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  1. I'd risk it if they're unable to trade him.
  2. edit: Basically, expose Boll, Shaw and Vermette at Forward; Bieksa and Vatanen (if not traded) at Defense; Tokarski at goal. Will Bieksa's extra season go be 1 million or less? If so, trade Vatanen for a high end forward prospect and perhaps some draft picks. Sure, just as last offseason, if they offer something amazing for Fowler, take it. That said, I think Fowler's the more valuable of the two for the Ducks. Vatanen is a top four defenseman for most teams, but he can be replaced with Montour in the Ducks lineup. If Bieksa wants too much to waive the nmc, trade Vatanen for an exposable defenseman and as good a forward prospect and/or draft picks as you can find.
  3. If Ritchie is safe easier choices.
  4. I imagine I'd protect: Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Silfverberg, Rackell, Ritchie, Wagner Fowler, Lindholm, Manson Gibson Which exposes a couple players you'd like to keep, but who LV might not bite on because of their contracts (Cogliano and Vatanen). Better of course to trade one of those prior to LV taking them. Exposed: Boll, Shaw, Vermette, Cogliano Vatanen, (Bieksa?) - If Vatanen is traded, we need a minimum of one exposed defenseman with the 40 games last season or 70 total (Stoner missed this by 7 games I think). Tokarski
  5. Ticket brokers buy tickets. Get over ambitious with their price points ...and... voila, sellouts without full attendance. If you want sellouts and full attendance, you're going to have to limit the share of tickets that ticket brokers have access to, or require that they have x% attendance (lets say 90%) of the tickets they buy up or lose purchase rights for a few months. I don't mind people making money, I do mind people buying tickets, failing to sell, and leaving the building with empty seats. Then again, starting price was, what, $100 for 400 row U in the second round. I doubt the cheapest seat was that much in Nashville. Can't see paying $100 for the cheapest seat to a sport with inconsistent officiating and inconsistent discipline standards, where, even if the athletes put in a good effort, the referees and linesmen (there were way too many missed offsides and miscalled offsides this season) may not. I remember how angry I was after attending the first game (vs. Vancouver) of the first mini plan I purchased after the lockout, where Steve Kozari ruined the evening with his shenanigans, when even a little humility from Kozari would have made the game a great welcome back to hockey. I've paid $100 for seats on the 200 during the regular season. But every time I see officiating take the night off, it's as much a turn off to seeing the game live as it would be if the athletes phoned it in. On TV or radio, I can mute it, or turn it off, walk away, and come back less annoyed. When I've spent money on the tickets and the officials phone it in, I've lost the money, and would be wasting it if I didn't stay until the three stars are announced. I'm sure I'll catch games next season, and may even get another mini plan now that I work close enough to Honda Center to get there for warmups on weeknights (I'm guessing it's not uncommon that most people since the recession work longer hours than they did before the recession). But the price point and the gamble on a given nights quality of officiating are the main disincentives. Live hockey is better than any other live sport otherwise.
  6. I expected the Ducks to make the WCF before the season. Didn't expect it to be half as challenging as it was of course. When the playoffs came around, I was happy to see the Ducks answer the call against the Edmonton McDavids (pretty sure the announcers said McDavid more often than Oilers). This series was tough to lose, not because it ended the season, but because the rules changed. It's clear that Gibson and Rackell were targetted in this series, and the league was silent about it. I'm glad Ritchie took the run at Arvidson yesterday, and it's the usual inconsistent officiating that called him... but not the previous similar plays in the series.
  7. I think Johannson is a primadonna. I think Forsberg is a flopper. And I cheer for Kesler. If Johannson doesn't like him, he can drop the gloves and see how it goes.
  8. It's just about playing simple, boring hockey for one game. That's how Edmonton was able to win Game 1 and 2 against us, even though the Ducks dominated most of those games. I hope the Ducks can execute some simple, boring hockey, and come out with a 3-1 / 4-2 win.
  9. 1. The Predators have no one to stop Getzlaf, or Silfverberg, or Rackell, or Kesler or... the problem before was often Shea Weber. No such thing this year, P.K. Subban is about 75% Weber as far as shutdown defense goes. 2. The Predators have generated most of their offense at the blue line. Roman Jossi is good, but he's no Connor McDavid. Arvidson, Johansen and Forsberg are good, but none of them are Leon Draisaitl...well maybe Arvidson is as good as Draisaitl. But the Ducks have more scoring depth, especially if Eaves returns to the lineup at some point. 3. The Ducks youngsters have gotten some seasoning, and should be better prepared for what's to come. 4. Because Anaheim vs. Ottawa a decade later just has a bit of a sense of destiny to it. p.s. Truth is, Game 1 will be a challenge after the effort spent winning Game 7. If the Ducks can keep it simple and get a bounce they win. Otherwise, Nashville might get spotted a game due to the scheduling. That said, Ducks in 6 or 7 is certainly possible.
  10. I hope we see an obituary for the 2016-2017 Edmonton Oilers. Lucic was gassed... in the second period, and was gliding most of the third, what a joke he is.
  11. Thanks! Laine and Ehlers should have you in the playoffs next season. Wouldn't be surprised if there's another matchup in the future.
  12. I just wanna say... burn in hell game 7 curse. You will not be missed.
  13. Some of the reasons I think the Ducks will win: 1) Two days off. Rest, reset, and the chance of having a few players back. 2) Experience in Game 7, angry experience at that. Last year I was at game 7, and the Ducks were playing to win, Pekke was simply outstanding otherwise the Ducks wouldn't have lost. If they bring the same effort on Wednesday, no way the Oilers come out on top. 3) Gibson always bounces back. 4) Sharks had a game like this (Scoring 7 goals) against the Oilers, and who advanced? 5) Last change, and a coach who puts it to good use. p.s. The Predators are going to be a big big obstacle after the Oilers, but I think the Ducks can advance on Wednesday
  14. Perry's someone you want in the lineup. The salary is a bit much for what he did last season, but I think that was an abberation. I do second the idea of him working with Cogliano on physical maintenance. Perry may never score 50 in a season again, but he should reliably score 20-25 a season if he stays healthy.
  15. Lucic also says, if that wasn't intent to injure Kase I don't know what is... oh wait, he doesn't... so he can go pound sand