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  1. Randy Carlyle (c)
  2. But Kesboy will be upset? I'd have myself some Juice in a Holzer role, but just not at that price...
  3. Hire Selanne as PP coach or team consultant like Nieds since both Assistant Coach positions are filled?
  4. I know this is a Manson thread, but...Cogliano. Currently the Points leader on this injury-wrecked team. Josh is doing well too, already 3 points on the young season, and a member of the only credible defense pairing we've got so far. And did you read all the nice articles about him, on the homepage and VG? He loves the beach and SoCal. He's our man.
  5. Why can't they figure out a Duchene - Galchenyuk swap?
  6. It will only be fair if the NHL awards us a free goal at the beginning of each game, so that we always start out @ 1:0. That's how bad their anti-Ducks bias is. Many fans of many teams keep saying that, but I sometimes watch other games and no calls or non-calls are more ridiculous then they are for the Ducks.
  7. Prized prospect cheap or two veterans cheap? Picks? With $7 in tow, MTL can absorb some cash even. Boll +
  8. They have a no beard policy AND they lead the entire Pacific Division with a 3-0-0 start. This is as bizarro as bizarro can come!
  9. More likely decent 10-15 goals December through March and then injured again for the playoffs with a game here or there. We knew what we were trading for, and then we signed him. Not exactly a Despres, but we got a naughty habit here.
  10. I want to chime in on the Cogliano sentiment - he is very very important to this franchise. From his affinity for canines influencing teammates to his Ironman status and fitness work ethic, he's much more off the ice than his on-ice stats suggest. Cogs is a golden nugget wrapped into an iron sheet. For years, Anaheim has a "thing" going on where certain players just fit and some people just don't. Selanne is one example, he was Legendary here, average-to-good Finnish forward everyplace else in the NHL. And while Carl Hagelin had ridiculous speed much like Cogliano, something didn't click for him with Anaheim and he was traded away and now I am very very happy that he has a Cup Ring - he deserves it. The thing is, some players work with Anaheim, some don't. This may sound ridiculous and fairy-tale like nonsense, but it's a thing we got going, and I believe even Bob tries once in a while to play along with it. Being a small-market hated-by-everyone team as it is, we have a certain kind of reputation among the league fans, experts, tv and media personalities, and, most importantly, league players. Old mercenaries like Ryan Miller notwithstanding for the obvious reason of their deal being convenient to them, people actually put us on their "never wanna be traded there" lists. So if a player with SPEED TM like Cogliano has and we badly need wants to be a part of this team's core, a silent lead-by-example persona, we should hold on to him even if overpaying a bit. Sure, Fowler may have been a bit overpaid, but he's 100% a homegrown product and he advocates for the team and the franchise in general. This is the best kind of player, and it will affect the performance. Again, the Miller example - if he gets disgruntled any time during this year - he can just bail out and be a veteran backup someplace else. But people like Getz, Perry, Fowler and Cogs, people loyal to the organization and not a complete liability on the ice, are worth their contracts and some extra. You can say Cogliano frequently can't hit the broad side of a Walmart, but his game is not about laser shots and smothering shutdown defense. He's an unstoppable engine, a sparkplug, the original one, to whom we are comparing Kase to now. We need this kind of player because he is versatile, dependable, very durable and is a fixture in the locker room. His hometown is Toronto and I dread the chance we might let him go to that Matthews kingdom on the rise. Cogs is a cog that fits in perfectly, no need to throw such a piece away.
  11. Good news, thanks! Let's hope we get at least Getz and Nick and go from there, we need every bit of offense we can get. Also, two big bodies to slam Gaudreau into the boards violently.
  12. Thank you for the 15-16 detail! For the Kesler part, I think his "shutdown" role is way over-emphasized. He is a talented scorer and it shows in the stats: at least 20 goals in each of his seasons on the Ducks. He's not an assist machine like Getzboss is, but he's more of an all-round puck-hound, be it scoring it himself or taking it away from the other team's best player when matched against. This includes faceoffs - offensive zone FS wins are critically important for possession which was mentioned in this thread as a problem. Kesler gets offensive zone FS wins and THEN can put it in the net as well. He's a weapon, and I see no problem using him on the PP. He's clearly our 2nd best center until Rakell can do some faceoffs right and Kesler is performing formidably at the designated role. He shouldn't be leading like you said but he should be prominently featured on the PP, maybe even backing up Getzlaf if he is tossed. If the counter to this use is "he needs to rest for PK and enemy 1st-line shutdown duty" - my answer is the team must have 3d and 4th lines capable of doing that. Offense gotta offense, and Kesler can do offense, as can Silf and Cogs. While Paperberg is sleeping again to start the season, Cogliano is his usual self complimenting Rakell and Perry in Game 01. When your bottom six can't offense if their life depended on it, you have to give all the chances to the top two lines. But the key to the Powerplay is what everyone already pointed out here: even our best defensemen AND Getzloaf the point man tend to loose the blue line veeeeery easily. Lindholm, Fowler, Vatanen, Manson are all guilty of letting it slide out and/or passing it to the boards where it is jammed in and lost. The backline play is lacking and Perry gets no support, he's meaningless in front of the net that way. We need to practice keeping it in - remember when Hazy goes nuts about the PP - is when he can say like a professor "Look Johnny, the Ducks have the [ insert weak passive team name here ] pinned down in their own zone for a full minute this is a great powerplay so much chances, the defenders are gassed."
  13. All is well with this except a $6 Kesler will be a 3d-liner. Kes and Silf on the 3d line makes sense, but not for that kind of money. It is, however, the perfect "spread the wealth" lineup.
  14. The more Manson - the better. I wanted a $3.5 upwards to $3.8, but hey, it's an inflatable inflater's league, why am I complaining.
  15. Not only this, but even mister Dan Rosen is on board with us winning the Cup this year. Conspiracy theory anyone? https://www.nhl.com/news/over-the-boards-dan-rosen/c-291555242?tid=277729162