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  1. Guess I'm not German enough. Mine is correct.
  2. Evidently some kind of monetary exchange going from NHL Bettmancoin to MLB Selligcoin, or something like that. All NHL sponsored message boards were down. Especially good timing for the cup teams fans. Hopefully it is back now. Looks like the other teams are back online now also. id like to say I had something to do with the return, but it was taken care of by someone with a lot higher pay grade than myself. Welcome back everyone.
  3. Trying to find out. It said to contact the system administrator, so I asked myself what was happening, but I didn't know. I'll ask around. The main site was down off and on. Could be working on the servers or something. No answers yet.
  4. We had season seats from '94 to 2009. Watched the prices go up every year, and it got to a point where it just wasn't affordable any more. Yes, the Ducks are a small market team, we do have fans all over the world, and have a pretty good draw here in Orange County. There was a time that it was an affordable game to attend, but with all the overly high salaries demanded by athletes all around us, the players started wanting more. Ticket prices go up accordingly. Unfortunately we were only able to attend 1 game this year, but still have the team in our hearts. We made the trip in '07 to London with the Cup Champs, and what a thrill that was. The seats we used to have, now cost more than the entire trip to London did, and if we want to continue to live, we have to make some sacrifices. Hockey players are the most underrated athletes out there. Now that their salaries are increasing at an astronomical rate, I'm sure there will be more fans that just plain can't afford to go to a game. With a 7:00 faceoff, you are usually forced to eat at the arena, park somewhere close, and of course purchase tickets. I'm sorry, but the nights at $240 plus (times 42) for an 8 month season are beyond our means any more. I am sorry to rant here, but listening to people complain about our attendance, or lack of support just really hits below the belt sometimes. I've been the Admin on the boards since 1999. I do not get compensated in any way, but I still care enough about this team to support them in any way I can. Let the jerks on the East coast complain about our attendance. We had to start the games early to accommodate them, and they don't have a clue what traffic is like around Southern California. It isn't an easy thing to do to get there for a 7:00 puck drop, worse for a 6:00, and unheard of for a 5:00, if you have a job. I don't really think it affected the team that much to see the empty seats, that were usually filled by the end of the First Period. Hopefully the team can get it together for next year, and pull this thing together that we all want again so badly. Just remember, they are people too, although most are very well compensated. Off the soap box now. Gonna go find someone to ban
  5. I think the original post was referring to your misspelling Kesler's name more than once. Not taking sides here, as I've been at fault myself and called out for it also. Get a little tougher skin around here. We're all pulling for the same team on here, so take their rousting with a grain of salt, and pollibly a lime or two.
  6. Oh, but it is a game of inches. I think we'll do fine now that they are aware they really are playing Smashville.
  7. Fixed, and i guess we don't have a choice now. Darn.
  8. According to NBC, it looks like Elliot will be in goal tonight. Elliot staying in goal.
  9. Sorry, Fighting a cold, and didn't proofread. All fixed now.
  10. Interesting artwork. What the NHL teams would look like as NFL teams. He sure put a lot of work into it. Crossovers to NFL
  11. I've searched everywhere I can find, and it doesn't appear to be an option any more. All of the contacts I had at the mothership have disappeared so I will have to develop some new contacts. Sorry, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen right now.
  12. I'll see if that is an option I can turn on. I know what you mean, I liked it also.
  13. Here is a new thread. You guys figure out where a good place to break off the old thread is. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Z. I still haven't found anything that specifically addresses that feature. It could be that that is an option available to those above my pay grade. I've been through the settings several times, and just don't see it. I will keep looking for it though.
  15. Fixed!