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  1. How many years until we are once again involved in big trades?
  2. I freely admit that I don’t understand or follow the cap that closely. However, when looking at the roster I simply don’t understand why we seem to be in cap h$ll. How are team a like Colorado, Boston, etc. able to stack players and we seem to be always hamstrung? Do we see it changing anytime soon? Is it that our vets are overpaid? Are we still on the hook for too many non playing contracts? Or most concerning, are we just not getting any production from the lower cost players? I see names like Milano, Steel, Terry, Larson, etc. and wonder if have any hope for improvement over the next few years.
  3. Is there even a consensus #1 draft pick this year? Our luck, we end up with the first pick in a meh year.
  4. Absolutely disgusting behavior, but that’s one of the reasons we have juvenile courts. Not sure why this was unsealed and why it’s being talked about now. People make mistakes and serve their punishment. He served whatever the court decided was appropriate as a 14 year old. Nothing stated that he needed to apologize in person or show remorse, or anything else. We continuously get inundated with arguments for criminal justice reform, for hiring convicted felons, for second and third chances for those incarcerated. But when a minor does something stupid and wrong, we are supposed to outcast them for the rest of their lives. The hypocrisy is strong right now. We make hero’s of people that fit our narrative. Who knows? Perhaps this young man lives a scandal free life going forward? Or perhaps he becomes the poster child of how someone learns from their prior stupidity? Seems to me that 18 is a bit young to say that someone is a lost cause. Shame on any organization that bowed down to pressure not to draft him because they were afraid of some misguided, woke PR.
  5. One thing on Moore. Thought we were steering away from drafting US College players. Has that changed?
  6. Forget about needs and evaluations. We need to draft Gunnarwolfe Fontaine. What a terrific hockey name!
  7. I have far less confidence in any of our younger players becoming top two line players.
  8. If you are talking about picks in the first two rounds, sure. But the likelihood of players playing significant NHL games as a third rounder or lower is pretty remote. You are almost as lucky signing free agents than getting a contributor in the later rounds.
  9. Agree. I believe the team will be competitive this year at least until Jan. 1, 2021.
  10. The lack of other roster movement by Murray is troubling. He has a bad habit of falling in love with his prospects.
  11. Just as a reminder, that was the knock on Getzlaf. Sometimes they change, sometimes they don’t.
  12. Would the pick have been the same if we were selecting 4th or 5th?
  13. It amazes me that people on this board continue to overvalue the prospects in the system. It is incredibly rare for star talents to spend more than 1 season in the minors. Solid players, yes, but not stars. The fact that none of our young talent has really established themselves tells me that sacrificing them for Laine makes perfect sense.
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