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  1. Summarized it up quite succinctly. Cliff Notes: Utlra edition lol. It truly has been dead around here
  2. Yeah but Kase got picked over another player to be dangled. But devils advocate could be that’s who the Canes wanted over someone else. So is Faulk a good defensive player? Is he worth the trade? I don’t know.
  3. By virtue of most trades (or rumors in this case) but If the rumors are true then logic goes that he is not needed on the Ducks or else why would they trade him off? Right? Its a business sure, everybody gets that but in the end the players are still human and if your a player that is being dangled for trade bait then it’s only human nature to wonder if it’s not this time around then when. Again it’s all BAU.
  4. Sucks for Kase. Knowing that his own team doesn’t want him. Crappy really. Bob wasted no time in trying to deal him off. If he doesn’t get traded he will always feel like he’s the one to go sooner or later as the cat is out of the bag
  5. Crazy. Kase is going to be a 30+ goal scorer. How good can this Faulk be if he’s getting pushed out due to Jake G signing on the canes???!
  6. Multiple sources saying Ducks are talking with Canes about right handed defenseman Faulk. What do you guys think of him? Could he be a good fit? Pending if he approves a trade to Ana which is not on his list of destinations; He might cost up to $6mill per. I don’t know much about him.
  7. A contending team would be able to get away with a cheap contract for him after being bought out. (See Perry). ANA in the other hand will not be nearly as cheap unless there isn’t a huge market for him.
  8. I would imagine he’s seeing the buyout as an opportunity to go with a contender. As we are not contenders he is certainly not going to sign with us for cheap unless we are offering him the most of any other team wanting him. I doubt we get him unless Bob pays him more than 3-4 mill +
  9. Depends how creative he is with the puck and what his On-Ice IQ is. If he’s anything like Etem who just sped linearly on the side board with his head down and never passed or looked up then he’s prob not going to amount to anything. But if he displays good passing skills and uses those around him effectively while scoring in different fashion then he might be a winner
  10. He actually looks happy.... looks..... relieved
  11. Who said Bob wouldn’t make a trade?? Naysayers! Classic Bob move. Now we can go on with Duck dynasty!
  12. LOL. I saw the headline and absolutely did not believe it. So not Bob at all. It made no sense
  13. I don’t think so not at least till later in the season when he sees what this team can do. I think the Perry buyout is the extent of what what see for now. And that was purely to make room for the young kids to play
  14. I like Rico but he’s better served at the LW position than the C. Maybe this coming season they put him and Gezt on top with Kase at RW while Steel and the other kids take the 2 line.
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