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  1. It's good idea, even if you need an alternate option to watch ducks game, you'll still save a bundle on cable, Hulu, Netflix, etc...
  2. Fire stick does work. Sometimes you have to try multiple apps and multiple links within the apps to find a good feed. Some are perfect, some are really bad. You HAVE to have really good internet. 50mbs plus. More the better, or it will buffer every 10 seconds. GameCenter was good until they switched their blackout zones. If you live anywhere near the rink, it won't work. Not last season, but the one before that was my last season. Literally the weekend of the all star game they upgraded their system and changed the rules. I live in Corona (35-40miles) from the rink and got blacked out after they upgraded. I called and Complained that I had already paid for the whole season and they are going to change it mid way....ultimately I got half my money back, which was fair I guess. Half season half pay. Having said that, I am not sure if they go by billing address zip code, or by IP address (internet signature unique to you). My best friend (also a Ducks fan) just moved to Wisconsin, so he is going to sign up for Game Center and let me use his account. If they go by billing address zip then it should work fine. If they go with IP address then I'm screwed. last season I used PSVue. At $55 per month (package that had the channels needed to watch the Ducks), it was the cheapest method. Cable is about $75-100 more on top of internet ($50-75). It's a rip.
  3. Monator would need to have a killer camp. I feel he is a very similar player to Vatanen both in style and stature. If he dominates in camp and preseason, then maybe Vatanen becomes expendable. I like the idea of JVR for Vatanen, but there would need to be more involved. I would want a conditional pick too. If he does not resign with anaheim we get a 2nd or something of that nature.
  4. Vegas would need to retain salary
  5. Grigorenko is fun to say. That's about all he's good for in the NHL. Bust.
  6. True, but imo Marleau was not worth that either. If we were 'rumored' to be interested in Marleau I bet we were offering around 3-3.5.
  7. GMBM is GMBBBM after all...(GM Bargin Bin Bob Murray). He is waiting for the dust to settle. All the big contracts/more desperate teams are just throwing money at players. 8 mil for Thorton, 6.25 for Marleau, I mean that's just a little crazy imo. Kunitz deal was a good one we could have managed, but we didn't get him, but there are plenty of players still out there that can fill in a bottom 6 role just fine. The more I think about Doan makes more and more sense. I don't know if I like him, but it fits. Less likely, I would love Jagr to come. 3rd line wing and 2PP. He was my favorite player growing up. I even have a Jagr Pitts jersey with the C. Nostalgia. Perron isn't a free agent, some of the above makes it sound like he is. I liked him when he was here, but Eaves might make him a redundancy regardless of different styles of play (linemate suitors).
  8. No, Toronto did not retain salary. We were only paying the 2mil because that was tale end of the deal, while the cap hit was still 4 something. Like a 6-4-4-2 deal that averages 4mil cap, but is only actually making 2 in the final year. That's what we had going on with Bernier.
  9. 1 year 2mil For that price, we should have signed him....in kinda mad about this.
  10. 2 year 3.3 mil Goid luck with injuries
  11. 4 yr 16.4mil 4.1 per/yr hit A little high me thinks
  12. I think removing the A from Perry may help him anyway. Less pressure on him. Just score goals. Fowler should have it. There needs to be a captain on the D side; right now it's all forwards.
  13. 2 mil per, ermmm ok I guess. Wish it was the rumored 1mil. That extra mil cciuld have gone a long way with our need at forward. 3rd C or 4th W depending I. wags defelopment.
  14. Which 3
  15. What's a 1th? LoL They acquired Eddie Lack as a backup too. Mike Smiths numbers may not show how good he is; he has played for a sub par team for years. He has a much better supporting D core in front of him now and more players that can put the puck in the net. More offensive end time means less work for him overall. Hamonics play the last couple seasons may be indicative of him wanting out of NY too. He may come in next season with a flame (pun) under his rear.