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  1. Hilarious! .... wait is this serious??
  2. I’m a firm believer that the US is one of the top leaders in medicine and healthcare. We have the best doctors and nurses from all over the world here so yes our death count for actual CCP virus related deaths should be lower when compared to other countries. dont get me wrong. This virus is nasty and is real but to the extent of what the mainstream media says it is?? I don’t think so. lets ask ourselves, if this thing is so crazy rampant and “surging” everywhere. How many people do you or your friends or their friends know who actually got this? I for one have polled everyone I know and they have asked their friends and so on and not a single person... none. Again, this is not to say that this thing is fake or not happening I’m just saying that when I look at the numbers and compare it to all the people I’ve spoken to which includes folks in Mexico and a couple of other states things don’t add up. also about people in government sincerely caring about the welfare of its people compared to power grabs, they will ALWAYS choose their own personal agenda. There is no doubt about that in my mind. what I’m saying here is that we need to look at everything going on around us and question it with our own eyes and our own minds especially when there is TON of misinformation out there intended to keep people in fear. This has always been the tactic of those in power to stay in power. Also, no disrespect to anyone here, my fellow duck fans just keep an open mind. I know there are lots of intelligent people on these boards....and my hope is that everyone stays safe and healthy.
  3. Good conversations on the CCP virus. My 2 cents: How can the US have hundred of thousands more CCP Virus related deaths in the world when we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world bar none and we are still tripling and doubling up on countries like India and Brazil who have massive populations with India having almost more than China at 1.353 billion??? This tells me that the US States are purposely inflating the numbers. There are actually articles online with doctors even thinking this is the case. I think the hospitals are labeling as many deaths as COVID-19 related when its not the case and making it political while keeping the American people in constant fear. Fear is how the powerful stay in power and the media is all about it as well too since they love to sensationalize everything
  4. RobD360


    This has ALWAYS been absurd. Proof it’s rigged. Just a way to boost whatever team they want which will project more money for them
  5. RobD360


    This lottery is soo rigged. After the NHL got Edm all squared away with #1 picks it’s time to look at what other big market teams like LA can benefit from the rigging. So p-I-s-s-e-d
  6. RobD360


    This is planned right on top of existing parking space for Honda Center. They must be building a parking structure as well. And more residential too eh? Crazy, that whole part of Anaheim is inundated with new residential buildings all around that area. Traffic is going to be INSANE even when there is no Honda Center event.
  7. Incredible! Top notch owners. Now hope fans reciprocate with filling arena even when they are not doing great in the standings and stop complaining saying they will stop buying due to decline in standings
  8. Stop please stop.... remembering all these bad trades is hurting my frontal lobe
  9. Ha ha I remember raging at Bob for that deal
  10. Totally think it is time for a new GM to take the team at its current state and mold into a new direction whatever that may be
  11. Question: how many players can Seattle potentially poach from each team? Just one? Or one forward and one defenseman or?.....
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