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  1. This is a great hire by Murray. Provides experience and stability.
  2. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  3. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  4. Good tax situation for Perry and a chance to win.
  5. How far did they drop in SSH? I dumped mine.
  6. Fowl


    Mumbles is a great add. He can also give Murray advice.
  7. Anaheim vs Dallas is Perry's 1,000th game if he plays every game from the start of the season.
  8. Another mistake? They have Nyquist going to Anaheim too. Too bad about Welinski, he was a good bottom pairing guy. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Welinski was signed for $750k. Good signing. Letting Dotchin walk was also a good move. He was getting scratched in San Diego. Also pleased the Sam Carrick was signed. Probably spends most of his time with the Gulls, but he is a good depth forward, and tough to deal with on the ice. Correction: Welinski to Philadelphia. TSN wrong again.
  10. Glad Nyquist went to CBJ....Ducks don't need another soft forward.
  11. The buyout works in Perry’s favor. If I were him, I would have outright refused a trade, and pushed them to either keeping me no or forcing the buyout option. It’s a business on the player side too. I think he makes more salary this way and controls where he wants to sign. I wish Perry nothing but the best.
  12. Saw this on TSN just a minute ago. I think it’s another fool move. I hope Perry goes somewhere and tears it up. Not to mention, he is a free agent now and can pick where he wants to go. Hopefully, it works out for him.
  13. Henrique or Silvferberg would be the only two I’d consider. If Perry doesn’t get moved, I’d add him to the list.
  14. Seriously? He captained two tank jobs where RC gets canned. At least he seems not to come unsectioned with the refs anymore. That was a severe leadership shortcoming....Personally, I don’t think he’s a great captain. Great hockey player though. Still a 1C after almost 1000 regular season games is an accomplishment. I’d like to see another captain appointed, but that wont happen. There are not a great number of options to choose from in replacing him. Henrique might be a good replacement? but he could get traded at the draft....
  15. Thought the same thing myself. Also maybe Eakins wasn’t a slam dunk for the job.....I wish him well.
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