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  1. 2015 was so close...it was the year... 😪 hope the vets still have it in them for another run in Eakin's earlier years as HC. That said, the guy should be just fine for transitioning the big club from the age of dinosaurs of 2003 to this 'new' NHL everyone keeps talking about, but ther's obviously a catch where SD didn't win much in his 4 years there and while *some* players came out good, there weren't as many as we'd like as can be evidenced by swaths of Bob's dumpster dives. Sure, we can say injuries, some of the worst streaks in team's history, but no - if we'd have a steady stream of reliable guys like, say, Pittsburgh or Chicago always seem to get from their farms, we'd be a much less leaking raft these past two downhill years. Eakins has a lot to prove and his work cut out for him - his motivation is clear as day, and as someone mentioned just above - this is also Bob's endgame coaching hire. In a proper world, it should be. Success or bust.
  2. I bet he still wants to re-hire Carlyle because he's the only guy that fits Bob's interests.
  3. Aaaaaaand a lot of Maroon f-words on NBC.
  4. Want STL to pull it off now just for the sake of Maroon and Perron. We could say someone who was on the Ducks' has the skill to do it, at least. Boston has tons of experience and home ice, though...Game 7, here we come.
  5. I wonder how it will affect Getz. They've been buddies for a long time and have that "We've been playing for the same team in every league all the time" mantra going. I'm sure that they are grizzled professionals now and understand the business side of the sport, especially with how the Bieksa-Kes pair got derailed and an earlier example in PK9 and TS8. On top of that, they played long stretches of time without each other in recent years due to injury or coach's attempts to fix the dreaded 1st line which always struggled. But if Perry leaves, I have a slight worry that Getz might become a little demotivated.
  6. Well, it's that Monday you spoke of now, and GMHCBM is still taking his time, perhaps even contemplating to stay on that HC job and convice the Samueli's to find another GM and be free of all those contract talks. *wink*
  7. Aksun

    playoff game...

    Two teams with a common problem: no real goaltender for years. Philly too, imagine the damage Giroux and Co. would deal over the past years if they had anything close to an Andersen. That said...LOL CALGARY. No seriously. I'm sorry and bepuzzled at Tampa, but totally don't care about stupid Flames and their madman Gio.
  8. See: Cogliano, Andrew. If you're on the Ducks', you're boned. Must be league's payback for the Jiggy Conn Smythe way back when. Or the league just hates the Ducks. Or both.
  9. No it isn't. I wish we were watching the Ducks demolish the Failms again just about right now. Let's draft someone who will blossom into a star.
  10. Aksun

    playoff game...

    San Chose is the Florida Panthers of California.
  11. I was joking obviously, who wants a Nonis. That's right - nobody, or some trash like the Oilers.
  12. Aksun

    playoff game...

    LOLumbus is up 1:0 into Game 4. It continues.
  13. Aksun

    Coach Shuffle - 2019

    All thems coaches signing for $6.5 - $5 are totally like a 2nd line Center Kesler superstar people.
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