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  1. I'd do it in a heart beat... especially if the prospect has a couple years on their entry level contract.
  2. One thing I'm sure the boards would agree on. Sure the job is easier if you say this window is closed and we're going to work on opening the next one. On the other hand... if you're trying to keep this one open while opening the next... it is a much more challenging task.
  3. I think it started with him getting paired with Vatanen. Vatanen plays good defense positionally more often than not... so Fowlers not having to carry his pairing anymore. Now he just tries to anticipate the opposition rather than both the opposition and his fellow blueliner.
  4. And yet some want to move Fowler for less than that... doesn't send any better a message. If we're willing to move Fowler for a poor return just to clear salary space... we can't be very serious about a Cup. It would be a terrible tragedy if he was.. you know... guaranteed 5 million a season for six seasons when he could've made 6.5 million for six seasons instead. I mean, no one, and I mean no one, could ever come back from making 30 million dollars guaranteed instead of 39 million dollars guaranteed. It would be worse than the Hindenburg.
  5. That I could see happening... question is... does that result in any issues when he returns to the NHL?
  6. Offer sheets mean more draft picks... and thats a better return than what trades are offering at the moment.
  7. In all honesty... it might be better for the team long term if someone offer sheets him. That said... I suspect no one is offering what he's asking from the Ducks... so we shall see where it is at when Thanksgiving arrives.
  8. I truly hope that Depres makes a 100% recovery, and is given the time to do so...even if that doesn't put him on the LTIR. I don't hate the league for being a contact sport at all... but I do hate the completely inconsistent enforcement of the rules that are supposed to discourage blows to the head. Inconsistent enforcement sends no message whatsoever.
  9. Send everyone to the AHL? Ha ha ha. HL can't win games by himself. Until we get a deal or two done... BM can't sign HL to the money he's asking for. Bridge deal is all that can be afforded until then. I blame BM for the allocation of resources. But now that we are where we are... he can't give away in trades and demotions to the AHL more than he gets back in return. I blame HL for being in Sweden for the start of the season instead of negotiating in good faith state side. Ill laugh if we find out BM told him to stay in Sweden while they make trades. Sure... what he wants now will likely save the team in the long run...but the thing is, the team can't afford the deal currently.
  10. I think Lindholm suffers a little though, because of his agent. If an offer sheet bidding war happens, then yeah HL doesn't get dinged, only BM. On the other hand, if it turns out that there aren't a bunch of teams out there looking to pay him ridiculous amounts of money... he'll only be able to accept what Bob offers. In December, BM will be in the driver seat. And in the mean time, HL will be rusty, is still developing as a player, and might find his confidence a bit dinged at how far behind he'll be behind the players who have a couple months under their belts. A long holdout could hurt HL's career in practicality, even if not in perception. (Again, likes all around. I like that disagreements stay pretty level headed and thoughtful on these boards.)
  11. If this is the only option... well see what happens in December. But I figure both sides will want to run out the clock before doing that. BTW can teams talk to CL directly now or not? That's what it would take for a sign and trade to happen I think...and even then CL would turn other teams off I imagine.
  12. I agree that BM shouldn't expect a long term deal at 5.2 a season. I do think though, that BM should offer a short term deal that ends when there's more budget to assign to HL. I also think, if HL wants to stay, he should be negotiating a two year deal. Also, I imagine BM knows he is in the hot seat. If the window turns out to be closed when this season is done... he'll likely be looking for work. I still hold the players responsible of course...but BM has misallocated budget, I agree. Only excuse I'll give is that most of those deals were made before last playoffs' flame out against Nashville... that event has changed most of our perceptions. Ps Another anonymous like for you.
  13. I can only guess that he expected it to be a little easier to offload a player or two along the way. The thing is, I think the upcoming expansion draft has made most GM's a little more conservative with making trade proposals, rather than gambling a little. p.s. Stoner was paid the going rate for free agent defensemen. Adding Bieksa on top of Stoner is where things went wrong in my opinion. In hindsight, we shouldn't have acquired Bieksa without moving Stoner.
  14. I hope on one hand that Depres gets healthy...but also that after placing Depres on LTIR... better trade offers arrive once BM doesn't have his back to the wall.
  15. BM hasn't done it correctly as you put it. He's just out of options if a bridge deal can't be done. If he's the one not doing a bridge deal because it will be more costly in the long run... then he's screwing up... unless he knows that he'll be able to trade away some salary... in which case well all just have to be frustrated for a while.