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  1. Ho sang was on waivers. Did he clear?
  2. It looks like the one from a couple years ago
  3. ike-1


    I agree she is great.
  4. Didn’t know we lost Roy and Kossila that’s sucks.
  5. Not a bad idea, but we are pretty log jammed in the bottom six.
  6. They switch interview people almost every year it seems.
  7. If Marner truly is on the market, everyone should be asking about him. Including the Ducks. New franchise player.
  8. Sprong is also the top or second to top potential goal scorer on the team at the moment . A rookie or Silfverberg may have something to say about that.
  9. But had GMBM pulled that trade off at the deadline rather than at the draft after playoffs, as the rumor was, we may have won the cup that year. Or at the very least got to the finals.
  10. He and Sutter have a lot of ties between the Flames and Kings. With him as an advisor I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t brought up. but also, what would Mr Getzlaf have to say about it? They hated each other it seemed at times.
  11. Why did he say he wouldn’t comment on those guys, especially the specific year of the Chris Pronger trade? Was he the oilers coach when the Pronger thing went down? To lazy to look it up.
  12. I think replace shore with Lundestrom. He looked damn good to me last season while he was here. Not a ton of points but he showed good poise and puck control. Is Shore a natural center or was that an experiment? He will never replace Cogs no mater how hard they want him to be.
  13. I actually wouldn’t mind Phanuef if the price was right. Experience and grit. He’s not what he used to be but could be a bit of a Beauchemin reboot. Bargain Bin Bob would at sign a former captain, Olympian and all star. Better than a no namer. 1 yr 1-1.5 mil maybe performance bonus.
  14. Well maybe that is why we are not signing anyone and letting the kids play. Finish low and get a shot at him. One can hope. GMBM would acquire a superstar at the deadline so we win enough games to just miss the playoffs and pick at 14.
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