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  1. Don't blame Murray. Blame Corey Perry.
  2. Yeah...I fully agree. People who think Vegas wont be succesful are just bitter Canadians. Tourism brings plenty of people to Honda Center even to this day.
  3. They'll be the Knights in the end. Not the worst name. I'd have gone with something silly... like the Pioneers, the Marshalls, or the Lawmen hahaha
  4. Thanks for the link! Unanonymous like.
  5. I'm thinking it's Kase and Noesen's level of play that's leaving Garbutt as the odd man out. That was my first impression when I saw Garbutt going to San Diego.
  6. In truth, there hasn't been a more prolific rookie scorer hitting the league since Ovechkin in my opinion. He's had to make adjustments of late, but it only seems to have been a brief slump given the last two games. Eichel started off good last season... but Laine has been incredibly consistent for an 18 year old scorer.
  7. Could you imagine how angry the Jets fans would be if Laine was traded to Anaheim? Not that it'll happen but a funny thought.
  8. He's put a couple ON the net... it's a good start. ☺
  9. Fowler has been more offensively productive than expected. Rackell came out of the gates faster than I would've guessed, considering he missed preseason. Silfverberg!!! He's producing like everyone thought he might when he was acquired... and his defensive performance hasn't declined. Honorable mentions: Ritchie is producing... if he hits twenty this season, I think we'll quickly forget the last couple of seasons. Vermette has given us three very good lines. Teams that lack depth get exploited by this year's Ducks. Teams that have a great first line will fair decent against the Ducks in the regular season, but this team will do well in the playoffs if they continue to be as deep (i.e. if we keep the dings and dents under control going into the playoffs) where top lines are not enough to win hockey games anymore.
  10. Liked. Anonymously. When's NHL going to fix that?
  11. Liked... in secret of course.
  12. Liked for hard to come by news. Thanks Etem!
  13. Ooooh that makes it even easier I suppose. Not sure who we'd use the ??? on then though, assuming we either buy out KB or he waives his NMC.
  14. I'd say the ??? will be a young forward acquired in exchange for one of the organizations defensemen sometime this season. I could see Ritchie replacing Cogliano if he keeps producing.
  15. On a team that is shallower on the blue line... he might get more money. But that's not the context we're looking at is it? 5+ is a great contract for an RFA to get. Most have to get UFA to make that kind of salary