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  1. Jiri Sekac is now a Gagarin Cup (KHL) champion part of Ak Bars Kazan. Good for him.
  2. After reading all these lists, I see now that we had a fair bit of playoff pain. And just one win to compensate for all that. Then again...I'd hate to be Vancouver fan.
  3. It may be the core. We had meltdowns when coached by the Tomatoman. So it's Bob's team construction + team core not built to avoid mental meltdowns. The core was again built by Bob.
  4. Many people want RC, Bob and Perry to go, but nothing of the sort will happen. They have a "we were injured all year" discount. This summer, we're going to re-tool the bottom six again and leave the core intact. G, P, K Silf and Raks are not going anywhere. As is the defensive core of Fowler - Hampus - Manson. I am particularly interested what will happen to Bieksa and Montour, most likely both are retained, but here's me saying to Bob: "surprise me". Larsson is inserted into the lineup permanently, I hope. Vermette, Chimera, Kelly, Brown are all released, maybe Brown can stay, but I doubt he wants to be here. Ritchie may be shopped, Kase is 100% retained and signed. I hope they keep Grant as well as our permanent 4C while Terry develops. Eaves will show up in training camp, break a rib and retire in November 2018. Goalies are set for one more year. I also wish they get sexier Power Players and involve them more. Crazy wishes: Silf converts to full-time LW, freeing up a spot for RR We find an adequate member for the RPG line. If shenanigans can get us a Bobby Ryan on the cheap...why not? Kesler heals to 99 - 100%, Gibson does not get hurt all year and Perry returns to his 50-goal self. Cogliano becomes a lethal sniper with 30+ We get Karlsson or Doughboy
  5. Let's golf with the Kings and see who beats who!!!
  6. Yeah, I'm not sorry I started this thread. THANK YOU 2017-2018 ANAHEIM DUCKS!!!! Thank you Francois Beauchemin for all these years with the team!!! Sorry Andrew Cogliano for that stupid suspension...seems like the whole season was bogus.
  7. 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 1-0. Epic Vegas is Epic.
  8. Indeed, it looks so Jekyll and Hyde that I can be on board with the conspiracy theory that they are trying very hard to get RC fired, that's all. They were pretty good, won 10 of the last 12 games of the season to get in, and all of sudden, they forgot how to play. Something doesn't add up.
  9. Lol are they mad? Brown playing like he is and Kopiturd rejuvenated? Please sign us a Stevens to Make Perry Great Again. Sigh.
  10. Yeah I was trying to be funny with you. What is really funny though, is how we got trounced 1 - 8.
  11. Eaves played in the first two regular season games then got sidelined and never returned with the GBS. Also: Mrs. Terry, please get off the computer. We get it, your kid's great, but it's not how it's done in the NHL, at least by BMRC standards.
  12. Yeah he'd be sulking over his whole 7 goals right about now on our roster.
  13. This is exactly how. I wish I could like it more than once. Getzlaf, Perry, Rakell, Henrique, Ritchie, Kase - all semi-invisible, or their luck just ran out. Kes had that awesome moment with the goal on his stick in Game 1 but whiffed and Perry hit the post in Game 2 in a similar moment - severely constipated offence. And a few really dumb penalties here and there.
  14. True dat. Still a bit silly to remember that Kesler carp vs CHI in '15 "Noone can survive that amount of punishment" or whatever along these lines he said.
  15. ROUND 1 Eastern Conference Lightning over Devils in 5 Bruins over Leafs in 7 Capitals over Jackets in 5 Penguins over Flyers in 6 Western Conference Predators over Avalanche in 4 Jets over Wild in 5 Kings over Knights in 6 Ducks over Sharks in 6 ROUND 2 Eastern Conference Bruins over Lightning in 7 Penguins over Capitals in 6 Western Conference Predators over Jets within 7 Ducks over Kings within 6 ROUND 3 Eastern Conference Penguins over Bruins in 6 Western Conference Ducks over Predators in 6 Stanley Cup Final Ducks over Penguins in 7 (Battle of the Birds!) CONN SMYTHE TROPHY Corey Perry Alternative: Tampa Bay VS Winnipeg.