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  1. They did alright considering how top heavy Rugby is... I'll be at the RWC final on Saturday. Was hoping for England to be there, but I guess they suck. Will be routing for the Aussies. I literally cannot stand NZ rugby fans. Think LA Kings fans, but more smug.
  2. If anyone actually saw the goal it's classic Beleskey... some funny ricochet of a MTL player i.e. not a pure goal scorers goal.
  3. I wouldn't go as far as to say that he's pancakes 0.5 or anything. He's got skills and that was apparent in many of the OTT games last season. However, he's definitely streaky and doesn't really do much when he's not scoring. Fun fact: His 7.25M contract kicks in this year. http://www.generalfanager.com/teams/ottawa-senators
  4. You not happy with who you got?
  5. He'll be a one year wonder. Having said that, the BOS team is terrible because it's terrible, not because of Bels.
  6. Apparently he's being pushed aside because Vigneault prefers Tanner Glass..................................... Tanner Glass also didn't play.
  7. Was it the starting squad? Thought most of the preseason games started 2nd team players, no?
  8. Agreed, but it really depends on the player. EE was given multiple chances to step up and perform, but he just simply didn't have the goods. Meanwhile, I'd hang onto to young prospects like Theodore, Ritchie, etc. Tbh, if Etem does go to NYR and breaks out, I'll probably be kind of mad at him. I mean, why couldn't he do that here? Can't say I'd feel the same towards Palms. I thought he had the good, but just simply wasn't a fit here. In fact, I fully expect him to do really, really well in NJ. I like the moves that BM has made so far. We've gotten faster in the top 6 and bigger in the bottom 6.
  9. Yeah, I'd hate that to happen because NYR would have gotten themselves a very, very good player. Wonder if Etem will change summer coaches. His uncle was saying he's remained loyal to same guy for years, but that'll be difficult if he's in NYR, no? Could help him if he's with someone new.
  10. Bels is Canadian. I don't think his ties to Cali are that strong, especially in terms of family i.e. parents, cousins, etc. We were mainly holding onto the hope he'd want to stay for his wife, who is an actress. However, I'm not sure she's quite as successful to justify leaving 3M on the table. I liked Bels, but he wasn't anywhere near my favourite player. Personally, I'm glad he declined the 4M x 4 BM offered him. Unfortunately, I have to say that I don't think he repeats. Good luck to him though. I certainly won't be booing him.
  11. Man U still need another striker. Falcao is gone and was a major flop if you ask me. That only leaves Rooney and RVP. I like Arsenal's main move so far. We've been desperate for an elite goalkeeper for years. Petr Cech is legit. I'd like another CB and a world class striker. Doubt either will happen, especially the latter, but one can hope.
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