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  1. This one went way off topic, so it was moved here. As always, keep the politics out of it, please.
  2. Spammer. Please don’t come back.

  3. Knock off the sarcasm. We will not tolerate that kind of behavior on our board.
  4. Thanks for the insight.
  5. It's like they need a mentor to come in and help at practices. This brings Selanne, Niedermeyer (Scott-not Rob), Guy, Pronger, and almost any others of the cup winning team. They need help, the sooner the better. I hope the next Captain will step up a little more and help the guys. It's almost disheartening being a Ducks fan.
  6. I haven't noticed a slowdown on the site as of yet, but I've got really fast Cable Internet. Or it could be that they are just clearing out the cobwebs from such a long time off. Let me know if it continues for you in the future. Thanks
  7. It’s going to be an unusual season, with everything else going. Let’s just be thankful that there is going to actuall be a partial season. I for one am not in any real big hurry to attend a live game, with 17000+ of my closest friends. Yes it would be nice to see the scrimmages, but hey, ITS HOCKEY TIME IN SOCAL, baby! Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. (One can only hope.)
  8. Not an odd request at all. Hopefully someone can dig up some fun stuff. Welcome to the madness.....
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