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  1. While BM's lack of head coaching experience could make things interesting, my hope is that his explanation for why he is doing this is genuine ("I didn't want to hire an interim coach" wouldn't really go over too well). He can get a more intimate glimpse into the culture of the team then he could from the press box or from people coming into his office. I feel like he looks at the team on paper and thinks it is better than our record shows and he wants to figure out what went wrong. I guess we'll find out if it was RC's fault, a locker room problem, or a combination of things.
  2. I realize it is just a preseason game, but last night's lineup looked like a regular season line up, so I was intrigued by how the team would look on the ice (and I do enjoy watching us score 7 goals against the Kings...). In our highlights there weren't as many cycling/dump & chase goals as we've had in years past; it seemed like we were moving the puck around the ice more and allowing for more creativity (aka. playing quicker). Was anyone at the game who can give a more thorough synopsis than an 8 min youtube highlight reel? Does it look like we've changed our style of play?
  3. With the amount of injuries we've had these past few years, i hope we have a punch card at the hospital...
  4. Not too many, after a quick Google search: - Bruins trade goalie Ron Grahame (2x WHA goalie of the year) to the Kings for the 8th overall pick, Ray Bourque - NJ trade solid offensive defenseman Tom Kurvers to Toronto for a pick (Scott Niedermayer) - Ottawa trades Alexei Yashin to the Islanders for Chara, Bill Muckalt, and a first round pick (Jason Spezza) Those stood out, but it's possible I missed some because I'm on this side of the trade and I know how the player turned out...
  5. This trade feels like the Pronger trade before our cup year...Burns or Karlsson will be on the ice the entire game, that's going to be tough
  6. I believe the point totals are if each team wins out; so if we win our remaining 10 games we'll have 104, if Dallas wins all of their games they'll have 104 (HockeyIzCool, correct me if I'm wrong.) This shows the importance of winning our remaining games since we've played more games than some of the teams we're battling.
  7. Congrats to both of them! They both deserved it. We now almost have to (deservedly) do something with Kariya's number...can't think of any examples off the top of my head who are in the HHOF and aren't recognized by the team. (I understand it goes a little both ways, but hopefully the appearance this playoffs is a sign that the relationship is getting better)
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