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  1. This should be in rumors section. It's being discussed some in the Bonino thread, but could stand in its own. Thread moved....3,2,1.... On that note, I really liked him when he was here, I'm just not sure we can afford to add another 3-4 mil contract. We kinda need to see what happens in the backup goalie position first. That amount will change the complexity of adding another forward quite a bit. If we have enough to sign him, I'd rather spend it on Bonino.
  2. If you look closely (zoom in) this is orange on the collar still, just on the back side.
  3. If we are going for a veteran winger why not Jagr!? I'd love it. Marleau is available too. Kunitz is also an UFA, but I can't see Pitts not signing him if he wants to continue. In terms of center for a better price than Jumbo Joe, Brian Boyle. Can you imagine the destruction Getz Kesler Boyle would cause in the center. Joe would be good on the PP though. Right now we have about 10 in space (w/ Montour added in) according to NHL numbers or about 7 with our budget. We need another 6/7 Dman (Holzer?) around 1mil, a backup goalie around 2.5 (Miller at 3?), that's leaves us with 3 for Eaves (general average consensus) and some loose change for a fourth liner/callups. Either Eaves and Miller need to take less or we sign a cheaper option BU (Enroth, Bernier) To give more to Eaves and 4th liner (FA or one of the kids).. A deep run in the playoffs may have generated some extra cash to spend to the cap this season? Ritchie, Kase, Manson, Folwer all due for raises after this season (Bieksa falling off). So saving money now to spend later may be on GMBMs mind as well, Bargain Bin Bob Murray 'GMBBBM' (patent pending) goes fishing.
  4. Burke made a good call on that. Edmonton offer sheet him at a bad contract (which proved to be really bad) and we got a 1st 2nd and 3rd from it.
  5. Yes. Why not? Maybe they protected him because they have a deal in place, but needed to wait until after the ED to pull the trigger. They couldn't afford to protect another forward either.
  6. I dont remember where I read it, but there was a rumor floating around of Vatanen for JVR+midpick, but with the injury to Vats it's more likely an even swap. I haven't not seen or heard anything recently on this though. With drouin off the board, I think JVR would be a nice fit. Big LW 30 goal score
  7. Interesting yes, realistic no. You have the whole trading within a division issue. (Same with Vat to Dallas rumor). ED aside, I believe there are better options out there (Drouin). GMBM will look for those options before trading him within the division, especially with Calgary being as good as they were this year. Getting another solid D could push them over the hump if you will, from a decent team to a dang hard team to beat (Oilers this season). Having said that, if this is the best we have offered, then do it. Bennet is good, but I don't know if he is that shiny new forward we are all looking for. Solid 2nd liner maybe third on this teams line shuffle, but I don't see 1st line in him (yet).