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  1. One word. Bob.
  2. Yup. That’s what I was reading on the centers this year as well since that is what the Ducks need right in my PAO (Professional “Amateur” Opinion) -LOL in order to begin grooming him to start to take the reins from Getz.
  3. Opportunities for this team to start to live up ((down)) to its expectations lol
  4. Ugh! That’s not good
  5. Good game tonight. We retain tied for 5th best worst. Race to the bottom is progressing. We have lots of teams who are battling the Ducks play tomorrow so hope they win. Eyes on the prize boys, eyes on the prize!
  6. The question is why did owner step in and stop the deal? Obviously Kess gets sent off the following year but so why stop the deal then? This tells me that Bob could in fact have perhaps offered a bit more to get the trade done the first time around in 2013 why else wait on Vancouvers part? Sorry but to me it sounds like Bob actually failed to counter quickly and resolve it right there and then. And yes, I fully believe having Kess in the lineup against the Kings would have been a game changer and possible 2nd cup for the Ducks.
  7. I’d rather not make the PO get a high pick than to make the PO and get embarrassed
  8. One of my critiques on him is that he can be slow to react
  9. Wow! Not sure if that’s an insult or complement LOL 😂
  10. Serous question: So for clarification purposes, the games counted are only those made during the time the player has been with the team, right? So for example, we can’t just acquire a player from another team and expose him immediately, he would first have to accumulate the games under his new team, right? How about if the player was UFA in the prior year and the team resigns him, does this then restart his games played with the team as it’s a new contract? Inquirying Minds Want to Know
  11. Hmmm so are you saying that we’re going to tank, get the #1 pick and select Hughs then lose him to the expansion draft??LOL
  12. After last nights game Silfer barged into Bobs quarters who was caught drunkenly off guard and swimming in thoughts of grandeur after he coached his first game with a shut no less...... “SEE, SEE!! YOU WANT MORE OF THAT DO YA?! That goal was nothing, there can be a whole lot more where that came from. Picture this, you and your brilliant coaching and me shoveling in tons of goals and taking us to the mother land to collect what we deserve, THAT CUP BABY! But first before you pass out in that tub of strawberry cheesecake you gotta do me a solid and get me a FAT contract. Then we can be together forever, you and me. You Coach savant extraordinaire and me the franchise dynamic goal machine!!! What do you say? Deal?”
  13. Not too hard to tank even a talented team if that is truly what Bob wants to do. 1). Shelf Gibson (he’s already on IR so check) 2). Ice your lesser players against the other teams best lines. 3). Juggle and break up traditional lines who have been successful together and instead play players who are not a good match together 4) don’t contest goals against or those that were really goals 5). Goon it up and rack up penalty minutes so that you are always on the penalty kill 6). Have your best players out on the ice longer than usual and get them tired out I’m sure there is more 😀
  14. Interesting. I totally get what you are saying. It’s like when a superstar goalie tries to be a goaltending coach and they fail to translate and teach something that they instinctively know. Sometimes it’s a deeper understanding of how things work and seeing things others don’t but so incredibly hard to fully describe and teach it to others. HOWEVER, my gut feeling tells me that Scotty could actually be quite good. The guy is a thinker through and through. He also has a calm demeanor that is catching and is rather zen like (Phil Jackson-ish), this alone would be invaluable as a benchboss (remember when Daniel Alfredsson shot a puck at him in the Finals? ....Cool and collected). I could see him studying players and using his impressive intuitive understanding to help them reach their potential. It’s this thinker mentality coupled with his deep understanding of the game that could steer a team to higher heights. Also, there are quite a few defensive stalwarts who have played the game and later became coaches, I think Scotty would be great as a coach. Maybe one day eh?
  15. We need to face it... Bobs strength has never been on pulling in new talent from the league whether it be via a player trade partner or looking for a coach. He much rather work in his silo and draft players and resign players already under his management. I’ve said countless times, Bob never stiked me a top GM but rather a pretty good assistant GM. I never got the impression that he has great trade negotiation skills with people outside of his “known” sphere. Definitely a concrete thinker in that he seldom travels outside of what has previously worked.