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  1. Remember how disappointingly St Louis finished last season? I hope a new coach can lead a similar turnaround for the Ducks next season.
  2. I think this year's draft is entirely players at least a year away if not two. Only exceptions are maybe the two picks. And that's fine. The Ducks should be picking players with high ceilings, that'll be ready by the time Getzlaf and Perry's current contracts are done.
  3. Even after his prime, Federov, like Carney before, substantially elevated the talent level of the Ducks team. In his prime, he'd make the Ducks a Cup contender.
  4. 20-23 is a 2nd 1st round pick. 28-29 is a 2nd 2nd round pick.
  5. It was important when it could be 20~23. It being 28-29 now is just accepting the fact that this season has been both bad and unlucky for the Ducks.
  6. Now it's a lock for at least 29th moose. If Carolina advances, we'll get the 28th pick. SJ and STL are playing each other, so one has to lose.
  7. So... if St Louis and Colorado advance, do the Ducks automatically get San Jose's pick, or is that up to Buffalo?
  8. I would've liked to see Toronto win the Cup, or at least be in the Finals. They won't be able to keep all of that talent together, so this was the year for their good drafts to payoff. Winnipeg has Laine, who should have his name on a Cup at some point, so I was hoping they won their series too.
  9. Not if Trudeau was coming back in the trade.
  10. How can the Kings afford Panarin, given the contracts they're already carrying?
  11. SJ/COL NYI/CAR DAL/STL BOS/CBJ Not sure if either SJ or STL will be any good...
  12. Rackell if he returns to form, is one of those stars. That said, I wonder if he is who GMBM was talking about not playing hurt. If he is, he'll probably be moved this offseason.
  13. I could see the Ducks in the WCF once they're down to only one bad contract on the books. Whoever gets traded in the offseason... I'm guessing that's the player that wasn't playing if they weren't 110%. We still need a superstar or two to build around, but otherwise we have a lot of good pieces. The right coach and a couple seasons of making good trades / signings could go a long way.
  14. +1. So we had a -50ish if I remember right this year. I'm guessing those two were -70ish? Goal differential is a better measure. Still, how do you capture lack of skill vs. lack of effort? That 11-12 season had a high turnover rate as well if I remember right.
  15. It isn't the missing or making the playoffs, but the how and why in my opinion. The first ten seasons were fun, even though they only made a few playoffs in the process.
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