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  1. Benn - Seguin - Perry? Sure, I'll take that.
  2. So shouldn't that new pay extinguish his 'fire' that was lit up by the buyout? I mean, for a former mvp...and an older Pavelski signing simultaneously for a lot more....
  3. Dis' be a darned good list, Fisix! The top of it is loaded with dinosaurs, of which only Pavelski the mini Joe seems reasonable, but it's the middle of the list where it gets fun - I wonder if Bob will bite on an Anders Lee or a Gustav Nyquist, or even a Matt Duchene?! Simmonds was mentioned here is declining and will demand a lot of $$$, there's also a wet dream Panarin and a safer dumpster dive in Marcus Johansson from Boston.
  4. Again severely overloaded at RW in this ucpoming year, are we? A hole at C and RD. Why am I not surpsied. Bob will have to make this a reeeeeal exciting summer after July 1st kicks in or this roster is not looking too fancy: LW: Ritchie, Jones, Comtois, Shore C : Getz, Steel, Rico, Grant, Lundestrom RW: Silf, Rakell, Kase, Terry, Sprong, Rowney, Sherwood LD: Fowler, Lindholm, Guhle RD: Manson, Holzer (FFS BOB 😡) Only the goalies look OK just like the last time, but I can't imagine them surviving another one of a year like we just had. We basically have to play Rico and Raks at LW if we don't trade for someone. Ritchie and Jones on the 3d and 4th line LW would be fine, the former because he looks like he leveled out, the latter because he needs more seasoning in live NHL hockey. On the roster below all 3 centers after Getz cost less then $1. Rico - Getz - Kase Raks - Lundestrom - Silf Jones - Steel - Terry Ritchie - Grant - Sporng with Rowney, Shore as spare parts and Comtois and Sherwood down in SD. If Zegras goes to BU we still have a gaping hole at C, and we have a 3C in Rico, but we are forced to LW him, so...make some trades, mr. ex-coach GM. (I still believe Bob is inclined to use Rico as 2C throughout). Also: 2018-2019 sucked liked the worst Ducks' season ever. We didn't have a roster that good in the dark 90s.
  5. No, nothing specifically directed at the fans as to sum up the 15 years and I feel a wee bit let down by this fact.
  6. I can stomach me so Chickawo, but Trashville... 🤮 Oh well, the pest can choose his nest now...
  7. Let's all agree that such a scumbag as Giordano needs to thoroughly BURN like the Calgary FLAMEOUT he is.
  8. “This has definitely lit a fire in me,” Perry said. “I want to win again. I’ve felt that feeling at every level and I want to feel it again. I watch teams win the Stanley Cup every year and I see how much emotion comes up when they win. It’s the hardest trophy to win and you need on-ice leadership and experience. I will get back to the player I used to be.” Say hwat nao? He is openly admitting he had no fire for the last 3 years and was coasting around until we bought him out and NOW he has that fire. Seems suspect to me. There appears to be a lot more to this buyout than $$$ and roster spot, as hinted by Bob's fitness and work ethic comments.
  9. They ink on the buyout deal is still fresh and you're already discussing his opposition-agitation talents!!! Blasphemy!!!
  10. I admit, i wrote up nonsense, but I'm shocked at the news and my head's not right atm. Maybe in a few hours I'll be happy he's going to Toronto or Buffalol. Ottawa will burn for a week if their GM brings in another washed up Ducks RW for $$$.
  11. How many times is Bob gonna clumsily fix his own wrongoings. Granted, Perry deserved that deal when it was signed, Stanley Cups and MVP seasons are worth it, and few people expected him to go downhill that fast, but... I'm shocked. Genuinely shocked at this news. There were rumores about this, but I never believed them. After the knee surgery - I wanted him to go another full year and pull a Selanne... a sad day. I liked Perry a lot and wouldn't mind him to re-sign for less or join the Ducks later on a retirement deal a few years from now. This is...just the worst case scenario for the Perry contract. Ugh.
  12. Been debated a lot of times on this message board that we have to do something with the physical coach or trainer or whatever who oversees their approach to their body. Cogliano was a freak, but he was alone, now maybe Eakins and this Bettle guy instill more of a non-pancake Penner culture.
  13. Getz is totally fine as a captain, though he does have a nasty caveat where he goes overboard when talking to the refs. But a captain who's scary good on the ice and then can punch just about anyone's face in in a scrum? I'm on board with that. Fowler is quiet and diplomatic *like* Scotty, and all this talk is perhaps about trying to bring the old cool stuff back, but rather than Cam, maybe we should go with someone even younger - from the new SD generation, when Getz' current deal runs out or he follows Perry out of town. Sam Steel the Ducks captain. Duck of Steel!
  14. This is the 2nd most important thing after switching to a 'modern' coach in Eakins. We've had injuries, injury streaks, freak injuries and then some. It had to stop and I'm really looking forward for the healthier Ducks next season.
  15. 2015 was so close...it was the year... 😪 hope the vets still have it in them for another run in Eakin's earlier years as HC. That said, the guy should be just fine for transitioning the big club from the age of dinosaurs of 2003 to this 'new' NHL everyone keeps talking about, but ther's obviously a catch where SD didn't win much in his 4 years there and while *some* players came out good, there weren't as many as we'd like as can be evidenced by swaths of Bob's dumpster dives. Sure, we can say injuries, some of the worst streaks in team's history, but no - if we'd have a steady stream of reliable guys like, say, Pittsburgh or Chicago always seem to get from their farms, we'd be a much less leaking raft these past two downhill years. Eakins has a lot to prove and his work cut out for him - his motivation is clear as day, and as someone mentioned just above - this is also Bob's endgame coaching hire. In a proper world, it should be. Success or bust.
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