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  1. Fowl

    playoff game...

    The hockey universe is back in balance. Sharks never should have got out of the first round. I like both teams, but hope Maroon and the Blues pull one off for their fans. Never winning a cup since 1967. Only team with a longer drought is TML. @Jasoaks I hope the Sharks resign Karlsson for big money. He will be an overpaid and injury laden albatross.
  2. Fowl

    playoff game...

    Jones is just plain inconsistent. I hope the Blues finish them at home in Game 6. The Blues fans are good ones, and I’d like to see Maroon and the Blues lift the cup. One of GMBMs dumb moves was trading Maroon. I’m a Blues fan if they make the SCF; otherwise I’m with Marchand and the Bruins.
  3. It was nice the NHL Network picked up the broadcast. Gulls played well and Boyle was strong. I see Boyle back in net for Game 3. I’ll be there.
  4. It was kind of a weird play. Keegan Lowe high sticked him and he fell awkwardly.
  5. i just got the notice via Twitter. Have tiks for games 3, 4, and 5.
  6. Gulls game 2 in Chicago on NHL Network tonight.
  7. Gulls 3 Condors 2 4OT. Max Comtois with the game winner. San Diego leads Bakersfield 1-0 in a second round best of 7. Game 2 in Bakersfield later TODAY (7pm).
  8. It was an either upper body or lower body injury depending where it was in the digestive chain.....
  9. Are you working now? Are you better off now than you were four years ago? And you're the one who first brought it up.
  10. Fowl

    Holzer Gone?

    Holzer still could be useful in San Diego, or as a depth call-up.
  11. Fowl

    playoff game...

  12. Fowl

    playoff game...

    The video review for majors will get some discussion during at the off-season GM meetings.
  13. Fowl

    playoff game...

    From one of my favorite sites, Scouting the Refs. https://scoutingtherefs.com/2019/04/25991/nhl-apologizes-golden-knights-major-cuts-game-7-refs/ First time I remember such an apology....but it was an atrocious call.
  14. Fowl

    playoff game...

    I think he gets one more year. If he flops next year, Toronto may part ways with him, and his “fabricated legend of greatness” will go with it. Toronto doesn’t go on the cheap like Anaheim. They have money to burn.
  15. Fowl

    playoff game...

    The Athletic had a nice article on the call. Effectively, the refs made an outcome call. I usually don’t have an issue with Furlatt’s game call, but O’Halloran drives me nuts.
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