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  1. Need a bonafide elite shut down defenseman. A defenseman who can change the pace of the game and setup plays out of our zone and have the ability to drop bombs from the circles. We have nice mid tier to bottom high tier d players but we need a no-nonsense D man who can take control of a game. We have not had a D player like that since Scotty or Pronger. We have pretty decent offensive actually I think but we can’t manage to keep the other team from scoring has much and so there is too much pressure on the goalies to continue making incredible stops. The kids are fine and doing good and it will be normal to see their progress go up and down a bit as they learn the new system and playing in the big leagues. We have a great young team in the making. We won’t be able to keep them all so maybe we can make a big trade down the road.
  2. RobD360


    Yeah I see what you’re saying but BM didn’t give an asset back worth much. If he did then I too would be asking to have Pens retain salary but in this case I could let it slide especially since BM needed this trade more than the Pens. Moving around so much doesn’t give much confidence but hopefully Eakins can slot him in and use him more effectively. In fact I think DLaw was showing some stats on another thread on how he was actually pretty good when paired with a certain Pen player. Maybe he can repost here to for discussion and yes we can’t go into any a year without BM having his little reclamation project either
  3. RobD360


    Figured a new Duck signing needed their own full fledged thread. My thoughts:: BM gave up nothing from our end for a player who is big and isn’t afraid to use his body and clear the net. We need that since we already have d players who can score enough already but lack in the other depts. Decent move but we gained is his cap hit of 4mill is very high. Hoping what every other team Before us who has traded for him which is that he actually performs up to or close to what he was initially drafted at (3rd overall).... let’s see if Eakins has a connection with him to turn him around what are your thoughts? Good trade or what?
  4. Trade Manson for Jim Tucker, isn’t this what the thread is about?
  5. I thought this was a voyeur thread
  6. I’ve done the research as I was also affected by Sling not having the Fox Sports contracts any longer and aside from getting regular cable or getting someone to let you share their account ....Hulu With Live TV is the best alternative for Sling though it is way more expensive. If you minus Hulu’s streaming content that leaves their live tv head-to-head with Sling more than $14 (Hulu =$39 vs Slings $25). Sling however is still negotiating the contract with The new owners of Fox Sports and hopefully they don’t raise it too much. So keep an eye out in the news every 2 weeks to a month For those one off games that are on channel 13 or KDOC look up Locast.org it is free to stream some live local tv channels on your phone. The streams look great too! They also have an app.
  7. Kase should do great under Eakins system. 30+ goals
  8. The injuries may have been due to RC riding his top players like it was 2007 every single night? Not sure. Hopefully they stay healthy this year while doing some damage. anyhow to answer the threads question. I think they could be a wild card team (7-8). Like DLaw says they were playing really exciting hockey at the end of last season and showed great promise. They will be LOTS quicker too this season. We gotta also remember that the team has some cash $$ to acquire another nice player and if Bob gets that acquisition right (D man....) then this team gets even better. But they could also not make it and it would not surprise. One thing for certain will be that other teams will underestimate the Ducks to which I hope the Ducks will rise to the occasion and win!
  9. If you read and understood my posts you responded to you would see we’re saying the same thing on both these bolder points you made. 1. I conclude It’s “BAU” 2. Taking the Playing Devils advocate role, I say Kase is probably the player the Canes wanted in return.
  10. Summarized it up quite succinctly. Cliff Notes: Utlra edition lol. It truly has been dead around here
  11. Yeah but Kase got picked over another player to be dangled. But devils advocate could be that’s who the Canes wanted over someone else. So is Faulk a good defensive player? Is he worth the trade? I don’t know.
  12. By virtue of most trades (or rumors in this case) but If the rumors are true then logic goes that he is not needed on the Ducks or else why would they trade him off? Right? Its a business sure, everybody gets that but in the end the players are still human and if your a player that is being dangled for trade bait then it’s only human nature to wonder if it’s not this time around then when. Again it’s all BAU.
  13. Sucks for Kase. Knowing that his own team doesn’t want him. Crappy really. Bob wasted no time in trying to deal him off. If he doesn’t get traded he will always feel like he’s the one to go sooner or later as the cat is out of the bag
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