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  1. Thom-74


    In hindsight... is Gubrandson the best move Murray has made this season? We get the big right handed defenseman that we've wanted forever... and it turns out that he isn't a pylon, and he'll pitch in on offense occasionally. The move has turned out better than expected I think.
  2. We're competitive. Unlike last season. P.s. Gubrandson plays around his limitations very well in my opinion. Takes good angles and uses the stick well to make up for his lack of speed. Much better than expected.
  3. Thom-74


    The result looked good last night. Perhaps the Penguins simply had a bad scheme.
  4. The Ducks will compete with the Coyotes for the 8th playoff spot. The Ducks will allow the same or slightly less goals, and they will score more goals than last season. They'll be less streaky, and will be closer to even on the goal differential as a result. They'll have at least 4 twenty goal scorers. The Ducks will get more balanced officiating this season... These are my wild guesses.
  5. Price was 119 when they had their 'presale' a couple weeks ago. Must only be the single seat prices that went up.
  6. If Faulk is coming back, we'd have to move one of our bigger contracts out I imagine.
  7. Upper half of 200 at the corners where the Ducks shoot twice. Tickets were $78~79 last season. $115 this season.
  8. So, ummm... anyone notice ticket prices went up quite a bit? I was going to buy opening day tickets, they're about $40 more this season from last for where I usually get tickets. Did we acquire Laine overnight?
  9. I was going to ask who the leading scorer was you were talking about... that's how long it has been.
  10. <pokes forum with a stick> You ok? <pokes again> ... ... Forum: Eh? Is it September yet?
  11. I think Grant stays as a utility infielder (what do you call the hockey equivalent?). He's been competant moving up and down the lineup at center when there are injuries. Rowney stays for his PK aptitude. Sprong because he's not afraid to shoot... ok Sprong could be moved at some point as long as you replace him with a young skater eager and willing to put pucks on net. If it were my choice, I'd lose one of Ritchie or Shore. We need one of them, not both.
  12. We didn't have our 'not afraid to shoot the puck' skaters in the lineup for most of the season. Sprong, pressbox. Kase injured. Rackell didn't have any swagger under rc. Cogliano traded. Perry injured. Shooting improved when the kids joined the lineup.
  13. I'm going to have to start completely making up trade rumors, actual ones are non-existant this offseason. So... I hear (not really) that the Flames, after that horrible trade with the Oilers, are looking to make some more horrible trades this offseason. The Flames want to trade their 2020 first round draft pick for Nick Ritchie (not really though).
  14. Phaneuf should be retiring, unless a gm makes a huge mistake. The Ducks do need to acquire a veteran, but I could see gmbm waiting into training camp to see what he has before figuring out who to replace. An early 30s blueliner with a solid reputation as a crease clearer and a respectable +/- for three years would help. Just need to find a team that needs a good passing defenseman and has too many crease clearers. Truth is, Lindholm has the build to crease clear, but he'll have to show he can do it in camp. Same for Manson. If they show up in camp, there may be no need for a trade afterall.
  15. Yeah, goalie has been their problem ever since Kiprusoff (sp?) lost his mojo... or wore out, whichever you want to call it. Elliot should have been good based on his previous season with the Blues, but something destroyed his confidence... or perhaps Calgary's blueline overexposed him. On another topic, lol Nashville. Seven years for a player who might have four good years left (Duschene)? Yeah he's an offensive contributor, but he's past his prime, every season will be a little worse until... Nashville should be rebuilding, there is no Cup window to keep open this season.
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