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  1. I don't see a reason to rush Steel. If he has an amazing camp, sure. But I don't expect him to be getting three and four point games in the preseason. Give him a season or two.
  2. You have to take in more than you give away. Or at least break even when it comes to trades and signings. I remember when people were upset the Ducks didnt commit 20 mil a season to Parise and Sutter like Minnesota. How is that working out for Minnesota? Didn't Granlund score more goals than Parise last season?
  3. In my opinion, the impact of Hamonic and Smith is being highly exaggerated. Calgary's main issue was consistency. They made it into the playoffs with an early season hot streak with chad johnson starting. Then a cold streak. Then improvement. Then a hot streak that finished the regular season. Then a cold streak in the playoffs. The team already has the ability to be good, they just don't have the leadership. Hamonic and Smith don't provide that. Look at their former teams last season... both are not much different from Calgary. Neither was great. The Oilers? They'll crumple if their goalie loses his edge. Otherwise, they'll be pretty good. That said, McDavid and Draisaitl isn't Malkin and Crosby. The latter two are both playmakers and finishers. McDavid is both, when he doesn't double clutch on scoring opportunities, but Draisaitl is only a finisher. They can be split up and create defensive matchup issues, but not to the degree that splitting Malkin and Crosby does. After the playoffs, every coach will know the game plan should the Oilers split them up. The Ducks have a better shot at the Pacific division than the usual free agency naysaying would suggest. That shot wouldn't be any better had we paid 6 mil a season to a washed up veteran.
  4. I expect that the plan will be to groom Wagner for 3c and put Vermette on the 4th line after the all star break. If Wagner looks like he can't do it... they'll be hoping for a prospect to be ready or make a trade at the deadline.
  5. Toronto had three good rookies last season. I think they'll be in the playoffs. But overpaying for Marleau could unnecessarily handicap them over the next few years.
  6. Pure insanity. Worst GM in the league... unless theyre under the salary floor?
  7. Puck getting and clearing first among those. The stats have been talked about, but the difference in puck retrieval was clear and obvious between the Calgary and Edmonton series.
  8. Making Cam Assistant Captain will perhaps, help officiating turn the page. I'm sure Scotty has told Cam the best way to interact with the refs. I could see Kozari hearing Fowler out rather than having an ego battle like he does with Getzlaf and Perry.
  9. For that much? Yeesh. Can't feel bad about the Bieksa contract if the Sharks are doing that. P.s. I feel like calling this now... 2017-2018 will be a bounce back year for Bieksa.
  10. Nevermind. 😎
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. ☺
  12. Actual reporting isn't necessarily reliable. Let's not pretend journalists are the gold standard. Do reporters ever mention when an official makes bad or biased calls? But it has happened. I suspect the league threatens to withold their press pass if they do. So if you're waiting on a reporter to know the truth... you'll never know the truth.
  13. Curious. Is he supposed to mentor Drouin? Also 6 mil a season? He isn't worth more than 3 maybe 4 tops.
  14. We shall see... only players I imagine that we want out of free agency or trades this offseason are a backup goalie and any young forward who has potential that hasn't been realized. A short term offer to Grigorenko wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.
  15. I think there's more of a case for the franchise's first conn smythe winner and Cup winning goalie than for #9. If neither is hung, nothing's wrong with that. But if the standard is too high for JSG then it's too high for PK.