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  1. Even Gallant couldn’t fix this mess. Time and experience is what’s required.
  2. Fowl


    He’s physical, something this team can use. I think it’s a good addition for a 7th round draft pick and older prospect. Good trade.
  3. Watching VGK and SJS on NHL Network. Evander Kane picking his spots. He wants to fight some Russian guy when a perfectly willing Ryan Reeves is available.
  4. I think Del Zotto is a good third pairing option. He actually understands the concept of body checking.
  5. This was a good no trade. Not to mention, seven years extension at $6.5m per year (which is what the Blues gave him) would have been too much IMO. Another Perry, Kesler, Getzlaf contract......
  6. Fowl

    Patrik Laine

    KPAC1992....that's a steep price for a guy thought of as one of the most overrated players in the league by his peers. I would pass on the trade with the terms you outlined.
  7. This is a great hire by Murray. Provides experience and stability.
  8. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  9. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  10. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  11. How far did they drop in SSH? I dumped mine.
  12. Anaheim vs Dallas is Perry's 1,000th game if he plays every game from the start of the season.
  13. Another mistake? They have Nyquist going to Anaheim too. Too bad about Welinski, he was a good bottom pairing guy. Thanks for the correction.
  14. Welinski was signed for $750k. Good signing. Letting Dotchin walk was also a good move. He was getting scratched in San Diego. Also pleased the Sam Carrick was signed. Probably spends most of his time with the Gulls, but he is a good depth forward, and tough to deal with on the ice. Correction: Welinski to Philadelphia. TSN wrong again.
  15. Glad Nyquist went to CBJ....Ducks don't need another soft forward.
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