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  1. Seems like this is a direct hit on Getz if you ask me as he is basically “thy” only vet apart from Rico but out of these 2 Getz is for sure the guy who is more old school with his grinding style of play. Interesting how this all plays out. Dont see how this message is for anyone else.
  2. Hmmm I’m not so sure I’m a fan of not letting your coach pick his assistants. Seems like an incompatibility issue waiting to ignite. It’s the coach’s system that the other 2 assistants should be revolving around. It’s the coach who should be the commander and chief in back of the bench and this is counter to that. The coach should have the ability to asses and hire/fire whomever he deems an incompatible person. This doesn't sound like a successful model.
  3. and there it is... LOL like I said it was always going to be him. Interviewing others was always a sham.
  4. Don’t think Bob understands how the hiring process for a coach works any longer and plans on drafting a coach come June 21-22.
  5. Probably. Getz has calmed a bit when talking to refs but yeah he would rip on them most every time he could by losing his temper and yelling at them. I never thought that was the right thing to do, as a result the refs would sometimes pile on the penalties. Getz would really just let his emotions get the best of him. Not the best thing to do at times. .... hope the next captain is more level-headed and only gets stern when he needs to in order to get a point across Also, and this is just a hunch here, but i always found it interesting that it was always soooo difficult in finding the twins a player to play with. We always just said that the new player never fit but after a while no one ever questioned whether it’s not the new players but actually maybe one of the twins who are difficult to play with. Just spit-balling here. Note: I think Getz has been this teams rock and supreme driver for so long and We have so much to be grateful for with him just trying to think with frosted over bias glasses. Additional thoughts: we should focus and build around the youth and not around Getz who just has a few years left (or Perry obviously). Random rant end....
  6. Hmm I would definitely listen to offers to trade Getz if it brought back the next young #1 center boss for the future. This team is reasonably stacked with young quality players. I think that with them and Getz in the lineup for the next few years we can make the POs but we will not be cup contenders so it makes sense to trade now to build for a team that WILL be a cup contender in the future. We shouldn’t be building around Getz and Perry any longer as it doesn’t make sense anymore. I keep saying we need to find a Getz replacement as soon as this year to begin grooming him to prepare for the eventual Getz slowdown. Take for instance Colorado, they are def one of the teams of the future without a doubt. If we could reshuffle the decks to focus on the young core by trading Getz we could also be in that bucket and if that is the case then so-be-it. I am sure he would bring in a kings ransom as he is still pretty boss. I would guess a cup caliber team looking to fill a #2c spot would take him. Getz at that position would be killing the competition and we would be stacked with GREAT young players from top to bottom (pending if we have a great D man from somewhere).
  7. How about Steel at #2? Then put Rico on his or Getz wing.
  8. holy cr**! BM also thinking that Pears is not a first or second liner anymore. Wow! I guess being behind the bench actually did give him a clearer picture of what was going on. Hmmm Bob may already have a trade partner or he wouldn’t have asked Perry to waive me thinks AND looks like Perry has agreed to the trade by waiving his No Trade. I just can’t see any good player coming our way without putting in some good pieces to entice a team to taking him. But good on Bob. I’ve been saying for a while that Perry is not a 1st or 2nd liner anymore and his salary is crazy for a 3 or 4th line. But then where will a new team place him?? I love Perry but it’s a business and he’s no where the same player he was and it was a pipe dream to even think he was going to go back to being a 30+ goal scorer. The Ducks are better off without him as he’s taking up roster space for one of the young guns. Just hope that any deal made (buyout or trade) is satisfactory to Pears. Either way I wish him the best.
  9. When I first learned the Wolves were Vegas AHL team I immediately got worried for the Gulls thinking they must be stacked with all the high draft picks they fleeced from the entry draft from other teams. Wonder if their coach is good or if his team is just loaded
  10. Oh an ex duck. That would be novel.
  11. BB was pretty fast. Bob in a rare show of quickness. If the hire is indeed Eakins then I think that’s who it was always going to be.
  12. Not sure about that. Bob is slow to react to anything. He also wants people to believe he put in a good faith effort in finding a coach by doing bogus interviews like he did right before hiring RC. Bob is one of the most predictable “unimaginative” (lol thanks Gorb) GMs. Everyone has got an MO and Bob certainly plays his role to the “T”. Conserve, thrifty, bargain hunter, that’s Bob the Stool Bar for ya.
  13. Who are these highly paid vets? Certainly the few minority. I don’t think we should be catering to the vets anymore quite frankly anyways. They have less than 3 years left on the team and should start handing over the reins to the younger generation. Each year they will be decreasing their ability exponentially while the young players are on an upward route still. The coach should should be more focused on the younger players, whoever it may be. Honestly I don’t know who and don’t have any preferences on who it could or should be. There is no available coach right now that ‘’screams’’ elite legendary prophet coach. All there is available are coaches who are all on the same level and grade. No stand outs. Just penny saver coaches left but that’s how Bob likes it. He gets a stir out of bargain diving when all the other shoppers have already come through the store picking up the shining stuff.
  14. For the record I don’t know if it will be Eakins or not. I actually don’t have enough knowledge on how to judge a good coach other than basing it off experience and achievements which shouldn’t really prevent a coach who is the “right” fit but i don’t know enough to even call anyone a “right” fit. Just hope that Bob nails it this time. Bruce wasn’t bad and actually very different to RCs style which gives me some hope that Bob is possibly open to trying something new and not necessarily sticking to the same set of criteria if what RC was or what Bruce was. We just need someone who can work well with the younger players as the older ones aren’t even going to be around as long so we should be focusing on a coach who is in tuned to the younger generation. Hopefully the new coach is also someone who works in the modern NHL style as well.
  15. That would be such a slap in the face to Eakins.
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