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  1. If the team was competing for a long run or had a chance to win it, I could see Getz taking a discount to help the team add that final piece and to give himself one last shot at another cup. With the team hurting and about to have some space, I don’t know why he would take a discount. There is no real reason for it outside of him letting the owners off the hook for a couple million. Without Getz we have no real ‘big name’ players on the ice do we? Idk if the rest of the league considers it. Maybe Gibson but I fell like the rest of the core are B list Actor/player kind of guys. Second line tier. Getz might put butts in the stands. Pay the man. Do people get Season tickets to see Fowler or Silvferberg? I would rather pay Getz more to keep him around and on the team for another season or two just to have a little extra something to look forward to (my person opinion on players I want to watch). I don’t really think the team will have a ton of upside for a couple more seasons, if we get lucky with some picks, gems hidden in the draft, surprising UFA signings, young guys finally waking the heck up! We, or at least I, need Getz for the excitement/passion aspect he brings.
  2. It might. I’m not sure. Just tying to think of a way for everyone to benefit the best they can. Maybe they do it pay per view style like a UFC fight. I don’t want to have to pay to watch, but maybe that generates some income.
  3. To have a neutral location for the playoffs, albeit most likely no ticket/merchandise sales etc...the tv rights and commercials and sponsors in Canada would be insane. If the season is canceled I would say it would only be fair that the revenues/profits generated be split amongst all the teams rather than just the ones playing or just the venue. Because there will be teams/owners that say ‘hey we might have been in the playoffs if we didn’t stop, it’s not fair’. On another note. Since there were wild cards seats and teams on the bubble, why don’t they do a small best of three wild card round to see who gets in. Make the four spots outside the top three from each division play it out to get those two spots. For similar reason I said above. Makes it more fair IMO. Yes they would not be as rested as the other team, but they would also get the rust off before.
  4. Unfortunately it s looks more and more like this season is lost. They could go straight to playoffs if they get the ok by late April early May. But the experts are saying that May could be worse, with deaths growing exponentially at this point. 300 today, 400 tomorrow 500 after etc...(look it up). They should call the season where it stands and that’s the standings. If we get play offs then great, if not, it is what it is. They could hold the draft regardless virtually which is what the nfl is going to do. Free agency and draft can be done later if need be. As long as it’s before the next season, whenever that is. I wonder if they would consider a shorter playoffs like the top 8 get in, not sure that would fly.
  5. A trade that brings a primo scoring winger at a young age I’m all for. Either Zergas in the system and a potential top pick this summer, we could address our center position immediately. We could win the draft lottery and draft a guy ready to go now, usually the #1-2 guys are ready. Then if Murray goes out and makes a splash in free agency like some are saying he said he might and manages to get Pietrangelo, we get what we need at forward and upgrade Manson at the same time. Everyone shakes off this years funk and the prospects/kids finally break out. We could see a complete 180 as early as next year. But most likely after the ED. But players like Pietrangelo don’t go to FA very often. We need to take a swing.
  6. Ducks play Kings three times before the end of the season and Ottawa tonight. Preverbal -4 pt games. Must lose.
  7. Shane O’Brien says hello, also a first from you guessed it, Tampa
  8. I think that may be a little wishful thinking. Ceci is not the answer to the defensive woes unless a change of scenery works. Getting the 2nd-3rd for taking Ceci is a trade in itself. We take cap space and they give us a good pick for doing so. I’d be bold enough to say Kapanen for Manson straight up, if we get a prospect in the return also I think we win. Especially considering how Manson has been up and down in play. We need younger good players and picks. Keeping guys in their late 20s early 30s who will be on the decline (potentially) in another 3-4 years once the prospects and picks start to pan out doesn’t make since. This is the number one reason I hope we trade Gibson for a kings Ransom. Are we rebuilding or not!? If we are, why keep a goalie in his prime that steals games for us, just getting enough points to finish in the middle of the pack and thus getting mediocre draft picks. Keeping him waters down the rebuild with sub par picks, trading him could drastically shorten the rebuild time frame. A couple top end draft picks from our placement in the standing plus the return in picks and prospects could be the result. 2-3 decent picks by keeping him or potentially 2 top picks (2-3 bad standings years) and the return of 2-3 (potential multi year 1sts) mid picks plus prospects by moving him. Even if we keep him, how well will he still be playing or avoiding injuries or other set backs over he next 3-4 years. Once we build a team, Gibson himself may be an issue. I love Gibson, but he is the biggest key to a quicker higher quality rebuild in my opinion.
  9. Well Bogosian just got put on waivers, might be a good pick up to fill that physical void.
  10. Ho sang was on waivers. Did he clear?
  11. It looks like the one from a couple years ago
  12. ike-1


    I agree she is great.
  13. Didn’t know we lost Roy and Kossila that’s sucks.
  14. Not a bad idea, but we are pretty log jammed in the bottom six.
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