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  1. He signed and sort of? developed Hiller too. Does he count?
  2. ike-1


    Loud Noises! I don’t know what we are yelling about! Seriously. You would think someone is reading these boards. BM is probably looking for answers anyway he can get them.
  3. Agree. Get brought up for vision and scoring then told to play D would be counter intuitive. Be conscious but do you.
  4. Montreal just let Julien and the assistant go AND they had a winning record. Why can’t the Ducks. I know I know all the money and pandemic situation. why can’t the Demote Eakins and the power play/offensive coach (I can’t think of his name right now...it’s early) and make Sutter interm and promote Dineen assistant offensive/power play. Wouldn’t change the staff dollar wise? fun fact Montreal also added Alex Burrows to the coaching staff?!?! 🤣 Assistant biting Coach.
  5. Where was Hienen slotted then? if Rico is out, I’d imagine/would like to see him fill that spot. Playing with Getz and Terry would be good too. Not sure about playing with Steel.
  6. Also could cause a jolt of energy. Could be just the excitement. Could be a new guy in the room. If he puts up points, makes every happy about the games/winning. It can change the atmosphere.
  7. The rumor or idea was that he was kissed about asking to waive his no trade/movement clause. If that’s true and he is just throwing a tantrum than see ya. It will only cause other issues in the locker room. One bad apple, you know the rest.
  8. If Manson is still here after the trade deadline. With his link to Toronto over the last bit, and the Leafs being in real contention, arguably a solid D from taking that final step, Manson may be out of here. Then there are the other 15 teams looking for help on D for the playoffs. Manson (and retain some salary for the strapped teams, cause we have it) could fetch us a lot. Nylander PLUS a 1st. If the deal is a good make it and protect one more of the young forwards or a player coming back in the trade.
  9. Aaaand now he is a Leaf. What is with this guy? Why is he being moved so much?
  10. No. No one wants him for a reason. He has bounced from team to team more than anyone in the league over the last 3-4 years. We have too many guys in the bottom 6-9 the way it is. We need to move 2-3 fourth liners to bring in a second or even a first liner.
  11. I never understood why players get paid when they don’t play. It is clear their career is over. Void the contract. If you don’t go to work for more than a week or two you don’t get paid (minus vacation, sick... Etc). What’s to keep some people from faking it. Anyway off topic I guess, but doesn’t keslers contract not count towards the cap if he is on LTIR? We should be free from the cap hit at least. Having said all that, there was speculation that Laine wanted to play for one of the so cal teams before he was traded (beggars can’t be choosers). So maybe he would act right if he was where he wanted to be. Maybe put a no complaint clause in the contract.
  12. Without even one guy back in the play at least standing at the point, there will be one guy open and basically that team would be on the power play whenever said player is on the ice. The player needs to get back and at least get into a passing lane.
  13. ike-1

    A’s rotation

    What I am saying is that it is a factor to those problems. Without definitive leadership, the team lacks direction. That doesn’t only come from the coaches.
  14. What is the point of the A’s rotating so much? Is it to try and boost people’s confidence or to see who steps up? I don’t get it. There should be the main alternates then back ups and stick to it. We have 10 alternate captains? When you have that many people trying to step up and ‘lead’ it gets lost in the mix. Conflict of ideas, trying to over shadow each other, confusion who to listen to and lessening of affect. I know Manson and Getz are out, but stick to the same back ups. I think tonight was the first time I’ve seen Lindholm wear it tonight? He doesn’t strike me as someone that speaks up very much, very soft spoken. Oprah yelling “You get an A, you get an A and you get an A, you all get A’s”
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