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  1. Kase right now is that guy I think. Without Kase I don't think they'd move Cogliano. They have different line rolls, but serve the same function, to show the rest of the lineup how hard they should be skating.
  2. +1 I hope so too.
  3. If the Ducks are stuck with the Perry Kesler and Eaves contracts, and an internal budget, Gibson is going to have to carry the team for the next couple seasons. He deserves better than that.
  4. If we can't do something to get rid of the Perry and Kesler contracts... I'd rather Gibson was traded to a playoff team for a good return. It's the least he deserves. That said, moving Cogliano may just be the start. With Kesler being less than he was, and Cogliano being gone, Silvferberg might be next.
  5. I imagine the thinking is that, with Kase in the lineup, Cogliano is redundant as a hustle player, and Kase scores more. It also looks like the purpose of the trade is to get a younger lineup. Not justifying the trade, just explaining what I imagine they were thinking.
  6. That may be what prevents a change. Until the big contracts clear, and the expansion draft is done, it's not a situation most GM's and coaches are going to want to dive into. Maybe we can get some high draft picks along the way.
  7. Can't say I expected a ten game losing streak. Perhaps RC and BM are on the hot seat again. We've had longer winning streaks this season compared to last... but same goes for the losing streaks.
  8. The Aberg waiver claim and Sprong trade have put BM and RC on pretty secure ground this season. They'll probably look elsewhere after the seasom, but there's no rush to make the change for the rest of this one. The Ducks, based on injuries, should be last place in the Pacific. They aren't. RC could be coach of the year at this rate.
  9. CJ had had hot streaks in both Buffalo and Calgary, not a bad backup. He's had cold streaks too of course. But based on the last few seasons, he seems to just need confidence and he plays well (see Bernier as a comparable goalie). Wouldn't want him to start more than a third of your games, but reliable enough otherwise.
  10. Don't disagree on why the Ducks make the playoffs, but I think they could actually make some noise when they get there this year. Mostly because we have a guy named Gibson who could easily have a '03 Giguere-like performance. And that's all it takes.
  11. One shot, one goal. Murray's looking good right now.
  12. They fired McLellan? The Oilers problem isn't the coach... the GM has only bought themselves some time... unless they're married to the owner's daughter?
  13. The Ducks eventually have to have a season that gets them a top ten draft pick. That's one silver lining. The other is that the Ducks will only need a few seasons (when the Perry contract expires and frees up $) to get back to the playoffs as things currently stand. Not as rough a rebuild as the Blackhawks had after Roenick, Chelios, Amonte (sp?), and Belfour left town.
  14. That was a tough loss. The effort was there, but those Colorado forwards are top tier.
  15. I agree, Q would be great to add, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking for a front office role or retiring at this point. After so many years in Chicago, he's not going to rush to the next job, or to a challenging one for that matter.