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  1. Agreed. Might make watching the Kraken worth a shot.
  2. It’s done. And our chances of landing either rumored player coming to Anaheim up and vanished like a fart in the wind.
  3. Mostly to save cap space here and there. We just called up Jones btw. I thought I read somewhere though that the waiver is only good for 1 month? After that they have to clear again. Is that all players or only one way guys?
  4. Saying that we don’t have scoring wingers I think is misleading. I believe we are closer than we think, we just don’t have the adequate support or drive. The likes of silfverberg, henrique, rakell, those guys ARE 50 pts (potential) they just need to wake up or see that we are better and start trying. They may be sand bagging a little knowing we are in the trenches. But what I’m saying is adding a solid player like Dubois may wake some people up, either by exciting them, challenging them, or complementing them on the ice. Or we just aquire Laine too and we have a first line of Dubois and Laine paired with whoever is left. It’s not impossible. We lose this year and next years 1st’s two roster players and two-three prospects, but immediately turns the team around and thins out this pool of bubble NHL guys we have. At this point we have too many imo. I would rather ship 2-3 out and bring in PROVEN talent than cross my fingers that they develop into something.
  5. Sounds like Sutter talking? He is still a consultant right? Last season Eakins was all about loosening tensions and having fun, not wearing a tie. Now he is wearing ties (from what I saw of him) and cracking the whip. What changed? ive never been a fan of hiring coaches that didn’t have success in previous head coach roles. If you have a winning record or win a cup and just had/needed a change of scenery, then ya give them a shot. Or they are a good up and coming coach looking for a shot, sure. But if you were fired from an NHL team before AND you don’t have a good track record. Why are we giving them a shot. That’s just me. I’m not saying Eakins was going to pull a rabbit out of his hat, we all know our situation. But still I am not impressed. They/we are trying to be something we are not. Stop ‘trying to win’ and develop the young guys and give people oppurtunity.
  6. I’ll check it out. Haven’t tried that one yet.
  7. Nhl.tv still has blackouts. It used to work as gamecenter back in the day then it became nhl.tv half way through a season and blacked everyone out...I had to get half my money back...they said why? Because you let me pay for a service then changed the terms half way through the season....dumb hulu and fubo definitely do not have FSWest or Primeticket as well. FS Go is not supported by Hulu or fubo either. Has anyone else found a legit way to watch without paying $100 for cable? I use a series of sites that do not ‘exist’ either, but they suck half the time.
  8. I know none of those guys (including Getz) are elite players, but I’m not mad at it. It has a ton of potential. It’s not like they are all known 3/4 line guys. Young and eager guys, veteran players who may have a resurgence playing with young guys, Grantlaf having a all star year. I think this team is better than people give it credit for.
  9. Why let Djoos go and then invite this guy?...
  10. That was fast. A journeyman maybe #4 Dman on a brand new team....wheredid you see that? Official or just a scrimmage/preseason game type thing.
  11. Gud was so much better with us than with anyone else, from what I can tell, that perhaps he pulls a Granztlaf and resigns with us in the off-season.
  12. The team may surprise and play better than we think but at the end of the day they are not a great team that will go deep in the playoffs. If we aren’t in the playoffs then winning isn’t what is important to a degree. Confidence and team building aside, winning and falling short won’t help in the long run. I would want to see the team competing, winning battles, not getting blown out but not win many games to ensure a high draft pick this year. Then with all the cap falling off after this season, pickup a couple decent free agents and see what happens. There are other forms of winning.
  13. Why ads on the helmets. If the stands are empty why not out big banners over the seats for more revenue. This isn’t the Euro leagues. Their jerseys and pads are hideous.
  14. I would rather get nothing for Getz than to see him play for another team.
  15. Our design team has always fallen short on jerseys. Some are good and some are just awful. To each their own, but the originals are still the best. This is the worst jersey in all sports. It has to be. It’s disappointing because it was a chance to do something great. But we did kind of beat the league on this already. We had the teal and black jerseys with the old logo a couple seasons ago. So you’re welcome Adias for the idea and this is how you thank us. some teams nailed this. Some will hate them but some really like it. I think Vegas jersey is BADA55. I like it a lot. I like Calgary’s and Florida’s. Lots of good ones. Idk what happen with Detroit. Where did the grey come from and why a strip like that lol. Arizona is odd but cool. To the comment above about kings using lakers colors, it’s not lakers colors. King’s used to be gold and purple.
  16. Ottawa is putting together a decent little team. Good chance some of those first rounders make the team too. Example of to actually ‘retool’ on the fly. Looking at you GMBM.
  17. Then he should have targeted Pietrangelo instead of shattenkirk. And make a play for Hall. He wants to come out of a rebuild without actually rebuilding, then he has to buy it! Spend the money we have. I don’t understand how ownership can build big entertainment districts and upgrade the rink and pay their employees during the pandemic (not complaining about any of this cause it’s awesome) but not spend up to the cap where it matters most. You win games people come the games and spend money and buy jerseys and you make the playoffs and all the revenue that comes with it. By being 10 mil cheap on the budget/cap probably cost more that that in revenue loss. You can not target B level players and expect to get an A.
  18. He has been Nails for us but crap for anyone else. Just like playing here apparently.
  19. For a fifth rounder It doesnt make a ton if since other than to shed some salary. I think this means Manson is going no where. Why trade both big RD....Toronto is supposedly actively trying to move Nylander. Mason seemed to be the key piece in those rumors. But with Gudbranson on the move, I think that rumor dies. I really like Gudbranson. I think he played well with Fowler.
  20. ike-1

    Seattle Kraken!

    Let’s Go Krak-En! I think it rolls.
  21. ike-1

    Seattle Kraken!

    The S was meant to pay homage to the Seattle Metropolitans. I also like it a lot. Great marketability and will make for a good pregame show.
  22. Well this specific thread has been about that for awhile now moose. It’s about the covid as it affects the league and although some of it has not been directly related to hockey the issue in itself is the reason why there is no hockey thus it is related. also from I recall reading this isn’t so much politics as it is just world news.
  23. Regarding the post about how the US has so many cases and deaths with such a great health care system not making sense. Keep in mind that people with diabetes are very affected by the complications. The US (I believe) is the world leader of obesity which goes one in hand with type 2 diabetes at least. There may be a correlation with that.
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