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  1. https://www.nhl.com/news/salary-cap-set-at-71-4-million-for-next-season-a-2-1-million-increase/c-771568
  2. Not sure why, but Perry's comment about making his living by cycling down low (iirc he was indicating that BB wasn't using that enough) popped into my mind when hearing that he is happy to have RC back.
  3. (Zther: That's right, I know, and I definitely agree with your comments. I was just springing off your post rather than responding to it directly. I wasn't very clear about that!) On the bright side, as somebody said, getting W's without a major contribution by Pears is a great nod to our depth, and I'll take W's over anything. I think he will get a groove going. Only he won't have that chance if we get bounced, so I'd like to see him consistently impose his will on the game like Getzy does (And how about our captain? What a stud!!). I have such high regard for Perry and his abilities. I know he'll get points even without his A game. He's that good and he will get the ice/PP time. It's just tough to see him not bring that amazing compete level that made him my fav early in his pro career. Ok, enough moaning and groaning. Let's close this thing out and go fishing!
  4. I listened to yesterday's game on the radio, and it sounded like it was an uneventful second assist. Maybe I'm not remembering, but It don't recall making any key or clutch plays considering his ice time and top two line status. To the eye he is not leading or being a difference maker. That's enough for me be concerned and/or disappointed. I'm watching a lot more than Perry when I watch the game, though, so I'm happy to hear other perspectives!
  5. Bingo! I'd add most of the forwards as well (while they are in the D zone). It's bizarre.
  6. Totally agree. Kinda makes you wonder what caliber of official didn't make the postseason!
  7. I don't think GIbson is at the center of the 2 lost games. But at this point, why not make a goalie change? That's was the MO all season.
  8. Ah shoot, if the Ducks get a big win tonight we can lock this one up and all be friends It's good to be a fan(atic): GO DUCKS!!!!!
  9. The stat that bothered me (and says a lot about the game) is the domination on faceoffs, yet then the inability to do anything with it. I thought Getzy played well and showed heart. He also showed good restraint, letting Weber give those annoying shoves all night without turning around and slashing him in the face. Now Perry, he sure didn't show much last night until the late scrum. He's got a lot, lot more he could be doing out there the whole 60 minutes. I sure hope he brings the talent and fire more frequently. The team is so much better with an intense Pears. I also find it funny to see people rushing to wish Bieksa and Stoner out of the cornfield, considering the intensity and quantity of grief they get on these boards, lol. I guess we need to make room in the cornfield for Gibson and Shea!
  10. And the first Hawks-Blues game is over....
  11. A wimpy goon, if such a thing is possible.... Makes it all the more aggravating.
  12. lookout cookout, first playoff OT!!
  13. Parayko is a fine looking young dman. Not that we need any more
  14. Hornquisp > Lundquisp Tonight anyway
  15. Stepan!