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  1. Well, i know a few people moving out of this state. The politicians and bureaucrats still collect their checks, but they get to tell everyone else who gets to work, who gets to collect their checks. The back breaker is the closing of the schools, when everyone knows the children aren't in danger. It's just Sacramento bullying working people, and making it harder for them to live their lives.
  2. Playoffs, when they start in April... usually go to June. But 28 games max, played every second day no exceptions... 56 days... could be done in two months with four days available... I guess use one between round one and two, and between two and three, and a whole two extra days before the Cup Finals...
  3. I bought a used nhl game to watch cpu vs cpu simulations. Adapt overcome ha ha.
  4. The Ducks are in a better position for this entry draft... instead of keeping a cup window open, they can simply assess their roster, look at who they expect other teams to expose for the entry draft, and roll with it. Hope it lights a fire under our younger 'vets', and if it doesn't, a great opportunity to reshuffle the deck.
  5. If the Ducks win the draft lottery... better to take 1,2,3 this year to trade down to top 15 and get an extra 2021 pick? Is it a deep draft this coming offseason?
  6. <pokes forum with a stick> You ok? <pokes again> ... ... Forum: Eh? Is it September yet?
  7. I'm going to have to start completely making up trade rumors, actual ones are non-existant this offseason. So... I hear (not really) that the Flames, after that horrible trade with the Oilers, are looking to make some more horrible trades this offseason. The Flames want to trade their 2020 first round draft pick for Nick Ritchie (not really though).
  8. I'm guessing the nhlpa doesn't allow restructuring of contracts.
  9. Any chance that, if there's a lockout in the 21-22 season... that buyouts change? Also, the big cap hit would be during the lockout season... maybe another lockout is expected?
  10. Best of luck to Perry. The contract was the problem, not the player.
  11. How can the Kings afford Panarin, given the contracts they're already carrying?
  12. Looks like I was wrong. Assume 1st in 2019 vs 2020 is condition of some sort. Don't know about the player coming back, but glad to get a likely high first round pick back. Strange move by Buffalo to be honest. They already have Ristolainen and Dahlin on the blue line, I guess the talent drops off after that?
  13. This will be the first trade deadline that I can remember, where I want the Ducks to be sellers for picks and prospects. And yet, I fear only ahl for ahl trades will actually happen, if any. Oh well.
  14. OReilly would be a nice acquisition, but I doubt Buffalo would move him.
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