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  1. Wearing two hats is not always the solution!
  2. It should of happened after the 12 game losing streak! Team falling so hard and so fast.
  3. It should of happened after the 12 game losing streak! Team falling so hard and so fast.
  4. Don't Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler have No Movement Clauses?
  5. His hand was forced. There was no way Carlyle could continue!
  6. We knew this time was coming. At least some of us did!
  7. 18 points in the last 20 games...could that be a typo...didn't the Gulls go unbeaten in 15 straight?
  8. It's just that when you see them live it totally shows them being outplayed! I'm hopeful this will turn around as the hurt players heal. Still I am not ready to jump ship on this year's version of the Anaheim Ducks!
  9. Did you see Comtois hit last night? I know he is not a D-Man but still a very intense and legal hit.
  10. Actual two hours (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) is hardly any time to get items signed. Especially knowing how long many of the lines are. In previous years, waiting to get something signed by Selanne could take the entire two hours by itself. There has to be some way to move these lines faster.
  11. Only five more games for Comtois before a decision has to be made!
  12. It did seem looking at the game live that a few times the young guys passes are not sharp and crisp. Hopefully that will change as they develop. Those types of passes might work in Junior or AHL but definitely not in today's NHL! Still happy with how they are progressing.
  13. The boys really stepped it up. Looked out played in the first two periods and still in the game due to Gibson. But seemed to take over in the 3rd period. And a little luck (Montour) doesn't hurt along the way! A good start (especially on the road) and one to build upon. Let's Go Ducks!
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