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  1. I didn't watch but judging by you bringing this up it was his first game...well they lost their fourth in a row, this specific one 1-2 to the BJ's. NHL.com: Sounds like he's a solid 3d-liner on a team a-la the Sharks - high expectations and big roster moves but no dice.
  2. What to do with Ritchie then, he's spent his fair share of years with the big club already?
  3. Well, we returned the favor 2 - 0 but this was not a dominant performance, still dry on offense, but I really like the wheels and shot on that Ghule guy. We need to trade Ritchie for a 4-5 dman and we're all set to begin the season.
  4. It's preseason and the reft are already in their mid-season duck-hating form. Last chance for him this year, it looks like.
  5. The 2nd period was about powerless plays. Ducks are 0 for 3 just like the SJ game. Eakins can't find a cure for offense. Mybe the roster isn't cut out to do it. Then at the end - Fowler scores. BUT mister Quick was slammed down by Ritchie and the latter got a penalty with thr goal being disallowed. Hazy goes bananas about how Quck was both skates out of the blue paint when Ritchie hit him. Refs don't care what Hazy says, sadly.
  6. They looked good in the 1st but still making boneheaded playes in the D-zone, Ritchie is a pentaly machine and should've scored 2 on the period the way Kings were letting them.
  7. In his case I can only suggest he got the block for the season from Bob. Our organization has a tendency to expect people to 'not be ready' up front and as a result they spend more years in the minors than in other teams on average. They considered him not NHL ready, but thought giving him time among NHLers in a camp will rub off.
  8. Looks like they they're trying to go with something like a 'finished product' here today. Though it doesn't make much sense, I guess they're trying the avenge the 0-3 from two days away at the Kinks rink as well. Rico looks like a pointy dagger there! So dangerous!
  9. 1:0 at home against the Kings already. Fun times anyway
  10. Soo much better listening to John and Hazy than whatever we had yesterday, and of course, seeing Gibson in net instantly calms any nerves after yesterday's loss - and it's a 4 - 1 win! Happy to see Ghule providing that scoring punch that we hoped for when traded for Montour, we sorely need that.
  11. So much for the great PP. Nothing going for the dooks today.
  12. Yeah that 2nd was better than the first and we're keeping up, but not a lot of offensive creativity. Some youngsters probably need to add a bit of excitement into the game. Or a Getzalf beast-slam on Brown or Carter. *yawn*
  13. Somehow we're even outshooting them (8-6) but nothing dangerous. I get an eerie feeling that in games where Baldy is in (the last game and this one) - if he's not lighting it up as the proverbial straw that stirs the drink - the Ducks look deflated. Here's hoping for a 2nd period mad push.
  14. Game 3 is a FS-W Kings-commented feed (on NHL.TV at least), so watching with no sound. Ducks started with 3 shots and some forays into the Kings' zone, but then left a wide-open Crater and of course he put it in. All Kings since then being outshot 3-6 at halway 1st period. Let's see how Eakins handles the best of Carlyle style.
  15. The 2nd game was radio-only from the Coyote Junkyard down in the desert and Ducks sucked for 2 periods, taking a lot of penaties, a 5 on 3 and going down 1 - 3 (Silf). Then the dogs did the same in the 3d and Ritchie scored, then we tied (DeLeo) but Fowler blocked a shock and went to the locker room and did not return - we already have casualties OT was all 'yotes what with all Keller running around, and then they scored 2 in the SO for the win. Overall - disheartening to hear about Fowler go down, unknown what's up with him at this point, but a good sign that they fight back even in preseason, though Arizona definitely let them back in it. One other tidbit of mood from Steve Carrol is that the bad habits were back, penalties and giveaways, defensive breakdowns. PK is good, though, and Holzer was working his Duck tail off.
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