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  1. I just did my hockey draft and I saw Hampus was on IR, at least for fantasy he had the tag…anyone know if that’s true?
  2. The last bit is more or less what I was going to say. I’ve said this in the past. You have to spend money to make money. You make money from people going to the games and spending money one way or the other. If you get enough people going, supply and demand raises ticket cost. You also make money on merchandise. Not sure if they make more if tv ratings are higher. But unfortunately the only way the Ducks can gain that much attention is the bandwagoners of SoCal. Most people around here know nothing about hockey, and if they follow a team it’s the Kings because for some reason kings are cool?…idk So how do you do this? Spend money to bring in talent and coaches that can coach and bigger star names. Give people a reason to come and spend money. Why go spend a few hundred a night to watch a team get spanked on a regular basis. Why would you want to where a jersey and people make fun of you because the teams sucks, therefor less mercy sales. It happens. Brand loyalty is a good start and I think they have done a good job of that with the rinks. You get more kids involved with the game early and have your name and logo all over the place for them to associate their experience with. They grow up and become money spenders. The rinks program has been around for a long time now. Maybe they are just starting to see some of that effect with kids from the beginning getting older? Or that can all be Tom foolery but I think there is something to it. Anyway… Spend money to make money.
  3. I think Fox Sports became Bally Sport, no? Like a take over. I had the FS app and for a while it was a half/half split logo icon.
  4. Agreed! Let’s suck as hard as possible and not rush/ruin prospects.
  5. It’s Official! Done deal! jk I’m bored at the airport. Not as bored as I am with this off-season.
  6. I have seen them pop up too. That the owners want him bad and think it would push them over the top. On the contrary, I haven’t seen Ranger rumors. Really not much rumors period.
  7. The rumor mill has dried up though. I have t seen anything new for awhile.
  8. But I’ll take Steel at that contract all day. He hasn’t taken that step yet, but I still think he is worth more than that contract. I see him as another Marchant. He is good at the dot and fast. If he can focus his defensive game, I think he will be a good PK contributor and decent in a third line role. If not move to the wing and be more like Cogs. Cogs and Marchant were very similar IMO too. I don’t think Steel has enough skill to combat his lack of size, which is hurting his performance at the NHL level. He will be a 10-15 goal guy.
  9. True, but also why we should move him to help the rebuild. We are wasting most of his potential prime years (unless he is the next MAF), and he is actually preventing us from getting higher picks, lottery odds aside.
  10. But at some point you have to do something. Everyone is overpaying and bringing assists in. If Murray never does something like that, he will always be behind the curve. Unfortunately you have to make dumb moves to be better sometimes….
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