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  1. It amazes me that people on this board continue to overvalue the prospects in the system. It is incredibly rare for star talents to spend more than 1 season in the minors. Solid players, yes, but not stars. The fact that none of our young talent has really established themselves tells me that sacrificing them for Laine makes perfect sense.
  2. DT2008


    Meh. Had the season played out, there is a good chance the Rags would have been in the lottery anyway. Not exactly a destination that develops young talent. I may be out on a limb, but just don’t see him as a generational talent.
  3. Not sure which I have less interest in. The Non-NHL players Olympics or the let’s get Canada a Stanley Cup playoff 2020. Why didn’t they just end the season?
  4. DT2008


    Well I’m sure there is a 4th line winger or 3rd pairing right handed shot defenseman at 6 that we can snap up. But hey, at least we’re getting apartments in the parking lot.
  5. DT2008


    This league is a joke. Teams with no chance of winning the cup will just throw the first round for a chance at number 1. 12.5% chance at number 1 or a negligible chance at winning the cup. Who thought this up?
  6. DT2008


    I hope the Sens win with the SJ pick. But the chance that a team playing in the “playoffs” is hot garbage.
  7. DT2008


    What a bunch of garbage
  8. DT2008


    Does anyone really trust a system where they don’t show the actual ball selection live?
  9. DT2008


    And this helps the team in scoring or in top 2 defensemen how? I don’t want to hear about spending money on the land outside the arena. I want to hear about plans to spend money inside the locker room.
  10. Despite the recent road trip, the team is in build for the future mode. I don’t see a lot of trade ready talent on the roster beyond Silf and Henrique. Best case scenario is taking in A couple of bad contracts along with prospects in exchange.
  11. DT2008

    Gerard Galant

    Agree. What exactly did Eakins do to earn his position? Did he lead the Gulls to a title? I must have missed that. With Gallant and Laviolette available, keeping Eakins around speaks to continued mediocrity. Would he have been hired if both of them were available last off-season? I highly doubt it. Its time for a complete reset. From GM to coach to scouts.
  12. And you feel confident in Murray identifying young talent for what reason?
  13. I am not sure I understand the strategy or direction of the team. We thought they were overloaded with young defensemen, yet the defense is mediocre at best. We thought they had drafted young forward talent, yet none of them really stand out. I think it’s time for a complete shake-up. Fire Murray and Eakins. Bring in a new GM and hire Laviolette.
  14. DT2008

    Low point

    While I would like to be optimistic, does anyone really see any of the younger players developing into a future star? I am not sure that really happens. If you need to spend more than a season in the minors, you will not be a star at the next level.
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