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  1. Well, 4 months from his surgery would be 8/23/21, 6 months would be 10/23. Not sure if that is a return to ice date or a return to game-ready date. There is no recent news I could find. Just stuff from late April. I just thought I read somewhere that he would be on IR to start the season. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/31317916/anaheim-ducks-jakob-silfverberg-hip-surgery-4-6-months
  2. I can't recall what the time frame on his recovery from surgery was. Let me look for it.
  3. Smart money is on Steel. Look at all the C's they will have - Getzlaf, Henrique, Zegras, Lundestrom, Grant, Steel. And then look at the LW - Comtois, Jones, Deslauriers, Volkov, Milano, Rieder, (I think Rakell will start the season at RW because Silf will be on IR) possibly, depending on who is at C, one of Grant, Lundestrom, Steel, Henrique. If Rieder is in the lineup, either Volkov or Steel - or both - will not be. 10 spots filled - Getzlaf, Henrique, Zegras, Grant, Lundestrom, Rakell, Comtois, Terry, Jones, Deslauriers 1 - guy on IR - Silf 4 guys for two spots - Steel, Volkov, Milano, Rieder (5 if you count Robinson, but I think he is most likely headed to SD).
  4. We've never quarantined people who were not sick, or were not showing symptoms, or who already had the virus and developed antibodies, though. In any other situation like this. Kinda weird. And that is what in essence you are doing by not allowing healthy/antibody-carrying people into the arena. It's all based around either a vaccine or constant testing. How many times a week will someone have to get tested for a M-W-F-SUN homestand? Twice at least right? I agree with not putting the staff in a bad position. That's just a bad idea. You can't try to make them into some type of enforcement arm. My sense it that it is mainly a legal issue. They don't want any liability should something happen. I think that is what almost all of the mandates/lockdowns/work-at-home stuff has been about.
  5. I'm okay with them stealing this idea! Like you said, another fanbase of 2-3 million has to contain some serious hockey fans, and Ducks fans. Get them integrated. That train ride would be fun. If they made it fun.
  6. Trying to get downtown on a weekday at 5:30-6:00 PM is worse.
  7. Maybe they wouldn't sell out, but, again, it's just a numbers game. LA has a much bigger overall base of fans to draw from when compared to ANA. As I said before, just based on geography/demographics and history/years invested. Who had bigger Cup celebrations, in terms of attendance?
  8. If you could hypothetically build two 80,000-seat hockey arenas, one in downtown LA and at the other at the corner of Douglass and Katella, you would see the difference. There are just more Kings' fans in So Cal than Ducks' fans. Just a numbers game. They for sure should be doing a better job of cultivating hockey fans in San Diego County, especially northern SDC. Build it around a Duck's Flyer train that is decked out in the colors, has a roving three piece hype band roaming the cars, themed food and beverages, pump in historic radio and TV game calls over the audio of the cars, get Ducks' alum to make the ride up with fans, do a pregame show live remote from the train - get creative, make it a whole experience, having two preseason games at Pechanga Arena. They should be giving away tickets on a nightly basis to Ducks' fans for Gulls' games and vice versa. They should play up the fact that LA claims the Kings, while the Ducks are really So Cal's Hockey Team. My son played plenty of away games for his HS team in Poway and Carlsbad over the last couple of years. There are hockey fans and players in SD. Many.
  9. 1. Population. There are 3,898,747 people in the city of Los Angeles, just over 10 million in the county, 13 million in L.A. metro. By contrast, Anaheim's population is 346,824, with Orange County at 3,010,232. So, as far as that goes, it's a numbers game. 2. History. The Kings have been around 54+ years, the Ducks 28+. Again, just a numbers game. One to two more generations being exposed to Kings hockey over Ducks hockey.
  10. It's just payroll. Just a business expense. Team A pays $64 mil in payroll, Team B pays $80 mil. Team A takes in $120 mil, Team B take is $130 mil. After team payroll Team A has $56 mil in gross profit before all other expenses, Team B has $50 mil. If the Ducks stay at their current payroll and gross, say $56 mil, but they could take on Eichel's $10 mil and gross $49mil, why would they do that? They didn't do as well as they could. Now, if they take on Eichel and they gross $60 mil, that makes more sense. Those are simple numbers, but that is the gist. And, as stated above, they have the SEA expansion money. So spend money to improve the team to make more money. They need a competitive team to get butts in the seats and at the beer line and buying hats and parking. The team has to be good and exciting.
  11. Of Americans aged 12 or older: 63% are fully vaccinated (178.56 mil) 73.8% have at least one dose (209.2 mil) Of Americans aged 18 or older: 64.9% are fully vaccinated (167.63 mil) 75.7% have at least one dose (195.41 mil) Of Americans aged 65 or older: 82.5% are fully vaccinated (45.11 mil) 92.8% have at least one dose (50.75 mil) https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations_vacc-total-admin-rate-total
  12. He's getting extended. Bob LOVES him some Josh Manson.
  13. Really, he's sitting right in front of Z and Drysdale. Top 10 picks gotta stick together!
  14. #3 overall in the 2021 draft
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