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  1. Sad for Jack Hughes, that is. The boy will be wasted in a dumpster.
  2. Miller may make a great goalie coach if he chooses to go that way, I say Todd Marchant him into our franchise. Also: let him play for 2 more years after the current deal runs out.
  3. They will renovate the square-roofed venue next to the Space Needle. They said "a few miles from where the original Seattle Metropolitans had won the Stanley Cup in 1917, and where they beat the Soviets in 1974". Key Center Arena of Seattle City.
  4. Yeah I was sarcastic with the Kes thing, we all love the guy even if he's not playing. In the WSH game near the end or in the other game, I can't really remember - when on the forecheck he just manhandled an opposing player in possession of the puck to the ice, freeing up the biscuit. Kes is fun. But I'm serious about Getz being too serious, we need more Bryz-type people if we can't find more of the smiley ones. I guess captain's attitude rubs off on the rest of the team. Selanne's wide smile and pure emotion - eh, that was fun.
  5. We need more of dat. Getzloaf is too snotty. And Kesler, don't get me started on that grumpy old cat.
  6. https://mynhltraderumors.com/nhl-trade-penguins-trade-daniel-sprong-to-ducks-for-marcus-pettersson/2018/12/03/ Most media comments are about how Sprong was a disappointment - in line with that Pit fans and media are saying. Regarding our guy they collectively went "Marcus whofromwhere?". I think MP can get more credit than he got, he was very solid during our opening stretch, but I sure hope they're wrong about Sprong. In any case, this will bump out Terry from the Gulls to the main club even if Sprong never steps onto Hondaponda ice.
  7. Yes, in that regard it is true - Bob screwed up big time.
  8. Most of these cases I thought we had no way but to let the player walk or forced into picking between one or the other? Like picking between Rakell and Wild Bill?
  9. It's great that our GM recognized a career-year player cashing in and axed him. Bob gets too little credit for the little things he does. Though, if I remember correctly, half the board recognized this as well and supported Bob when MB was going away.
  10. Except for the 3d year @ $2, where we didn't expect the term mostly, the numbers look exactly like projected: 1-2 years at about $1.5. So what was the holdup? He gave in?
  11. Ah, that makes sense then, we don't want Terry starring for Failmonton and Pwnsburgh.
  12. With the kind of hair and mojo Gibby has, he can clear the opposing crease.
  13. Too bad, we burned a year off of his ELC last spring.
  14. SEVEN? Wow.