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  1. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't be surprised if a few GM's don't pursue that strategy to some degree.
  2. Comtois will be a quick callup if there's any troubles scoring goals. He'd be good on a line with Rico and Kase. Forechecking, size and scoring touch.
  3. He wouldn't be eligible to be drafted... but that's funny all the same.
  4. "Originally an undersized forward..." So we're getting Brent Burns? J/k.
  5. If I remember right, most of the Ducks picks going to college have gone pro after 1 or 2 years, and finish their degree later. I don't have a list, but that seems to be how it usually goes.
  6. New Jersey will be at least a thorn in Pittsburgh's side next season.
  7. Looks like a long term high ceiling pick.
  8. Aaaah. Guess we won't take him then.
  9. Will Kaliyev fall to the Ducks? Edit: He was supposed to go in the midteens, we may get a 2nd steal.
  10. GMs must be tired of overpaying for free agent defensemen.
  11. Zegras was at one point ranked top five. Glad he dropped to 9th.
  12. Any radio coverage by the ducks?
  13. I'm guessing the nhlpa doesn't allow restructuring of contracts.
  14. Any chance that, if there's a lockout in the 21-22 season... that buyouts change? Also, the big cap hit would be during the lockout season... maybe another lockout is expected?
  15. Best of luck to Perry. The contract was the problem, not the player.
  16. I'd like a highest ceiling center available the first pick and the best defenseman available with the second pick of the first round. If we can get a trade for prospect with good odds to be a future 1st line center, I'd trade one of the picks for that. Not a generational talent, but someone who another team might not be willing to wait on the development of.
  17. This, in my opinion, shows that some of the front office are listening to fans. If not that, then at least they've seen the same things the fans have.
  18. Then you'd laugh at the team that did. SJ is going to struggle in the Pacific within three seasons.
  19. The Sharks will regret signing Karlsson for eight years at that price tag. Way too long a contract.
  20. Im guessing Eakins won't have input on the draft picks.
  21. Wow, 6 mil? I didn't even know he was paid that much. What was Winnipeg thinking?
  22. Nikolaj Ehlers would be a good add, he's streaky, but when he's hot, he's very good.
  23. I'm optimistic too. Comtois early on, Jones, Steel and Terry late in the season, give me hope. Not to mention if Kase comes back in true form. I hope the new coach gets our blueline back in order just as much as they come up with creative ways of generating goals. I'm optimistic that it's possible with the talent, especially the young talent, on the roster.
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