum actually discussed it over a series of subtle messages in the Game Day thread, and a trend was developing when several people including myself noticed that Getzlaf was visibly annoyed bo something in the post-game interview and Randy was anxious, swallowing his words in the same session. So the entire organization knew right away. The broadcast team was chosen as the pointiest weapon, seeing as how the local Fox market is not National and very limited to the local fans only. I am now curious to know what did Hazy say during the NBC broadcast for the Pens game - did he elaborate again or did he keep his mouth shut like he was possibly advised to? I didn't watch the whole broadcast, just the 3d period. Of course, there is Frankie the Beauch, ever a straightforward guy. But he's likely on one of his last contracts and would not sacrifice a lot by piddleeing the league off, so he can rage whatever he wants. Selanne and Domi are immune in addition to being retired. I guess they decided to keep the lid shut with the Getzalf's and Bieksa's because they have a future in this league still, and since somebody in the NHL organization is still mad at the 2007 win, they'd beter not poke the bear. I wonder how egregious the league's blatant bias will have to be for this organization to raise a ruckus. I feel like a nerd in school being bullied and staying away from any kind of protest because I will get bullied even more as a fan of this team if I do protest.
  9. This and only this is the reason for Cogs' suspension. The only logical one, out of all the theories, it seems. And...
  10. That's on Bob, too, he brought such guys in and has a tendency to keep the rookies in the minors heavily. RC is a favoritist coach. He likes himself his Beauch and Boll's - because they fit his hockey vision and style of coaching. But these guys are not necessarily the best of players. So he's got to be better at understanding what he has at any given moment, not rely on his old habits. It's a two-way road, though, we don't know how much RC's advice is influencing Bob's pick-ups and trades.
  11. This is even better than whatever crap I came up with
  12. Here's a computer-friendly link for you, not tested on mobiles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o76Mq8jyFR3Bt4_ysjSUUvP5lyRaO7Dv/view?usp=sharing
  13. Well, we certainly don't want to wish anything bad to other team's players unless its James Neal, and we wont. But this will be a little consolation for the Hiller debacle way back when. If it's true. Let's hope the Crawford guy is okay though. Screw you Neal and Dustin Brown. We needed to win that Colorado game. Really a 4-point one. The way we played...they just threw it away, so sad. On the upcoming 5-gamer homer, we need 10 or 8 points at least just to keep up.
  14. If you can somehow get your hands on a replay, It is in the first five minutes of the game broadcast, just minutes prior to the puck drop where Hazy and John discuss the immediate pregame matters. It was mentioned by someone other than me on the Game Day thread too on the first or second page. If you can't get a replay, I may be able to cut a short video for you.
  15. Come to think of it, and to Zther the the topic, and to further the conspiracy rethoric, this is the NHL's twisted way of responding to the Kariya fallout. He campaigned heavily in favor of better headshot protection (hard hit protection in general), so uh..."Here you go, Duckies, here you go...you cried for better head protection? Well, have at it. Look how we improved. You can thank us later when your monster Cogliano doesn't kill some random unsuspecting McDavid with his vicious headshots." - Sincerely, your NHL. Uh