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  1. I had viewed the Samuelis much differently. How I felt prior doesn't need to be explained. I'm glad they are now taking care of their people.
  2. All I can say is my opinion of the Samueli's has gone up 500 percent with how they are taking care of their Arena and team employees. Bravo..... https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/anaheim-ducks-owners-will-pay-part-time-employees-through-june-30/
  3. A few folks are not taking this COVID-19 virus seriously. Partying at the beach, partaking in large gatherings. Although older persons are more likely to suffer more serious consequences from health conditions, an unanticipated high number of younger people are catching the virus based on behavior.
  4. Agreed Moose. I sense this getting worse before it gets better. 2-3 months....
  5. I saw this and it greatly changed my personal opinion of ownership. A real positive move by the Samueli's considering many of their arena employees are dependent on those salaries.
  6. One of the worst for sure. Traded for a press box occupant.
  7. Blandisi trade IIRC Don't remember trading him prior, we just didn't resign him, and Pittsburgh offered him a league minimum one way contract. When the wheels fell off with Carlyle, he traded with the Pens to reacquire him. At the time I referred to it as another Bob blunder.
  8. I liked Sprong. I think they gave up on him too soon. He needed to be better defensively. That can be taught. His raw skills can't. Grant can be resigned next season. .
  9. it was our playoff run but that didn't work out either.....🥴
  10. overpayment by TBL. He was not worth a first rounder.
  11. Schultz was drafted by never signed.
  12. 6th round pick......😀
  13. TBL picked up Goodrow for some jam. For a guy named Barclay, he's a bad dude. Decent forward who can offer protection. TBL got pushed around in the playoffs last year. This and Coleman address that.
  14. He rubbed the Penguins the wrong way. That's been published. I haven't heard that from the Ducks organization, but could be possible. He has some exceptional raw talent. Some coaching gets through and he could have a real impact somewhere.
  15. I would not have moved Sprong. He is so close to a break out. Raw skills that can't be taught. No one could score 40 with the Gulls.
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