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  1. If BM is taking a defenseman, he should trade down, or use his 2nd pick of the first round. There's no reason not to draft a center if the Ducks get a top five pick. And if the lottery gives us the second pick Kaapo will make any of our centers look better. But don't waste a top six pick on a defenseman this draft, if BM does that, it should be the end of his tenure with the Ducks.
  2. He did it to Bobby Ryan too. This is the season to punish him and take the suspension imo.
  3. Here's a random idea... since the Ducks have two first round picks... if the Ducks for some reason dont end up with a top five pick.... would you trade this year's first for a first and second next year from a non-playoff team? We know we're going to be better next season afterall.
  4. We'll move up to a top five, not down to a top ten, with the lottery I expect.
  5. I think the lottery will put the ducks in a top five pick range. April 9th is almost here. April 9th, we turn the page.
  6. On the first question, on one hand, gmbm tends to play it safe. On the other hand, being down on the ice may have convinced him of the need to take more gutsy actions. We shall see. On the second question, we have a few weeks to find out whether Friday's game was an outlier or a glimpse of the future. If it's the latter, you'd have to count the Ducks as one of the luckiest franchises in the league.
  7. When I think rebuild, I think a team whose best players are past their prime, and a couple of them have not fully recovered from major injuries the last few seasons. You can be rebuilding and make the playoffs. But if you don't have a chance of playing in the conference finals, you're rebuilding. Either the cup window is opening, or it's closing. If it's closing, the team rebuilds to start opening the window again. The Ducks are rebuilding based on the trajectory over the last three seasons.
  8. Three year rebuild was my expectation. May be shorter than that if last night's game wasn't an anomaly.
  9. George Parros is worse than Colin Campbell.
  10. (Expletive)ing George Parros. What a hoser, eh?
  11. I think with Sprong and Kase on his wings next year, he'll be over 60. Which isn't terrible for a 2c. I don't disagree, he might serve the team better as a wing, but he's not bad at center with capable wings.
  12. Ducks will finish with 68~76 points I expect. Low end if the Kings don't out tank the Ducks in their matchups.
  13. Hank is a good second line player, and a great utility infielder if-you-will. He's not going to dominate, but he's not going to let his team down either.
  14. When we're down to ten games left... maybe I can figure out how many losses out of ten for a top five pick. I think that's the goal.
  15. I forgot all about Comtois in my next season imaginary lineup. He's definitely in the lineup next year.
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