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  1. Generally it is four. They can play up to four season. But they do not have to play all four. They can choose to go pro if/when they want. You see a lot where college playoffs end and players then go to the AHL affiliate for the last few games, sometimes even to the nhl albeit rare. Palmeri did it after one of two seasons(can’t remember) at Norte Dame.
  2. Anyone have a link to watch?
  3. He has to go to another team to be his best? Why not other seasons with the ducks. Injury aside, I’m piecing together he didn’t really seem to care as much about his fitness until recently.
  4. As the end? As in Perry not done or Murray not done? Maybe Murray laid out the plan to them as to why he was doing it. Maybe they know what else is in play.
  5. Other teams probably didn’t want his salary either. In BM comments he said as much. A trade would have brought something back he didn’t want. Another larger contract and a body. He wants some cap relief, and a spot for the young guys.
  6. Penned signed a offer sheet and the number was ridiculous for him at the time and back fired for Edmonton as Penner kind of just ‘pancaked’. Anaheim got all the picks too. Getz couldn’t be mad at the organization for Penner being greedy.
  7. His buyout cap hit is listed above. A player can not be bought out if he is injured. IR or LTIR. Kesler will probably be out on LTIR the rest of his career. If a player is LTIR his cap hit is not calculated in the teams overall cap IF they are up against the cap. They are allowed to exceed the cap by the contract amount. He will still be paid (but maybe not by the team; I believe teams have insurance policies on players for this type of case). If and when Kesler/doctors find him to be too unfit to play he could waive his No Trade to go to a team with more space like the Pronger to Coyotes deal. Since the ducks do not spend to the cap, they would need to do something like this to get space to spend to whatever is their internal cap at the time.
  8. I think it was Washington and Orpik that did this, don’t quote me, but it was something like this. The player was traded, bought out by that team, then resigned by the original team at a better/reasonable cap hit. That could be an option to keep Perry at a more practical cap hit for what he is today. Teams like Arizona are always trying to keep there cap at the floor. Printer, Datsyuk, etc... i think Perry looked better after his surgery than in recent history but wasn’t producing as much still. Maybe he has a resurgence this year after a full healthier summer? Worth the shot; at least through training camp.
  9. For what it’s worth there was a ton of Holzer sticks at the team equipment sales, as were Cogliano sticks. Two and two...😥
  10. The draft does not affect other rounds, so we will have the 8th pick in other rounds (our picks). Not a big difference but still.
  11. I bet GMIHCBM turns that late first round into two good second rounders. He tends to do that with his later firsts. Or if we get st louis’ trading to an even later first and a later second.
  12. Grigorenko is fun to say. That's about all he's good for in the NHL. Bust.
  13. GMBM is GMBBBM after all...(GM Bargin Bin Bob Murray). He is waiting for the dust to settle. All the big contracts/more desperate teams are just throwing money at players. 8 mil for Thorton, 6.25 for Marleau, I mean that's just a little crazy imo. Kunitz deal was a good one we could have managed, but we didn't get him, but there are plenty of players still out there that can fill in a bottom 6 role just fine. The more I think about Doan makes more and more sense. I don't know if I like him, but it fits. Less likely, I would love Jagr to come. 3rd line wing and 2PP. He was my favorite player growing up. I even have a Jagr Pitts jersey with the C. Nostalgia. Perron isn't a free agent, some of the above makes it sound like he is. I liked him when he was here, but Eaves might make him a redundancy regardless of different styles of play (linemate suitors).
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