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  1. Phaneuf should be retiring, unless a gm makes a huge mistake. The Ducks do need to acquire a veteran, but I could see gmbm waiting into training camp to see what he has before figuring out who to replace. An early 30s blueliner with a solid reputation as a crease clearer and a respectable +/- for three years would help. Just need to find a team that needs a good passing defenseman and has too many crease clearers. Truth is, Lindholm has the build to crease clear, but he'll have to show he can do it in camp. Same for Manson. If they show up in camp, there may be no need for a trade afterall.
  2. Yeah, goalie has been their problem ever since Kiprusoff (sp?) lost his mojo... or wore out, whichever you want to call it. Elliot should have been good based on his previous season with the Blues, but something destroyed his confidence... or perhaps Calgary's blueline overexposed him. On another topic, lol Nashville. Seven years for a player who might have four good years left (Duschene)? Yeah he's an offensive contributor, but he's past his prime, every season will be a little worse until... Nashville should be rebuilding, there is no Cup window to keep open this season.
  3. The Flames go nowhere until Giordano retires. One wonders if that will happen after he misses an attempted knee check and damages his own instead.
  4. I hope BM knows better than that. Nothing to lose playing the kids at this point. We should have at least 6 players on their entry level contracts in the lineup next season. My most optimistic guesses are that gmbm: 1) Is already sorting the roster for the expansion draft. Who on the roster is bmgm keeping solely to expose for the draft? 2) Has some inside information about an upcoming lockout/strike.
  5. I'll cross my fingers. It's been a long time since we missed twice in a row, but it'd be worth it.
  6. Thom-74


    This might turn out to be a good move. Sutter doesn't want to head coach, but he could actually be a good sounding board for Eakins through his first season with the Ducks. I'll be waiting and seeing on this one.
  7. Usually we sign a few minor leaguers on ufa day. Interesting. Me thinks bmgm is waiting to see what might change with the next nhl - players contract.
  8. Welinski... to phi? But shows to ducks. TSN is screwed up.
  9. I'm guessing he's a cheaper version of Ritchie? Just skimmed his stats...
  10. Dzingal or Nyquist please. Under 30, over 0.50 ppg.
  11. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't be surprised if a few GM's don't pursue that strategy to some degree.
  12. Comtois will be a quick callup if there's any troubles scoring goals. He'd be good on a line with Rico and Kase. Forechecking, size and scoring touch.
  13. He wouldn't be eligible to be drafted... but that's funny all the same.
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