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  1. And you feel confident in Murray identifying young talent for what reason?
  2. I am not sure I understand the strategy or direction of the team. We thought they were overloaded with young defensemen, yet the defense is mediocre at best. We thought they had drafted young forward talent, yet none of them really stand out. I think it’s time for a complete shake-up. Fire Murray and Eakins. Bring in a new GM and hire Laviolette.
  3. DT2008

    Low point

    While I would like to be optimistic, does anyone really see any of the younger players developing into a future star? I am not sure that really happens. If you need to spend more than a season in the minors, you will not be a star at the next level.
  4. DT2008

    Low point

    Been a follower of the team before they took the ice and an original season ticket holder. I have never had less interest in the product than I do right now.
  5. Or. You recognize that most of the playoff spots were secured at that time, and this is, at best, a .500 hockey team.
  6. Looking at the potential roster, not sure I see much that moves the dial from where they finished last year. Out of the playoffs. Just ahead of LA and Vancouver in the division.
  7. I see he’s earning every penny of that new contract.
  8. DT2008

    HHOF Inductees

    Is it time for an NHL Hall of Fame?
  9. DT2008

    HHOF Inductees

    Like him or not Bettman has been a sport-changing commissioner. I have no issue with his induction. I do have to question Brian Gionta, whose selection only make sense so Bettman would not be the shortest person on the stage. Voting Gionta in before Alfredsson or Roenick seems crazy to me.
  10. Several years ago, at a Thrasher’s season ticket holder event, I asked GM Don Waddell what he viewed as one of his mistakes on a player. He said, allowing Kunitz to return to the Ducks.
  11. Someone needs to explain the 7 year, 70 million contract for Bobrovsky to Florida. I though they just drafted their goalie of the future in the first round. Yes, he’s young. But you should expect him on the big club in 3 or 4 years.
  12. I have to wonder if this is some sort of advanced analytics move, because on the surface, it seems to be unnecessary. Players like Deslauriers can be had for far less (or even on waivers). Basically just moving pieces around. I can’t recall the last time one of these types of moves paid any real dividends.
  13. Anyone else surprised that the Ducks made no trades, etc. during the draft? Same old, same old
  14. DT2008

    playoff game...

    If nothing else, it points to the importance of qualifying for the offseason. Unlike other recent champs, I can’t think any GM is devising ways of replicating St Louis.
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