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  1. He better be taking Gibson out to dinner every night and thanking him profusely (Miller too)
  2. I keep bringing this up but there should be a rule that if you are in a position such as Parros spot in reviewing disciplinary issues and handing out suspensions, you shall recuse yourself and assign to someone else if you personally played with a player. There is just way too much room for bias in such jusgement calls good and bad. Who knows if Parros had it out for Cogs? If I were Cogs I would have filed suit claiming personal bias. I can’t believe this is even allowed in the league where former teammates can hand down judgement like this.
  3. It’s like gun control. The more guns on the ice the less violence there is
  4. Incredible. Even when injured Fowler is still getting points. Now that is something
  5. Not bad at all though I didn’t think he was still playing. Lots of experience. Great back-back up.
  6. Ah so NR is to blame for eating away Peterson’s hamburgers. Starvation does have a way of keeping someone as thin as a rail. **cue: Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog
  7. Oh boy. I’m sacred because we haven’t seen Gibson’s quarterly injury yet... feel like he’s due any time now ..... then what??
  8. A fast metabolism?
  9. Focus our criticism and scrutiny.
  10. With the extension to Bob, he and RC will now ride off into the horizon together.
  11. If this topics title was “”Top 12 Forward Immediately!!!””, then mission accomplished. But in all seriousness, I really liked what I saw from Jerry Spronger in his first game. He’s fast and also a hustler. He looks hungry and also looks to be fitting in with Uncle Rico and Kase too. That could become a pretty slick line. Move down Kess and Cogs to the 4th and put Ritchie with Silf on the 3rd. Keep Aberg with his Swedish lineup countryman Rakel on top with GetzBeastMan centering (obviously) then bam! Not too shabby. Not too shabby indeed then enter RC, sees what he says about that.... nonsense I tell you!
  12. Then imagine that every other Swedish player have very long names too. Nylanders is pretty long as well. Where oh where do they find the space. So yes, this is something to ponder on for awhile as your brain tally’s through the logistics and engineering of it all.
  13. Cause he’ll get injured somewhere in between? but then we got another great tender who I actually think still has it to carry a team
  14. So much this. He’s coming back at the tail end of the season. 1). He will still be recouping his knee and 2). He will be way out of game shape. Since he had a major surgery it’s just not the right time to just get “dropped” into the lineup. It won’t be good for him and neither the team.
  15. Future GM of the Ducks