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  1. Does anyone else get the feeling that we are just spectators to what is happening in the rest of the league? I swear that feeling hasn’t been this bad since the Pierre Page / Craig Hartsburg days. Sometimes I wonder if we are even in the same league.
  2. DT2008

    Fleury gone

    Looking at the available list across the league, it seems apparent that the GM’s learned their lesson from the Vegas draft. If all we lose is Fleury and a 6th, I would say we basically got our share of the expansion fee for free.
  3. Seems pretty obvious that the Oilers sold their soul to win the McDavid lottery. Did you notice how he did even bother to try and back check after the turnover that led to the winning goal?
  4. The fact that other teams have already made coaching moves tells me that we are destined to see Murray and Eakins around for another season. I would take Torts in a heartbeat.
  5. I’m guessing Fowler and Drysdale are done for the season. That should help cement the #2 slot. Just need to get the Sabres to win another 2 games. Still hard to believe they lost every game for nearly a third of the season and still are within a couple of points of the Ducks.
  6. The Ducks are now 2 points out of last place in the league. And when you consider that the Sabres had an 18 losing streak and are only 2 points behind the Ducks, that really says something.
  7. DT2008


    Where the hell was the medical staff? If this has been bothering him for 2 years, why wasn’t he operated on during the shutdown last year? Does this mean he has to be protected or can he be exposed to the draft?
  8. DT2008


    Seems like we’ve just added another poor skating, limited offense, character guy. Not sure how that really helps.
  9. DT2008


    So basically traded a 7th round pick to move up 12 places in the 2017 draft. At least Volkov has played in the NHL for a championship level team.
  10. Goes into effect next year. Does not impact this year’s lottery.
  11. Coaching and management absolutely needs to change. But that won’t improve things overnight. The larger issue is the lack of top level talent in the organization and the poor development of the mid level talent that is here. Our scouting has continued to overrate their draft choices for more than a decade. We need to be quicker in identifying those who belong in the NHL and those that can be flipped for other players or more choices.
  12. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Samueli’s are worth north of 4 billion. If they wanted to shake things up, they would. It’s not a money thing. They must actually believe the team is in good hands.
  13. Probably unpopular opinion, but I kinda like the two game series this season. Would not mind seeing two game series when we get back to 82 game seasons.
  14. I freely admit that I don’t understand or follow the cap that closely. However, when looking at the roster I simply don’t understand why we seem to be in cap h$ll. How are team a like Colorado, Boston, etc. able to stack players and we seem to be always hamstrung? Do we see it changing anytime soon? Is it that our vets are overpaid? Are we still on the hook for too many non playing contracts? Or most concerning, are we just not getting any production from the lower cost players? I see names like Milano, Steel, Terry, Larson, etc. and wonder if have any hope for improvement over the next few years.
  15. Is there even a consensus #1 draft pick this year? Our luck, we end up with the first pick in a meh year.
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