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  1. I wouldn’t doubt it if GMBM acquired Fluery from Carolina knowing he would expose him in a prearranged deal with Ron Francis.
  2. No doubt his ED protection has a message. I too doubt he would have been selected, but he's a useful energy player, and offers a degree of protection for younger skill players. He can actually play a shift too without being too much of a liability.
  3. I’m ok with ND getting protected. At least he’s useful.
  4. Looks like Dineen is out in San Diego. Joel Bouchard hired as Gulls HC.
  5. Bob was looking for a barstool to throw.
  6. George Parros has no business being in charge of DPS. If he is truly calling the shots, his decisions are inconsistent at best.
  7. I'm happy with today's game results this far. Hope Florida can keep it rolling. LA Kings announcer Faust on the Florida / Tampa game. I think he does a real good job.
  8. Hayden Fleury was a first round pick (#7). It was a good hockey trade for both clubs.
  9. Hayden Fleury from Carolina. Hakanpaa goes to Carolina with a 6th rounder.
  10. That is a fair return.
  11. Another thing to consider.....with no fans, the importance of post season gate isn’t an issue, so borderline teams may just stand pat.
  12. Better to hold your assets than give them away. Not trading someone can actually turn out to be the best deal.
  13. Dumb to have your first power play stars out there in a chippy game that is already decided.
  14. So who gets traded between game end and noon tomorrow?
  15. That was a good tilt with ND and OBrien. Kudos to O’Brien for being the man Kadri’s not. It’s gotta suck for a team to need player to due the bidding for zeros like Kadri. Same guy repsonsible for the forum page is working on the trade deadline.... ——-JK
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