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  1. I would reserve judgement on Perry unless we see how he does. He knee was hosed for the last couple of years from making tough contact plays, and the surgery results could pay dividends.
  2. Don't kid yourself. It has always been a business.
  3. Contrarian point of view here, but good for Cogs. Dallas has far more potential for success than Anaheim, and it’s good to be somewhere where your wanted. Shore is a young player, and trades are part of the game. Cogs always gave his best and got hosed from the league when he was suspended, not to mention the weak-kneed lame non-response from the Ducks ownership and management. I try not to get to emotionally involved with player trades, and losing long term players. That said, I’m actually kind of happy for Cogs. This was a tough year for him.
  4. Murray and Carlyle aren’t going anywhere. New coach is likely next season, and the rebuild retool will go on for about three seasons until those big contracts are shed.
  5. Apply for the job if you can do better....😁
  6. We just disagree I suppose.
  7. That doesn’t back up your comment. You’re just throwing that out there without anything to actually support it.
  8. it’s going to take two or three years to retool and rebuild. Salary cap limits your ability of buying your way out of the situation, especially with a budget owner. If Ducks were Toronto, they would just buy out the bad contracts, but in Anaheim they will have to run their course.
  9. Can you back up your actual reasoning for that comment? The guy was a Norris thorphy winner, played over 1000 NHL games, and has coached for most of his post playing career. He’s forgot more than you and I know combined.
  10. Changing coaches wont fix this mess. Ride it out and don’t make poor personnel decisions for meaningless standing points. I’d rather see them move up in the re-build is long overdue.
  11. His mind is in the game, but his body wont deliver.
  12. Jobbed by the officials again.....incompetent Brad Meier and some AHL guy.
  13. I think the CEO is an idiot. Regardless of how they perform, they are going to get paid, and both have NMCs.
  14. Maybe Bob can trade for the above linked manure. If I was Benn, I’d walk in and a request a trade.
  15. Bet he gets claimed. I would have sent a waiver exempt guy first.