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  1. So nice to hear the positive responses to an undrafted player out of Ferris State! Kunitz was a class act. In 2008, on a trip to Chicago to see Ducks play, I ran into some of his buddies from college. They all has nice things to say about him. He's got the same amount of Cups as Scott Niedermayer!
  2. Chris Kunitz announces his retirement from Blackhawks. He was my daughter's favorite Duck. Team needs more like him!
  3. Cogs will be missed more than people think!
  4. Only way to truly know is to get these "kids" to play together. A rebuild is one thing...gutting the entire roster is something that would be unacceptable!
  5. Let's just home this is all a step in the right direction!
  6. Wearing two hats is not always the solution!
  7. It should of happened after the 12 game losing streak! Team falling so hard and so fast.
  8. It should of happened after the 12 game losing streak! Team falling so hard and so fast.
  9. Don't Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler have No Movement Clauses?
  10. His hand was forced. There was no way Carlyle could continue!
  11. We knew this time was coming. At least some of us did!
  12. 18 points in the last 20 games...could that be a typo...didn't the Gulls go unbeaten in 15 straight?
  13. It's just that when you see them live it totally shows them being outplayed! I'm hopeful this will turn around as the hurt players heal. Still I am not ready to jump ship on this year's version of the Anaheim Ducks!
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