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  1. With this Vancouver fire-sale going on I'm wondering what we might pick up from the wagon. Let's uh...pick up a Sbisa? Send them a Bernier and get us back a heavily-retained Miller?
  2. He brings success. Fun offensive game, success, and the MUMPS. Fitting that he landed in Mumpesota.
  3. Makes me think if we could possibly do this to Bernier. We sucked at offense too, at least we praised the guy. There's nothing to expect out of the Kings but classless putrid acts of atrocious betrayal. These guys are worse then the entire roster of Game of Thrones and they don't have a lot of female breasts to compensate for it. Just horrible.
  4. You like his devious understanding, but it is Bob who is the devil. His moves appear to have a deep purpose most of the time. It's so nice that we have people like DTS to decipher them.
  5. We're stuck with the combo until the end of 17-18 season unless they totally blow it. Likely, they won't. So, we're stuck.
  6. Yes. Time to put this one back on the rails, away from the bickering. Hey, we're all Ducks fans here. Except for Niemi, he's a Vatanen fan. Jk, jk. If people would ask the unprofessional casual me for thems fancee nombers' I'd give them a 33\33\33 % split. The First number goes to Bob + Coach. The Second number goes to the skaters entirely. And the Third number goes to Goaltending and intangibles like refereeing and luck or lack of thereof. The remaining 1% is on the ownership and their dull never spend to the cap stance, which they've overthrown this year, possibly just out of necessity. And I'm gonna unwind it from the back, omitting the owners, they are ridiculously awesome, it's a fact set in stone. At the very least, they're better than most. So we start with the goaltending. While it's obvious now that Hiller was not even Crawford or Niemi material, luck is entwined in his story with all that vertigo mumbo-jumbo that he had. Freddie was less reliant on luck, he's a very solid goalie and he got his payday in Toronto. But we were as much frustrated with his weak goals as with any other lame backup we iced since 2007. In reality, we've never had that solid Brodeur-type go-to goalie since Jiggy. The horrendous 1a-1b excuse is giving me nightmares from time to time after all these years. I hold out as much hope as I can for Gibson's health and desire to stay here, be a franchise goalie. Do it like Jiggy. As for refereeing - the league hates us, it's a given. We have to outplay it EACH year, just ask PK9 and some of our other brutalized players. Luck is Luck, the only thing sure about it is that it's gonna change. Moving on to the middle frame of our blame-spewing game, the skaters had as much to do with our meltdowns as any other person involved. I wouldn't put the blame solely on the stars, as it is objective to say that the supporting cast was very varied for the most time. But all in all, we can't put the entire blame on the coach or the GM for putting them into the puzzle frame the wrong way. They are professionals who are paid a lot of money, be it Getzlaf-money or Thompson-money (its called 'A LOT' any way you slice it), to play a set system with set teammates. Toews and Kane played with a Garbutt on their team and Crosby is carrying a Jultz. At the same time, depth people like Ritchie, Rakell, Cogliano and Etem\Cramarossa\Whoever need to be more responsible and consistent because, get this, I'm not overly upset by Perry slumping and Kesler getting worn out, but I'm very upset by the other team's 3d and 4th lines consistently scoring clutch goals against us this year. This sucks. It stings. It really really hurts. Robbie, Sammy and Travis, where art thou? As for the defense, we are trending in the right direction, Niedermayer was not traded for by NJ, he was brought up. Sure, we traded for both Scotty and Chris, but Bob is trying to do it the right way, and I'm confident in that path: grow them from within. Brian Burke jumped onto the last carriage of a leaving train when the pre-cap era was ending, Bob is doing the right thing in the new era. Last but not least, for the grand finale, we have the topical meltdown reason: Coach (es) + GM. Summon the Lauerplay! Personally, I'm clinging to the very last bits of hope here. Right about now, I believe in Gibson's health more than RC suddenly becomes a better coach in the playoffs. He's the same guy, just like BB was all those 4 games in a row. Is it Bob's fault that he's got a crappy roster to work with now? Of course it is. But they communicate on who to get and who not to get, and furthermore, Bob's style is VERY tied in to RC's style, they like the same type of hockey and player to go with it. So is it really fully Bob's fault? Considering he is the most powerful man with the most tools on the administrative roster, you, again, can say so. But he's just one man and it is literally impossible to hold and compute so many factors that he operates in his head. He's not a computer. He can't plan for Hiller's vertigo and Garbutt destroying Robidas' foot. In some situations, he can only react. His stupid deals are what they are (hint: they are stupid deals), but I'd say he's done more positives than negatives and, objectively speaking, he did not ice a basement team for 10 years, the team was mostly successful. Sure, being stuck in neutral is not fun, but do you want to experiment with the dark depths like Edmonton did for years and years and years? We collectively got to elitist about it. Its WCF every year or bust mentality. That's a little bit too rich to wish for. Even with the Getzalf-Kesler core 'in their prime'. Too many good teams in the best league in the world. Everyone wants to win, even the slightest flaw will sink you. Regardless of all the burning hate I have for Nashville, they should have had at least one cup over the last decade. Their GM is GREAT, they had a greatly-playing great goalie in Rinne. Bad luck? Bad coaches? Bad skaters? Shea Weber. Come on, they had it all. Nashville deserves a cup. No less than we do. BB is a fantastic coach, no mistaking it. But he had it all in Washington, too. So what gives? He has it all in Minnesota now, let's see how he'll do. Let's just hope that he doesn't blow us up in a Game 7 WCF finale. - I'm sorry, it's unreadable, I understand. And I can't really offer you any takeaway from this rant, any synopsis. Any solution. So I'm just gonna going to continue to believe in Gibson's health, Bob's drafting, Samueli's commitment to SoCal hockey, and give one last ounce of trust to RC and Perry for this year's playoffs, if we get there after the TDL hits. I admit, this year I'm watching far less games than the previous two or three, it's just not rewarding this year, but I know for a fact that this team is Great and they will make me change my habits. I'll paint my face and put my duck mask on.
  7. You guys' up the mountain need a Stoner. Just sayin'.
  8. Trading or sitting Perry will create a glaring hole at RW just like the one we had at LW for the last 9 years. Besides Silf we have who? Yeah, Rakell maybe, but he's useful for other things. We will have to play Perry unless he's injured. And tbh, he's been looking better lately, he's keeping up the points race and his positive attitude towards resolving the issues has been highlighted by a recent interview. The team acknowledges it and supports him.
  9. Thank you for clarifying! I'll be hoping for a Garbutt instead
  10. I agree. He will want to bring the number down, because 10 games is ridiculous, but he will demand an official apology in exchange.
  11. More than BR9 himself, Bob doesn't want him here. I guess RC wouldn't want to work with a trainwreck also - he's got enough problems on his hands what with all the Perrys and Vermettes. Bob remembers how ugly it was with Bobbeh, he'll pass.
  12. We should call him up to fill in for Vermette already.
  13. WooHoo!!! CALI-fornia is the state of hokey, not MINI-ssota!!! You can't go wrong with a Mumpesota, too. Also: still greatly amazed at how they keep trudging along after we repeatedly bled them dry.
  14. I'm surprised that Therrien didn't flip out at MTL like that Isles coach did a short while ago (Capuano)?
  15. This fantasy mock trade result has us getting Landeskog @ Vatanen + ... ..... Martin Jones??? + Thompson + Shenanigans? Oh and they also dump Barrie to EDM for whatever reason: https://capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/262858 I myself would like to dump Bernier in favor of a different backup, somewhere in the $1.5 range as our cap freeing up move (we signed Faragher or Tokarski to be compliant?). Maybe even no backup and fingers crossed for Enroth if the Gulls Guys heal up (I am aware of a season-ending injury to Etem and a Goalie). Then we can go to our favorite trading partner of all time and send them Bernier + Montour (sigh) for Curtis McBackup + Nylander, maybe some sweeteners from our side. Ritchie - Getzlaf - Perry Cog - Kes - Silf Rakell - Vermette - Nylander Cramarossa - Thompson - Kase + Garbutt, Shaw, Boll Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Bieksa Stoner - Vatanen + Theo, Holzer Johnny Goalie Curtis McBackup + Enroth