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  1. But the real question is, Can He Skate?
  2. Other issues, and it was league wide, ALL teams boards were down. Something went wacky between the NHL and the company that hosts the board sites. But it is all fixed now. Kinda felt sorry for the teams in the playoffs fans, but really not too sorry...
  3. That's fine. Good Idea.
  4. Video removed due to excessive foul language. If you want to post a link to it, that's fine, just don't post the video again. Admin
  5. 7-0

    It isn’t specifically about the Ducks. That’s why it was moved here.
  6. Playoffs Games are only available to registered members. No login, can't see.
  7. Not for public posting yet.
  8. Interesting how the OP never came back to defend himself. Closet Kings fan must never have been to another game.
  9. Since this was your first post, I'm going to guess you are a Kings Fan, that can't take a little jabbing. You obviously haven't been up to a game against the Charks at their fishbowl. We've been up to the guppies bowl as a group, and had Silly String sprayed on the whole group by their mascot. Numerous references on the screen to episodes of Friends, and just about anything you can think of at times. It's all in fun, so please take it that way.
  10. Not Dewlling, Moose. This is a list of ALL Suspensions handed out this season. Please read before posting a comment.
  11. Found a page that lists all player safety suspensions for 17-18 season. Still don't see why Cogs was penalized.
  12. Merged the 3 threads on the same topic into this one. Please post accordingly. Thanks.
  13. Umm. That is their real offices. But yes, kind of out in left field.
  14. The Official release today: The Ducks announced today the details for "Hall of Fame Night" on Nov. 19 vs. Florida. Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne will be honored by the club following their induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame (Nov. 13 in Toronto). A special pregame ceremony will take place at 4:45 p.m. to honor the career of the two former Ducks stars. All fans in attendance receive a commemorative Hall of Fame pin honoring Selanne and Kariya. Special Kariya/Selanne Hall of Fame event-related merchandise will be available exclusively at Honda Center (debuting that evening). Thanks to both players and Ducks Owners Henry and Susan Samueli, all (100%) net proceeds from merchandise sales will go directly to five Orange County nonprofits: Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim, CHOC Children's Hospital, Orangewood Foundation, The J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center, and The Wooden Floor. Kariya and Selanne will also meet with local non-profits and special select fans throughout the evening. In addition to the commemorative Hall of Fame pin for all fans, a special Hockey Hall of Fame Night themed "Hockey Spot" will take place from 2:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m., leading into the 4:45 p.m. ceremony. The entire evening will be themed with videos and memories of the careers of the two players, arguably one of the best offensive duos of their generation. Kariya and Selanne played 308 games together in Anaheim, scoring a combined 783 points (2.54 points per game). The two players will appear on Honda Center ice together as Ducks teammates for the first time since Mar. 4, 2001, when Anaheim defeated Los Angeles, 4-0 (Kariya scored two goals, Selanne had one).
  15. You guys do realize Coach and at least Beauch were part of the evacuation, right? That's a lot to cope with, regardless of professional or not. They should bounce back this evening.