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  1. https://www.nhl.com/news/salary-cap-set-at-71-4-million-for-next-season-a-2-1-million-increase/c-771568
  2. Not sure why, but Perry's comment about making his living by cycling down low (iirc he was indicating that BB wasn't using that enough) popped into my mind when hearing that he is happy to have RC back.
  3. And the first Hawks-Blues game is over....
  4. A wimpy goon, if such a thing is possible.... Makes it all the more aggravating.
  5. lookout cookout, first playoff OT!!
  6. Parayko is a fine looking young dman. Not that we need any more
  7. Hornquisp > Lundquisp Tonight anyway
  8. Stepan!
  9. You know, I've been trying to understand that for years, and all I can think of, considering all the hockey savvy available in Canada, is that the politics runs over the brains. Your boner is doing its best sasquatch impression....
  10. Edge, Hornqvist....
  11. Challenge!
  12. Holy smoke, Boyle just missed a 4x6 and Pit goes the other way and scores. Ouch.... Sweet play by...Bones!
  13. lol, so true. Love that the Blues fans are letting the refs hear it. In fairness, Ladd was a great move. Stan Bowman is a great GM....
  14. Blues-Hawks is flipping crazy! GREAT hockey. Western conference >>> Eastern Conference.
  15. Bring Back Ritchie!