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  1. It definitely is, just slow time for us. Hang in there, it will get busy soon.
  2. Corner of 1st Street and Cabrillo Park Drive.
  3. BTW, has anyone checked out all the new emojis that are now available to use? There's a ton, though not too many Hockey related.
  4. It is on the Fans Drop-Down on the Ducks Website. I cannot guarantee that it was in fact there yesterday. I didn't check the boards until today.👻
  5. I'll notify the mothership.Thanks for finding that.
  6. To watch a winning game, despite their trying to throw it away with penalties. We could actually be a pretty good team, if we can find a way to quit getting penalties, plus a few roster changes. Just my opinion.
  7. Thanks Fis. Now, if I only knew how to edit that for you. I agree it does look odd. Keep the suggestions coming. Not that I can do anything about them, but hey, I'll try. Almost ready to turn on pictures for the user names. Hate purple, and look what I get stuck with...
  8. Agree wholeheartedly. We're all learning this thing together.
  9. Just trying to keep the boards somewhat current. Sorry if it inconvenienced you, but with just 2 of us running the boards now, we do the best we can.
  10. It appears they were doing some work on the site. There were a few other links that didn't work properly, and now do.
  11. Gibson is in the skills competition this evening at 6:30 on NBCSN locally (So Cal). It's also on several times tomorrow on NHL Network.
  12. 2 things to address, 1. Please use proper punctuation, your post is extremely hard to read, it's not that difficult to do it the right way. 2. As a Ducks fan, you should realize by now the Ref's will not call a fair game against us. It seems like they are still po'd about us as a team started by Disney, and we won the cup in 2007 against the teams and the Ref's. Hopefully some day someone will stand up to the league and get that bias removed, but don't hold your breath. Probably not going to happen in a league when you try to bring substandard officiating up, you get fined for it, and at that point they still won't address it even after you paying your heavy fine. The team has overcome all the adversities in past years, and once we get our injured players back, there's a chance we could turn the losing around. That's just my personal opinion and not an official one.
  13. All valid points. I doubt we'll ever get rid of the hatred against us. Too bad, it used to be an enjoyable game when called fairly.
  14. It will all turn around when the team starts winning. I know several season ticket holders that won't even go until that happens. As unfortunate as it is, their seats are all paid up in front, and it's too bad you can't get refunds. As a season seat holder, you even pay full pop for the pre-season games. Still trying to figure out the justification on that one. Maybe someone could start marketing Seat Holder Insurance. Your team does poorly, you get something back in return. Just dreaming here.....
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