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  1. Aksun

    Trevor Zegras

    WOW, Wow, wow! Hopefully, as history has it for the past 10 years, there's a "G" and a "Z" involved with Anaheim's #1 center. *WINK* - Edit: Get your highlights here: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2020/wm20/schedule Also: our very own Lukas Dostal won the game for the Chechs against Russia 4:3.
  2. The consensus this past summer was that GMBM will live and die with the fate of his new coach. If Eakins fails to make candy out of this mess - they are both expected to go. At least, by laws of common sense. It's Eakins' in 2nd round of the PO's or bust. Unless, of course, the ever popular theory that Bob has some interesting pictures of the Samueli family and he can stay the GM indefinitely.
  3. Getz looks like he's going to play out his career here in Anaheim. If I recall correctly, we did not have a quote-unquote star player to play a full career with us. This is somewhat valuable in and of itself. As far as prices go, Marners and McDavids cost north of $10, even if we somehow manage to sneakily trade for a diamond in the rough at about $5-7, I still think Captain Baldsman is worth more to the actual hockey team (not franchise) just for his pure leadership qualities alone. The up-and-coming generation is pretty soft needs to be put in line, Fowler is a mess already, a shapeless amoeba in terms of gritty leadership like Kes, Prongs, Nieds of old. Even if Getz is reduced to 3d line center in 2-3 years at below $4, he's still worth it. He was under the proverbial radar the past few seasons with the focus being on HCRC and Bob's trades for pre-injured guys, but this season, he's shining like a supernova, his alpha-dog status on the team is so phat, like yo mamma would never imagine. If it were not for Getzlaf, we would be 99% wallowing at 31st in the NHL and nothing would save us from it. It's not all Gibson and Lidholm, Getzlaf is the rock that this team is embedded around. Think Marleau of the Sharks. Sure, they traded him away, but look who's back. So, if we can squeeze some more C-awesomeness out of him, let it be.
  4. Aksun


    Can we have a season without a revolving door of injuries? Better yet, have a full season without Gudas, Giordano or the entire Nashville Predators.
  5. Lidholm - Manson Folwer - Gudbranson is a mighty fine top 4, I agree that HCDE needs to stick to that once Josh the Destroyer returns sometime next month. Then just need to decide who will LD as the rookie be it Guhle or Mahura and find a SAH RD for that guy, in order to keep MDZ - Holzer as the substitution pair, they need to stop being regulars. Send Larsson to Europe.
  6. I'm seriously beginning to hate on Dallas less the way they handled Perry and his milestones this year. Good on them!
  7. Aksun


    As far as I know - no, they've been very quiet on Lindholm other than it's an LBI. Manson was given a timeframe almost right away and we expect him early January, but Lindholm has a nagging one and is more of a mystery.
  8. Yeah he'd fix the powerplay right-a-way. Also that Beard-Stache.
  9. HCDE says no, we don't want a Babcock.
  10. Really looking forward to this guy's comment: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteveDangle
  11. This kind of jit should be reviewable and refs punished. NHL is losing money when teams are losing because of injuries - people don't want to games and don't want to by NHl apparel and stuff when there's no guarantee a caveman can't hack your favorite player on the head or MMA him.
  12. Big bodies that go to the net are still in demand someone like the Islanders might still pick him up. Also: the dinosaur graveyard Detroit, considering how close it is to his hometown, too.
  13. Aksun


    At this point most of us have lost hope for Kase with the amount of head abuse he took. It may too late to salvage his value.
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