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  1. RobD360

    playoff game...

    Geo is a malicious dirty player. Can’t stand him. Hope Sharks can tie up their series and beat Vegas. Fans there have gone through a lot of ups and downright failures. Good fan base and lots have been around since the teams inception in the 90s. Vegas on the other hand prob has the most band wagoners in the entire league. They have not suffered a single season at all. None. Hope the Sharks can kick it into gear and do the reverse sweep on Vegas and their supposed 2 year old fan base. Gimme a break.
  2. Nonis is terrible LOL. Agreed he’s best suited taking orders than actually giving them
  3. RobD360

    playoff game...

    Tampa fire sale? I mean they were going to run into cap troubles (again) soon anyway. Cooper prob gets fired
  4. RobD360

    playoff game...

    Col has the opportunity to be kings of the league once more if they play their cards right. Good team building
  5. RobD360

    playoff game...

    I have always weighted this factor over another team with more points but this is way unexpected. Tampa was crushing it not just by a little bit a significant margin in the regular season. Good on the Jackets. Wow
  6. RobD360

    playoff game...

    This is a testament to how good Trots is I have admired his ability to get the best out of his teams especially when he was with the Preds and didn’t have the best lineup to work with. I would have loved to have him as coach. Oh well
  7. Hmmm he’s a center too... then we have Getz, Steel and Winnburg as 3rd line C followed by Grant at 4th? Rico would then be able to slide to the left wing where he could be more productive. Not sure who gets traded for this one though. We do have one too many forwards. Interesting idea though
  8. I guess the title of this thread is referring to the Ducks #9 as their #1...LOL
  9. Sorry but not for me. Still can’t find any real urge or sense to push for Vegas. They have not been on the scene for long and have not paid any dues. Hard to root for anyone or team that hasn’t put in the time. It reminds me too much of kids today who graduate college and feel they deserve a senior position right out of the gate. Their fans have not endured anything, they went to the Finals on their first year for crying out loud (can you say band wagon). Sharks on the other hand have been at it for awhile now and have gone through the gauntlet of almost there elations and ultimate let-downs (even at the hands of the Ducks). Their fans are not trashy or belligerent (for the most part) they deserve it. But more so they got Big Joe who has always been a class act and has put in the many years as a top notch center he’s def put in the time and deserves a cup. Boston trades him away and he then gets accepted in SJ.... it’s time. They got my vote! Go Sharks! Get your cup and be the 3rd CA team to do it! And don’t ever get me wrong, I will never cheer ((never)) for the Queens... can’t stand LA
  10. Yeah that does suck but their fans have never annoyed me. Their fans make the team tolerable. Every Shark fan I met or spoke to were cool people. The Ducks are no saints either BTW. But I do think for the most part our fan base are not douchy.
  11. I do remember Torres but there were no crazy bad incidence involving the Ducks.
  12. I’ve never had a problem with the Sharks. They have never really had as many goons on their team either. I can’t ever remember an incident where they something atrocious either. Their fans are for the most part even-keeled and not full on jokers like King fans or etc.... I’ll be rooting for them and prob Tor as well even though I am thinking it might be those 2 in the POs (Freddy!)
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