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  1. Perry’s knee was jello before. He’s a smart guy and a gamer. Look for a bounce back season next year. Kesler on the other hand? Probably done.
  2. Fowl

    Kings Catch All - 8

    Brookbank used to own Clifford. Sheldon was a very tough guy.
  3. Max isn’t exactly someone with the depth of experience in evaluating a coaching staff at the NHL level. Murray isn’t coaching anyway - it’s the assistants running the show with his input.
  4. Because he looked like he was skating with a refrigerator on his back....especially prior to the first Carlyle firing. About 60% effort. This time around looked about 75% effort. Just my observations of course.
  5. I’m not so sure mutiny by quit wasn’t employed. At least it looked that way - TWICE.
  6. @BlazingEtem We disagree. I blame BM for re-hiring Carlyle. I blame the players for quitting on him. Although at this point, I think they should have kept RC to ensure the tank would succeed.
  7. Two Getzlaf led teams have quit on Carlyle. That’s not a great display of leadership IMO.
  8. The league will probably outlaw blocking shots at some point. Don’t want anyone to get hurt. The rough and tumble hard contact NHL is slipping away. Think back over the last few years, and less physical contact by players are the new rule focal points. When a guy hunches over and has his head contacted by a guy finishing a check, DPS now sees the need to intervene and suspend someone. Hybrid icing, hits to the head, contact with the goaltenders......The league is trying to cover itself from lawsuits. I’m personally finding the game less interesting by all the rule changes implemented over the past fifteen years.
  9. Kase is good young player but looking to be a bit too fragile. He needs to change his game to avoid injuries. Reminds me a bit of how Taylor Hall was skating fearless during his first couple of years in the league. If he doesn't adapt, I don't see him as a long term solution.
  10. The team is going to go on a tear, and finish three points short of playoff berth and get the fourteenth pick in the draft. (sarcasm intended Moose ). The Ducks will draft a power forward clone of Nick Ritchie and later wish they would have foregone both their draft selection and those meaningless standing points in March.
  11. Arizona in the West, and Columbus in the East.
  12. I for one certainly hope he breaks the record. He is a special player who actually plays a physical contact game....I hope the league doesn't figure a way to screw him out of the opportunity, by suddenly deciding to make the nets smaller, or by suspending Russian players who exceed 800 goals (sarcasm intended).
  13. Fowl

    Kings Catch All - 8

    I believe Quick will rebound and be an effective netminder. Definitely someone a contender with goaltending issues to consider. Columbus will need a goaltender soon.
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