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  1. I’m sorry, but what over the last few years gives you confidence that a big move is coming? Not trying to difficult, do you really see GMBM packaging the two firsts, Richie and a prospect to move up in the draft? I don’t. This was close to the worst possible result for the team. No need to sugar coat it.
  2. I guess we can be still be proud of the fact that the team has never had the first overall draft pick in their existence. That says something (although with the lottery, a little less) about the organization’s play over the years. It is likely that the 9th player selected is several years away from contributing in any meaningful way.
  3. I know that. I was commenting that because of the meaningless wins at the end of the year, the later round picks are lower than they could have been.
  4. Meaningless goals in meaningless games. Not only are they now picking 9th, their selection in the subsequent rounds are lower than they should have been. This was not the 8th or 9th worst team in the league. They were worse than that.
  5. Officially the worst season in the history of the team.
  6. I would have much preferred them to tank. Not only would it potentially lead to the first or second pick, it would have raised the picks in the other rounds. Winning games at the end of the year is all an illusion. Playoff secured teams resting players, other non-playoff teams playing out the string. The Ducks really have not played a team fighting for their playoff lives in a few weeks.
  7. Just to be clear, When I say closer to the AHL than to NHL All-Star, I mean they appear to be interchangeable NHL players. Nothing stands-out. The fact that they iced players like Gibbons, Rowney, Holzer, etc. means that the pipeline may not be as full as many of us thought.
  8. As the year draws to a close, the one thing that concerns me the most is the fact that we have been talking about the pipeline of players in San Diego for several years, and yet no one really stood out when given their shot in the NHL. Not saying that a few were not solid, but none of them took the opportunity and ran with it. Perhaps we will see more out of Steel, Terry and some others, but for now they all seem closer to the AHL than to an NHL all-star team. Should BM be more willing to include these guys in trades? Or perhaps we overrate their potential and there isn’t as much interest in them from other teams as we think?
  9. Never like it when the GM takes over. Means he has no plans and is just reacting. Saw it in Atlanta twice with Waddell taking over.
  10. Meanwhile, while we were all sure that RC was the next head coach to be canned, the team’s results (notice I did not say performance) the last few weeks has probably moved him into the early coach of the year discussion.
  11. I am no on any of the retread coaches. I would prefer going the Dave Quinn route like the Rangers. Really shake things up.
  12. Hard pass from me. I view him as an average coach who stumbled into a situation where he had Kane, Toews, Hossa, Keith, etc. I don’t see him as someone to develop this current Ducks team.
  13. Shots blocked has to be one of the most meaningless stat. In fact, it may be inversely correlated to defensive performance. I don’t want defenders blocking shots. I want shots prevented to being with. That requires defensive clears and team possession. I also want defensemen clearing be crease and allowing the goalie an unobstructed view of the shooter.
  14. I never understood the favorable view of Fowler that many fans have. For whatever the reason, his shot has never developed and his lack of any physical play is infuriating. I’m not saying that he needs to be Brent Burns, but for all the Niedermayer comparisons, Scotty would never get pushed off the puck like Cam. He is not a first pairing defenseman on a elite level defense. If this team is in rebuilding mode, I would be interested to see what he could bring on the trade market.
  15. Just want to make sure I understand. You will not honor a player who jumped ship the first chance he got, and took less money. So I assume you are talking about Scotty’s jersey retirement? Right? For those of you still angry at PK, recognize that without his contribution, this team’s history would have been significantly different. And I don’t mean for the better. Without PK, there never would have been a Selanne trade with Winnipeg. Would Chad Kilger have led this team to the playoffs or the SC Final? Maybe we should have drafted Rob Niedermeyer at number 4 instead? You can certainly be upset with the way he left, but we should honor the contribution he made. Recognize that other players have left teams they were identified with (Roy, Bourque, Blake, etc.) and they were still honored by their teams and their fans for their time with the organization.
  16. DT2008


    Sounds like the second coming of Jiri Sekac.
  17. In the end, how does having Kessler, Eaves and Perry our for an extended period impact the team both financially and with the cap? Do they still pay the salary or is part (all) covered by insurance? Do they get cap relief? While this might open up playing time for the young guys, that has not been the team’s MO over the years. Don’t be surprised to see some aging vet waiver pick ups this week.
  18. Does not sound like he taxed himself too hard in the off season. No real surprise though. Would have preferred he addessed this in May instead of now. Like it or not, I would be happy if they could find a way to unload his contract. Perhaps he could become allergic to his inform?
  19. The conventional wisdom is that the team that walks away with the best player the day of the trade is usually the winner. It’s the rare exception that the team getting the draft picks and prospects walks away with the better end of the deal. Maybe the Hershel Walker trade is one of the few times that the team getting the picks, etc. comes out on top. That trade help to set up the Cowboys for several years. Has there been a similar hockey trade where the team trading the superstar ends up “winning” the trade? Maybe when Calgary traded Niewendyk for a prospect named Iginla.
  20. After surviving Don Waddell’s tenure as GM of the Thrashers, his failures never surprise me. There must be someone in the Hurricane’s we can steal.
  21. From an advance stats perspective, it never makes financial sense to pay that much for a goalie. There is no real correlation between salary and save percentage better than average. However, what you are paying for is a little piece of mind that Gibson will, at worst, be average over his career. You are paying to guarantee that your goalie is not worse than average. Given how the salary cap has increased, the cost of Gibson and the revolving door of backup goalies beginning the year after next (at about $1 million per year), will fit nicely within the teams salary structure for the next 9 years.
  22. With about a month to go before training camp, I was hoping to read a story about the radically intense new training program Perry has been involved in this summer. Too date, nothing. Not hoping for much of a change from what we have seen the last two years.
  23. Throwback? I think they mean throw-up.
  24. Based on this article yesterday, that may not be a given. https://www.tsn.ca/talent/the-nhl-still-hasn-t-figured-out-how-to-pay-goaltenders-1.1137499 In brief, no real correlation between save percentage, save percentage above expectation, and salary cap consumed. Looks like goalie is not where you really want to invest your capital. Interesting to note that Ryan Miller stood out as a real bargain last year.
  25. Happy for Paul. Not quite sure about Scotty give his short tenure. But does anyone else get the sense that this is a little bit of “Wag the Dog”? The team (and its GM) was getting a lot of pressure about the same pattern of inactivity, and poor decisions when they did do something. I can’t imagine ticket sales were going well. Now they have guaranteed at least 2 more sell-outs this year.
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