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  1. The buyout works in Perry’s favor. If I were him, I would have outright refused a trade, and pushed them to either keeping me no or forcing the buyout option. It’s a business on the player side too. I think he makes more salary this way and controls where he wants to sign. I wish Perry nothing but the best.
  2. Saw this on TSN just a minute ago. I think it’s another fool move. I hope Perry goes somewhere and tears it up. Not to mention, he is a free agent now and can pick where he wants to go. Hopefully, it works out for him.
  3. Henrique or Silvferberg would be the only two I’d consider. If Perry doesn’t get moved, I’d add him to the list.
  4. Seriously? He captained two tank jobs where RC gets canned. At least he seems not to come unsectioned with the refs anymore. That was a severe leadership shortcoming....Personally, I don’t think he’s a great captain. Great hockey player though. Still a 1C after almost 1000 regular season games is an accomplishment. I’d like to see another captain appointed, but that wont happen. There are not a great number of options to choose from in replacing him. Henrique might be a good replacement? but he could get traded at the draft....
  5. Thought the same thing myself. Also maybe Eakins wasn’t a slam dunk for the job.....I wish him well.
  6. He’s waived his NMC in blanket form? Has he approved a specific trade? News to me.....
  7. Agreed, but if you don’t him the eight year deal, he goes somewhere else for the seven year deal. When you’re a star, you have some leverage.
  8. TSN has Corey Perry being traded or bought out. Well, I think eating salary and dumping him is dumb at this point. Let’s see how he is with the knee repaired. Will he score 50 again? Probably not, but 25-30 is not an overreach if he stays healthy.
  9. I think both were factors....I attended the playoff games in San Diego. The Wolves speed was a big advantage; they have really good players too ((Carr, McKenzie, Matteau, & two good goalies)). There was very little space to maneuver, Chicago kept the gaps tight. Thompson spent a lot of time as an AHL player, and has real good leadership skills by all accounts. I’m fairly certain he’ll be an NHL bench boss at some point....He’s just over 40.
  10. Ex head coach of the AVS, Jack Adams finalist his first season. He was a really fast skater, even by today’s standards. He would have certainly been more prolific as a player in another era than the clutch ‘n grab 90s.
  11. Rocky Thompson, Chicago Wolves....Calder Cup Finals....Just in: Wolves 4, Checkers 3 (OT) Game 1 just finished.
  12. You couldn’t have done much worse than that 20 game stretch of mostly losing. You’re hired.
  13. The comparison to Henrique is a good one, but I don’t see any such trade moving forward. To think, we gave the guy away for next to nothing.
  14. Bruce Boudreau? That was a snap hire. I disagree with your assessment that Murray is doing interviews to act like he’s doing due diligence. He’s only a budget guy because that’s what he has to work with. The Samueli’s are the ones with all the money, and they give direction on how much he can spend.
  15. Getzlaf et al tanked twice on Carlyle. I would not have hired RC the second time, but Murray did, and ultimately it led to a full team quit job. For the next two years. you will need a coach to manage the team “leadership” group. A guy who can lead, not just manage. The team leadership exerts some control over the whole team, both in positive ways, but can be negatively as well.
  16. You going to need an alpha coach with this bunch. Maybe that’s a better summation. Eakins is great with the young guys, but the highly paid veterans, including those with No Movement Clauses need to know who’s running the show. Can Eakins assert himself in that way without nuking things like he did in Edmonton (though I’m sure Eakins has developed additional coaching skills since then). Eakins has had success at the AHL level, but not the NHL. Fan1993 is probably right, if he was sure he was the guy, GMBM would have likely committed to hiring Eakins after the Gulls were out of the playoffs. Myself, I think the Wolves coach should get an interview too. Since it will be a budget hire, maybe Murray looks in Europe too.
  17. It’s not about hurt feelings, it’s about getting the right fit. Is it Eakins? That I don’t know. To me, Gallant or Berube would be close to the perfect fit. If GMBM thought it should be Eakins, why the head coach search and multiple interviews? IMO, Murray isn’t convinced himself just yet. Personally, for the benefit of the organization, I think Eakins is perfect for San Diego.
  18. https://theahl.com/calder-cup-finals-coming-to-nhl-network AHL Calder Cup Finals on NHL Network TV....its good hockey for sure.
  19. https://www.dailyherald.com/sports/20190530/how-wolves-coach-rocky-thompson-became-one-of-ahls-most-respected-leaders#login Might be worth talking to this guy. AHL Wolves Coach Rocky Thompson, whose team just defeated the Gulls in WCF.
  20. Fowl

    Holzer Gone?

    Holzer was a third pairing #7 D-Man replacement who did his job like a professional. You're correct, it's a business.
  21. Gulls have been eliminated. That is a very good Chicago team. Should be a good finals between Chicago and Charlotte.
  22. I keep Eakins in San Diego. I think Getzlaf et al will eat him alive. Need a guy more like Berube or Gallant who will lead the ship, not just manage it.
  23. I was directly across from the play (on the players bench side of the ice), so I got a pretty good look. That's what I thought when it happened. Wouldn't bet my life on it, but it sure looked that way. In the video the puck kind of hops. Either way, it was a tough break. Fortunately it doesn't happen often. Weird play.....It is the first goalie who has scored a Calder Cup playoff goal.....A comeback will be tough, but entirely possible....the Wolves have fast players, just like VGK.
  24. Congrats to the Finns. I am eagerly awaiting the roast fest coming from the Canadian media. The excuses will be amazing, some even entertaining. Nothing short of winning Gold is acceptable in Canada. Big upset and well deserved championship. For a country of five plus million people, the Finns produce some very dialed in hockey talent.
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