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  1. Locker room? Intangibles? ...Size? Must be a Rico trade. Or a Volkov sweetener.
  2. Yay we get to keep Volkov? Really interesting to see the trades. We can replace Fleury in the draft easily?
  3. Eh. The day is here, let's see if Bob is actually any worth in ED's. His last shot, likely, 32 teams is enough. I hope it's dts' idea of a Shattenkirk deal. Dump all the old, go all young, makes perfect sense for Anaheim...but it's not them picking, Octopussies have all the cards, sadly. Most likely, with the Volkov sign and expose, its a sad and straightforward Rico dump. All the talk of Bob finally trading for a Russian...
  4. The Despres debacle was one of the bigger reasons the team went straight downhill the past 5 years. It's so awful. "Probability of Success" = D on an A to F scale. Tells the story, huh? He stayed slick puckmover and can score some, but isn't actually good when pushed around anywhere on the ice. That's not the complete package we were looking for. A fault on the team side in the development process?
  5. Aksun

    2021 - Final 4

    Price vs. Vasilevsky in the Final is going to be sight to behold. Now Im torn...who to root for...is the the MTL Perrys or the TBL Maroons? (Patty is going for a 3d straight cup, no less)
  6. Aksun

    2021 - Final 4

    Vegas is the new San Jose! Yay! CHOO-CHOO! The Perry Hype Train Continues! Guy is money in the playoffs! MTL first time since 1993, good for them.
  7. I stand corrected then. I was indeed looking at the whale cap hit instead of the real money, thanks for the heads up people! A well-executed hockey buyout and look how well it's turned out for the guy, great to see, and now the end is in sight - just 2 more seasons it's costing us 2 rookies or a 3d-liner roster player, which is manageable. Hope that Kings guy they hired to help in office will help with that too going forward. And about that nightmare job... A damaged player no matter the talent is not likely to fetch a king's ransom, no? Bergevin got lucky with Perry and his talents because the player was a Hab fan growing up and out of a job to boot, so the price is really nice, but Adams now has a disgruntled player who happens to be the de-facto star of the franchise who is broken, is in disagreement with the management over the injury and likely won't allow the GM to fetch a good deal. As if Buffalo wasn't in a world of hurt already. Our GM may not take a gamble at that asking price - bargain bin only, remember? Top dollar - top chances for GMBM. Speaking of Worlds and Hurt, all these cap-sites have the current Ducks' roster @ just 6 regular NHLers (Rico, Silf, Raks, Terry, Grant, Des), sure we also have Zegras who's a lock and the D is full on paper (Lindholm, Fowler, Manson, Shattenkirk, Fleury, Larsson) not to mention Drysdale as well, but imagine having to negotiate a future-number-retiree contract in Getzlaf and another two full lines of hockey forwards. Yikes. Good luck, Bob. Thinking of the money Comtois will ask... Lundestrom and Heinen - i'd like to see back. Volkov and Jones - on the fence, but leaning positively. Steel - meh. This summer is likely setting up the next decade for us.
  8. $10M player is a situation begging to turn into a Kane-Toews, or a McDavid-Draisaitl situation, or our very own Corey Perry who is happily playing in the Stanley Cup Semifinal right this now all the while Ducks are paying him $6. But then...how do you make star players stay or lure them onto your small-market team? I'd seriously hate to be Bob this off-season. It's a nightmare of a job. Draft well and develop them well. Shultz is gonna Shultz. Improve, adapt, overcome. A few Niedermayers won't hurt as well.
  9. Aksun

    2021 - Final 4

    I'm on the Perry hype train. Or is it the nostalgia train hereabouts? Whatver, the Habs are well-built for the playoffs. Go <Perry Team> Go!
  10. Somehow all the cheezy Calgary commenters on twitter are going with "Good Luck with Ward". Eh. Still anything better then what we had recently.
  11. Palmieri, Theodore and Karlsson are all well-engaged and playing important roles for their respective teams in the Semi-Final still. Pat Maroon is a steady everygame player for a powerhouse Tampa Bay. The other steady fourth-liner, Perry even got his own article on NHL.com, a relative rarity for anyone connected to the Ducks' https://www.nhl.com/news/perry-boosts-canadiens-entering-stanley-cup-semifinals/c-325316112?tid=325298762 Of course, this is entirely a 20/20 hindsight situation, the trades made sense at their time and obviously the Perry buyout is OK because he was an $8 player and not actually a Kucherov for his team on the ice, but maybe, just maybe, it shows some players around the league that the organization is a good step in their careers and not a dead end or a prison, because for some reason I can't wash off the feeling of Ducks having some weird kind of bad rep or juju around the NHL. Maybe not Buffalo, Arizona or Ottawa bad, but still a team that players may try to avoid if they had any leverage. Or maybe I just desperately need to put a positive spin on the downward spiral of the past 3 years. It's been hard. I want this team to succeed so bad, I feel like Steve Dangle at times.
  12. Perry the wily Playoff veteran. Now I wonder if MTL has the horses to run with either VGK or COL.
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