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  1. Looks like tomorrow's game has been postponed! This according to ESPN NHL. Oops...my goof. That was from original schedule.
  2. My daughter, UND graduate this past May, 2020, was in Grand Forks visiting (social distancing) when all this came down. She's saying that most there just want to move on from this. I'm thinking they (UND Hockey) did not do their true due diligence in this matter.
  3. Now...how many games for 2020-2021 season. I'm thinking 48 maybe. Definitely not 82!
  4. GiAnTFAN-ad1


    Now that Stanley Cup is over...time for DRAFT!
  5. Nice playoff for Cogs, Pers and Khudobin. I think Khudobin would have been Conn Smythe winner if Dallas would have won! Great playoff for these former Ducks! Now when will the season begin? I'm thinking maybe 48 games.
  6. Let's see if Perry can pull another one out of his hat like in Game 5!!!
  7. Happy for Perry and Cogliano to get to Cup Finals. Any thoughts if Dallas wins that Perry retires? Oops...forgot about Khudobin!
  8. Selanne can show him the ropes in So Cal.
  9. Hard to imagine with all the Covid-19 spikes now that sports can really continue. If they are truly about the players safety then all these sports season should be cancelled! How is it that Orlando can host basketball in the Covid-19 hot bed of Florida?
  10. GiAnTFAN-ad1


    The league so wants the teams at the bottom to remain there with a team still eligible to win the Cup getting #1 pick. Just so glad Kings did not get the top pick!
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